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PARIS Vanessa Seward has often been described as the quintessential “Parisienne”.

If anyone can capitalize on the aura of Parisian chic, it’s the Argentine-born designer, who graduated from the ranks of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent before eventually taking over the creative direction of Azzaro in 2003 In 2015 she founded her own label. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in the concept.

“I think it’s a bit of a myth. I think we’re all just products of many different cultures,” says Seward, noting that even her friend Inès de la Fressange, a global icon of French style, is actually half Hispanic.

Seward goes even further in her new book, Le guide de la gentlewoman, due out Wednesday from JC Lattès. “The Parisian doesn’t exist,” she explains in the autobiographical volume, which is made up of alphabetical entries covering everything from style icons to surgeries to selfies.

The cover of ‘Le guide de la gentlewoman’, edited by JC Lattès.
Courtesy of JC Lattes

Although the term “gentlewoman” referred to well-born women who historically frequented aristocratic ladies, for Seward it’s more of an attitude. She likes the idea of ​​kindness that the word conveys, and her manual is less about what to wear and more about how to wear it.

“There’s so much pressure to always be perfect, and even the Parisian seems a little aloof,” she notes on a Zoom call, her white cat, Jo, on her lap.

“I like fashion when it’s light and expresses itself, not when it’s something of a social status or carries too much pressure. It was actually more of a mindset than a lesson on what to do to be cool,” she adds.

Seward also wrote the book for her community of more than 55,000 followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts hallway selfies. “It was a way of talking about myself without talking about myself. The gentlewoman was another shield to hide behind. She’s kind of an ideal alter ego,” she says.

The 208-page tome reflects her eclectic style influences, which range from old Hollywood stars like Carole Lombard, to ’70s erotic film actress Sylvia Kristel, to Seward’s glamorous mother Helenita, and counter-cool personalities like Britain’s Princess Anne, Dolly Parton, and Julio Iglesias. Even Peter Falk, aka “Columbo” from TV, makes an appearance.

“Inspiration comes from everywhere and I wanted it to be quirky because I feel like I’m quirky and I like quirky people. I like it when people surprise me,” she explains.

“Jo and his lover” by Vanessa Seward, 2021.
Courtesy of Vanessa Seward

Seward discovered the power of looking great early on. As a shy teenager, she wore the uniform of her prestigious private Catholic school in Paris, commonly known as Lübeck, by day, while at night she shone at nightclubs like Le Palace and Les Bains Douches, wearing a mix of vintage and borrowed clothes.

“It was kind of like a dual personality,” she recalls. “I was afraid of being wishy-washy, which is what my mom used to call people who, in her opinion, didn’t have enough personality … I had this older sister who became a fashion designer and had a very strong personality, so I had to find my way.” I kind of recreated myself.”

Seward is open about her shyness. In the book, she recounts how she once turned it down Diane von Furstenbergoffering a ride on her private jet for fear of committing a faux pas.

“I was so impressed with her and she was so kind and lovely,” she recalls. “I’m a bit clumsy and figured I’m sure I’m going to screw it up, so I figure better leave it now that she’s still making a good impression.”

Seward also reveals that she was approached with the design Kanye West‘s first collection after the two were launched by French entrepreneur and APC founder Jean Touitou after she left Azzaro in 2011.

Ironically, she was in the middle of a networking training session at her local employment office when West’s number flashed on her phone. “Unfortunately, in order not to disturb the training session, I didn’t dare to answer one of the most famous men in the world,” writes Seward in her typical self-deprecating style.

“For various reasons, it didn’t work out in the end,” she says today about the project. “I had a feeling it was going to be a bit rocky.”

Vanessa Seward, Fall 2018
Courtesy photo

The designer is once again working as a freelance agent put her eponymous label on hold in 2018. “I’m 52, I’ve had ups and downs in my career,” she says. “I really still want to work in the fashion industry and I’d love to do a collaboration or something. I miss it.”

But these days, she’s more focused on that her burgeoning career as an artist. One of her portraits of Kristel features on the cover of the book, and Seward sold six of the eight paintings she had on display last year, proof – if any were needed – that her calm approach, inspired by her early London upbringing has been forged, none is an obstacle to success.

“I’m fascinated by this whole English, Anglo-Saxon culture that French people sometimes don’t understand at all. It’s like all the understatement or self-mockery,” she says. “I do it all the time because it’s kind of a twist. It is also the armor of a good shy person.”

Often referred to as “neo-bourgeois chic,” Seward’s subtle approach to glam sets her apart in a time when celebrities are sharing everything, right down to their bikini wax routines. “I don’t want to be judgmental, but I think it’s good to keep a little bit of a secret. I get that social media is exhilarating,” she says. “It’s probably difficult not to escalate.”

But she believes she’s not the only one who prefers a more subtle style.

“I can feel that there are other women who think like that. I don’t have a lot of people following me, but I have a real conversation with a lot of women who follow me, and I think there’s an alternative,” she says. “I hope I can help them find confidence in themselves because at the end of the day I find it interesting when you can feel their personality.”

She hopes readers will find her book liberating. “I sometimes miss fashion as it was when I started, which I found to be more free in a way. It was less corporate,” she explains. “I wanted to celebrate that and just remind people that fashion should be fun, at the end of the day, no matter your age.”


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Is Parisian stylish nonetheless in fashion? An knowledgeable weighs in on the development

Even if you’ve never been to the City of Lights, you probably know it stylish reputation that the French city has. From the runways to the streets, Parisian chic style has been around for quite some time, but there seems to be a newfound interest in the look.

From striped tops to pointelle cardigans, staples of the Parisian look are en vogue trendy. Searches for oversized button-downs are up more than 70 percent over the last year, and croissant pocket designs have increased searches by over 240 percent. While Wall Street Journal says an au revoir to the look, which may feel a bit dated in today’s world, it could grow to meet the demands of today’s fashion, according to one stylist.

What is “Parisian Chic”?

