UK medical doctors name for return of Covid restrictions; new mutation watched

Fireman Dan Joslin, wearing a face shield, helps leave a Covid-19 patient vulnerable while working with critical care workers in the intensive care unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, southern England.

ADRIAN DENNIS | AFP | Getty Images

LONDON – British medical professionals have urged the UK government to reintroduce some Covid restrictions due to the increased infection rate and hospital admissions in the country.

Health officials warned late Tuesday that the UK is at risk of “falling into a winter crisis” if the government does theirs “Plan B,” a promise it made last month in which it said it would reintroduce Covid measures if data suggests the National Health Service “is likely to come under unsustainable pressure”.

Officials from the NHS Confederation, representing organizations across the UK health sector, called on the government to “Immediately introduce measures such as mandatory face-covering in crowded and enclosed spaces to preserve people’s health and prevent the NHS from overwhelming this winter.” . “

They warned the National Health Service “is seeing worrying increases in coronavirus cases in its hospitals and community at a time when it is preparing for a busy winter time, its employees are on the verge of burnout, and many of him are about to recover.” Services disrupted by the pandemic. “

The UK is currently seeing between 40,000 and 50,000 new Covid cases every day, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths is steadily increasing, albeit at a much slower pace than earlier in the pandemic thanks to Covid vaccines, which greatly reduce the risk of serious infection. Hospitalization and death.

On Tuesday, the UK reported 43,738 new Covid cases, down from Monday when 49,156 new cases were recorded, the highest daily number in three months.

Situation “only gets worse”

Covid restrictions in England were lifted on July 19 when pubs, restaurants and nightclubs reopened. Even outside of public transport, wearing masks has largely become a personal decision.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government previously insisted that Covid restrictions and possible lockdowns would only return as a last resort and that the country “needs to learn to live with the virus”.

On Wednesday, UK Economy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng reiterated this position, saying, “I absolutely think it would be completely wrong for us to go into lockdown again,” he told Times Radio.

He noted that hospital admissions and death rates were much lower than in previous pandemic climaxes, adding that “we are learning, I believe, to live with the virus”.

The NHS Confederation said Tuesday on the additional measures the UK might now adopt, “clear notifications to the public that the risk has increased, the introduction of certificates for people’s Covid vaccine status and the legal obligation to do so in certain environments To wear face covering. in addition to considering asking people to work from home when they can. “

Many of these measures, particularly with regard to the wearing of masks and Covid certification, “are already common in parts of Europe where the prevalence of the disease is lower,” the NHS association noted.

In his speech on Wednesday morning, Confederation chairman Matthew Taylor warned that the NHS, a popular institution in the UK and even more so during the pandemic, was “on the verge” of increasing the number of Covid patients being watched in hospitals.

“I speak to health officials every day, and I have literally not spoken to a leader who does not say that their ministry is now under a lot of pressure. This is the middle of October. Things are only getting worse, ”he told BBC radio.

“Health care is on the fringes … if you go much further, we won’t be able to provide the service that people need to be.”

New mutation

A new mutation of the Delta variant, which British experts are closely monitoring, may make things more difficult.

Last Friday, the UK Health Security Agency released a report stating that “a delta subline newly designated AY.4.2 is expanding in England” and that it is monitoring the subtype.

The highly contagious Delta variant is the world’s dominant version of the coronavirus, having usurped the previous “alpha” variant of the virus, which was first discovered in the UK

This new descendant of the Delta Covid variant, AY.4.2, has been identified in a growing number of UK Covid cases, with some suggesting that this could be another possible factor in rising case numbers, although it is too early to be to say for sure.

“This subline is currently increasing in frequency. It includes the spike mutations A222V and Y145H. In the week beginning September 27, 2021 (the last week with full sequencing data), this subline accounted for approximately 6% of all generated sequences on an increasing trajectory That estimate may be inaccurate … Another assessment is ongoing, “noted the UK Health Authority.

Official spokesman for the Prime Minister told Sky News on Tuesday the “[AY.4.2] we are watching very closely “and there is currently no evidence that this variant is more easily spread. I do not hesitate to take action if necessary,” he said.

Former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb also tweeted about the subtype over the weekend.

“The UK reported its largest one-day increase in Covid cases in 3 months, just as the new Delta variant AY.4 with the S: Y145H mutation in the spike reached 8% of the sequenced cases in the UK,” said Gottlieb. “We need urgent research to find out if this delta plus is more transmissible, has partial immune evasion?”

Imperial College London professor of immunology Danny Altmann told CNBC on Monday that the subtype “needs to be monitored and carefully controlled as much as possible.”

“Since Delta has been the dominant mutant in several regions for about six months and has not been displaced by other variants, there was hope that Delta might be represented [the] Maximum performance of the mutation that the virus can achieve. AY.4 could cast doubt on this claim, “he warned.

Why is the UK in this mess?

Experts say there are a myriad of reasons behind the UK’s high Covid numbers – from half-hearted mask adoption (even when masks are required, like on public transport, the rule is rarely enforced) to large indoor gatherings that spread the virus.

The UK’s reluctance to vaccinate younger adolescents, which other countries in Europe and the US did much earlier, and the return to schools in September were also cited as reasons for the surge in cases. Although the infection boom among 0-18 year olds is now ebbing as infections increase in their parents’ generation, the data shows.

Ironically, the early introduction of vaccination in the UK – which began in December 2020 and was one of the first in the world – is also now seen as a contributor to its high case rate, as we know – due to a increasing amount of data – that immunity in vaccinated people decreases after about six months. To date, 78.9% of the UK population over 12 is fully vaccinated, show official data.

