Flipping pancakes to boost cash for kids | Native Information

Hardin County’s Kiwanis Club took over Buffalo Wings and Rings on Saturday morning for a pancake breakfast fundraiser.

Club President Darrell Olson said they bake about a thousand pancakes in a typical year.

“We hand mix the batter and methodically pour it in to create the ultimate pancake,” he said, mentioning that Shoney donated the pancake batter.

The guys who bake the pancakes said they had already made about 600 pancakes by 9am.

Eric McMichael turned pancakes at breakfast every year. He said the secret to making the perfect pancake is getting the grill to the right temperature.

Others in the kitchen repeated this advice.

Fred Cox also said the dough can’t be lumpy.

“It’s a great thing and it’s all about the kids,” said Cox. “That’s all we do it for.”

While breakfast has unlimited pancakes, Olson said they haven’t tested that idea with a giant pile yet.

He said the club held the event every four years at the Buffalo Wings and Rings near Ring Road.

“It’s a full kitchen and a very nice dining room,” he said. “You are a big supporter of this very rewarding fundraiser.”

The funds raised will be used to support service projects throughout the year, he said.

Fundraising is why Melissa Gaddie, a club member who served tables there, helped with breakfast.

“We’re just trying to raise money to support the children in our community,” she said. “I want to give something back and I think it’s something we have to do.”

She also said it was a lot of fun.

Olson said people can learn more about the club by following his page on Facebook.

“If you have a serving heart, we would love you to join our club,” he said.

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Montevallo household elevating cash to get 10 kids who misplaced mother to COVID-19 prepared for first day of college

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – We spoke a lot with the Pennington family in Montevallo. That 10 children who lost their mother to COVID-19. The family is now collecting money to prepare the children for returning to the classroom.

The age range of children ranges from aspiring first graders to first graders. The family is working to prepare all 10 children for their first day of school and their aunts say this year is more difficult.

You may remember that we told you the children lost their mother, Katherine Pennington, after she was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November. Now their aunts are pooling their resources to step in.

“You have clothes times 10, school supplies 10, those sweet snacks that you love, times 10 in your backpack,” says Linda Mims, her aunt.

Retail analysts say the cost of school supplies has increased this year. The family continues to accept donations through their GoFundMe account to help support the children this year and beyond.

“Even money for school pictures or yearbooks – because they never had that. I know it’s a little small – but it would be a nice touch, ”Mims said.

You can donate here to the family’s GoFundMe, which was used to raise funds for funeral expenses and ongoing expenses for the children.

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Kids and Cash: A Widespread Financial savings Program for Individuals with Disabilities [Column] | Cash

ABLE is growing rapidly.

Five years after its introduction, the ABLEnow savings program has reached a so-called milestone. Currently accounts in all 50 states and some in the District of Columbia hold over $ 100 million in assets for over 12,000 account holders.

It’s not as poor as a tax-friendly savings program for the disabled that isn’t as well known as its cousin, the 529 University Savings Plan.

The ABLE account was created by Congress in 2014 and introduced state-to-state two years later. It saves people with disabilities various skilled disability expenses such as education, transportation, housing and vocational training. , Designed to be funded.

The kickers are: As long as the eligibility rules are adhered to, account holders can use ABLE without endangering the eligibility of government programs such as Medicaid and additional security insurance.

Account earnings (formerly the Achieveing ​​a Better Life Experience Program) are exempt from federal taxes, and states can also offer tax incentives. The account can be opened by anyone who develops a disability before the age of 26. As with your 529 account, family and friends can contribute.

The annual donation amount for 2021 is capped at $ 15,000, but the total amount for your account cannot exceed $ 500,000.

According to ISS Market Intelligence for the first quarter of 2021, the average account balances of $ 8,368 are well below those limits.

The national ABLEnow program is administered by the Virginia 529 program, the largest university savings plan in the country. Accounts are not yet sponsored in all 50 states, but qualified individuals are not required to open an account in their home state. Several programs, including Virginia, are open for national registration, according to the ABLE National Resource Center.

ABLEnow account holders can choose from several investment options depending on their risk tolerance and there is no minimum deposit or registration fee. Some programs may require a monthly account service fee of $ 3.25 and some asset-based fees. (For more informations, www.ablenow.com).

Individuals can also open an account through the ABLE America Plan, a partnership between ABLEnow and the American Funds Group.

Last year, the new ABLEnow accounts increased 10% and the average portfolio increased 24% through May 2021.

The growth can be due to several factors including a focus on economic controls on accounts, people spending more time at home and focusing on savings, and of course, rising stock markets.

Mary Morris, Virginia Chief Executive Officer said:

But for many skilled people with disabilities, ABLEnow’s report may seem “too good and untrue,” said Morris.

