Extra money for public well being, rural web in state Senate-backed finances

The Georgia Senate unanimously passed a mid-year budget of $ 26.5 billion on Tuesday to fund state public health, police and schools through June 30. This has given more funding to initiatives to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and promote broadband internet in rural areas.

The mid-year budget relies on federal COVID-19 aid to fill spending gaps in education, public health, and other agencies.

The Senate version of the half-year budget largely mirrors Governor Brian Kemp’s spending recommendations last month, which are designed to avoid additional cuts after agencies’ budgets were cut by $ 2.2 billion in June last year due to the pandemic.

With no cuts, the mid-year budget will restore more than half of the $ 950 million saved by K-12 public schools last year. The remaining shortfall will be covered with federal funds in order to keep the school budget stable.

State House lawmakers backed Kemp’s proposals to add $ 20 million to expand broadband internet in rural Georgia, more than $ 38 million to buy 500 new school buses, and $ 500,000 to start the new ones State hemp cultivation and medicinal cannabis initiatives.

Senate lawmakers have allocated more money to state health officials to fight the pandemic, and allocated $ 27 million to epidemiological programs and a vaccination scheduling system. Five new posts focusing on pandemics would be added to the state Department of Health, from three posts the House added.

The Senate-approved budget gives the governor an additional $ 7.5 million in emergency funding to fight the virus and would allow state prison guards and youth correction officers a 10% pay increase beginning April 1, in order to generate savings by shedding vacant positions .

“I think this is a budget to be proud of,” said Blake Tillery, chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, R-Vidalia. “It’s certainly a much better position than it was this time last year.”

Although passed unanimously, the budget was criticized by Democratic State senators for not including more money for public health services and leaving legislators with no room to generate revenue by curtailing tax breaks and increasing the state’s cigarette tax.

“We think – I think – we should have done more,” said Gloria Butler, Senate Minority Chairwoman, D-Stone Mountain. “The politics of the day do not determine our best thinking or our best political and budgetary decisions.”

The mid-year budget now returns to the house for final vote before it goes to Kemp’s desk to be signed. The legislature will then work out a budget for the 2022 financial year.

Funds 2021 tip: Methods to save cash, construct up financial savings to beef up your backside line

CHICAGO (WLS) – If you’re trying to save money and build your savings in 2021, here’s a quick tip on how to save money.

If you are trying to cut spending in 2021, cut your budget slightly by 5 or 10%.

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According to financial experts at Forbes Advisor, it’s better to start small and be realistic.

Also put restrictions on “taking out” and delivering food during the pandemic. Think ahead and make sure you have a certain amount of meals planned from the grocery store.

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This is also a good time of year to check your credit card statements for subscriptions that you are not using and to cancel them.

Have fun saving!

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Cuomo price range bets large on on line casino cash from Seneca Nation | Govt-and-politics

Protecting the long-term viability of the thousands of jobs our gaming facilities in West New York provide and the significant economic investments the nation has made in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, and Salamanca over the past two decades is a priority for the nation . We assume that this also applies to the state, “said the Senate nation in a written statement.

The governor is committed to reconciling fiscal year of the current year, battered by the effects of Covid-19 and economic downtime, with his Seneca Nation budget department’s estimates of over $ 450 million in commitments Casinos.

Freeman Klopott, a spokesman for the Cuomo Budget Office, said the dollar amount was based on court records and state estimates of Seneca casinos’ performance during the pandemic.

“Again, if these funds are not received, the local governments that rely on them will not receive these payments and the state will have funds in its finances to deal with timing issues like these,” he added.

Local governments across West New York have lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue-sharing payments received from casinos. Under the terms of the original contract with the state, the tribe pays the state 25% of the revenue from its slot machines at the tribal gambling establishments in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Salamanca. The state in turn shares some of this money with the local governments in the region. Some municipalities were particularly dependent on the annual cash flow from the agreement.