“While some people may think the Parisian look is cliché, it’s been in fashion for decades, and with good reason.” Carrie Cramer, a Los Angeles celebrity, wardrobe and personal stylist, opposite Shop TODAY. “It embodies effortless, chic style that is timeless and looks good on any older woman. What’s more French than that?”

Essentially, Parisian style is always about the basics – it’s becoming ever more inclusive for all sizes, backgrounds and shapes. From deductions and pullover with black jeans, Cramer says Parisians know how to effortlessly elevate any look. “Parisians don’t complicate fashion. Invest in timeless basics and keep it simple,” she said. “It’s never over the top, but always beautiful.”

If you’re looking to jump on the trend, Cramer has rounded up three different looks that embody Parisian style. From simple t-shirts to fancy sneakers, here’s how to pull off the look.

Timeless basics

Everlane The box-cut t-shirt made from organic cotton

Sometimes the look can be as simple as a striped t-shirt and jeans. This boxy top from Everlane is slightly cropped, but the relaxed fit and scoop neckline make it look timeless. Plus, the soft, breathable fabric lets you reach for it every day of the week.

Skinny jeans with a high waist and universal thread

If you keep a pair of skinny jeans in your closet, let it be a black pair. They’re easy to dress up or dress down and will most likely go with whatever top you already have in your closet.

Aerosol Crystal ballet flats

Cramer recommends opting for black leather flats to get through the day in style. This chic pair of Aerosoles has a rounded toe and quilted footbed, but is also available in several other colors and designs.

Melifluos Designed in Spain Geometric scarf

A printed scarf can complete your look and add a touch of color to your outfit. Not only can this affordable pick be worn around the neck, but also as a headscarf, shawl, wrap skirt and more.

Effortless shoulder bag made from Banana Republic leather

A leather shoulder bag isn’t just a fashion statement — it’s an investment that you’ll get plenty of use out of (and can wear with just about anything).

Everlane The authentic skinny with a high waist and stretch

skinny jeans, but make them breathable. These Everlane panties are made from a fabric with high elasticity, allowing you to move comfortably while still rocking the denim look.

A simple striped sweater and jeans are one way to complete the look.TODAY / Daniella Musacchio

Parisian layers and accessories

Wantdo Waterproof double breasted trench coat

“A light beige coat is a must-have Parisian staple that should be in your closet now and until the end of time,” Cramer said. “Every Parisian has a classic beige trench coat because it works well in any weather and is a perfect layer at any time of the year.”

Banana Republic Merino Long Cardigan

A simple yet chic cardigan is the versatile staple that every woman should have in her closet. Not only can it elevate an outfit, but it’s also a stylish way to add extra layers for warmth.

Zara Blazer Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection

Cramer called this coat “Perfection”. Oversized is all the rage right now, but this blazer still has a dressy look. Plus, the shoulder pads and carefully placed buttons are details that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Long sleeve striped t-shirt from Asos Design

Do you prefer long sleeves? This classic tee is perfect for the colder months. Wear it under a trench coat or leather jacket to instantly upgrade your look.

Vans Spicoli 4 sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is one way to complement the look — and one not to forget, according to Cramer. These sunglasses feature a trendy tortoiseshell design that will have many viewers asking you where you picked them up.

Oversized cotton shirt from H&M

“You can’t go wrong with an oversized button-down style,” Cramer said of this wardrobe must-have. “Wear it to work with skinny black pants [or] team it with a pencil skirt and tie the ends in a bun at the waist for a classy look.”

“No fuss, all elegance”

Old Navy Striped Shaker Stitch Mock Neck Jumper

Striped sweaters probably also come to mind when you think of Parisian style. Cramer recommends pairing this wardrobe must-have with cropped black jeans or a midi skirt.

Black extra high waist wide leg jeans in Old Navy

Skinny jeans are out and the Parisians know it. A cropped style with a wide leg like this one can add a more modern feel to your look.

More Parisian chic favorites

Gap Softest Sweater Midi Skirt

“I’m in love with the separate sweaters that create a complete head-to-toe look,” Cramer said. Creating a monochromatic outfit with a matching sweater and skirt works for both workwear and casualwear—and looks effortless, too.

Belldini Plus Size Pointelle Stitch Duster Cardigan

According to Cramer, Parisians can wear a cardigan from day to night with a simple outfit change. It can be worn with a simple t-shirt during the day or with a slip at night. “Pointelle cardigans add a little extra interest with a subtle design that’s perfect for Paris,” she added.

The Drop Janelle Croissant shoulder bag

Don’t be put off by the name – croissant bags are a huge trend right now. According to trendy, searches for the bag shape are up 243 percent since last year. “I especially love a croissant bag because it has a youthful feel and adds some personality to a chic basic[s]’ Cramer said.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers

Parisians walk a lot, and Cramer says they’ve started embracing sneakers in a big way. These Stan Smith shoes don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, and Cramer says the on-trend “old-school style” gives them some Parisian flair.

Zara fitted straight-leg jeans Charlotte Gainsbourg collection

Charlotte Gainsbourg has collaborated with Zara to launch an exclusive collection that includes everything from jeans to jackets. Cramer says she loves these jeans for the “fuller straight leg that’s an updated take on Parisian black skinny pants.”

Zara double-sided jacket

Paired with a striped t-shirt, this jacket gives an updated Parisian “rock ‘n’ roll” look, according to Cramer.

For more style favorites, visit:

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How To Fashion A Dishevelled Sweater To Nonetheless Look Stylish

Styling an oversized sweater is all about balance. The blogger at RDs obsessions, Rach DiMare, highlights the importance of proportion when reaching for your favorite sweater. The combination of the top with tight-fitting bottoms and elegant accessories – such as pointed shoes – makes the outfit shine. But tailored pants are not limited to pants! Blogger Natalie Yerger recommends a pencil skirt worn with knee-high boots. If shorter lengths are more your style, try Yerger’s baggy sweater, mini skirt, and thigh high boots combination.

