Seattle Mayor-Elect Bruce Harrell talks administration model and transition workforce as he will get able to take workplace

Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell discusses plans for his administration

Harrell sits down with FOX 13 to discuss politics and his future administration

On January 1st, Seattle will have a new mayor.

“I’m not a micromanager and I try to hire wisely. I know the skills I like, ”said Bruce Harrell, Seattle’s mayor-elect. “What annoys me is the passive aggressiveness. If I’m in a meeting, please let me know if you have a disagreement,” said Harrell.

Although we do not yet know all of the players who will be on his administration team, Harrell has announced a transition team of nearly 150 people.

They are divided into 12 advisory committees with different focus topics.

Harrell’s transition team is more than twice the size of current Mayor Jenny Durkan in 2017.

“I have a unique ability to get the best out of people, to get them to get involved,” said Harrell.

Harrell says accountability is also an issue.

“If we look at our four-year agenda and you tell me what you want to see, you will hold me accountable,” said Harrell.

The transition team will help set the agenda for his first term, but Harrell’s top priority right now.

“Our top priority is public safety,” said Harrell.

He admits he doesn’t recognize many parts of Seattle because of the crime.

“It’s gotten terrible. I spoke to the governor yesterday who said, even along your highways, Governor, all the graffiti and even the camps you see, this is not the Seattle I grew up in,” said Harrell.

He advocated the opposite of police defunding, but Harrell is on the verge of inheriting a 2022 budget that could provide for further cuts of $ 10 million for the Seattle police force.

“We are now working with the council so that they listen to the voters. The voters say we do not want violence and racism in the police force, but we want a police force that is financed, we want more officials,” said Harrell.

Harrell said Thursday that councilors will be judged on the budget now in years.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for Harrell to be judged as he takes rule to run one of America’s greatest cities in some of the most difficult times in modern history.

Harrell says his other priorities after public safety are housing, affordability, and homelessness.

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Tallulah Willis ‘resented’ resemblance to dad Bruce | Leisure

Tallulah Willis “angry” looked like her father Bruce Willis.

The 27-year-old star has pondered the physical similarities she shares with her father and admitted that she “punished” herself for not looking like her mother, Demi Moore.

In a frank Instagram post tagged with a Body Dysmorphic Disorder Triggering Warning, she wrote, “It took me far too long to realize this:

“A. Aging happens without your control, time passes, and your face can change

“B. I punished myself for not looking like my mother after I was told I’d been a BW twin since I was born. I was annoyed at the resemblance because I believed my ‘male’ face was the only one The reason for my displeasure was – WRONG!

“I was / am by nature valuable and worthy, in every phase of life, in every size, with every hair! (Like you)

“C. You must soothe the wound in your soul before trying to” fix “the outside. (Sic)”

Tallulah gave advice to her followers, telling them to “look out for the special and impressionable minds around you” as well as “their access to social media and possible triggering images”.

She continued: “Concentrating on your own appearance goes deeper than the desire to feel good about yourself.

“We all want to feel good and confident, but if it sneaks into a deeper, creepier place where it starts to gobble up your essence bit by bit, ask for help.

“Don’t be ashamed, this is not a ‘stupid, futile problem’, this is a real psychological pain and I see you so clearly and show the validity of your struggle.”

She also revealed things that helped through a BDD spiral here.

Not only did she take off mirrors and “implement self-limits” to look at her reflection in the mirror, but also suggested “taking breaks from social media”, “reading fantasy fiction books,” going for walks and listening to music and to enjoy a bath with “lotion all” over your delicate skin “.

She urged her fans to “find a safe person, community”, breathe and “take 5 minutes at a time”.

And she added, “Write. Vomit EVERYTHING that gurgles in your head on a piece of paper and tear it up or burn it.”

“Let it flow out of you and no longer take up the precious space in your head. (Sic)”

Vertical Leisure Picks Up ‘A Day to Die’ Starring Bruce Willis – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE:: Vertical entertainment has secured the US distribution rights to A day to die, an action thriller with Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Leon and Kevin Dillon. Wes Miller Directed by the indie based on a script he wrote together with Scott Mallace and Rab Berry. The picture is expected to be released in 2022.

