BTS’s ‘Butter’ Matches Psy’s ‘Gangnam Type’ When It Comes To Radio Dominance In America

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For the second week in a row, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” is the most heard radio single in the US as it tops the Billboard radio songs chart again. Further down the list, BTS’s hit “Butter” falls four places to 26th, and while fans may be sad to witness their ongoing decline, they may be content to know the tune is making history in a certain way this time around .

“Butter” has now been on the radio songs charts for 13 weeks, and that is considered to be one of the longest terms among the melodies of South Korean musicians. Indeed, with another frame spent on the ranking, the cut ties in with yet another hit from an act from the same country that took over the world less than a decade ago.

BTS ‘current Hot 100 No. 1 single is now on par with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in terms of the number of weeks they both spent on the radio songs charts, as both songs are constant at 13 frames each are. The pair now ranks as the second longest chart hits by a South Korean artist in the history of the list.

Before “Butter” and “Gangnam Style”, if you look at the singles of South Korean superstars who have spent most of their time on the radio songs charts, BTS “Dynamite” came in for a storied 19 pictures last year.

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While “Butter” and “Gangnam Style” may rank pari passu in terms of their lifetime in the radio song rankings, the latter cut was the bigger hit of the two. Psy’s only placement on the list worked its way up to # 12, while BTS’s current focus rose to # 20.

“Butter” will almost certainly still be on the radio songs charts next week, then it will break its connection with “Gangnam Style” and keep the title of the second longest chart track by a South Korean musical act to itself while Psy’s biggest single is demoted to becoming the third longest release on the charts among his compatriots.

As “Butter” continues to work its way towards the lower end of the radio song charts, with each passing week it seems less and less likely that it can keep up with “Dynamite” ‘s long stint, although this is certainly not impossible . If BTS repeat their success a year after hitting 19 frames on the roster for the first time, it will be impressive, but even if they fail, they will still become the two longest-running hits among South Korean musicians in history of the most important radio ranking in the USA

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