In addition to the proportions, the fit is just as important. Style blog The fox and her urges readers to choose a sweater that fits their height – that means shorter sweaters for shorter people, because a sweater that is too long can make your legs appear short. DiMare agrees, telling its readers that the best sweater lengths are just below the waist. For shorter people, tucking in a wide sweater is another way to achieve balance and an elongated silhouette Fit mom in high heels. There are tons of tricks to do this perfect tuck! The website also suggests using a belt to add extra shape and definition to an oversized sweater. And because baggy sweaters are made for the layered look, DiMare likes to keep you warm with a shirt underneath like a classic turtleneck sweater. Don’t forget to make your baggy sweater shine with a statement Jewellery! Aloïs Guinut (from Dress like a Parisian) suggests roll sleeves to highlight bracelets and a statement necklace or earrings for extra glamor.

A Type Information To Stylish And Aware Jackets, Hoodies, And Coats

Capes von Cape de Coeur verwandeln Ihre Herbst-/Winter-Outfits sofort von gewöhnlich in zauberhaft.


Bei der Herbstkleidung dreht sich alles um Schichten. Es drückt Ihre unverwechselbare Art von Stil aus, indem es auf Farbtönen, reichhaltigen Texturen und neuen Silhouetten durch Oberbekleidung aufbaut. Wenn Sie die Garderobe für die kühleren Monate aktualisieren, sind Jacken oder Mäntel die Schlüsselstücke, die helfen, einen kompletten Look für die Saison zu kreieren. Es genügt zu sagen, dass eine gute Jacke oder ein guter Mantel Ihr Stilrepertoire verbessern oder brechen kann.

Obwohl sie in der Regel vielseitig einsetzbar ist, bestimmt Outwear unsere Modeauswahl. Und wie in jeder Saison sind die Laufstegtrends für Herbst und Winter gute Ausgangspunkte, bevor Sie sich auf die Suche nach dem unverzichtbaren Mantel oder der Jacke machen. Der klassische Trenchcoat oder eine zeitlose Lederjacke inspirieren zu maßgeschneiderten Stücken – weite Hosen, ein schnittiger Blazer und das typisch große weiße Hemd. Ski-Puffers und Hoodies spiegeln einen aktiveren Lebensstil wider, der manchmal mit sartorialen Elementen wie dem klobigen Stiefel unterstrichen wird. Quilts, Zopfstrick, Ponchos und strukturierte Besätze sind eher nostalgisch. Sie verleihen jedem Herbst-Ensemble eine Boho-Chic-Schicht.

In diesem Jahr haben geometrische Prints und auffällige Farben die für die kälteren Monate typischen düsteren Farben übernommen. Schlichte Lederschneiderei, kuscheliger Einsatz von Sherpa und Lammfell sowie die Rückkehr handgewebter Ponchos und fröhlicher Pullover spiegeln die Nostalgie der 90er Jahre wider. Übertriebene Apres-Ski-Puffer haben auch diejenigen von uns, die in tropischen Klimazonen leben, dazu gezwungen, von einem großartigen Hüttenurlaub zu träumen.

Unabhängig von der ästhetischen oder stilistischen Richtung, die Sie in dieser Saison einschlagen möchten, ist es die Suche nach schicken und bewussten Optionen, die die Freude an einem Garderoben-Update noch steigern. Hier eine knappe Auswahl an stylischen Mänteln, Jacken und Capes, die Ihren Look in diesem Herbst aufwerten werden.


Pflanzlich gegerbte Oversize-Lederjacke von Kulakovsky


Oversized-Jacke aus pflanzlich gegerbtem Leder von KULAKOVSKY


KULAKOWSKY‘s übergroße Lederjacken erfinden klassische Formen und Silhouetten in übertriebenen Proportionen neu. Die Herbstkollektion dieser Saison (bekannt als Urban Dictionary) spiegelt die Street-meets-Classic-Ästhetik der Marke wider und ist eine visuelle Gegenüberstellung von Privat- und Arbeitsleben. Details wie Lederoptik im Used-Look und mehrere Taschen verweisen auf die Funktionalität von Arbeitskleidung, aber von Designer Artur Kulakovsky auf wirklich schicke und bewusste Weise.


Kaschmir Pimp Coat aus ethischer Herkunft und Produktion von Mandkhai


MANDKHAI hat unsere Wahrnehmung von Kaschmir verändert. Die vom mongolischen Designer Mandkhai Jargalsaikan gegründete Marke hat eine bewusstere und ethischere Denkweise beim Tragen dieses ultraluxuriösen Stoffes inspiriert und betont kompromisslose Standards in der Lieferkette und Verarbeitung. Kein Wunder, dass Superstars und Modefiguren wie Kate Hudson, Hailey Bieber und die Hadid-Schwestern ihre Madkhai-Stücke im Wechsel tragen. JLos kürzlicher Trick-or-Treat-Auftritt mit dem Beau Ben Affleck ließ viele von uns sich fragen, woher sie ihren coolen, strahlenden Kaschmirmantel hat.

Jennifer Lopez entdeckte Leckerbissen oder Tricks in ihrem Pimp Coat von MANDKHAI


Nun, hier ist ein Urlaubsvergnügen für Sie: Der Pimp Coat von Mandkhai besteht aus ethisch einwandfreiem und produziertem mongolischem Kaschmir und extrafeiner Merinowolle. Es verfügt über einen zarten Fransen-Detailbesatz, einen Farbverlauf-Print-Effekt und übergroße Seitentaschen. Der Pimp Coat macht nicht nur beim Urlaubs-Treffen eine gute Figur, sondern ist auch ideal zum Faulenzen und Wohlfühlen zu Hause.


