The Drop Western-Fashion Suede Boot From Amazon Is Calling Your Identify

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When buying a new pair of boots there are many factors to consider. That being said, we still tend to go for slick or pebbled leather picks most of the time. It’s an excellent strategy, but in doing so we can overlook other styles that are just as beautiful and versatile. For example, another type of leather that does not always receive the same attention is suede. It’s simple but nifty!

One of the main reasons people can go without suede is because it’s not as water-repellent as leather – but when there is an option as nice as it is this western style pair from The Drop, we’re all on deck! They are super stylish, but retain a classic look that will stay on trend for years to come.

The Drop Sia western ankle boot with a pointed toe AmazonDo you see it!

Will The Drop Sia western ankle boot with a pointed toe for prices from $ 67 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the time of publication January 3, 2022, but are subject to change.

These boots might not be ideal for particularly wet weather, but when it’s not raining or snowing outside, they make an excellent shoe for planning an outfit. What fascinated us most about them is her typical western flair. That retro aesthetic has been all the rage lately, with plenty of high fashion catwalks showing off similarly sleek styles. This particular pair is made from a super soft microsuede material that felt absolutely amazing from the moment the shoes arrived. The advantage of suede over leather is that it usually takes less time to break in, which we found with these boots!

The Drop Sia western ankle boot with a pointed toe AmazonDo you see it!

Will The Drop Sia western ankle boot with a pointed toe for prices from $ 67 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the time of publication January 3, 2022, but are subject to change.

With the help of the zipper that is enclosed on the inside of the ankle, the shoes are incredibly easy to slip on to your feet. There is also a hidden elastic panel on the other side the boat this gives your leg more mobility when walking. This must-have shoe officially breaks our standard leather boot vibe and opens up our # OOTD opportunities for 2022!

See it: Get it The Drop Sia western ankle boot with a pointed toe for prices from $ 67 at Amazon! Please note that prices are correct as of the time of publication January 3, 2022, but are subject to change.

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Donald Trump Getting ‘Obscene’ Quantity of Cash for Calling Holyfield Battle

Donald Trump does way more than just name a fight this weekend … he’s bragging about making an outrageous amount of money on the gig, and his deal has an insane advantage.

Several direct-to-know sources tell TMZ that Trump says he makes an “obscene” amount of money by posting “live, alternative comments” on the news Evander Holyfield/Vitor Belfort Struggle. Was said Thriller, the media company behind the event is paying a fortune … millions and millions for its blow-by-blow analysis, although our sources wouldn’t be more specific.

And there is more. Trump says Triller is providing him with a G-5 jet to take him back and forth. What is unclear … Trump lives in West Palm Beach, a stones throw from Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, where the event is taking place. So this is a car ride, not a plane trip. It is possible that Trump could head to New York City earlier in the day to commemorate 9/11.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram media.

We don’t know what Triller pays Don Jr.who will join his Father with comment.

We were told the deal was sealed on Labor Day weekend … a deal Trump just couldn’t refuse.

Our sources say that not everyone involved with the event is delighted, and some are downright angry.

We contacted Triller … not a word back so far.

Let’s all please cease calling {dollars} ‘fiat cash’

Sometimes it is possible to oversimplify something. More than a decade ago, Ben Bernanke, then chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes, the television show important Americans call when they have important things to say.

Bernanke explained how the Fed reacted to the financial crisis. When he got to the asset purchase programs, the host asked if the Fed would spend taxpayers’ money.

“It’s not tax money,” Bernanke said. “The banks have accounts with the Fed, much like you have an account with a commercial bank. To make loans to a bank, we just use the computer to mark the size of the account they have with the Fed. ”The host asked him if the Fed had printed any money. “Well,” said Bernanke, “effectively.”

He wasn’t wrong, of course. He is Ben Bernanke. You may disagree with his political choices, but he certainly knows how money is made.

However, this quote from 60 Minutes often appears more than a decade later. By simplifying what the Fed is doing, Bernanke confirmed for many people the deeply mistaken notion that the Fed can just conjure dollars out of nothing and then say via Fiat, “There. That is money. ”

There is a problem with the word “Fiat”. We use it to describe our current monetary system. Then we teach the students that the word for decree or edict comes from Italian. We tell them that fiat money is a social convention. It has value because the government says it is and everyone agrees. Cameron Winklevoss, Co-Founder of Gemini Crypto Exchange, says that “all money is a meme”. He was taught that at Harvard while he was doing the other thing he is famous to the.