“When you state that the funds in your ABLEnow account will not affect disability services and benefits, many people are used to not being able to save money or plan for the future, so look for one Hook, ”she says. Said.

According to Morris, supporters are turning to social media using webins and other video conferencing tools to spread information about ABLE. A message worth sharing.

Children and Money: A Popular Savings Program for People with Disabilities [Column] | money

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Alabama teenager donates his hair, raises cash for kids with most cancers

Kieran Moïse, 17, before and after cutting his 19-inch hair and donating it to Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit that provides human hair replacements to children and adolescents facing medical hair loss, in Huntsville, Ala . (Courtesy Gregg Gelmis via AP)

Kieran Moïses Afro was a great 19 inch, a big part of his personality. But after six years of growth, the 17-year-old Alabamian knew that he and his hair would soon be parted: it was destined for the US Air Force Academy.

In memory of a friend who died of cancer, he cut it off and donated it to the charitable organization Children with hair loss, which provides human hair replacements for children and adolescents facing medical hair loss from cancer treatments, alopecia and burns.

“I knew I didn’t want it just cut off and thrown on the floor, so I wanted to give something back,” he said. “I knew I wanted to send a message.”

He did – and many replied. Moïse printed out flyers and posted the news on social media for a nonprofit event at a brewery in Huntsville, Alabama. There, family, friends, and even some of his elementary and middle school teachers took turns cutting his hair into braids. His story spread widely on the internet.

Britney Spears wants out. What happens next in your conservatory?

“It’s good to see good news and see that people are still doing good things because they are just inspiring others,” he said.

“That’s really what I want to do with it: I want other people to (say), ‘Hey, if he does this, I can do it too.'”

Moïse also started a fundraising campaign St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitalwho had helped his late classmate Josh Quist. He died when they were in middle school. “That’s when I started to hate cancer,” said Moïse.

Initially, Moïse hoped he could raise $ 19,000, or $ 1,000 per inch of hair. Kieran’s Curls for Cancer has exceeded expectations and has raised nearly $ 35,000 for St. Jude.

Small gestures of friendliness, said Moïse, can spread. “When you smile, it usually makes someone else smile, and then that one smile can brighten someone else’s day,” he said.

“I know I’ve had tough days where someone is just doing something good for me or I see them doing something good for someone else, and I remember that all day.”

Scott Disick will probably be open along with his kids | Leisure

Scott Disick has promised to tell his children all about his “struggles”.

The 38-year-old reality star, who has Mason, 11, Penelope, 8, and Reign, 6 with former partner Kourtney Kardashian, has spoken to and thinks with his oldest child about some of the troubles he’s faced That it is right uses his own struggles with substance abuse to show his brood how things can go wrong in life.

When asked by Andy Cohen in the second part of E! S “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion special whether he is “afraid” that his children will see his fight against substance abuse in old episodes of the show, Scott said: I am going to explain everything to you.

“I’ve talked a little about things with Mason, but not in depth. I don’t think any of them have any idea about the struggles I’ve had.

“But I plan to tell them because I didn’t have that when I grew up, and I want to make sure they hear everything you know and tell them, ‘You can go that route, but I promise you, it won’t end anywhere well, I made it. ‘ I have to give that to them. “

Scott admitted that his struggles meant he wasn’t always “the best” and he’s now determined to keep his life on the right track, which he thinks has helped him speak openly about his problems.

He said, “It wasn’t anything to hide, you see what I mean?

“So at some point I realized that it obviously wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

“And a lot of the things that hurt me in my life have been drinking and those things that I can’t really take back, but now I’m just trying to be the best that I can be, a good father and there Things like this and make up for lost time, but I regret the person I was for Kourtney for a long time, just everyone, I wasn’t the best. “

Kevin Hart guidelines out extra kids | Leisure

Kevin Hart’s house is “too loud” to have more children.

The ‘Fatherhood’ actor – who has Heaven (16) and Hendrix (13) with ex-wife Torrei and Kenzo (3) and Kaori (8) with wife Eniko – believes he has four children and confirms that he has no plans to give birth to more babies.

He told Entertainment Tonight, “Isn’t this house loud enough? I think it is, doesn’t it? I think it’s loud enough in here.”

“It is good. We’re in a good place, a family of six and a couple of dogs, there’s a lot going on right now, what we’ve decided, then that’s what it is.

“We love being parents, we love all the little ones we have now. I mean, we have teenagers and two toddlers, man. It’s the perfect age separation. It’s the perfect budget. It’s everything you’d think plus more. “

The 41-year-old star takes on a more serious role in “Fatherhood,” in which he plays a single father who copes with the sudden loss of his wife and takes pride in portraying a black father in a “positive light.” .

He said, “I’m going to play a black dad in a positive light. And I’m not a crack, I’m not in jail, I’m not a dead guy. He’s not a criminal. It’s like a guy that’s really trying to get one to find new meaning and reason, to live and to appreciate. “

Kevin believes the film is a “celebration” of black dads that he hopes can help eradicate stereotypes.

