There’s numerous monetary support out there to ladies pursuing STEM careers

Women are clearly underrepresented in STEM professions and there are many financial challenges for the few who aspire to scientific, technical, technical or mathematical professions. For this reason, many companies and organizations offer scholarships and other financial support to help bridge this gender gap in these important areas.

Only 1 in 4 employees in computer and math professions and 1 in 6 in architecture and engineering professions are women, they say Labor Statistics Office. In addition, for every dollar a man makes in STEM, a woman makes 14 cents less, according to the Department of Commerce.

“Improved access to higher education opportunities is one of the best strategies for reducing the gender gap in STEM areas,” said Rachel Morford, president of the Society of Women Engineers. “Scholarships help set this positive trend in motion by funding a woman’s access to STEM courses for bachelor, master and doctoral students. Designing projects and pursuing research or internship opportunities – all of these serve to keep women in STEM areas through graduation and beyond. “

Scholarships for women in STEM

There are many grants from organizations, foundations, and companies that are available to women in STEM careers.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a pioneer in supporting female students with an ABET-accredited (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) undergraduate or graduate program in engineering, engineering and computer science. In addition to supporting students on campus, SWE gave in 2020 260+ new and renewed scholarships female students around the world were worth a total of $ 1 million. SWE makes the application process easy, because with one application students can qualify for all applications that are relevant to them.

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Microsoft conducted a study that found that in 2016 only 7% of women got a college degree in science, technology, engineering, or math, compared to 15% of men. In addition, women tend to take science-based courses instead of engineering, math, or computer-based courses, and are paid less than men. Microsoft offers Scholarships for women pursuing a career in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) at college level.

“Access to scholarships can help alleviate some of the pressures women face today in MPOWER Financing’s corporate strategy of providing scholarships to women aspiring to STEM careers. “All of this can help fill the gaps not only for women – but also for those in underrepresented communities.”

Some other scholarships for women pursuing STEM careers include: the BHW Scholarship for Women in STEM, the Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship, the Science Ambassador Scholarship funded by Cards Against Humanity, the ABC Humane Wildlife Women in STEM Academic Scholarship, the Girls Who STEM Scholarship, Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship, Hyundai Women in Stem Scholarship, and Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program.

Scholarships designed specifically for women aspiring to engineering careers include: The Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship, the Lynn G. Bellenger Scholarship, and the UPS Scholarship for Female Students.

The application process

Kaylin Moss, a senior at Marist College studying computer science, applied for hundreds of scholarships she found through databases, social media, or internet research. She won a Generation Google Scholarship.

Kaylin Moss, senior computer science officer at Marist College

Source: Steven Howard

Moss says the “application process was tedious” ̶ she had to answer three essay questions and submit a résumé and certificate. One of her essays was about how she founded the Marist College Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, the second of her solutions to many of the challenges underrepresented groups in the tech industry face when pursuing careers in technology, and the third illustrated their financial needs.

Applicants were judged based on their financial needs, commitment to diversity and inclusion, leadership skills, and academic performance.

Some scholarships require essay writing, while others ask for videos or artwork. And the application process is an expenditure of time. Moss recommends focusing on scholarships that best fit your communication method. So if you enjoy writing – go to the essays. If you’re a natural on camera, go to the Scholarships that ask for a video.

An applicant is more likely to win a scholarship if the applicant pool is small. Therefore, in addition to larger national scholarships, students should also apply for smaller, local scholarships to increase their chances of winning.

Olivia Haberberger, Senior Business Information Systems and Accounting Student at the University of Pittsburgh, receives the Pitt Success Grant and the Addison H. Gibson Foundation Grant.

Olivia Haberberger, Senior Business Information Systems and Accounting Student at the University of Pittsburgh

Source: Maddy Haberberger

The Pitt Success Grant was awarded as needed, so Haberberger only had to fill out the FAFSA (free student grant application) and meet a specific benchmark for the cumulative GPA each year. The Addison H. Gibson Foundation scholarship was also awarded as needed. Haberberger wrote a thank you letter to express her gratitude.

Success strategies

Haberberger advises other students to “stand up for yourself” and “think about how much time and energy you need to spend on the application”.

It is important to start your research early and stay organized so as not to miss any deadlines, like this, a website where students can search for scholarships and other financial aid.

The Education Quest Foundation cautions that if you postpone it at the last minute, you can be in a rush and then risk making mistakes with your application. They advise students to always proofread applications to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. And send it in early – sometimes that can make all the difference.

Rachel Morford emphasizes that “research and preparation should be started early!” For example, if you look at everything the Society of Women Engineers has to offer, you will find that there is a main application for scholarships at the organizational level, but some of the local specialist departments also have scholarship programs that you may be questioning for too.