In the film, a shamed probation officer (Dillon) is committed to a local gang leader and forced to conduct a series of dangerous drug robberies within twelve hours to pay the $ 2 million owed, rescue his abducted pregnant wife, and compare a bill with the corrupt City Police Chief (Willis) who works with the gang leader and crossed him twice years ago.

Gianni Capaldi, Brooke Butler, Vernon Davis, Mohamed Karim, Alexander Kane and Curtis Nichouls complete the cast. Nichouls produced the film alongside Andrew van den Houten and DJ Dodd. The Capstone Group takes care of worldwide sales.

“The choice of a filmmaker’s distributor is extremely important and I am excited to be working with Vertical to bring A Day to Die to the world,” said Miller. “The team there has welcomed a wide variety of material from different filmmakers and has worked with some of the best actors and filmmakers working today.”

Christian Mercuri and Roman Viaris from the Capstone Group negotiated the rights agreement with Peter Jarowey and Josh Spector on behalf of Vertical.

Disbarred former LeClairRyan lawyer Bruce Matson shells out extra money to LandAmerica chapter property

Bruce Matson paid $ 577,000 to LandAmerica’s bankruptcy estate in March. (BizSense file)

Six months after Bruce Matson lost his statutory license to improperly insert seven-digit funds from LandAmerica’s long-dormant bankruptcy estate, he wrote another sizeable check regarding the case.

The veteran Richmond attorney and longtime general counsel of the now bankrupt LeClairRyan law firm paid an additional $ 577,000 to the LandAmerica property in March, according to federal court figures.

This is on top of the $ 2.8 million he returned to a successor trustee last year after it was revealed that the funds had been withdrawn from LandAmerica’s settlement account and deposited into personal accounts of Matson and an associate.

Matson, who had spent much of his 40-year career as a bankruptcy administrator, oversaw the complex LandAmerica case from the collapse of the Henrico-based title insurance giant in 2008 to its seemingly successful conclusion in 2015.

However, in August 2019, the bankruptcy court was made aware of LandAmerica’s $ 2.8 million resolution fund had been emptied. These funds should only be disbursed after the completion phase in 2021.

Matson eventually admitted the funds were transferred to his and an employee’s accounts before being returned. Matson was then removed from LandAmerica as trustee and then despite his objections was excluded from the Virginia State Bar in November for his money handling.

Matson admitted to the VSB that the allegations were true and that he was unable to successfully defend the claims. He eventually agreed to revoke his license to practice in Virginia.

Seasoned Richmond attorney Benjamin Ackerly, who retired from Hunton Andrews Kurth, has been appointed to replace Matson as trustee in the LandAmerica case. Ackerly’s camp continues to investigate the Matson affair.

A lawyer representing Ackerly had no comment on the recent $ 577,000 payment.

Matson made no comment.

LeClairRyan’s office is padlocked in this file photo. (BizSense file)

Matson has also gotten rid of some of the tentacles of LeClairRyan’s ongoing bankruptcy over the past few weeks.

A brief court record on the case earlier this month shows that Matson has reached an undisclosed sum with LCR trustee Lynn Tavenner. The agreement was reached after a two-day mediation session from March 26th to 27th.

Matson was represented in the mediation by McGuireWood’s attorney Dion Hayes.

Tavenner has negotiated with dozens of former LCR lawyers in an attempt to reclaim the funds they received from the company that led to their bankruptcy.

You have each received letters of formal notice from the trustee to start discussions and possible mediation. As is common with such bankruptcies, if a solution cannot be reached through mediation, the trustee can file a formal lawsuit against the respective attorney.

The LCR estate continues its too Legal dispute with legal services giant UnitedLexwho formed a controversial joint venture with the law firm that led to its liquidation.

Tavenner filed $ 128 million in damages last year claiming UnitedLex kept the law firm alive longer than it should have in order to “wrongly and unjustifiably be millions of millions to the detriment of LeClairRyan’s creditors.” To draw dollars from the estate “.

UnitedLex fired back on the case, arguing that the majority of the case should be dismissed or at least referred to another court where it could have the opportunity to discuss its case in front of a jury.

The case continues before the federal bankruptcy court.

