Vacation spot Moosehead Lake hosts 18th annual Chocolate Pageant drive-thru model

contributed January 27, 2022

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event.

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event. Boxes of 10 candies are available for $10 and children’s boxes for $5. Both include a selection of offerings from local bakers. All boxes must be paid for online in advance.

Online ordering is available now and must be completed by 12:00pm on February 16th with pickup on Sunday 20th February from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at Bartley’s Center Cove Events on 241st Street Pritham Avenue takes place.

Volunteers will be available on site to collect order information and deliver boxes to recipients. Participants do not need to enter the building at the time of pickup.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Destination Moosehead Lake is the official tourism organization for Maine’s famous Moosehead Lake region. Destination Moosehead Lake welcomes thousands of visitors to the area each year, answering questions and directing visitors to the many attractions the area has to offer and the businesses that make the Moosehead Lake area so special. The following cities are covered in our region: Rockwood, Greenville, Kokadjo, Lily Bay, Beaver Cove, Shirley, Monson and Abbot.

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Scorching chocolate bombs nonetheless exploding in native companies | Options/Leisure

The fascination for hot chocolate bombs has increased in recent months, but a retailer who sells the delightful drink mixes said these bombs could be more than just small chocolate explosions for some people.

“You can have an experience and a lot of people want to share that experience,” said Raine Klover, manager of The Red Caboose at Heritage Station. “It’s more than hot chocolate. It tastes great and it’s great, but it’s the experience of pouring the milk and waiting for it to open. it’s so worth it. “

Red Caboose is one of the few local businesses that sell and serve hot chocolate bombs, alongside its business neighbor Nomada Bakery, the Shipwreck Collection Market in Huntington Mall, Austin’s at The Market and Sweet Street in Lavalette.

While chocolate indulgence exploded on the TikTok social media video app, Klover said one of the reasons people were likely so excited was the boredom of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cheryl Maynard, owner of Sweet Street in Lavalette, agreed, saying that making and enjoying the bombs with hot chocolate surprised people when they sipped hot chocolate.

“They’re really just a novelty,” Maynard said. “They are something that you can enjoy and do with your kids and there is always the surprise of what’s inside.”

At the Nomada Bakery, co-owner Ariel Barcenas said his bakery started serving hot chocolate bombs after seeing how quickly they sold out at The Red Caboose.

Customers can have the hot chocolate bombs served to them personally in the bakery, which, according to Barcenas, works great with its neighbor.

“When we started selling them it wasn’t a competition or anything, we’re neighbors and we just saw it was a hit there,” he said. “So we thought about selling it so people could drink here, so they could try it and take something home with them if they want.”

Nomada Bakery, The Red Caboose and Shipwreck buy their hot chocolate bombs from Hannahbug’s Chocolates, a chocolate company based in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. However, Shipwreck also orders their hot chocolate bombs from a local supplier, Mystic Co. Creations.

Barcenas said while Nomada currently only sells one type of hot chocolate bomb, Hannahbugs Classic Hot Cocoa, The Red Caboose, and other locations offer several varieties.

The Red Caboose sells classic and cinnamon hot chocolate bombs, as well as other flavors where available. Shipwreck sells the classic cocoa bomb as well as the chic bomb from Mystic Co. Creation with dark chocolate, nut candies and ganache.

Sweet Street usually sells standard milk chocolate bombs, but Maynard said they will make different versions for Valentine’s Day, including salted caramel, white raspberry chocolate, and more.

Austin sells its own version of a classic hot chocolate bombshell, a version with cookies and creams, a unicorn version with white chocolate, and a mochaccino version with instant coffee instead of hot chocolate.

The owners of Austin, siblings Taylor Strickland and Timothy Ruff, all make their own hot chocolate bombs. Customers can be served hot milk to enjoy at the market or take home the goodies.

Strickland said the bombs sell fast and customers love them, especially some of their younger customers.

“I think the kids are fun to do and that you can take home and entertain people and children at home together,” she said.

Hannahbugs Chocolate recently announced that they are making hot chocolate bombs for Valentine’s Day, and Shipwreck managers Klover and Ashley Olah said their locations are expected to sell the new love bombs in their stores soon.