CDC director defends controversial name on Pfizer’s Covid boosters

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, insisted Friday that she did not override a vaccine advisory committee by getting approval from the CDC for Pfizers Covid boosters are supposed to accept a proposal that has been rejected by the committee.

In an unusual move, Walensky broke out of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which on Thursday voted 9 to 6 against approving vaccines for those in high-risk environments.

Walensky adopted the other recommendations of the panel Distribute third syringes to adults with pre-existing conditions and to anyone aged 65 and over. She said the final vote to release additional doses for teachers, health workers and other key employees was a “scientific scarcity”.

“I want to be very clear that I have not overridden an advisory committee,” said Walensky at a Covid briefing in the White House on Friday. “I have listened to all of the FDA advisory committee proceedings and listened carefully to this extraordinary group of scientists who spent hours publicly and very transparently on some of these very difficult questions and where the science stood.”

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, selected as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, speaks during an event at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

Susan Walsh | AP

Walensky’s directive is closely based on that of the Food and Drug Administration Verdict on boosters Wednesday. This agency similarly defied the advice of its scientific advisory board by authorizing the recordings for a wider audience than it was advocating Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biological Products.

“This was a scientific scarcity,” said Walensky, noting the lengthy two-day meeting and robust debate. “It was my call. If I had been in the room I would have voted yes.”

She tried to build public confidence by encouraging people to go back and listen to the committee’s deliberations. “We made it public, we made it transparent, and we did it with some of the best scientists in the country,” she added.

Dr. Paul Offit, an infectious disease doctor at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and a voting member of the FDA’s advisory committee, turned down boosters for young people fearing they could cause myocarditis. Offit called Walensky’s expansion of the ACIP recommendation “a first,” adding that he felt Pfizer should have conducted more extensive booster studies before submitting its results to the FDA and CDC.

“As a healthy person under 30, I would wait and see how that goes,” Offit told CNBC. “Wait for a few million cans to get out of there.”

But with the US recording a seven-day average of 2,011 deaths per day on Thursday, 6% more than a week ago, according to a CNBC analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, other doctors support Walensky’s decision.

Adjusting the panel’s guidelines was Walensky’s responsibility, even if it broke the precedent, said Dr. Arturo Casadevall, Chair of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

“These committees are advisory,” said Casadevall. “Ultimately, this is a matter of policy, and politics requires judgment.”

President Joe Biden said at a briefing Friday that the CDC’s recommendation had widened the boosters to roughly 60 million Americans, including educators, health workers and supermarket employees. The broader booster criteria better protect frontline workers and account for the vaccine delivery inequalities that affect people of color, Walensky said.

“I am also aware of the disproportionate impact of this pandemic on racial and ethnic minority communities,” Walensky said. “Many of our frontline workers, key workers, and those in meeting places come from communities that are already hardest hit.”

She said denying these groups access to boosters will only exacerbate inequalities in the pandemic, which have caused black and Hispanic Covid patients to die more often than whites.

More than 55% of the US is fully vaccinated, and more than 2.4 million Americans have received boosters since the agency approved them for people with compromised immune systems on Aug. 13, according to the CDC.

Walensky said the agency will work to evaluate the booster data from Quickly Modern and Johnson & Johnson In the coming weeks.

“We intend to have numerous advisory boards at the CDC to review many pending decisions, including Moderna, J&J, and pediatric vaccinations,” said Walensky.

Protestors name for ‘Arizona-style’ election audit

MADISON (WKOW) – With Arizona still in the midst of a privately held forensic review of the 2020 presidential election, some Wisconsinites are calling for similar proceedings.

Check out all of our political coverage here.

About 100 people gathered at the State Capitol Friday morning to campaign for a Wisconsin 2020 presidential election process review. First and foremost, they are calling on Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Legislature to force election officials from the Milwaukee and Brown counties to hand over voting machines for inspection.

State representative Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) has gone so far as to call for an audit similar to that of Arizona.

“We bought this material. We want to make sure these machines weren’t hacked during the election. said Brandtjen at the protest.

To date, despite numerous claims to the contrary, there has been no substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. At a panel of the Senate Electoral Committee earlier this week, State Senator Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls) agreed with the panel’s experts, who presented evidence to debunk allegations of fraud.

“I’m sorry, but there is no reason to spread misinformation about these past elections when we all have evidence to the contrary,” said Bernier at the hearing.

Ed Sheeran receives authorities name throughout podcast | Leisure

Ed Sheeran received a call from the government while on a podcast.

The ‘Bad Habits’ hitmaker was shooting with the ‘Harry Potter’ stars Oliver and James Phelps for their Normal not Normal podcast when he had to resign after an urgent call.

After receiving the call, he had continued filming for a brief moment and you could say, “Wait, wait, wait. Government, government.”

Ed was escorted on the call by his manager, Stuart Camp, who joked that it was “like calling from your teacher” when Ed finally returned. He announced that he had been called to see if he had been quarantined after recently returning to the UK from the US, where he was busy promoting his new single after a couple of years on hiatus.

James joked, “I was just having visions when you went into hiding with your boyfriend and called your mother to ask if you were alone.”

Ed had previously revealed his idea of ​​a “perfect evening” to be in bed by 8:30 pm.

The singer, who has 10-month-old Lyra with her wife, Cherry Seaborn, said, “The other day my wife was in LA and we had a Mexican takeaway and were in bed at 8:30 pm. It was like the perfect evening.