Zweiteiliges Cardigan-Set in Kontrastfarbe von WHIZ


Skin Soft Contrast Cardigan von WHIZ


SAUSEN ist eine Under-the-Radar-Mode-Einzelhandelsmarke, die sich dem Ankleiden des französischen Mädchens verschrieben hat, das in uns allen lebt. Seien wir ehrlich, wenn es um Herbstmode geht, macht es niemand besser als die Franzosen. Ein ganz besonderes Je ne sais quo – zerzaustes Haar, mühelose Silhouetten und die Coolness aus dem Bett – lässt viele von uns von einem Urlaub in Frankreich träumen. Und WHIZ bringt diesen Vibe in unsere Kleiderschränke mit kreativen Neuinterpretationen eines französischen Mädchenlieblings, der übergroßen Strickjacke. Alle achtsam in der Werkstatt von WHIZZ hergestellten Kontrast-Cardigans und Strick-Sets der Marke präsentieren einen neuen Ansatz beim Mixen und Kombinieren von Klassikern. Ideal für diejenigen, die die Moderegeln brechen möchten – nur ein bisschen – die Strickjacke wählt aus WHIZ sind


Trenchcoat aus Kunstleder von BLOSSOM H COMPANY


Der Faux Leather Trenchcoat von BLOSSOM H COMPANY mit übergroßem Kragen


BLÜTEN H UNTERNEHMEN ist eine Modemarke aus Südkorea, die modernen Minimalismus verkörpert, in klarer K-Fashion. Es ist die Art von Label, die Sie sofort zu einem stromlinienförmigen, aber im Wesentlichen femininen koreanischen Stil führt. Ich wurde vor zwei Jahren mit einer Vorschau auf die Frühjahrsmäntel und -jacken der Marke zum ersten Mal mit der Marke vertraut gemacht – und es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Makellose Verarbeitung, hochwertige Materialien und vielseitiges Design machen die Stücke von Blossom zu investitionswürdigen Klassikern.

In dieser Saison hat der Kult-Favorit von K-Fashion eine Kollektion cooler Outwear-Essentials mit dem ewigen Trenchcoat als Hauptaushängeschild auf den Markt gebracht. Es ist aus Kunstleder gefertigt und verfügt über einen abnehmbaren gekerbten Reverskragen mit Knopfverschluss. Zweireihige Verschlüsse ergänzen die Sturmklappendetails an der Vorderseite. Bei Blossom dreht sich alles um die Details. Bei näherer Betrachtung dieses schicken Trenchcoats offenbart sich eine makellose Ausführung der Designelemente: Leistentaschen, Gürtelschlaufen, ein abnehmbarer Dornschließe-Gürtel, geknöpfte Schulterklappen, Dornschließe-Riemen an den Manschetten, durchgehendes Satinfutter und hochwertige braune Hardware. Das fasst die Anatomie eines Klassikers ziemlich gut zusammen.


Mantel aus Lammfellimitat von DRAE


DRAE’s Faux Sherling Jacke von hinten


DRAE, eine Verbreitung von The Blossom H Company, nimmt es ernst mit der Herstellung von Kleidungsstücken. Die Herbst-/Winterkollektion zum Beispiel lässt sich von Elementen der klassischen Herrenmode inspirieren. Stücke strahlen das besondere Gefühl aus, das wir bekommen, wenn wir in Maßanfertigungen investieren, die speziell für uns angefertigt wurden. Androgyne Schneiderkunst vor einem Hintergrund von neutralen Farben unterstreicht eine reduzierte Sensibilität, die zeitlos ist. Alle Stücke werden ethisch einwandfrei hergestellt, wobei nur hochwertige Materialien verwendet werden – Wolle, Baumwolle, Seide. Das Ziel: inspirierte Kleidungsstücke zu kreieren, die lange halten.

Das herausragende Stück dieser Saison ist eine Jacke aus Lammfellimitat in einem geschmeidigen Elfenbeinton. Eine A-Linien-Silhouette macht es zum perfekten Topper für lange Partykleider oder sogar einen schnittigen Hosenanzug. Ein übertriebener Kragen, der bis zum Rücken reicht, verleiht jedem Winter-Ensemble die richtige Portion Laune und Verspieltheit.


Die Caroline Jacket von AERON zeichnet sich durch die Verwendung eines innovativen Twill-Materials aus, das kuscheliger ist als … [+] Denim, bietet aber eine bessere Struktur und Passform als Wolle.


AERON unterstützt und fördert seit 2021 Kunsthandwerk aus Mitteleuropa. Die Gründerin Eszter Aron arbeitet seitdem in ihrem Atelier daran, „ihr Familienerbe der Schneidermeister zu ehren“ durch moderne, brutalistisch inspirierte Designs. Sie fügt hinzu: „Jede Kollektion widerlegt statische Definitionen und widerlegte Erwartungen in meinem Streben nach Kontrast. AERON-Stücke sind ein sich entwickelnder Dialog zur Stärkung der Frauen, um die kulturellen Vorstellungen von Luxus neu zu definieren.“

In wahrer Form sind die Stücke aus der Herbst-/Winterkollektion der Marke unverwechselbar und dennoch dezent. Selbstbewusst, aber verstummt. Erfrischend neu, aber beruhigend vertraut. Die Caroline Twill Jacke ist ein bemerkenswertes Stück, das eine innovative Twill-Fertigung einführt. Das Team von AERON erklärt: „Es fühlt sich bequemer an als Denim, hat aber mehr strukturierte Anziehungskraft als Wolle.“ Durchdachte Details wie Lederkragen und Leistentaschen machen es zu einem bewegenden, tragbaren Stück brutalistischer Kunst. Und weil diese Zusammenfassung exklusiv für Marken ist, die positive Fußabdrücke auf Menschen, Planeten und Gemeinschaft hinterlassen, ist die gesamte Produktion von AERON stolz lokal und wird von weiblichen prominenten Gemeinschaften mitteleuropäischer Handwerker hergestellt.


Kendall Jenner trägt ALOs Gold Rush Puffer Jacket in Steel Blue für die ersten Jacken und Mäntel … [+] Kampagne der beliebten Athleisure-Marke.


Kendall Jenner in einer weißen Daunenjacke von ALO.