Bruce Springsteen arrested for drunk driving at New Jersey nationwide park

Bruce Springsteen performs on stage during the 13th Annual Stand Up for Heroes to benefit the Bob Woodruff Foundation at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on November 4, 2019 in New York City.

Mike Coppola | Getty Images

Working-class rock legend Bruce Springsteen was arrested in a New Jersey national park late last year for drunk driving, the Home Office said Wednesday.

The news surfaced just days after the rocker appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

Springsteen, 71, was “cooperative throughout the process” when he was arrested on November 14 at Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area, known locally as Sandy Hook, National Parks Service spokeswoman Brenda Ling noted.

The “Thunder Road” singer has been cited for driving under the influence of reckless driving and drinking in an enclosed space.

Last November, Springsteen’s new album “Letter to You” debuted at number 2 on the new Billboard 200 chart. With this placement, Springsteen became the first musician to have a new top five chart album in each of the last six decades.

News of Springsteen’s arrest comes just days after the musician appeared in his very first Super Bowl commercial. In the Jeep ad, Springsteen urged Americans to find the unit after a divisive year.

“There is hope on the road ahead of us,” said Springsteen in the two-minute commercial in which he drove a Jeep CJ-5 over country and city roads.

Springsteen and Jeep spokespersons did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment on his arrest.

In Springsteen’s autobiography “Born to Run”, published in 2016, the musician admitted that he avoided drugs and only tried alcohol at the age of 22, also because drinking influenced his father.

In the 500-page book, Springsteen revealed that he had a long history of depression, a surprise to many.

Springsteen has been praised by his fans and bandmates for his healthy lifestyle habits, like going to the gym and avoiding drugs and alcohol, that give him the stamina to give decades of concerts in his career.

“I mean, I’m sure he’s had a drink or two a few times in his life, but he’s never been a drinker either,” said Steven Van Zandt, musician in Springsteen’s famous E Street Band, in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Springsteen’s arrest was first reported by TMZ early Wednesday.

How Jeep landed Bruce Springsteen for its 2021 Tremendous Bowl advert

Bruce Springsteen starred in and narrated a two-minute Super Bowl ad for Jeep that featured far more Americana and scenery than any other vehicle.

Rob DeMartin for Jeep

Jeeps Super Bowl advertisement with Bruce Springsteen Olivier Francois, an automotive marketing manager best known for convincing A-list celebrities to appear in such ads, was a decade in the making.

Every year since 2011 Francois said he had an idea for one of Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau Super Bowl advertisement. It became something of a tradition, although Francois believed there was little chance that this would happen.

Why Springsteen, who had never appeared in a commercial before? It goes back to the automaker’s former CEO Sergio Marchionne who died unexpectedly in 2018. The Italian-Canadian businessman was a fan of the singer and regularly used his music at presentations and events to connect Springsteen’s personality with that of the company.

“What you are really seeing today is 10 years of history,” Francois told CNBC. “We started discussing Bruce – about Bruce, not him, about – with my old boss Sergio. … He loved Bruce Springsteen’s music.”

Francois, Head of Marketing at Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler) convinced Detroit rapper Eminem and musician Bob Dylan to star in the company’s ads. He even landed Oprah Winfrey for a voice over once. Last year Francois convinced elusive actor Bill Murray to repeat his role in the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” for a Super Bowl ad.

He said his “greatest regret” was unable to do the Springsteen commercial while Marchionne was alive. “My biggest regret today is that they never made it to meet. I always promised him that I would make a difference and I delivered a little too late,” said Francois.

Why now?

Francois first cast Springsteen in a 2012 Super Bowl commercial called “It’s halftime in America” It featured actor Clint Eastwood, who is another celebrity not known for appearing in ads or for affiliation with any product or company. The ad featured Eastwood as the national coach and urged the US to learn from the resurgence of the Detroit auto industry.

Francois referred to this year’s ad as the “successor” to this commercial as well as others such as a 2013 Super Bowl commercial called “Farmer”. Both were cinematic, country-specific ads with few actual vehicles.

In this year’s “The Middle” advertisement, Springsteen drives around in an old jeep and talks about a chapel in the center of the country called US Center Chapel in Lebanon, Kansas. He used the extremely small chapel as a base to talk about the country that must “meet here in the middle” before the ad ended with “To the ReUnited States of America”. A website and logos for jeep, which will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2021.