Unfortunately, that’s not how money works at all. The first description I could find of money as “fiat” came from John Stuart Mill, the English philosopher, in Principles of Political Economy. Mill proposed a hypothesis: suppose a government began paying salaries in paper money that could not be converted into silver or gold when needed. The value of this money, he wrote, would “depend on the authority of the authority”.

Good yes. If the US Treasury Department printed up Mardi Gras tickets, spent them on the economy, and called them dollars, the value of those dollars would depend on the law of Congress. But that’s not what the Treasury Department does, and that’s not what a dollar is.

If you live in the United States, the dollars that you use the most in your daily life are bank dollars. Your bank creates them when they lend you money and then deposit them into your account.

Bank dollars have no value just because your bank says so. Your bank has regulators who rummage through their books to make sure these loans are solid assets with decent returns. And your bank pays premiums to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect your deposits in case it fails. If bank dollars is just a social convention – a meme – then your mortgage is just a meme too.

Take the Fed now. It’s just a special bank. As Bernanke said, commercial banks have deposit accounts with the Fed. When the Fed lends them money, it adds dollars to their accounts, which we call reserves. And just like when the commercial banks lend you money, those reserves are a liability on the Fed. But there’s one crucial part of the process that didn’t get it done in 60 minutes: when the Fed tags those accounts, it is buying assets too. It swaps one for one: reserves for assets.

When we say the Fed is printing money, we are implying that there was nothing and now there is something. Ta there! But that doesn’t happen at all either. The Fed has to buy something. Usually it’s a treasury bill, but in an emergency it can be a more questionable asset. Then the Fed writes back the reserves. To believe that these reserves are just a meme, you have to believe that the assets are just a meme. But they are not. Don’t take my word for it. The Fed’s assets bring a return every year, in lean years and in rich years, without exception.

OK. Now we come to the Treasury. She also has an account with the Fed, but she can’t just pull dollars out of her account. The Treasury Department can deposit dollars into its account by collecting taxes or selling Treasury bills. There is no Fiat, no decree. There is no money printer anywhere. There are all transactions on a balance sheet, assets for liabilities.

Well, you might think that all of these mortgages and credit card loans are meaningless assets. You may believe that the US government will not be able to collect enough taxes to transfer these treasury bills. If you are right then yes, the dollar has no value. But we’re still not talking about trusting anyone. We are talking about credit analysis. So please: let’s stop calling it fiat money. Let’s call it what it is: loan money.

San Diego leaders calling for thorough evaluation of shifting cash, duties away from Police Division

As San Diego continues to oppose calls for massive police funding cuts, some city guides have begun pushing for a full analysis to see what functions of the police department could be revised or taken over by other agencies.

City councilors who advocate such an approach say it will likely result in much slower and more incremental change than what groups chanted slogans like “Defund the Police” after George Floyd passed away last year.

These council members claim that thoughtful analysis and targeted changes make more sense for San Diego than potentially tricky reforms.

“It can’t be healthy bites, it can’t be reducing and increasing it,” Councilor Joe LaCava said during a public hearing on Friday about police spending. “It has to be a more thoughtful approach.”

However, proponents of reform also say some modest changes could come this spring as part of the budget deliberations Mayor Todd Gloria recently proposed for the new fiscal year, which begins July 1.

“I really hope we can do a little more next month, dig a little deeper and have some really tough conversations about the right size police,” said Councilman Sean Elo-Rivera.

Gloria proposed an increase in annual police funding by $ 24 million from $ 568 million to $ 592 million.

In budget notes last winter, a majority of council members urged the mayor to consider such changes, especially if policing could be shifted to social services or groups focusing on homelessness.

“This priority is largely not taken into account in the proposed budget,” says the independent budget analyst. “Funding was not specifically reallocated, nor were the services the department provided to service providers outside of law enforcement.”