“Talk to your school counselors and counselors, as well as the career center at your college or university, as they are likely to know about the options available,” Morford said.

“Funding is often the biggest obstacle to education, especially for international and DACA students, “Ramani explained.

“If you are interested in a STEM degree, our best advice is to do your research and evaluate the funding opportunities available to you,” said Ramani. “For example, the Society of Women Engineers has a lot of support resources on their website and your university may have resources to share. Funding is usually available; it’s just about accessing and evaluating what’s right for you, when It depends on loan repayment conditions, scholarship requirements, expectations of a dual study program, etc.

MPOWER is trying to remove barriers for students, explained Ramani. “We evaluate a student’s ability to repay their loan based on a unique set of considerations on the credit side. This leads to better results and less postponement or default. On the scholarship side, we evaluate each student’s application based on their accomplishments, goals, and needs . “

Grace Ulmer, an electrical engineering and linguistics student at Purdue University and recipient of The Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship – North America during her junior year, suggests “regularly looking for scholarships to apply and when you find one If you care, put “its date on the calendar!”

Although Ulmer did not find the application process quite as rigorous, she had to answer questions about her grades and courses as well as short essay questions about why she chose her subject and why it is important for women to have these opportunities.

Grace Ulmer, an electrical engineering and linguistics student at Purdue University.

Source: Ryan Villarreal

Ulmer decided to write three short essays about projects she was passionate about and how she could overcome obstacles to complete them. She wrote about her passion for student organizations in which she is involved, including “TEDxPurdueU, which hosts an annual TED conference each year, and PurdueVotes, which focuses on voter engagement and education in our community”.

She would also recommend looking for scholarships that play what you’re good at. For example, there are some scholarships that will accept presentations or videos on any topic that interests you.

“These are great opportunities to show who you are and to give the selection committee the best possible view of you,” said Ulmer.

In addition to doing your own online research and liaising with your school’s career centers and financial aid offices, there are many organizations that can help you successfully launch a career in the STEM field. They offer everything from help with finding scholarships to career development, networking, mentoring, and breaking the barriers for women in STEM. They include:

So don’t let the cost of a STEM education or anything else put you off. Think about what you’d like to do, apply for scholarships, and start networking. There are many people and organizations ready to put you on your way to a successful career in science, technology, engineering, or math.

CNBCs “College votes″ Is a series written by CNBC interns from universities across the country to help them get their college education, manage their own money and start their careers during these extraordinary times. Allison Martin is a two year intern on CNBC’s product and technology team. She is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University and is pursuing a dual degree in computer science with a focus on data science and psychology with two minor subjects in actuarial mathematics and mathematics. The series is published by Cindy Perman.

Sims Four Careers for Straightforward Cash

With so many ways to make money in The Sims 4, these five jobs in The Sims 4 are the easiest way for your Sims to get rich quick.

Make money in The Sims 4 without cheating is not too difficult as many Sims jobs make a significant amount of money early on. Even the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration is only asking Sims to get 50,000 Simoleans, which can be done pretty quickly with the right career path. Gamers who want their Sims to be millionaires need to check out some of The Sims 4’s more profitable career paths.

There are many different careers in The Sims 4 right now, but not all of them offer the same income as others. Not all careers in The Sims 4 are designed to be made money, however, as many career paths unlock new outfits, purchase mode items, and room templates. For those looking for the most profitable career paths in The Sims 4, they should check out these five career paths the next time you play through.

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The Science Career in The Sims 4 was added along with the Get to Work expansion and served as one of three different jobs players could follow their Sims to. Inspired by the inventor’s career in The Sims 3: Ambitions, the scientist’s career gives players access to a unique set of items to create while working. The Sims 4 science career, while not as financially profitable as other jobs, does have a fairly unique set of unlocks.

The science career entails that players must complete tasks at their Sims workplace in order to receive promotions. This means that players will have to spend time without other Sims in their household and put in a little more effort to advance in their careers. A career as a scientist may not be a quick win, but it does have some of The Sims 4’s more intriguing unlocks.

Tech guru

A Sim in The Sims 4 with a laptop

The tech guru career available in The Sims 4 base game has some pretty hefty financial benefits. The Startup Entrepreneurship Path will bring Sims a daily income of approximately 512 Simoleons once they reach the top position in their careers. It’s also one of the easier careers, as Sims only need to work on their programming and charisma skills outside of work hours. Programming is as simple as selecting an option on the computer while charisma naturally builds up as you play.

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That being said, the looking for something more interesting would best look elsewhere. The tech guru career doesn’t have any really interesting unlocks, which is the biggest benefit of the massive income. This makes it a great background career for Sims better suited to exploring other aspects of The Sims 4.


