Pope to Catholic Motion youth: Tackle the type of Jesus

Pope Francis meets with young people from the Italian Catholic Action and asks them to accept their uniqueness as Jesus embraces theirs.

By Francesca Merlo

Addressing the young people of Italian Catholic Action, Pope Francis welcomed all who accompanied them to this meeting, describing each member as “generously engaged in their religious formation, devoting their time and resources to the Association”.

Catholic action

Catholic Action is an association of Catholics committed to upholding and defending Christian values ​​inspired by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The organization aims to provide clergy and lay people with a network of resources and activities to inspire them to engage actively with others in order to defend these values.


Pope Francis noted that their trip this year is expressed by the slogan “su misura per te”, which means “tailor-made for you” in Italian. “I like this topic,” said the Pope, explaining that it means that each of us is unique. “It is important that each of us wear our ‘outfit’ of originality with joy every day.” He added, “In history there is no one and there will never be someone like you. Each of you is unique and unrepeatable Beauty.”

This is how Jesus sees you

Pope Francis went on to explain that this is exactly “as Jesus sees you”. He “loves you as you are, even if some people ignore you and think you count little”. Jesus came into this world and is still “close to the children of all countries and peoples”, said the Pope. This is God’s style, which the Pope can describe in three words: “closeness, compassion and tenderness”.

Stay close to others

Dear friends, continued the Pope, “in the face of Jesus, who makes himself our neighbor, let us also learn to make ourselves“ next ”; among others: to family members, friends, peers, people in need ”. The Pope stated that we can always do something for others without waiting for others to do something for us. In the same way, the Pope continued, “we can be missionaries of the Gospel anytime, anywhere”. To do this, Pope Francis said that we must “adopt the style of Jesus”. To be his witness, we must be closer to him and not be afraid of it.

Jesus never forgets you

At the end of his speech, Pope Francis said that Jesus never forgets you. “He is always ready to encourage you and never ceases to believe in you,” said the Pope. He always gives you courage and energy and smiles especially at you, “especially when you can be close to those who are alone, without friends, in trouble”. Jesus is counting on you.

Cerberus Quadruples Cash After Uncommon Exit From Catholic Hospitals

Cerberus Capital ManagementRecords show that Wall Street made approximately $ 800 million in profit from its investment in Catholic hospitals.

The New York-based private equity firm has quadrupled its money over a decade this month, according to internal documents and a federal filing.

Cerberus was co-founded by billionaire Stephen Feinberg and carried out an unusual exit. The remaining interest has been shifted to doctors working in the hospital society rather than going public or selling to a rival.

Photographer: Jahi Chikwendiu / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Cerberus bought Caritas Christi Health Care In 2010, they paid $ 246 million in cash for hospitals in Massachusetts, which included the flagship St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston. The company that founded Cerberus Steward Health Care, expanded into a large hospital chain, as it was also burdened with a high debt burden.

Private equity firms that said they are bringing business efficiency to an obsolete industry reached $ 288 billion Health agreement in the past five years according to a report from the advisor Bain & Co..

Such investments have been vetted by members of Congress, consumer groups, and academics who say corporate use of debt puts pressure on medical providers to cut costs and affects quality.

Dr. Wall street

Private equity firms are heavily involved in healthcare

Source: Bain & Co.

In a statement, a Cerberus spokesperson said its collaboration with Steward enabled $ 800 million to be spent on infrastructure, technology and top staff, and helped restructure failing hospitals and transform them into a “world-class responsible care organization.”

Legislators have too questions raised through private equity hospitals Receive tax money during the pandemic because they could get help from their investors instead. PE firms said they have a duty to act in the best interests of customers. The federal government provided stewards altogether $ 675 million Bloomberg reported on grants and loans in September.

Steward’s current and former employees complained of staff shortages and supply bottlenecks, and a government agency gave the company the lowest ranking for solvency, Bloomberg Businessweek reported in August.

Read Businessweek: Life and Debt in a Private Equity Hospital

stewardThe Dallas-based company has improved its care and has plenty of cash to meet its obligations. The company currently serves 34 hospitals in nine states as well as five in Malta and Colombia and an extensive network of medical practices.

In the deal, Cerberus made its money through a series of complicated transactions involving a public real estate company called Call Medical Properties Trustbased in Birmingham, Alabama.

In 2016, Cerberus made most of its money selling valuable hospital properties to the Real Estate Investment Trust, which then leased them back to the hospitals. This transaction enabled Cerberus to generate hundreds of millions in dividends for its investors. The Medical Properties Trust ultimately had a nearly 10% stake in Steward.

In May 2020, Cerberus took a first step towards its exit. It transferred ownership of Steward to a group of in-house doctors in exchange for a note stating periodic interest payments that could be converted back into equity.

“Under the leadership of doctors, Steward Health Care continues to invest in the long-term health and wellbeing of our local communities,” the company said in a statement.

In January, according to a May, Steward borrowed $ 335 million from the Medical Properties Trust to buy the note from Cerberus Filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Cerberus said it sold the note at a discount.

Cerberus said it had timed the deal, its final exit, to ensure Steward had access to capital when needed, and that the fund’s investment was “deeply in liquidation.”