Bruce Springsteen (left) with Olivier Francois, Stellantis Chief Marketing Officer, while filming the company’s Super Bowl LV ad for Jeep.

Rob DeMartin for Jeep

In a press release, Landau said as soon as they saw the pitch they decided it was something they had to do.

“Olivier Francois and I have been talking about ideas for the past 10 years. When he showed us the design for ‘The Middle’, our immediate reaction was ‘Let’s do it’,” he said. “Our goal was to do something surprising, relevant, immediate and artful. I think that’s exactly what Bruce did with ‘The Middle’.”

Francois believes the message of the ad was in line with Springsteen’s beliefs and struck the “right balance” between the company’s goal and that of the singer, who told a commercial for a campaign last year Joe Biden.

According to Francois, Springsteen was closely involved in creating the Jeep ad and worked closely with director Thom Zimny. He wrote and produced the original score for the commercial with another of his frequent collaborators, Ron Aniello.

The ad almost didn’t happen

According to Francois, the commercial with Springsteen almost never happened. After being turned down by the singer’s manager for 10 years, he had decided not to give Landau an idea for Springsteen.

“I think it’s the first year I haven’t asked an agency to crack an idea from Bruce Springsteen,” he said. “I think it took me 10 years to understand that it never happened. Of course I was wrong, but I thought so. And it was also an abuse of John Landau and Bruce’s time.”

Bruce Springsteen starred in and narrated a two-minute Super Bowl ad for Jeep that featured far more Americana and scenery than any other vehicle.

Rob DeMartin for Jeep

Until the Southfield, Michigan-based advertising agency Doner came up with the idea of ​​”The Middle”. After Francois contacted Landau in early January to say a happy new year, he decided to send him the advertising agency’s pitch. Francois said that after receiving the parking space, Landau believed it was “the right message”.

“Yes, he takes a position, but he takes a position for the middle,” said Francois. “It’s not liberal. It’s not republican. It’s just something that tries to stand up for the apolitical. The community.”

The news seems to have resonated with viewers. Since it was posted on YouTube early Sunday morning, the ad has been viewed approximately 24 million times. That’s roughly four times the combined viewership of other automotive Super Bowl ads General Motors, Toyota Motor and online car sellers Vroom.

Bruce Springsteen stars in Tremendous Bowl 2021 advert for Jeep

Bruce Springsteen plays and narrates a two-minute Super Bowl commercial called “The Middle” for Jeep.


Bruce Springsteen encourages Americans to meet “in the middle” during a Super Bowl LV ad for Jeep – his very first appearance in a commercial.

The legendary musician, known as “The Boss”, plays the lead role and narrates the scenic two-minute commercial that contains far more Americana and scenery than jeeps. The only vehicles in the ad are a 1980 Jeep CJ-5 and a 1965 Willys Jeep CJ-5. Both models are predecessors of the brand current Wrangler SUV.

During “The Middle” Springsteen speaks about a chapel in the center of the country, the US Center Chapel in Lebanon, Kansas. He uses the extremely small chapel as a basis to talk about the country that needs to meet “here in the middle” before the ad ends with “To the ReUnited States of America”. This is followed by a website and logos for Jeep, which will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2021.

“It’s no secret … The middle has been difficult to reach lately. Between red and blue. Between servants and citizens. Between our freedom and our fear,” says Springsteen. “Now fear was never the best of us. And as far as freedom is concerned, it is not only owned by the lucky few; it belongs to all of us.”

The ad is reminiscent of previous Super Bowl ads from Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer at Jeep’s parent company. Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler). Specifically, a 2013 Super Bowl commercial called “Farmer,” which featured the voice of legendary radio station Paul Harvey and another semi-political commercial starring Clint Eastwood “It’s halftime in America” in 2012. Both were scenic, country-specific ads with few actual vehicles.

“It is absolutely intended as a successor,” Francois told CNBC. “This is our style. This is our language. This is our approach to Super Bowl. We really tried to get a little bit of what we did in these other commercials. This is really relevant and meaningful and something that is really being developed. ” the moment.”

