Two Lafayette women increase cash for Lake Charles floods

Two of Lafayette’s youngest residents opened a lemonade stand today to raise a little extra cash.

But sisters Caroline and Maria thought of the people in Lake Charles who have been through so much lately.

“We thought we just wanted the money for ourselves,” says Maria. “But then we thought about the people of Lake Charles, how they’re feeling right now. And we thought if we sent them some money to build up a bit, they’d be pretty happy.”

The girls say they did quite a brisk business at their booth today.

Caroline said they really enjoyed setting up their stand, making the lemonade, and selling it to their customers.

Her grandmother called KATC to tell us what they were doing and Maria said a television interview about her booth was “unexpected”.

Prince Charles’ Highgrove property to host craft programs | Leisure

Craft courses are held at Prince Charles’ Highgrove Estate.

The Prince’s Foundation will welcome students to converted outbuildings near the Royal House in Gloucestershire, where they can learn the pros and cons of woodworking, textiles and more.

The foundation will take over the grounds and gardens at Highgrove, where organic farming is the first in many years.

The 72-year-old prince recently decided not to lease the 900 hectare organic farm on the estate because he has no time to become king.

While Charles will continue to refer to Highgrove as his home, the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk will be where he continues his agricultural endeavors.

Constantine Innemée, Project Leader at The Prince’s Foundation for more than a decade, said, “The Prince’s Foundation’s goal has always been to provide access to training and development in craft skills and other craft pursuits that are very often threatened due to their lack of knowledge.

“By developing a new base in the south of England, we can offer new opportunities to keep these valuable skills going in a part of the country that has a lot of talent but where there are no ways to use and develop them always available.

“Highgrove is synonymous with craftsmanship and aesthetic excellence. The hope is that this new base within the property will allow this influence to permeate every element of the programs on offer. “

“Hundreds” of students are expected to enroll for the various courses each year, with Highgrove enrolling “within months” of 2021, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Prince’s cousin, David Linley, the Earl of Snowdon, Vice President of the Prince’s Foundation, will teach a course in fine woodworking.

Prince Philip requested Prince Charles hospital go to to debate future | Leisure

Prince Philip asked Prince Charles to visit him to discuss the future of the royal family, according to an insider.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been in King Edward VII’s hospital in London for over a week when he recovered from an infection and was visited by his son, the Prince of Wales, last weekend.

According to Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, the 99-year-old king asked his son to pay a visit to discuss the family’s future.

In an interview on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Dickie said, “I think it was at the request of the Duke that the Prince of Wales visited.

“To lay the ground. Look, the man is 99, he has an infection.

“I suppose he’s going to come out, he’s going to go out and go back to Windsor.

“But at some point he will die and he just said to Charles, ‘One day you will be the leading man in the family.'”

It was confirmed last week that Prince Philip would stay in the hospital for “several days” while he continued to recover.

A Buckingham Palace statement said: “The Duke of Edinburgh is staying in King Edward VII’s hospital receiving medical attention for an infection. He is comfortable and responding to treatment, but is not expected to he’s leaving the hospital for several days. “

His son Prince Edward announced that the Duke of Edinburgh is “looking forward” to getting out of the hospital soon but is “a little” frustrated with staying.

The Earl of Wessex said, “As far as I know I spoke to them the other day, so he’s a lot better, thank you, and he’s looking forward to coming out on which is the most positive … Just a little [frustrated]. I think that concerns us all, and then you can only look at the clock that often and the walls are only that interesting. We have had some brilliant and lovely messages from all kinds of people and we really appreciate that, and so has he, I passed it on. It’s awesome, thank you. “