He added, “In my opinion it will be a festival and I think fathers in general can attend this celebration, but it has such a positive and powerful impact when this character is played a man of color and played along a narrative of the good associated with him.

“Think about it, it’s not something you see often. There’s a stereotypical bond that always comes with the black man clinging to the movie as a father. And this is an opportunity to break that, the narrative, too.” to change.”

Youngsters and Cash: Because the pandemic will get worse, dad and mom prioritize speaking about cash with their youngsters [Column] | Cash

Believe me, talking to your child about money can be easy.

It mainly takes advantage of the plethora of everyday learning opportunities that occur in the serial aisles of grocery stores, sits in the TV commercial flash, searches pop-up ads online, and uses new or used cell phones. Will be bought. the mall.

But too many parents miss out on these opportunities, whether they have no faith in the subject or are not interested.

But something interesting happened during the pandemic. According to a recent study by Baltimore-based investment firm T. Rowe Price, parents have started talking more to their children about money.

In fact, T. RowePrice found that the percentage of parents who had money conversations with their children in the past year hit record levels during the pandemic process. The company launched its annual Kids & Money survey 13 years ago to examine the attitudes and behavior of parents and children towards money.

According to the latest survey of more than 2,000 parents and children between the ages of 8 and 14, 47% of parents discuss money problems with their children at least once a week during the pandemic. As of 2017, fund companies have stated that the percentage of families who regularly chat about money has never exceeded 35%. (The 2020 survey was almost complete in the early stages of the pandemic.)

What did parents and children talk about? Save money, establish the importance of not living beyond your own means, set financial goals and share how the pandemic has affected your daily cost of living. Of course, the family also provided information about the pandemic as often as they talked about their financial well-being.

Jerome Clark, Strategic Program Manager at T. Lowprice said:

The survey also found that families of all races had more money conversations with their families over the past year.

One point is to understand the clues your child is not giving their parents. The stressful situations that we have been through for over a year can be transformed into powerful teaching aids. A long-standing study by T. Rowe Price found that children who frequently talked about money to their parents became more financially responsible as they got older.

If talking about savings, expenses, goal setting, and other financial concepts isn’t your forte, there are numerous resources available online to get you started MoneyConfidentKids.com, T. A free educational resource created by RowePrice.

Parents should always be ready to ask their children about the worst things about money. Your questions can surprise you when you are least willing to answer.

When confronted with moments like this, I always say, “That’s an interesting question. Why do you ask? “It takes time to say something other than” yes “,” no “and” maybe “.

You may not have all the answers, but don’t worry. The fact that you are listening to your child’s questions may be enough to keep the conversation going.

Children and Money: As the pandemic worsens, it is very important for parents to talk to their children about money [Column] | money

Source link Children and Money: As the pandemic worsens, it is very important for parents to talk to their children about money [Column] | money

Kids value greater than any sum of money

Dear Dave,

My husband and I are 29 years old and we have good jobs that allow us to collectively bring home $ 100,000 a year. We recently talked about raising a family. We live on a budget, but we still have about $ 15,000 in credit card debt and student loans that we’re working hard to pay back. Do you think couples should wait until they are out of debt to have children?


Dear Missy,

You and your husband take your debt off, and that is a good thing. It sounds like the two of you are determined to cash out and take control of your finances. You make pretty good money too, so keep it up!

Ok, the truth is that kids can be expensive. From medical expenses and diapers to childcare and beyond, it costs money to raise a family. But here’s the thing: if you leave money alone or determine the perfect financial situation, whether or not you have children, you may never have them. From a financial perspective, would it be easier just to wait for kids to be out of debt and have a huge pile of cash in the bank? Sure it would. But children are worth more than any amount of money. If you love yourself and want to be a parent and are mature adults in any other field, don’t let that guilt stop you.

Having a child is not going to derail your journey to financial peace. If you have children, you can pause for a while on financial matters or slow your pace a little. However, as long as you are both focused and determined to manage your money wisely, things will likely work just fine.

Just don’t make the mistake many parents make – especially first parents. Many of them think they need to buy a new, “safer” car, spend a fortune on a fancy crib, or buy all their babies from an overpriced boutique. Do you understand what I’m saying missy? Why buy a brand new stroller for $ 400 when a friend or relative has a perfectly good, barely-used stroller that they’d love to give you?

It’s easy to get carried away with the expense of having a baby. But children will be fine as long as they have food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly, loving, caring parents. God bless you both!

Dave Ramsey is a seven-time No. 1 national best-selling author, personal financial expert, and host of the Ramsey Show, which is heard by more than 18 million listeners each week. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Fox Business, and many others. Dave has been helping people regain control of their money, build wealth, and improve their lives since 1992. He is also CEO of Ramsey Solutions.