“My work is very structured now. I work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I go to work at 9 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. no matter what. Some producers work crazy hours and I tell them, ‘What if you don’t show up at 9 a.m.? or between 9 and 10 am I’m free ‘. Either we work or we don’t work. Then after six months I wanted to be present, I wanted to get structure. It was really healing. “

Valorant gamers name for Overwatch-style characteristic to fight toxicity

A tweet from Cloud9 streamer Joseph “Keeoh” Winkler calling for an Overwatch-style “honor” system to allow a greater separation between toxic and better educated players in Valorant matchmaking has garnered massive support from players.

Toxicity is an extremely difficult issue for any multiplayer game maker, and Valorant gets its fair share of complaints.

Since the game’s release, high-profile cases of gamers being abused via voice communication have sparked discussions about how to deal with toxicity. The likes of popular streamers Imane ‘Pokimane’ years and Chess star Andrea Botez both experienced the problem in the past.

Riot has assured the players plans to tackle toxic behavior are in the works, but how that will manifest is still unclear. But Keeoh’s suggestion has got gamers debating ways to tackle the problem at hand.

Riot gamesSometimes Viper in Valorant isn’t the only poisonous presence on your team.

June 12th, Keeoh tweeted a loose plan suggesting Valorant take a sheet of Overwatch’s book and add “endorsements or commendation ratings” to it.

In this system, players could be praised as “good teammates”, proactive “gunshots” or simply for good “sportiness”. The more of these ratings you have, the more likely it is that you will rank among people with high commendations – similar to CSGO’s “Trust Factor”.

“This does not solve toxicity, but it does solve it for the people who are positive, motivated and looking for good communicative teammates,” he added. “Toxic or negative teammates can play with other toxic or negative teammates.”

This doesn’t trigger toxicity, but it does for the people who are positive, motivated and want good communicative teammates.

Toxic / negative teammates can play with other toxic / negative teammates.

Let me know what you all think

– C9 Keeoh (@Keeoh) June 11, 2021

People like Team Liquid Streamer Jonas ‘Average Jonas’ Navarsete and former Overwatch pro Ludvig ‘Luddee’ Håkansson threw their support behind the system, the latter calling it a “good start” in solving the problem.

This method is directly analogous to Overwatch’s “endorsement” system, where players can receive boxes of loot if they are considered honorable by their teammates. Any Overwatch gamer could tell you that endorsements don’t exactly solve the toxicity problem, but as Kekeoh said, it might help a little.

And Riot isn’t averse to adding honor-based commendation systems. In League of Legends, players honored at the end of a game can pick up free loot to unlock skins, champions, and emotes, and their honor will be displayed on their profile.

For all we know, Riot has plans in the pipeline to deal with toxic players, although this will be in the form of an honor or endorsement system similar to Overwatch or something entirely different, remains to be seen.

Saints to Maintain Casting Name for Three 2021 Leisure Groups

As things return to normal in the NFL, there are increasing signs of progression and the expectation that this reality will come true. On Friday, the Saints will announce a casting call for their entertainment team in 2021.

This year brings some new twists as there will be audits for three different dynamic groups that will help build on the team’s awards for the best fan experience they have received in recent years. The first group includes the Saintsations, the Saints’ official dance team. The second group is a fan engagement team called Black & Gold Patrol. Finally, there is a new cheerleading team that will be made up of multi-talented entertainers to enhance the fan experience.

All three groups will work together and interact throughout the season. Specific talents the team is looking for include both dancers, running and standing tumblers, cheerleaders and stunters.

“Our fans are eager to get back into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and we want every facet of the gaming experience to be ready for them,” said Saints President Dennis Lauscha.

“We’re always thinking of new ways to deliver the best gaming experience in the NFL. The addition of cheerleaders and tumblers to our entertainment teams will bring even more energy and excitement to match day and reinforce our legendary Dome Field Advantage. “

The Saints had a mixed roster when the franchise began in 1967. At that time the games were played in the old Tulane Stadium. The squad existed all along, bypassing the Saintsations, but was disbanded in 1998. Almost 20 years later, 25-year-old Jessie Hernandez made history when he joined the Saintsations as a dancer in 2018.

The Saints’ goal is to improve the gaming experience for fans, and over the years New Orleans has explored a host of new ways to engage fans off the field.

Those interested can register until Thursday, July 17, 5 p.m. CT. You can find the application link Here after the official announcement. The audition will take place on Friday, July 18th from 5 p.m. in the Smoothie King Center

Name for an additional LR leisure district tabled for a month

Members of the Little Rock Board of Directors held back from creating another temporary entertainment district during a board meeting on Tuesday.

City Manager Dean Kumpuris supported the motion for a month to table a resolution creating an amusement district for al fresco dining near Third Street and the downtown River Market.

The motion was approved on a vote, with Vice Mayor Lance Hines presenting the second.

The Third Street Merchants Association had filed a motion in April to create the makeshift neighborhood, according to a memo from the city administrator’s office that was attached to the meeting papers.

According to the resolution text, the district should be approved retrospectively from May 20th to August 19th. The opening times would be daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

As listed, the boundaries would create an area roughly in the shape of a square around the intersection of East Second Street and River Market Avenues to the north and East Fourth Street in the west to Cumberland Street in the south.

The area includes dining options such as Dugan’s Pub, Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro and the Copper Grill.

The memo from the city administrator’s office said that an outdoor seating area would be used by several restaurants nearby.

