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I’m not the ordinary “Jeopardy!” Observer. When it’s on, sit down and watch, but don’t actively attend the show every night.

But I say this: LeVar Burton will be the perfect host to replace the slow and great Alex Trebek full time.

Burton is an actor whose career spans generations. The fun “say how old you are, not how old you are” game consists in asking someone about the role that best remembers Burton.

People my age know Barton best, perhaps as the host of the educational children’s show “Reading Rainbow” or the quack voice of the lesser-known ’90s cartoon “Captain Planet and the Planet.” Will be. Older generations remember him best as Kunta Quinte in the 1977 miniseries “Roots”. He played with then-star OJ Simpson.

For me, he’s always been Lieutenant Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For a new generation of television viewers, Burton can now be their Alex Trebek: a kind and kind guy with all the answers.

And that would make him perfect.

Burton is already going “Jeopardy!” According to a petition that garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures, I was there as a guest from July 26th to 30th. But the 13 Emmy winners are more than just innkeepers. He must be a full-time employer.

Most of it is because the most direct and obvious aspect of Burton’s personality is the tenderness he exudes. That’s part of what made it so well suited to Reading Rainbow and the ecology-focused Captain Planet. That’s why Geordi La Forge has become a personable character despite a few shortcomings in the series’ “Trek” writing room. That’s the main reason the audience took root in Kunta Kinteh many years ago (along with the dire plight the character went through as a result of the actual event).

Burton has also long served as the guiding light of wisdom and has spent decades promoting literacy and education of children through Reading Rainbow and other endeavors. His longstanding philanthropy was recognized by the Penn / Faulkner Foundation, which nominated him as the first literary champion in history.

He is also a leader in breaking representation barriers in the mass media and one of the most prominent black TV stars for over 40 years. It would be fair that he would be the first black presenter on “Jeopardy!” A move to bring him together with Steve Harvey as one of the few moderators on a minority game show.

Burton’s own room also has a pretty obvious elephant. He really really wants a job.

When he created, he essentially said the same thing Change.org In April I applied for the next “Jeopardy!” Host. The petition received over 250,000 signatures.

Don’t make fun of some of the other “Jeopardy!” Either! Innkeeper.

The majority of the show’s guest presenters are journalists and news anchors. Most of these innkeepers are successful people who already have a good reputation in a particular field.

I’m sorry, but I cannot convince myself that Aaron Rodgers and Dr. Oz will be leaving her successful career to host a game show.

The only seemingly legitimate candidate for a full-time restaurateur is Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! Fans remember that in 2004 he set the longest winning streak in the show’s history. He’s already made an appearance when he hosted the show for six weeks earlier this year.

There are also two of Lancaster’s very own Brad Rutter, youngest fan favorite James Holsauer and the show’s highest earning champion. Former participants are not currently listed with prospective innkeepers and do not seem interested in taking on this role.

But LeVar Burton, who has spent most of his career in and around television production and, more importantly, actually begging for work, fits in a lot better.

This is not illegal for Jennings and other restaurateurs with shows. Many of these part-time presenters, especially news anchors who are already familiar with speaking in front of television cameras, likely have or will likely do a great job.

Burton’s personality and career made him perfect for appearances, and not just because he is an actor with extensive film experience.

Burton’s kindness, generosity, and pioneering history are perfect for the show.

And that’s exactly the kind of television that we really need at this time.

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LeVar Burton claims, “Jeopardy!” – Permanent [Unscripted column] | entertainment

Source link LeVar Burton claims, “Jeopardy!” – Permanent [Unscripted column] | entertainment

LeVar Burton to be ‘Jeopardy!’ visitor host; petition credited | Leisure

LOS ANGELES – The 200,000+ LeVar Burton Boosters who signed a petition calling it a new “Danger!” The host will see them try on the job by size.

Burton is in the final group of guest hosts for the quiz show who lost longtime host Alex Trebek to cancer last November and postponed the announcement of his successor.

Burton’s supporters took the opportunity to start an online petition for the actor, who starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roots, and hosted the Reading Rainbow educational program.

In his career, Burton has “inspired and shaped the minds of generations of trivia-loving nerds,” according to the petition, which had 246,000 signatories on Wednesday.

In an email, a Burton spokeswoman said he believed the petition drive and his social media interactions with fans were factors behind the invitation to be a guest.

There was no immediate response to producer Sony Pictures Television’s request for comment.

TV presenters and journalists George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts from ABC, as well as David Faber from CNBC and sports caster Joe Buck are the other temporary presenters who will stay for a week, Sony said on Wednesday. The broadcast dates were not announced.

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