Neymar reveals plans to have two extra kids in shirtless GQ Model shoot

“I’d like to give my son some brothers!”: Neymar reveals plans to have two more children as he flaunts his ripped body in a shirtless GQ-style shoot

He is the proud father of his nine year old son David Lucca da Silva Santos.

And Neymar talks about his dreams of having more children in the future and his soccer goals in British GQ’s Style Summer 2021 Problem.

The 29-year-old Paris Saint-Germain player turned up the heat as he flaunted his muscles and tattoos while posing shirtless for the magazine’s steamy photoshoot.

“I want two more children!”: Neymar speaks in the UK Style Style 2021 edition of GQ about his dreams of having more children in the future

Neymar teased a reference to his Superdry boxers when he showed off his rippling six-pack in one fell swoop.

The soccer ace, who had his son ‘Davi’ at the age of 21, spoke about what he wants to achieve in his personal life and said expanding his family was one of his dreams.

“I’m almost 30 years old and I have a good career, but on a personal level I want to have two more children to give my son David some brothers,” he said.

Doting Dad: Talking about what he’s hoping for in his personal life, the footballer who had his son Davi at the age of 21 said that one of his dreams was expanding his family

Neymar had previously kept the identity of his son’s mother, Carolina Nogueira Dantas, a secret, but Carolina later revealed she was David’s mother.

Carolina and the footballer raised their son together and she has already talked about how Neymar supported her during pregnancy and is a great father.

In the meantime, Neymar said of his professional goals: “I want to win the World Cup. It has always been the biggest dream of my career. But I also want to win every title with PSG – the Champions League, the Coupe de France. ‘

When asked who he would like to play with past and present footballers, Neymar said: “I would choose Christiano Ronaldo – because I’ve played with great players like Messi and Mbappe. But I haven’t played alongside Ronaldo yet. ‘

Care: The footballer is co-parents of his son David, nicknamed Davi, and his ex-Carolina Nogueira Dantas (pictured in February 2019).

Care: The footballer is co-parents of his son David, nicknamed Davi, and his ex-Carolina Nogueira Dantas (pictured in February 2019).

The football legend said of his favorite game of his career so far: “Every game is special. I have so many important games and important titles.

‘But last season’s game against Atlanta was so good; I was so happy – it was an emotional game.

‘For the Brazilian [World Cup] Selection, in the beginning the first game against the United States was very important for me because I scored. At Santos FC [in Brazil]and won the Copa Libertadores.

‘And in Barcelona when we won the Champions League. So every team has an important moment for me. ‘

The UK summer 2021 edition of GQ Style will be available on kiosk on Thursday.

Dream big: In the meantime, Neymar said of his professional goals: “I want to win the World Cup.  It has always been the biggest dream of my career

Dream big: In the meantime, Neymar said of his professional goals: “I want to win the World Cup. It has always been the biggest dream of my career “(picture last week)


Nicky Hilton Rothschild: Youngsters ought to costume like youngsters | Leisure

Nicky Hilton Rothschild is not a fan of children who dress in Mini-Me outfits.

The 37-year-old fashion designer, model and socialite has just launched her collection for the children’s fashion brand Dotty Dungarees and “bribed” her daughters Teddy (three) and Lily-Grace (four) to model the line.

In an interview promoting clothing, the mother of two admitted that “children should dress like children” and not in “trendy miniature adult outfits”.

She told people, “I love a pair of dungarees; it’s such a classic staple. And I think a lot of parents nowadays dress their kids in these hip miniature adult outfits that I’m not really a fan of.

“I think children should dress like children.”

Nicky, who described her daughters as “very girly girls,” also revealed the things she would not attract her children to.

She said, “Leather jackets and leather pants. They are just little kids! I don’t know.”

However, it seems that Nicky won’t have much choice in what her girls wear as they have developed their own style and love to dress up.

On their ‘special bond’, she added, ‘My two girls definitely love dressing up, and it started out very young, around two years old.

“They love costumes and they love dressing up as princesses … their bond is so cute. A sorority bond is so special, and I love seeing the one with my girls.”

Meanwhile, Nicky recently popped the current bike shorts and crop top trend.

The Hilton Hotel’s heiress described the two-piece athleisure look that featured Kim Kardashian West, Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid as “not cute”.

She confessed, “I don’t like the whole thing with bike shorts and crop tops – that’s not cute for me!”

Nicky, however, loved watching 90s pieces and naughties come back into style, like Bucket Hats and Juicy Couture – the latter that her sister Paris Hilton popularized in the early 2000s.

She said, “I find it really nostalgic and fun. I love Juicy Couture – it’s an icon! I love bucket hats that are back and slip dresses. It takes me back to another time.”