Seit Jahren, ALO-YOGA hat Studio-to-Street-Athleisure-Kleidung herausgebracht, die auf der Matte einwandfrei funktioniert – und darüber hinaus. Diese Idee geht auf die Kernwerte der Marke zurück, die am besten durch den Markennamen erfasst werden. ALO, das habe ich erst kürzlich entdeckt, ist eigentlich ein Akronym für Air, Land and Ocean. Dies erklärt, warum die Kollektionen der beliebten Activewear-Marke mit der Absicht durchdrungen sind, die Achtsamkeitspraxis in den Alltag zu bringen – und das schließt Ihre Urlaubsabenteuer ein.

Abgesehen von der Aufregung und dem Hype, eine große Berühmtheit wie Kendall Jenner für ihre erste Jacken- und Mäntelkampagne erscheinen zu lassen, bieten die Herbst-/Winter-Angebote von ALO mehr, als Sie nach einem Vinyasa-Flow an einem kühlen Wintermorgen warm und kuschelig zu halten. Durchdachte Farbvarianten wie Steel Blue bieten in jeder Wintergarderobe eine erfrischende optische Pause vom riesigen Meer der Neutraltöne. Immer noch vielseitig genug, um zu jedem Lieblings-Athleisure-Set oder Street-inspirierten Ensemble zu passen, bietet der Gold Rush Puffer in Steel Blue eine eisig coole Alternative zu den üblichen krassen Tönen der Saison.


MARFA STANCE Der gesteppte Liner


MARFA STANCE Modulare Steppmäntel


MARFA-HALTUNG ist ein nachhaltiges britisches Label für Damenmode, das sich der Herstellung der „härtesten Kleidungsstücke in Ihrem Kleiderschrank“ verschrieben hat. Vor allem das Herbstrepertoire dürfte von den baubaren, charakteristischen Steppmänteln der Marke profitieren. Diese cleveren Basics, die seit ihrer Einführung fünfmal ausverkauft waren, ermöglichen es dem Träger, Designelemente wie Lammfellkragen, Parka oder Liner hinzuzufügen, um einen Look zu kreieren, der auf seine einzigartigen Empfindungen zugeschnitten ist.

Eine benutzerfreundliche Build Your Own-Funktion auf der Marfa Stance-Website ermöglicht es Kunden, ihre eigene Steppkleidung mit endlosen Optionen für Grundfarbe, Kragen, Besatz und Kapuze zu kreieren. Funktion und Zweckmäßigkeit sind die Eckpfeiler jedes Steppmantels von Marfa Stance, unterstrichen von Elementen altehrwürdiger Schneiderkunst. Eine vielseitige und dennoch mühelose Silhouette macht es zum Lieblingsstück für Jet-Setting in den Ferien oder einfach nur, um mit hohem Stil auf die Straße zu gehen.


Das Sainte Cape von Cape de Coeur


The Artist Cape Jacke von Cape de Coeur


Eines der aufregendsten Konzepte, um in dieser Saison auf die Laufstege zurückzukehren, war das Cape. Und wie es für den Magier und seinen mysteriösen Umhang gilt, kann das beliebteste Outwear-Essential dieses Herbstes jedes Ensemble von gewöhnlich zu spektakulär verwandeln. CAPE DE COEUR, eine Anspielung auf das französische Sprichwort „Coup de Coeur“, war in dieser Saison genau richtig und präsentierte Oberbekleidung, in die man sich wirklich, wahnsinnig und tief verlieben konnte: Das Cape.

Ich würde sogar so weit gehen zu sagen, dass die Marke in diesem Jahr eine der beeindruckendsten Kollektionen von Cape-Jacken hat. Das Saint ist ein zweireihiges Cape, das dem Bedarf nach einer strukturierteren, klassischen Passform gerecht wird. Es schafft die perfekte Balance zwischen Bewegung und scharfen Kanten. Die A-Linien-Silhouette ist inspiriert von den klassischen Capes der 70er Jahre, die in der Taille durch einen Gürtel geschnürt werden.

Cape de Coeurs The Artiste ist ein weiterer persönlicher Favorit, der in einem atemberaubenden dunklen Olivton daherkommt. Es ist wie ein Poncho geschnitten und hat eine große Schleife, die für das nötige dramatische Flair sorgt. Eine Design-Hommage an das böhmische Leben, The Artiste ist zu gleichen Teilen eklektisch, romantisch und modern. Als Beweis dafür, wie die Marke die Liebe zu Capes steigert, wurden kleine Details wie Manschetten, Verschlüsse und Innentaschen für ein Mobiltelefon sorgfältig integriert, sodass jedes Cape wirklich tragbar, funktional und dennoch absolut stylisch ist.

Moncler ‘s New L.A. Flagship Blends Cozy Alpine Model with California Stylish

Have you ever wondered why the ladies of Los Angeles take off their furs as soon as the temperature drops below 70? It’s the dry heat, darling. The city’s desert climate means summer temperatures drop as soon as the sun goes down, allowing Angelenos to contract before heading into the night. Last week, Moncler tossed its hat to the Los Angeles winter sports ring with the opening of its new West Coast flagship. The weather was mild on the evening the boutique opened, but that didn’t stop the city’s It crowd from wearing the Italian luxury label’s signature down styles from head to toe. The new boutique on Beverly Hills’ iconic Rodeo Drive is a multi-story, cavernous proposition with a sculptural central staircase that appears to be carved into an alpine rock wall. Mirrored walls and light wood accents illuminate the room in which pieces of the label are presented genius and Grenoble collections, which give the earthy mountain aesthetic an unmistakable Californian flair.

Kiernan Shipka at the opening of Moncler’s new location on Rodeo Drive.

To open the boutique, Moncler partnered with Los Angeles-based artist Steven Harrington, whose vibrant psychedelic pop creations the Signature mix of timelessness and cross-genre innovation to create a range of distinctive art objects available for sale and spread throughout the space. First up is a larger than life Moncler Pupazzo, located on the boutique’s ground floor, clad in the brand’s signature down jacket and holding a palm tree – a perfect embodiment of the label’s limitless style – from the beach to the mountain top.