LaCava, Elo-Rivera, and councilor Monica Montgomery Steppe say city guides should take advice from Jack Schaeffer, president of the city’s police union, and investigate the matter thoroughly.

“If you want to re-imagine the department, it should contain a real and comprehensive plan,” Schaeffer told the council on Friday. “Otherwise, reimagining is a buzzword you use to defuse the department for a political purpose.”

Schaeffer warned that deep police cuts in other cities over the past year have led to an increase in crime. He also said reforms could cost more instead of less, suggesting additional money will be needed for training and community police.

“A real redesign requires investment in the department rather than cuts,” he said.

However, Schaeffer said the union generally supports the idea that the police should no longer be the first responder in many situations involving the homeless.

Elo-Rivera said this could be an opportunity by identifying a new outreach program, led by nonprofit people helping the homeless, as a potential model for the shift of homeless responsibilities from police to social services.

However, Elo-Rivera acknowledged that significant changes require thorough analysis.

“This will take a very, very long time,” said Elo-Rivera, warning reform advocates not to expect too much in this fiscal cycle.

Montgomery Steppe, the leading voice on the Police Reform Council as chairman of the Public Safety Committee, agreed that after careful analysis, the city should now make some small changes and major changes.

“There is definitely an ongoing need for our (police) department, but there is also a need for other types of investments in our communities,” she said, suggesting that neighborhood libraries, parks and other facilities reduce crime can. “We have to have the right conversation.”

Montgomery Steppe said the city’s police budget, which has increased by $ 214 million since 2011, is unsustainable in the long term and will eventually need to be cut by moving some functions to another location.

“I think we can do better,” she said.

The council’s comments came after dozens of speakers complained about racial differences in policing and recent spikes in violent crime. Many also advocated reducing police funding, but some said funding should stay the same or increase.

“It is the city council’s duty to make public safety a priority,” said resident Tammy Martin. “Our police are already underfunded, but they are doing their duty to protect us.”

Beverly McAlla agreed.

“Defusing the police is not the answer,” she said. “Adequate funding for the police to enforce quality of life crimes and fund mental health services programs and individuals should be budgeted for.”

But a large majority of speakers were in favor of cuts.

“The increase in the budget for the police leads to a militarization of the armed forces, which perpetuates further violence,” said Veronica Philipsborn.

“Research shows that reducing police engagement with citizens actually makes our communities safer,” said Lt. Col. David Gapp, retired. “Spend this money on volunteer teams, especially emergency mental health teams that are needed to care for the mentally ill in San Diego.”

Somebody in Toronto is making Sincere Ed-style buttons calling out anti-vaxxers

A Toronto artist tries to tackle COVID-19 misinformation with a new collection of buttons telling people to ignore the conspiracy theories on Youtube and get vaccinated out of the love of God.

Chris Aslanadis from the Button Machine, same artist behind it the Turunno shirt, just published a Trio of buttons called Honest Buttons, made in the style of Honest Ed’s iconic characters.

“I have been vaccinated, you are welcome!” says an honest button. “They call it social control, I call it social responsibility,” says another.

A third meets conspirators directly online with “YouTube deals”. Aslanadis makes the buttons with an old fashioned manual machine. The buttons are $ 2 each Honest Buttons Page.

Aslanadis, who has been making Toronto-themed merch on the Button Machine for 10 years, says the idea for his new buttons came from “a frustration with smug COVID denialists”.

He says he’s fortunate not to have had a lot of personal experience on his own network, but Aslanadis is aware that there are people in Toronto who are spreading misinformation across the city, including “that annoying” dude bro “with the veneers that are always with the lockdown protests. “

That type of brother had his Instagram account was deleted earlier this week after the spread of harmful vaccine misinformation on the platform.

“They will tell you that you have been brainwashed, call you sheep while using bad logic and quoting bad information about why COVID is not real or not a real threat,” Aslanadis says.

“And that’s annoying because most of us are having a hard time with this pandemic. We don’t wear masks or hug our friends and family. We take our precautions because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a social responsibility!”

In his Instagram post, Aslanadis encourages anti-Vaxxing theorists to turn their attention to more important conspiracies like the construction of the LRT.

“Honestly, if people think this is some kind of large-scale government plot they should look at the Eglinton LRT construction.”