During the meeting, City Director Joan Adcock raised concerns about creating an entertainment district in the River Market area. She suggested holding the item until crime and caravans receded.

She said the end of school always increases traffic and problems in the river market area.

“I know the police are doing a great job right now to keep everything under control, but I have a real problem creating another entertainment district,” said Adcock.

Regarding the 14 officials assigned to the River Market, Adcock said she would hate to “see how we take on and water down what we do at the River Market by expanding the entertainment area at this point in time” .

She said officials had received letters from residents in the area expressing concerns about caravanning, crime and noise.

City Manager Bruce Moore noticed the existing entertainment district just a block away on River Market Avenue.

He said he believed the town was first approached by the owner of Dugan’s in collaboration with Gabe Holmstrom of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership.

Kumpuris said he believed Adcock was right. “We’re a little hasty with everything that’s going on down there,” he said.

However, he suggested that “in a very paradoxical way” the creation of the entertainment district could reduce the problems in the area as people will be out on the street making it more difficult to “get around” which seemed to be an indication of the subject of caravanning.

However, in light of what happened over the weekend, Kumpuris motioned to pass the measure for a month “to see how things go”.

Although he did not say which events he was referring to, Little Rock police are investigating two murders that occurred Friday night as part of two separate shootings.

In the first instance, police responded to the 1000 block of College Street to investigate a shootout that killed a 44-year-old woman and struck a man with gunfire.

Hours later, police investigated a gunfight at 2400 Marshall Street in which a 28-year-old man was found dead. Two other men were injured in the same shooting, one of them life-threatening, the police said.

Little Rock officials recently approved the expansion of two temporary entertainment areas: one in the Hillcrest neighborhood and the other on a section of Main Street south of Interstate 630 known as SoMa. The final operating date for each district is June 3 and June 18.

Temporary entertainment districts allow guests to purchase alcoholic beverages from specific establishments and consume the drink from open containers in public while wearing special wristbands.

At the end of Tuesday’s brief meeting, metropolitan director Antwan Phillips said he did not support the decision to postpone the creation of the temporary entertainment district, describing it as a quality of life issue.

“I understand and respect the people who emailed me who live downtown, but as a city, and for my friends who live downtown, these things are part of life downtown,” said Phillips.

Leisure Leaders Name on Celebrities and Influencers to Cease Spreading Misinformation about Israeli-Palestinian Battle

DIE ENGEL, 17. Mai 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mehr als 130 Führungskräfte aus der Unterhaltungsbranche haben einen Vertrag unterzeichnet Gemeinsame Verlautbarung veröffentlicht von der gemeinnützigen Organisation der Unterhaltungsindustrie Kreative Gemeinschaft für den Frieden Fordern Sie andere Entertainer und Führungskräfte auf, ihre Plattformen zu nutzen, um irreführende und einseitige Berichte über den Konflikt in zu bekämpfen Israel und die palästinensischen Gebiete. In dem offenen Brief werden die Mitglieder der Unterhaltungsbranche aufgefordert, mit ihrer Stimme die Deeskalation der Gewalt und das Ende der spaltenden Rhetorik zu fordern und gleichzeitig den Schmerz und den Verlust anzuerkennen, der alle am Konflikt beteiligten Parteien betrifft.

Die gemeinsame Erklärung findet inmitten einer Welle von Gewalt statt Israel und die Palästinensischen Gebiete, einschließlich wahlloser Raketenangriffe auf Ballungsräume Israel ebenso gut wie Israels Vergeltungsmaßnahmen in Gaza.

Gene Simmons (Künstler / KISS), Sherry Lansing (Ehemaliger CEO von Paramount Pictures), Michael Bublé (Künstler), Haim Saban (Vorsitzender und CEO der Saban Capital Group), Meghan McCain (Co-Moderator, The View), Orly Agai Marley (Präsident, Tuff Gong Worldwide), David Draiman (Frontmann, gestört), Selma Blair (Darstellerin), Diane Warren (Songwriter, Produzent) und Ben Silverman (Vorsitzender und Co-Chief Executive Officer von Propagate Content) gehören zu den fast 130 Unterzeichnern der gemeinsamen Erklärung, die am Freitag veröffentlicht wurde.

“Wir sind zutiefst besorgt über die eskalierende Gewalt in Israel und die Palästinensischen Gebiete “, heißt es in der Erklärung.” Der Verlust von Leben und Gewalt ist herzzerreißend. Wir fordern die Führer aller Parteien auf, die Gewalt zu beenden, zur Ruhe zu drängen und auf eine Deeskalation hinzuarbeiten. “

Die Unterzeichner der Erklärung gehören zu den ersten in der Unterhaltungsbranche, die den Frieden öffentlich fördern und sich gleichzeitig einer Flut irreführender Medienberichte widersetzen, die den Nachrichtenzyklus dominiert haben, seit die Spannungen vor fast einer Woche eskalierten.

“Wir fordern auch unsere Kollegen und Freunde in der Unterhaltungsgemeinschaft auf, keine Fehlinformationen und einseitigen Erzählungen mehr zu veröffentlichen, die nur dazu dienen, den Konflikt zu entfachen, anstatt Frieden zu schaffen”, heißt es weiter.

“Falsch informierte und trügerische Memes, die von denjenigen veröffentlicht werden, die weit vom Konflikt entfernt sind, werden für die Wahrheit gehalten”, sagte er Ari Ingel, Direktor der Kreativen Gemeinschaft für den Frieden. “Diese verzerrte Version der Realität wird online verbreitet und dann von Influencern verstärkt, die nur die Flammen des Hasses entfachen und Konsequenzen für das wirkliche Leben haben.”