Steve Harrington at the opening of Moncler’s new location on Rodeo Drive.






Jennifer Garner Visits Paris With Her Daughter in Fashion in Striped Sweater and Stylish White Sneakers

Jennifer Garner took her comfy-cute style on an international vacation and arrived in Paris early this morning in a chic and cozy ensemble.

The actress wore a striped cream-colored Vince sweater over a white t-shirt, paired with similarly colored pants. Her travel accessories were simple and classic: a black leather backpack and a brown leather folder. Garner also added a protective blue face mask to her outfit. Her daughter Violet Affleck accompanied her in a similarly monochrome outfit with a floral print dress and a backpack with blue New Balance sneakers.

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Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck will arrive in Paris on July 1, 2021.  - Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck will arrive in Paris on July 1, 2021. – Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

KCS press / MEGA

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck will arrive in Paris on July 1, 2021.  - Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck will arrive in Paris on July 1, 2021. – Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

KCS press / MEGA

This is for shoes “13 Going On 30” stars wore a simple pair of white leather sneakers. With a low-top silhouette and dark laces, the pair were eclectic and sharp. They complemented the coordinated ensemble by Garner perfectly, but could also be worn with outfits that range from T-shirt and jeans to a feminine summer dress.

All-white sneakers are trendy in summer ’21. Garner fits in with her approachable and relaxed “cool mom style,” which often includes flip-flops, clogs and running sneakers. This isn’t her first time getting out this style either – she before carried a similar pair of kicks earlier this spring. Stars like Lily Collins, Olivia Culpo, and Emily Ratajkowski have also been spotted in all-white couples, proving the fashionable nature of the A-list style.

Jennifer Garner arrives in Paris on July 1, 2021.  - Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

Jennifer Garner arrives in Paris on July 1, 2021. – Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

KCS press / MEGA

A closer look at Garner's sneakers.  - Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

A closer look at Garner’s sneakers. – Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

KCS press / MEGA

Last month, Garner was spotted wearing a more colorful version of her classic sweater-and-denim uniform. The actress wore a multi-colored striped sweater with her straight-leg jeans and a pair of gray and blue Brooks Levitate 3 running shoes.

The story goes on

Jennifer Garner arrives in Paris on July 1, 2021.  - Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

Jennifer Garner arrives in Paris on July 1, 2021. – Photo credits: KCS Presse / MEGA

KCS press / MEGA

Garner has been spotted wearing other sneakers on the go, especially Brooks’. One of her favorite styles is the brand’s Levitate 4 Road sneakers, which she wore with a green t-shirt and classic blue straight leg jeans this March.

This summer, slip into sharp white sneakers inspired by Jennifer Garner.

Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

Courtesy of Zappos

To buy: Superga Nappaleau sneakers, $ 89.

Credit: Courtesy DSW

Credit: Courtesy DSW

Courtesy of DSW

To buy: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Sneakers, $ 55.

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Courtesy of Nordstrom

To buy: Cole Haan GrandPro rally sneakers, $ 70 (was $ 130).

Click through this gallery to see more of it Jeans and sneaker styles by Jennifer Garner.

Start gallery: 15 times Jennifer Garner styled mom jeans with sneakers

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The stylish geriatrics rocking model like Her Majesty

Like so many of us who were counting down the minutes until the pub reopened and frantically refreshing the booking pages of the restaurants we’d missed, model Daphne Selfe was incredibly dizzy at the prospect of life outside of her own four walls. “I couldn’t wait to get out,” she says.

On their hit list after the pandemic is a visit to the lively Brasserie Zédel in Piccadilly, a tour of “whatever is new” in the Royal Acade – my and a much-needed cinema visit. Then there are get-togethers with friends, a family get-together or two, and the question of a trip to the sea to be arranged. More than anything, Daphne was eager to get back to her main job, which is modeling for fashion brands and magazines. She’s also happy to be wearing lipstick again. She will do this with joy and with a newfound feeling of freedom after hiding behind a face mask for a year. She can even pair it with her favorite Rejina Pyo dress. Did we mention she’s 92?

It’s true that age should only really matter if you’re a cheese – and in fact, there’s nothing about this ninety-year-old who will give even the most boisterous GenZers a run for their money when it comes to post-lockdown celebrations.

Daphne has no time for the quiet life. “Everyone seems bored or fed up, but I’ve never been this busy,” she says of her time in lockdown. She filled the days with gardening, making Zoom calls and starring in virtual fashion shoots.

They say the meek will inherit the earth, but right now those who have had two recordings of Pfizer’s best seem poised to dominate. Especially those who are blessed with Daphne’s post-pandemic panache. Call her “Queenager” – because of course there is a 90-year-old who needs no introduction: The Queen remains a beacon of optimism for women who want to grow old with energy and determination.

While you can imagine that it was the last she thought of lately while mourning the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh, you will have a hard time finding another woman who has been on earth for 95 years like this unswerving elegance. Daphne attributes her own approach to fashion to the most popular queenager of all. “She is my icon. I bet she never wears a tracksuit. ‘

Now that restaurants have reopened, people over 80 are sitting at the best tables. “Some of our oldest regulars were among the first to make bookings when our lines reopened,” the chef of a restaurant in a busy London hotel tells me. Hairdressers have also been inundated with appointment requests from a more mature clientele determined to get back to their busy lives. “Our older women love being outside more than most,” says Craig Taylor, creative director at Hari’s on the King’s Road. There are also signs of a silver tourism boom, with travel agents reporting an increase in international bookings from older customers.

No doubt the last 15 months has been a terrible time to get older. The loss of life and freedom from Covid-19 has hit our aging population hardest. The pandemic has also classified our elderly people as vulnerable and in need of protection.

This is where the resistance begins. Google the term Queenager, which was coined to describe older women who refuse to grow old “gracefully,” and you will find dozens of enthusiastic grandmas eager to get the party started.