The law career is similar to the tech guru career in the sense that Sims are rewarded with massive income in return for being quite boring. Both the private lawyers and the judging branches of this career pay pretty well, averaging around 430 simoleons per hour. Both paths unlock items, although they are mostly decorative items with an emotional aura to improve a Sim’s mood.

Since this career was introduced in The Sims 4: Discover University, there are some university-exclusive interactions that unlock this career, such as guest lectures. Aside from these unique interactions, there isn’t all that special about a legal career. Sims pursuing one of the branches of the legal career can expect some good hours and a big paycheck.

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Social media

Added in the City Living expansion, the social media career is pretty similar to the base game writer’s career. It pays off a surprisingly large amount of money and comes with a pretty fun skill too. The social media career pays around 540 simoleons per hour once players hit level 10 on the internet personality path, although the hours Sims actually work is pretty low compared to other careers.

One of the greatest advantages of a social media career is that Sims can build media production skills, which means they can produce videos for the internet for a little extra income. Being one of the more active careers in the game makes it pretty enjoyable, although players should expect to spend a lot of time improving their Sim’s performance in the career.

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A Sim writes in The Sims 4

The writing career in The Sims 4 is possibly the most overwhelming career path a gamer can choose for their Sim. The author’s path for the authoring career is not only one of the highest-paying jobs in the game with a maximum of 465 simoleons per hour, but also fits in wonderfully with the game’s book-writing mechanics. Sims need to write books to improve their job performance, which results in Sims making even more royalties from these published books.

Royalties reward Sims with a certain amount of money every week, depending on the quality of the book, with a bestseller leading to base fees of 200-800 Simoleans. While royalties alone pay less than most jobs, they’re a huge bonus for an incredibly lucrative writing career. As if that weren’t enough, exhausting your writing career as part of the bestselling writing ambition is one of the prerequisites to unlock the Book of Life, which players can use to revive fallen Sims.

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(339 published articles)

Jacob Creswell has been a writer for CBR since September 2020 and is a lifelong writer and gamer. Has written for both local and global publications. Lovers of Animal Crossing, Undertale, Team Fortress 2 and some professional wrestling by the way. There is often much more research to be found than is required to support your video game theories. Can also be found on his Twitter @ Creeology98

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Leisure Trade Basis Launches EIF Careers Program To Diversify Movie & TV Manufacturing Pipeline – Deadline

The Foundation for the entertainment industry launched the EIF career program, an initiative aimed at creating a more diverse talent pipeline for careers in film and television by increasing the number of under-represented candidates in entry-level positions in production. The EIF also plans to add entry-level corporate and administrative roles to the program.

In a relationship with Crew lifeThe program, the digital recruitment platform for entertainment professionals, is funded by the James Irvine Foundation and the Best Buy Foundation and resides on Crewvie’s existing database. It is open to candidates who do not yet have production credits, and studios and networks do not have to charge fees to access candidates’ profiles. The program’s steering committee includes executives from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney General Entertainment, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

AFM & SAG-AFTRA intellectual property rights fund distributing a record $ 70 million in royalties

You can see the program’s website Here.

“We are in a unique position to help newcomers build a solid foundation for a long career in the entertainment industry, and we are excited to offer a solution that supports the growing diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry,” said Nicole Sexton, President and CEO of EFI.

The program brings together candidates from underrepresented communities who may not have access to the resources and professional networks to get into the entertainment field and is designed to lay the foundation for their sustainable careers in Hollywood. Candidates are alumni of pathway programs such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Gold Rising, Television Academy Foundation, Hollywood CPR, ManifestWorks, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Evolve Entertainment Fund.

Of the hundreds of these alumni who are already on the platform, more than 80% identify themselves as people of color and more than half as women. The program is currently piloted in the Los Angeles area, but seeks to build partnerships and impacts over the coming years “to bring lasting and meaningful change across the entertainment industry.” The program also offers candidates all-round services, such as: B. Transportation grants and emergency cash grants or grants.

“Our goal is to bring more people into our industry and to help productions build teams that better reflect the communities in which they operate,” said Jeanette Volturno, co-founder of “We are very excited to be working with the EIF careers program to leverage our technology and network and open these doors.”

Founded in 1942, the Entertainment Industry Foundation is a nonprofit that develops nonprofit campaigns while promoting support for public and private organizations and philanthropists who advocate social responsibility. On Tuesday, the EIF received a Peabody Award nomination in the Public Service category for its production of Graduate Together, a tribute to the 2020 high school class, featuring LeBron James, President Barack Obama, Zendaya, Alicia Keys, HER, and many others “.