Creative Community for Peace zielt darauf ab, die Künste als Mittel zum Frieden zu fördern und gleichzeitig den Antisemitismus in der Unterhaltungsindustrie und auf bekannten Medienplattformen zu bekämpfen. Um mehr über ihre Sache zu erfahren, besuchen Sie


Wir sind zutiefst besorgt über die eskalierende Gewalt in Israel und die palästinensischen Gebiete. Der Verlust von Leben und Gewalt ist herzzerreißend. Wir fordern die Führer aller Parteien auf, die Gewalt zu beenden, zur Ruhe zu drängen und auf eine Deeskalation hinzuarbeiten.

Wir fordern auch unsere Kollegen und Freunde in der Unterhaltungsgemeinschaft auf, keine Fehlinformationen und einseitigen Erzählungen mehr zu veröffentlichen, die nur dazu dienen, den Konflikt zu entfachen, anstatt Frieden zu schaffen.

Obwohl wir unterschiedliche Meinungen zu dem Konflikt haben mögen, ist es für die Hamas niemals in Ordnung, öffentlich die Tötung von Zivilisten zu fordern, Zivilisten als menschliche Schutzschilde zu verwenden und wahllos Raketen auf die Zivilbevölkerung abzuschießen, ohne sich darum zu kümmern, wer getötet wird – Araber oder Jude .

Wenn es um Leben geht, tragen wir alle die Verantwortung, uns zu vereinen, anstatt uns zu teilen. Brandsprache kommt nur denjenigen zugute, die kein Interesse an Frieden haben. Unsere Gedanken sind bei allen Israelis und Palästinensern, die ein unergründliches Maß an Angst und Gewalt erleben, und wir hoffen auf den Tag, an dem beide Völker Seite an Seite in Frieden leben können.