For Alyson Walsh, 56, former magazine editor and founder of That’s Not My Age website, the phenomenon is all about rebellion, which makes her the perfect move to join now. “More than ever, women do their own thing with a punk attitude:” This is how we look, this is how we wear, get over it, “she says, adding a platform for older women to tell their stories on social media.

The 92-year-old social media sensation Baddie Winkle embodies this rebellion to the utmost. As the world’s first “Instagran”, she has 3.5 million followers and is just as famous for her love of neon and batik as for her slogan “Stealing Your Man Since 1928”.

The 80-year-old soul singer Dionne Warwick, who has become a “granfluencer”, also kills it on social media, whose Twitter feed has increased the serotonin levels of her almost 60,000 followers. And of course 99-year-old Iris Apfel, the New York designer and stylist whose light-heartedness and devotion to color have inspired everyone.

Britain is also full of queenagers. If you’re familiar with the BBC One talent show The Greatest Dancer, you know Dinkie Flowers, the 99-year-old who spent lockdown dancing to raise money for the NHS and has no plans to hang up her jazz shoes anytime soon. You may also have heard 80-year-old presenter Gloria Hunniford explain her plans to celebrate her newfound freedom with a tattoo on Woman’s Hour.

Jenny Swimson, a grandmother of six, celebrated her 79th birthday in lockdown. She tells me that she booked two holidays as well as tables at some of her favorite restaurants immediately after hearing Boris’s lockdown roadmap. “It was the toughest of all years and now we all just have to have fun,” she tells me. I also hear from Joy Macdonald, 82, who is excited to be back in stores. “I’m not that much of a fan of online shopping,” she says, “and you know I’m not going to be shopping at exactly.”

Daphne, who has worked with everyone from Hugo Boss to Dolce & Gabbana, has played a pivotal role in redefining the way society sees women of a certain age. JoAni Johnson joins her, who at 69 is perhaps the oldest groundbreaking star in the fashion world. While the fashion industry used to be happy to take older women’s money, but they wrote from their advertising campaigns, luxury labels like Celine and Saint Laurent have recognized the need for age diversity. After all, more and more designers are exploring the idea, including Emilia Wickstead and Preen, who bring older women onto the catwalk.

On the small screen, it is the Queenager exceptional Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin who have rewritten the rules with their successful TV show Grace and Frankie. This comedy is a revolutionary portrayal of two women in their 80s who, despite many obstacles, have no problem having a good time. In fact, it’s the ultimate queenage fantasy.

There’s still a long way to go, of course, but at least we’ve left behind the hysteria that erupted when Mary Berry wore a floral jacket on The Great British Bake Off. When Jane Fonda was arrested at a climate change demonstration in 2019, it was her demeanor (and red coat) that everyone was talking about – not the fact that she was 82 years old.

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This Transformed Ferry Has Grow to be A Stylish, Palatial Manhattan-style Loft – Robb Report

Dot is much more than a yacht conversion. The 154-foot ship was once the flagship of Hong Kong’s legendary Star Ferry fleet known as the Golden Star. It has been converted into a Manhattan loft-style floating apartment.

Her owner, a UK-born Hong Kong resident, first stepped aboard the Golden Star as a young man, commuting daily from Wanchai to Hung Hom in the late 1980s. Every day he took the ferries across Victoria Harbor. He has always appreciated their sturdy yet elegant build quality with thick steel hulls and large wooden fenders. When Golden Star went up for sale in 2011, he seized the opportunity.

The owner spent 18 months rebuilding the boat at the Leung Wan Kee shipyard in Zhuhai, which has been contracted to service Star Ferries for decades. He hired a full-time project manager to oversee the construction and implement his vision. The goal was to “dress Dot according to her strengths” and create a weekend vacation for his family.

The owner decided to keep features like the original teak floors and floor-to-ceiling windows but turned the rest of Dot into his family home.

courtesy Independence of the ocean

“Dot is heavy, sturdy, and hilly, and I think a sleek, shiny look wouldn’t suit her,” the owner told Robb Report, asking for anonymity. “Their original, well-worn, thick teak floors and abundant steel speak more for a factory than an elegant residence. We didn’t want to fight their industrial history, we wanted to celebrate. These goals determined a large part of the layout. “

A house designer in France who had completed a conversion for a large Dutch seagoing vessel took over the project. “His experience was very useful,” says the owner. “A typical yacht designer would not be used to this type of industrial vessel, and a traditional home designer would not be familiar with the problems of a floating house.”

Golden Star was built in 1989 to be 36 feet longer than its predecessor. Her two-inch-thick decks were designed to handle the heavy foot of another 200 passengers. This robust construction was used to Dot’s advantage and creates 6,000 square meters of living space and an additional 4,000 square meters of storage space.

The wide beam, high ceilings, and open decks were the pluses of the remodeling. Modernizing and adding convenient features was a little more difficult.

Courtesy Ocean Independence

“I’m obsessed with old brick industrial buildings like the large offices, mills, and factories that were built between 1870 and 1905 in the United States, Britain, and Germany,” he says. “My home in London has beds built from factory workplaces, a weaver’s block and a book press. We have the oldest wallpaper in London, dating back to the 18th century, little more than rusty pencils and torn remains, but age and ruin are of great beauty. “

Dot’s oversized living areas with floor-to-ceiling windows create a cavernous interior. All four cabins have en-suite bathrooms with a large bathtub and separate showers. There is a dedicated movie theater and private office, but much of Star Ferry’s history has been retained.

“I loved the old reversible seats on the ferries. We stored some and the rest found a home near Hong Kong, ”he says. “With its two propellers, it can still travel at the same speed in both directions. We have changed as little as possible. “

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

A big fan of late 19th century factories, the owner wanted to keep the industrial look, with cross members and a rusted finish on the ceilings and stone walls.

Courtesy Ocean Independence

The biggest design change is the two-level mezzanine in the salon with open sliding doors for a cool ocean breeze and a roof that opens up for al fresco dining. “The false ceilings were very low, so we removed them to add height and added a rust finish to the stripped metal beams. I love industrial furniture, rust and elegant decay. “

30 air conditioning systems relieve the summer heat. A 15,000 gallon water storage capacity with a rainwater collection system helps keep the boat self-contained. In drier weather, Dot has a water filter system for converting seawater and separate systems for cleaning and filtering seawater and rainwater, as well as over 1,820 square meters of flexible solar modules.

