Arizona Cardinals come to grips with upset loss to Detroit Lions ‘Love Really’-style

6:57 p.m. ET

  • Kelly CohenESPN

On the holidays: you have to be honest.

Well, if you stick to the standards of the 2003 Christmas movie “Love Actually”. In one of the scenes towards the end of the film, Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and his wife Juliet (Keira Knightley) are watching TV when someone knocks on the door.

2 relatives

Juliet responds to find Mark (Andrew Lincoln), Peter’s best friend. Mark has a boombox and giant note cards in his hand. On these greeting cards, Mark Juliet says that “The truth is told at Christmas” and that the truth is “For me you are perfect”.

So in the spirit of Christmas, the 10-4 Arizona Cardinals decided to tell their own harsh truth: they actually lost to that Detroit Lions last Sunday. Despite finishing under 13 points, according to Caesars Sportsbook, the previously 11-11-1 Lions beat the Cardinals in Detroit 30-12.

Obviously, the Cardinals wanted to quickly forget about the angry loss as they didn’t tweet the bottom line from their official Twitter account.

Now, just days before Christmas, Arizona is ready to be honest about Love Reality-style game.

A message for all of our new Twitter followers as a tribute to a classic Christmas movie scene.

– Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) December 23, 2021

In an ode to romantic comedy, the Cardinals mascot Big Red admits the defeat of the past week with large cue cards.

For Arizona at least, love is actually omnipresent.

Kyler Murray has Arizona Cardinals O-line taking part in golf in fashion with {custom} golf equipment, luggage

While the Arizona Cardinals are hoping to have the shortest off-season of any NFL team with the Super Bowl, the team still has plenty of time to work on their golf game before training camp.

And Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray ensures his offensive line hits the links in style.

For Christmas, Murray bought each member of the Cardinals O-Line custom made white leather golf bags and a set of custom-fit clubs from True Spec Golf. The pockets are each printed with the names and numbers of the players in Cardinals red on the front. Videos posted on social media posts show the players swinging and putt in a simulator as they conform.

It seems that some of the players may need to work on their game. And although the Cardnials are currently at the top of NFC West and, according to the FPI, have a 99% chance of reaching the playoffs if they continue playing as they did last week against the Detriot Lions with two wins and one 30:12 loss, the O-line will bring their new devices to market sooner rather than later.

Rockies 3, Cardinals 2: Stroll it off in type

The Colorado Rockies are one of the best home teams in baseball. Chicago White Sox for the best home record. Today the glowing Rockies kicked the Redbirds on the curb and the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 in a two-out walk-off win thanks to excellent pitching and a catcher who finally found his mojo.

Germán continues to work on his magic

Germán Márquez, building on his excellent June, got off to an excellent start for his first July. With another quality start under his belt, Germán put on six full innings while giving up just two runs on five hits. The two runs came on a Harrison Bader two-run home run in the second inning. He struggled a little with control of his breaking pitches at the beginning, but he put them off for his last couple of innings of work.

Marquez hit a season high of 11 rackets and only went one as his ERA for the season drops to 3.59.

During the game, it was announced that Marquez would be the sole representative of the Rockies in the 2021 All-Star Game – the first Rockies mug in the Midsummer Classic since Ubaldo Jiménez in 2010.

The bullpen didn’t blow it

Despite expectations to the contrary, the Rockies Bullpen did it when it came down to it this afternoon.

Local left-hander Lucas GIlbreath completed a goalless seventh inning with a strikeout to start the day for the bullpen. Yency Almonte, who struggled mightily in 2021, also hit a solid inning of relief. Almonte hasn’t had an ERA under 10 since the end of April, but they pitched a goalless eighth inning and allowed only one hit.

Fireball rookie Justin Lawrence crowned things with his first big league win. He struggled with command, gave up a base hit and a walk, but ended the inning with a double play.

Díaz does it again

Elias Díaz was absolutely on fire to end June and start July. After his incredible home run to kick off the series on July 1, Díaz thought he’d quit it all over again to end the series.

In a game in which the Rockies fought offensively, the game went into the lower end of the ninth inning with a 2-2 draw. With two outs, Joshua Fuentes tied a single in the middle and advanced on a wild pitch to second base. Elias Díaz – who was 0-to-1 with a strikeout – worked the count fully out of Cardinals closer to Alex Reyes. Reyes tossed a well-placed fastball into the deep outside corner, and a reaching Díaz tossed it deep enough into left field for Fuentes to turn on the jets and hit.

The Rockies have nine league wins at the top and have gone away more times than they won on the road.

In connection

The Rockies only have two series left before the All-Star Break puts the season at halftime. They have Monday off before flying to Arizona to face the procrastination Diamond back in the desert. Big Jon Gray has the hill for the Rockies while the D-Backs haven’t announced their starter yet. The first pitch will take place at 7:10 p.m. MDT.

Cardinals Shildt relishes NL-style technique, ‘fixed dialog’ in dugout and searching for psychological edges for ‘bodily chess’ | Sports activities

Strategy meeting

When the inevitable is imminent, the DH subtracts some NL-style game art, especially when it comes to removing a pitcher. The manager no longer has the prize hitter’s escape hatch. It’s all about the mug, everything about the phone call Shildt thought was the most difficult.

“There are many great opportunities for strategy in NL play that not only dictate this game, but how you progress through this game can affect the next few games,” Shildt said. “I love this strategy, the way it looks. I’m not overly optimistic that we may ever return to the National League game. But I want to give the Heisman (stiff arm) as long as possible. “

Pitching decisions, pitching options, and preferred pitching matchups are an integral part of Shildt’s pregame meetings with his trainer.

Last year the staff came to the stadium five hours before the first pitch, four or five hours later than usual. On the first day of a series, the coaches go through their areas of responsibility and describe the development of trends and the characteristics of the opponent. Bullpen coach Bryan Eversgerd, for example, calls up the left-handers and provides some reports on how their things play specifically against the opposing players.

Shortly before the game, Shildt, Marmol and pitching coach Mike Maddux meet to plan the game. They will discuss how to see a possible matchup for right-handed Ryan Helsley in the fourth inning or seventh, for example, and how to deal with the same matchup when they are sixth or eighth deficit. The goal is to script possible outcomes for the game, let helpers know when to use them, and prepare staff for the decisions they are likely to make.