Jason Adelman: Vizepräsident, Markeninnovatoren
Marty Adelstein: CEO, Tomorrow Studios
Michael Adler: Partner von Lichter, Grossman, Nichols, Adler, Feldman & Clark.
Jeff Astrof: Fernsehproduzent
Moran Atias: Schauspielerin
Eve Barlow: Musikjournalist
Jonathan Baruch: Regenmanagementgruppe
Richard Baskind: Partner & Leiter Musik, Simons Muirhead & Burton
Aton Ben-Horin: Global Vice President von A & R für die Warner Music Group
Miles Beard: SVP von A & R bei APG
Pablo Bendersky: Produzent / Künstler
Steven Bensusan: Präsident der Blue Note Entertainment Group
Adam Berkowitz: Gründer und Präsident der Lenore Entertainment Group
Sharon Bialy: Bialy Thomas und Mitarbeiter
Josh Binder: Partner, Rotherberg, Mohr und Binder LLP
Todd Black: Filmproduzent
Neil Blair: Partner, Die Blair-Partnerschaft
Selma Blair: Schauspielerin
Jared Bloch: Rechtsanwalt, Felker, Toczek, Suddleson & Abramson LLP
Evan Bogart: Songwriter und Mitbegründer der Boardwalk Entertainment Group
Ruth Bornhauser: Thruline Unterhaltung
Josh Brill: Musikjournalist
Michael Bublé: Künstler
David Byrnes: Partner bei Ziffren, Brittenham, LLP
Aaron Cohen: Darsteller
Markell Casey: Senior Director, Creative, PULSE Music Group
Brian Celler: Bravo Charlie Management
Emmanuelle Chriqui: Schauspielerin, Aktivistin
Raye Cosbert: Metropolis Musik. Geschäftsführer von Metropolis Music
Elfenbein Daniel: Präsident, Regime Management
Josh Deutsch: Vorsitzender / CEO – Premier Music Group
Kosha Dillz: Künstler, Rapper
David Draiman: Frontmann von Disturbed
David Sacks: Ausführender Produzent, niemals Produktionen aufgeben
Craig Emanuel: Partner, Paul Hastings LLC
Ron Fair: Plattenproduzent und CEO, Faircraft Inc.
Sharon Farber: Komponist
Daniel Federman: Inhaber, Maccabi Tel Aviv
Patti Felker: Partner, Felker, Toczek, Suddleson und Abramson LLP
Ken Fermaglich: United Talent Agency
Marc Fineman: Gründer und Präsident der FINE Group
Bryan Freedman: Freedman & Ta Panel, LLP
Josh Fluxgold: Präsident One Way MGMT
Erica Forster: Vizepräsidentin für Musikpartnerschaften bei DanceOn
Gary Foster: Principal bei Krasnoff Foster Productions
Daryl Friedman: Die Recording Academy / GRAMMYs auf dem Hügel Chief Advocacy & Industry Relations Officer
David Gardner: Präsident, Künstler zuerst
Stephen Gates: Gründer und Partner der Ellipsis Entertainment Group
Andrew Genger: Rotlichtmanagement
Gary Gersh: Präsident, Global Touring, AEG
Gary Ginsberg: Senior VP, SoftBank Group Corp.
Karen Glauber: Präsidentin des HITS-Magazins
David Glick: Gründer und CEO der Edge Group und Vorsitzender von Tap Music
Michael Glouberman: Fernsehautor und Produzent
Elon Gold: Schauspieler, Comedian
Richard Goldgewicht: Director
Alistair Goldsmith: Manager, Ausgewählte Musik
Michael Goldwasser: Plattenproduzent & Präsident / Mitbegründer von Easy Star Records
Mitchell Gossett: Industrie-Unterhaltungspartner
Andrew Gould: EVP Music Publishing, Roc Nation
Trudy Green: Management von Trudy Green / HK
Scott Greenberg: Manager und Partner bei LBI Entertainment
Marc Hamou: Manager / Partner, Thruline Entertainment
Ronnie Harris: Partner, Harris & Trotter LLP
Jo Hart: Gründer, Hart Media
Neil Jacobson: Gründer von Hallwood Media
Max Jacoby: Entwicklungsdirektor, 87North
Barry Jossen: Präsident & Leiter, A + E Studios
Declan Joyce: Darsteller
Zach Katz: Präsident von Raised In Space
Lee Kern: Schriftsteller, Komiker, Schauspieler
Scott Kluge: Präsident, Enorme Unterhaltung
Amanda Kogan: Agent, The Gersh Agency
Walter Kolm: CEO von WK Entertainment
Rick Krim: Mitbegründer von Worldwired Music
Matt Labov: Manager / Publizist
Sherry Lansing: Ehemaliger CEO von Paramount Pictures
Estelle Lasher: Lasher Group
Colin Lester: CEO, JEM Artists
David Levy: Ehemaliger Präsident von Turner / WarnerMedia, Gründer von Back Nine Ventures
David Levy: Partner, William Morris Endeavour Entertainment
David Lonner: CEO der David Lonner Co.
Jordan Lonner: Talent Agent, UTA
Ben Maddahi: SVP A & R, Columbia Records
Gabriel Mann: Komponist / Produzent
Susan Markheim: Full-Stop-Management, The Azoff Company
Orly Agai Marley: Präsident, Tuff Gong Worldwide
Nancy Matalon: VP von A & R, Spirit Music Group
Matisyahu: Künstler
Meghan McCain: Co-Moderatorin, The View
William Mercer: Thruline Entertainment
David Nimmer: Rechtsanwalt
Leetal Nissenbaum: VP für Synchronisation und Lizenzierung – Ultra Records
Lisa Nupoff: Managerin, IMIN Music
Mandi Perkins: Künstler, Songwriter, Produzent
Mike Praw
David Renzer: Ehemaliger Vorsitzender / CEO von Universal Music Publishing
Bourn Rich: Straßenkünstler für soziale Gerechtigkeit, Modedesigner
Rachel Riley: TV-Moderatorin
Lindy Robbins: Songwriter
Jaimison M. Roberts: Rechtsanwalt
Hanna Rochelle: Gründerin und Präsidentin von Lyric Culture
Dan Rosen: Präsident von Warner Music Australasia
Michael Rotenberg: Partner, 3 Arts Entertainment
Haim Saban: Vorsitzender und CEO der Saban Capital Group
Nancy Sanders: Partnerin, Thruline Entertainment
Paul Schindler: Senior Chair der New Yorker Unterhaltungs- und Medienpraxis
Steve Schnur: Präsident für Musik, Elektronische Kunst
Jordan Schnur: Geschäftsführer, Mimran Schur Pictures
Sam Schwartz: Partner, Gorfaine / Schwartz Agency
Adam Schweitzer: ICM-Partner
Eric Senat: Filmproduzent
Camila Seta: Marketing- und Content-Strategie bei Rogers & Cowan
Alan Siegel: G-BASE
Ben Silverman: Vorsitzender und CEO von Propagate Content
Gene Simmons: Künstler / KISS
Ralph Simon: Vorsitzender und Chief Executive Officer von Mobilium Global Limited
Marty Singer: Rechtsanwalt, Lavely und Sänger
Jeff Sosnow: EVP A & R Warner Bros. Records
Donna Spievak: Direktorin für strategisches Marketing – Interscope Records
Jonathan Steinsapir: Partner · Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert LLP
Gary Stiffelman: Gründer, GSS Law
Aaron Symonds: Filmkomponist
Traci Szymanski: Präsident der Co-Star Entertainment / Isrealife Media Group
Alona Tal: Sängerin, Schauspielerin
Adam Taylor: Präsident von APM Music
Nina Tassler: Mitbegründer / Partner von PatMa Productions
Noa Tishby: Autor, Produzent, Schauspieler
Fred Toczek: Partner, Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson LLP
Jonathan Tropper: Drehbuchautor, Autor, Produzent
Jonathan Tucker: Schauspieler
Jeremy Vuernick: Executive VP von A & R.
Diane Warren: Songwriter, Produzent
Jon Weinbach: Executive Vice President von Mandalay Sports Media
Nola Weinstein: Twitter, Global Head of Culture & Experiential
Ron West: Partner von Thruline Entertainment
Evan Winiker: Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Range Media
Jeffrey Winter: Geschäftsführer, The Film Collaborative
Sharon Tal Yguado: Gründer & CEO, Astrid Entertainment

** Hinweis – Die Unterzeichner dieser Erklärung tun dies als Einzelpersonen in ihrem eigenen Namen und nicht im Namen ihrer Unternehmen oder Organisationen. Alle aufgeführten Organisationen und Unternehmen dienen ausschließlich Zugehörigkeitszwecken.