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St. Sabina Catholic Parish withholding cash over Rev. Pfleger probe

CHICAGO – Church officials in the St. Sabina Catholic Ward have placed additional pressure on the Archdiocese of Chicago to close the investigation into Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Church leaders announced that starting Monday they would withhold the Church and school assessments that the archdiocese would pay each month.

The announcement made during Sunday mass in the Catholic parish of St. Sabina received an ovation from the parish.

The prominent Chicago believer and outspoken social justice activist was accused of sexually abusing two minors, ages 12 and 13, more than 40 years ago.

Rev. nurse has emphatically denied the allegations.

The Department of Child and Family Services concluded that the allegation was “unfounded”.

Now the Archdiocese of Chicago has launched its own investigation into Rev. Michael Pfleger, and the community wants a solution soon.

The Church says the withheld funds will be paid out in full when the investigation is completed.

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Getting ready to wed? Don’t overlook the cash speak – The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

Chris Donnelly, a member of the Sacred Heart Parish in Tonganoxie, recently retired as regional president of the Country Club Bank. He speaks to The Leaven about what conversations couples should have about money when looking at marriage. LEAVEN PHOTO BY KATHRYN WHITE

It rarely happens when they are just dating. But there are good reasons for couples to thoroughly discuss their approach to money before getting engaged. The Leaven spoke to retired banker Chris Donnelly, who brings in the added perspective of recently seeing his three children marry.

Q. There are many things that can cause arguments in a marriage, but one of the perennials is money. What is important to know about your own approach to money before getting married?

A. You need to know where you are financially. If you don’t know where you are, no one else can either. It is important to live within your means. You need to know how much money you have each month and prioritize your expenses, working on the most important articles first.

Items like groceries, rent or mortgage, health care, and utility bills are top priorities. When you’ve covered all of the priority expenses, you’ll save for the future. You never know what the future will bring, so you need to be prepared. Once you’ve done this, you can consider spending on things that aren’t important to life.

Question: What should a couple tell each other about their money habits and when should they start this discussion?

A. Every couple should make a money plan before getting married. Full disclosure of your finances is important in any relationship. Identify and share your income and expenses ahead of time so you can create an expense plan for the time after your marriage. You want to avoid financial surprises. Marriage is a full-time partnership. Partners should share everything, including financial goals and dreams. When both partners are heading in the same direction financially, it is easier to prepare for the future.

Question: What major financial discussions should couples have when dating? Should they talk about the lifestyle they would like to have, their priorities and goals, their commitment to their community and the charities they support?

A. You should discuss your total income, expenses, and current debt. It’s important to know things like the number of monthly loan payments and other expenses. Excessive debt or loan payments can strain the family budget. Many people want a good lifestyle without really knowing what can support their income. The couple must first know their income and expenses. You shouldn’t live beyond your means.

Question: Of course, a discussion about children while dating is warranted. What should this discussion include?

A. Children are important to be included in your budget. You need to think through the stages of your children’s lives. Things like day care, health insurance, clothing, and extra food are important elements that you need to include in your monthly budget. Think ahead to estimate and budget the additional costs for one or more children before having children. You can see what your financial situation will be like before you actually have your first, second or third child.

Also, be sure to add a future college or tech school savings plan. Helping your child with minor or no student loans can help advance their future family financial plans.

Question: What are the pros and cons of having separate checking accounts and dual income couples when they are married and continue to manage their finances separately? Is it something you recommend?

A. Everything in marriage is a partnership. The two become one. Separate accounts for handling can create the feeling of hiding something or an imbalance. If you plan ahead, you both know the full financial picture so there shouldn’t be any hidden plans or costs.

I recommend keeping a joint account to show where all the money is going each month. Husbands and wives do many things together. You should also participate in everyday family finances.

Question: How about debt? Would you recommend the original borrower to pay them off, or should it be a common financial goal?

A. If you get married, it’s “for better or for worse”. This means that you take your partner with all the good and bad he brings to the table. You should develop a financial plan in advance that includes how you will jointly make the loan payments. When the two of you manage all of the debts brought up on the table, there is no question where that debt fits into the financial picture. Guessing what your spouse is doing with their money can cause serious problems.

Question: What should young married couples know about taxes?

A. Every couple should know how to properly prepare their taxes each year as taxes are a required expense. Tax issues can raise serious family concerns. You should add taxes to your family budget just like you would add food or rent. Knowing how to properly file your tax returns can save you money too.

Question: How should couples discuss whose job is being prioritized or how to deal with pay differentials, etc.?

A. By sharing all aspects of each other’s income and expenses, and establishing a budget and goals for the future, the couple can set priorities, including job requirements. If neither partner is willing to make sacrifices, the financial plan is much more difficult to achieve.

Question: How can couples stay on the same page in terms of spending, saving, and achieving their financial goals even in a busy life?

A. Couples should discuss their financial plan and goals frequently. Life is a series of changes and curveballs. Ignoring financial discussions is a bad idea. When both partners know where they are financially, it is much easier to look into the future.

Chris Donnelly recently resigned from his position as Country Club Bank Regional President. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of the Bank of the Prairie in Olathe. He and his wife, Susan, are members of the Sacred Heart Parish in Tonganoxie, where he serves on the ward finance council and where he and Susan jointly led the ward capital’s campaign.