“We wanted to be completely self-sufficient,” says the owner. “On sunny days, the sun provides 75 percent of our energy needs, including air conditioning all night. The double glazing, roof insulation and shadow wings have resulted in enormous energy savings. The production of water from seawater consumes a lot of energy. So it’s great that we use rainwater 90 percent of the year. “

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Windows everywhere and high ceilings add to the feeling of light and space in the yacht.

Courtesy Ocean Independence

The renovation was not without its challenges. The technical complexities for solar, batteries and generators proved to be tried and tested, and it was not easy to find water suppliers that were robust enough to handle seawater in winter. The family put their hearts in a berth on Tai Tam Bay in Hong Kong, which is almost impossible for a boat over 100 feet in length. Permits and permits were a headache but were well worth it.

“Dot was designed to create great memories for my three children, and she delivered them in spades,” he says. “See you jumping off the roof into the sea; stared up with them; Charade games when the sun goes down after dinner. At the moment the seaweed is growing rapidly and the nocturnal luminosity illuminates the fish swimming and jumping in front of us. This is the magic of Hong Kong that few can see. “

The owner now wants to transfer this unusual transformation to someone else who will appreciate its historical significance. Dot is on sale at Seanergy Limited, a member of Ocean Independence, for approximately $ 2.71 million. Your berth in Tai Tam is included. Here are more pictures.

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Dot was a ferry around Hong Kong that was turned into a super yacht

Courtesy Ocean Independence

Kiara, Katrina to Shraddha Kapoor: 7 Celeb accepted CHIC methods to type a white shirt this Spring & Summer time 2021

The crisp white shirt is a staple in every person’s wardrobe today. Wondering how to style it differently? We got you covered!

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Kiara, Katrina to Shraddha Kapoor: 7 Celebrity Approved CHIC Ways To Style A White Shirt This Spring And Summer 2021

In India, we almost always skip spring with a full summer air just coming towards us. This year doesn’t seem any different!
While we were hiding in our homes last summer, despite the preparation, we plan to take full advantage of all the summer days we missed, starting with the plain white shirt.
A staple in every woman’s wardrobe today, the simple piece, while conventional, can be styled in a number of different ways to make a statement. Check out how your favorite divas have styled it so far!

Kiara Advani
Summer weddings have their own charm. But dealing with heavily embellished blouses and boning can make participating quite a chore! Take lessons from Kiara Advani on how to make a blouse out of a white shirt and tuck it into your lehenga for that Indo-Western touch!

Katrina Kaif
More of a conventional person? Keep it classic like Katrina Kaif and wear a white shirt over your jeans. To combat those chilly nights, put on a denim jacket to make the denim-on-denim look like a pro!

Shraddha Kapoor
Familiarize yourself with the current trend and combine your white shirt with brightly colored Shraddha Kapoor-style trousers. Pick some brightly colored paper bag pants and toss them over your white shirt for a casual, off duty, or date night look.

Tara Sutaria
To beat this summer’s heat, wearing minimal clothing and looking chic is a top priority. Tara Sutaria gets the look right in a simple white shirt paired with white denim shorts for a casual look. Pair it with a light brown bag and slippers like the Marjaavaan star.

Deepika Padukone
For a sportier / sportier look, take notes on how to style a white shirt with biker shorts from Deepika Padukone. Add some character by topping it off with a belt bag and black sneakers.

Alia Bhatt
Do you want to channel your inner fashionista? Look no further than Alia Bhatt. We love how the actress picked a plain white shirt and wore a baby pink peplum corset over it. Baby pink pants and her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail were all she needed to upgrade this look.

Anushka Sharma
White-on-white look. We are inspired by the always stylish Anushka Sharma. The actress gives us street style goals in this crisp white high-low shirt that she styled with white distressed jeans and nude stilettos.

Which diva style are you inspired by? Comment below and let us know.

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Selena Gomez Is the Epitome of Cozy Stylish Type in a Teddy Coat and Towering Dr. Martens Boots

Selena Gomez embraced the cold weather in a cozy coat and chunky white shoes on the set of “Only Murders In The Building” in New York City yesterday.

The founder of Rare Beauty chose a brown teddy coat with a Sherpa-like construction, a double-breasted silhouette and a leopard print lining. (To copy her look that Faux shearling coat from Blank NYC in the caramel drizzle color offers a similar aesthetic.) Among them, Gomez went for monochrome basics, including a black turtleneck and matching bootcut jeans.

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The alumna “Wizards of Waverly Place” chose a pair of large gold hoop earrings and a gray face mask as accessories.

In terms of shoes, the actress opted for a pair of Dr. Martens Sinclair lace-up boots in white color. The leather style features the brand’s signature 8-eye design, zip details along the vampire, a 2.2-inch heel, and a 1.6-inch platform for a solid height boost. The sole is also non-slip to ensure even steps.

The Sinclair boot is currently available in limited sizes for $ 273 on While these shoes may be hard to find, the black color is more common and can be purchased for $ 200 on

Sherpa outerwear along with lively boots has become Gomez’s signature camera-ready uniform. In January, the star “Another Cinderella Story” designed a similar teddy coat Free people with her lover Ugg Bailey Buton II boots in a maroon color. Some of the singer’s other favorite shoes are options from brands like Puma, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Stuart Weitzman.

Try this trend with pulled soled boots with similar options available below.

To buy: Sam Edelman Garret Combat Boots$ 150.

The story goes on

To buy: Steve Madden Tornado combat boots$ 100.

To buy: Dr. Martens 1460 Mono 8-Eye Boot$ 150.

Click through this gallery to see how more celebrities Style this must-have shoe.

Start gallery: Kylie Jenner, Irina Shayk & More Stars in combat boots

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