Creative Community for Peace (CCFP) wurde von Führungskräften der Unterhaltungsindustrie gegründet und ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich aus prominenten Mitgliedern der Unterhaltungsindustrie zusammensetzt, die sich zusammengeschlossen haben, um die Kunst als Mittel zum Frieden zu fördern, dem Antisemitismus in der Unterhaltungsindustrie entgegenzuwirken Unterstützung gegen den kulturellen Boykott von Israel. CCFP ist unpolitisch und steht nicht für Regierungsbeamte oder Parteien. Stattdessen glaubt CCFP an Künstler und ihre Fähigkeit, das Leben zu beeinflussen und positive Veränderungen in der Welt zu bewirken. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

QUELLE Kreative Gemeinschaft für den Frieden

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Name for medevac-style repatriation flights for Australians with Covid from India | Australia information

Public health experts say Australian citizens who test positive for Covid-19 in India should be considered a medical evacuation and allowed to return home.

It comes, as Qantas says, it’s investigating suggestions that quick tests done at the departure gate could have produced some false positives, other than preventing people who haven’t had the virus from returning home.

42 of the 150 people booked on the first return flight, which landed in Darwin on Saturday, were No flight after testing positive either in PCR tests in the days before departure or in rapid antigen tests at the gate, and 30 more were blocked as their close contacts. About 80 people made the flight and are quarantined in Howard Springs.

Prof. Catherine Bennett, Chair of Epidemiology at Deakin University, said that for many Australians in India who may be elderly or have comorbidities, repatriation is not a borderline problem but a health emergency.

“This is more like Medevac than a border strategy and we have to treat it like Medevac,” she said.

“We have to change our thinking from returnees to medical evacuation. These are people who, if they needed medical care, would do much, much better in Australia than they did in India. “

That meant configuring a policy based not on the perceived risk to Australia but on the needs of Australians overseas.

The prime minister said Sunday that it “makes no sense” to allow people who test positive to return to Australia.

“I don’t think people are wrongly blocked,” Scott Morrison told reporters at Gladstone. “In this case, in some cases, we have the other side of the coin where people who tested positive may not have been positive.

“But when it comes to protecting the health and safety of Australians here, we will be careful. I know which side of the line to be careful on. “

Morrison said the government was not considering allowing people who tested positive to board flights.

“I’ve seen suggestions from others who seem to believe that we can get people who have tested Covid-positive on airplanes and take them to Australia,” he said. “I mean, that just doesn’t make sense.

“We all want to support the people as best we can, but by importing Covid into the country, I don’t think it’s a very sensible or sensible thing to do.”

Bennett said there could be limits to Australia’s capacity to accept Covid-positive returnees who would be accommodated in medical hotels that are not the ordinary hotel quarantine system.

But she said that where there is capacity, Australia should operate specialty flights with vaccinated flight crews.

Australia introduced a mandatory requirement in January that all international arrivals must return a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

Bennett said testing negative from a PCR test, and especially a rapid antigen test before the flight, was not a guarantee that a traveler would not rest positive upon landing in Australia.

Associate Professor Hassan Vally, an epidemiologist from La Trobe University, said it was a “moral and ethical question” allowing Australians in India to return home, rather than risk.

“The health system in India is either about to collapse or has collapsed,” he said. “You They don’t have enough oxygen to support the patient Who would almost certainly survive if in a western country? “

Vally said the options put forward by the government that Australia would either close its borders and be safe or allow people to return and risk a massive outbreak were a false dichotomy. Vaccination of key frontline workers and elderly carers, of which 85% was exceeded last week, according to the federal government, reduced the risk.

“The problem with the current policy of bringing people back from India is bringing people home, which is considered an unacceptable risk for the rest of Australia as our risk threshold [from Covid-19] is basically zero, ”said Vally.

“But if we don’t have risk tolerance, we will be isolated from the rest of the world for the next two to three years, while everyone else will go back to normal.”

Esports Leisure Group to Host Third Quarter Fiscal 12 months 2021 Monetary Outcomes Name on Could 17 at 4:30 p.m. ET


3 trading stocks at rock bottom; Analysts say “buy”

Investing is all about profits, and part of generating profit is knowing when to start the game. The old saying goes that one should buy cheap and sell high, and while it is tempting to simply devalue such clichés, they have passed into the common currency because they embody a fundamental truth. Buying low is always a good place to start when building a portfolio. The trick, however, is to identify the right stocks to buy cheap. Prices fall for a reason, and sometimes that reason is a fundamental obscurity. Fortunately, Wall Streets analysts are busy separating the chaff among the market’s cheap stocks, and some top stock pundits have flagged multiple stocks for big gains. We used the TipRanks database to pull up the data and ratings for three stocks that are currently cheap but may be looking to make a profit. They have received positive reviews and, despite their stock devaluation, hold buy ratings and have an upside potential of over 80%. Vapotherm, Inc. (VAPO) First off, Vapotherm is a medical device manufacturer specializing in high flow, heated, humidified nasal cannulas. These are therapeutic breathing aids with which oxygen-containing air can be delivered directly to the patient’s nose. By heating and humidifying the air, the unpleasant release of dry oxygen is reduced. As expected, Vapotherm has seen heavy sales during a respiratory disease pandemic in recent months – but its share price has been pulling back since early February. Paradoxically, the two events are related. First, Vapotherm’s financial results for the first quarter of 21 were positive. The company’s revenue increased 69% year over year to $ 32.3 million, and Precision Flow base unit installations worldwide increased 73% over the same period. The company’s net loss for the quarter of $ 5.2 million was an improvement on a loss of $ 10.2 million for the year-ago quarter. On the negative side, VAPO shares have fallen from their high in early February. The decline is substantial; The stock has fallen 50% since its peak and is down 34% since the start of the year. The decline in the stock’s value reflects concerns that the company’s flagship is oversold and that customers have bought more equipment than would be needed in normal times for fear of COVID-related respiratory distress. Such is the case of Piper Sandler analyst Jason Bednar. “Stocks have fared significantly worse since early February as many investors questioned the bolus usage dynamics from Precision Flow systems sold to hospitals last year. We understand the logic here, especially for investors with a shorter time horizon, but with a lot of that concern is apparently already being reflected in the stock at current levels. We believe the upside opportunity far outweighs the risk of further downtrend, ”commented Bednar. The analyst added, “We also believe that investors waiting for occupancy trends to bottom out will ultimately miss an initial surge that could occur if HVT 2.0 makes a contribution with a rollout later this year and the market for HVT 2.0 expands to take a clearer shape in 2022 (especially EMS and home care). “To that end, Bednar rates VAPO as overweight (i.e. buy) and its target price of $ 32 implies a robust uptrend of 81% im next year. (To see Bednar’s track record, click here.) Overall, Strong Buy’s unanimous consensus rating for this stock, backed by 4 recent analyst reviews, makes it clear that Bednar is not alone in its bullish view. The average price target here, USD 39, is even more optimistic and indicates an upward movement of ~ 122% from the current trading price of USD 17.65. (See VAPO stock analysis on TipRanks) Emergent Biosolutions (EBS) The next stock we look at, Emergent, is a biopharmaceutical company. The company has several products on the market, including a NARCAN nasal spray for use in patients with opioid overdose and vaccines for smallpox, anthrax and other diseases. Emergent’s development pipeline includes the pediatric cholera vaccine Vaxchora, which is currently in a Phase III study. Several programs, including an anthrax vaccine candidate, a chikungunya vaccine, and a seasonal flu shot, have completed Phase II and are preparing for Phase III. One of Emergent’s key programs is the contract development and manufacturing service, which is being extended to other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines they have developed. Emergent is part of Johnson & Johnson’s production chain for a COVID-19 vaccine as part of a CDMO plan. The latter is an important point. The J&J vaccine has been linked, at least in some reports, to serious adverse events, particularly blood clots in otherwise healthy recipients. This has resulted in a delay in the manufacture of the vaccine and, consequently, a delay in receiving payments from J&J. This in turn impacted the company’s financials in Q1 21, resulting in lower than expected sales and earnings. Investors are concerned, and the stock is down 33% since the start of the year. Despite the setback, benchmark analyst Robert Wasserman retains a buy rating for EBS shares and a price target of $ 120. If this is correct, the analyst’s target could be an annual return of 101%. (To see Wasserman’s track record, click here.) “EBS remains solidly profitable and, despite lowered expectations for J&N and AZ vaccine deals, expect solid sales growth this year. These stocks remain a bargain on our CDMO / Bioprocessing and could offer value investors a significant upward trend if circumstances change or new business can be made at short notice, “said Wasserman. Overall, the street currently has a cautiously bullish outlook for the stock. The analyst consensus rates EBS as a moderate buy based on 3 buys and 2 holds. The stock is priced at $ 59.59, and the average target price of $ 89.67 suggests upside potential of ~ 50% over the next 12 months. (See EBS stock analysis at TipRanks) Haemonetics Corporation (HAE) For the last stock on our list, we stick with the medical industry. Haemonetics manufactures a range of blood and plasma collection and separation products, software for machine operation and service contracts for maintenance. In short, Haemonetics is a single point of contact for blood donation centers and hospital blood banks. Blood products are a $ 10.5 billion market in the US alone, accounting for 80% of plasma, and Haemonetics has become an integral part of that business. Haemonetics steadily recovered from a decline in sales at the height of the corona crisis, and third quarter fiscal 2021 earnings showed solid results: sales of $ 240 million and earnings per share of 62 cents. While sales fell 7.3% year over year, earnings per share rose 6.8%. Even so, the stock fell sharply between April 15 and April 20, losing 42% of its value in that short time. The reason was simple. One of Haemonetics’ largest customers, CSL Pharma, announced that it has no plans to renew its contract with HAE. This contract for the supply, use and maintenance of Haemonetics’ PCS2 plasma collection system was valued at US $ 117 million and represented approximately 12% of the company’s sales. The cancellation comes with a one-time charge of $ 32 million for other related losses. Fortunately for HAE, the CSL contract doesn’t expire until June 2022, so the company has time to plan and prepare. Analyst David Turkaly reported on JMP Securities: “The announcement gives HAE some time (~ 15 months) to prepare for the expiry and we find that management is consistently strengthening its financial position through levers such as complexity reduction and product has optimization to make significant cost savings, and more of these will likely be used up-front to make up for customer loss. The analyst continued, “While this disappointing decision could affect HAE’s plasma positioning with other fractionators, we continue to believe that giving customers the ability to collect more plasma in less time – and having HAE is a very compelling value proposition.” still contracts and maintains a significant market. Share with many of the major plasma players. ”Accordingly, Turkaly rates HAE as outperforming (ie buying) with a target price of $ 110. This number implies an upward movement of 86% from the current level. (To see Turkaly’s track record, click here.) Overall, HAE has a consensus rating for moderate buying, based on 7 ratings breaking down 5 to 2 in favor of buying across the holds. The stock trades for $ 59.02 and has an average target price of $ 108.67, which is an uptrend of ~ 84% for a year. (See HAE stock analysis at TipRanks.) To find great ideas for trading stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the presented analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.