Topicality and relevance are the pillars of Francois’ advertising style. He’s also known for casting A-list celebrities who aren’t usually associated with advertising in offbeat commercials. Previous Super Bowl ads included Detroit rapper Eminem, musician Bob Dylan, and a voice-over from Oprah Winfrey. Last year Francois convinced elusive actor Bill Murray to repeat his role in the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” for a Super Bowl ad.

A company spokeswoman declined to say how much the ad cost, including the fee for Springsteen, who isn’t known for appearing in ads but cast his voice on a commercial for a campaign last year Joe Biden.

Fiat Chrysler CMO Olivier Francois (left) with actor Bill Murray while filming the 2020 Super Bowl commercial for the Jeep brand.

Fiat Chrysler

According to Francois, Springsteen was closely involved in creating the ad and worked closely with director Thom Zimny. He wrote and produced the original score for the commercial with another of his frequent collaborators, Ron Aniello.

“Olivier Francois and I have been talking about ideas for the past 10 years. When he showed us the design for ‘The Middle’, our immediate response was ‘Let’s do it’,” Springsteen manager Jon Landau said in a statement. “Our goal was to do something surprising, relevant, immediate and artful. I think that’s exactly what Bruce did with ‘The Middle’.”

The ad was created in collaboration with Michigan-based agency Doner. The spot was shot over five days in late January in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

Susan Rovner Completes Leisure Content material Restructure; 50 Workers Together with Bruce Evans & Dan Shear To Exit In Layoffs – Deadline

The reorganization of NBCUniversalThe entertainment content team is complete with Susan Rovner Hiring the team and around 50 employees left as part of the changes.

Deadline understands that Bruce Evans, EVP, Current Programming and Dan Shear |, EVP, Comedy Development at Peacock are two of the most famous executives. It marks the most recent change as current programming is merged with development and comedy development under Jeff Meyerson.

The move came after Rovner assembled her leadership team in November and Lisa Katz became president for script content, dividing the scriptless team into two departments.

Cara Dellaverson and Alex Sepiol have been recruited to co-direct drama development and the current NBCU portfolio, including NBC, its cable networks and streamer Peacock. They have both been called EVP, Drama Series, Entertainment Content and report to Katz.

Grace Wu was promoted to oversee the casting on NBCUniversal Television & Streaming

Dellaverson has been with NBCU since 2015 and was previously EVP for drama programming at NBC Entertainment, where she directed shows such as This Is Us, Good Girls and New Amsterdam.

Sepiol, who started as an assistant in the USA, has been with the company since 2004 and was previously EVP for script development at NBCUniversal Entertainment & Lifestyle Group and Direct-to-Consumer, where he led script project development for USA, SYFY, Bravo, E ! and peacock. He has been credited with conducting shows such as Mr. Robot, Dirty John, and The Sinner.

Jeff Meyerson will lead the current and development of comedy as EVP, Comedy Series, Entertainment Content. Previously, he was SVP, Comedy Development at NBC Entertainment and directed shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place and Mr. Mayor.

Michael Sluchan will direct films, children’s programming and co-productions as EVP, Current Series and Co-Productions, Entertainment Content. Sluchan has been with the company for over 20 years. EVP for Current Scripted Programming & Limited Series for NBCUniversal Entertainment & Lifestyle Networks and Direct-to-Consumer, where he is responsible for the current production for all Scripted series in the USA, SYFY, Bravo, E! and peacock

Under Jenny Groom, EVP, Unscripted Content, who oversees talent contest formats and game shows, Sharon Vuong will lead development as SVP, Unscripted Development, Entertainment Content and Shelby Shaftel as SVP, Unscripted Current Programming, Entertainment Content. Vuong, who joined from CBS last year, was previously SVP for alternative programming and development and led the development of shows like That’s My Jam with Jimmy Fallon and Small Fortune, while Shaftel was previously SVP for alternative programming and development for NBC Entertainment and is the lead took over The Titan Games, The Wall and Making It.

On the lifestyle and documentary side, Rachel Smith will lead development and Shari Levine will lead the current programming under the direction of Rod Aissa. Smith, who becomes EVP, Unscripted Development, Entertainment Content, was previously EVP of Development for Bravo and E !, where she worked for The Real Housewives Franchise, and Levine, who becomes EVP, Unscripted Current Production, Entertainment Content, was previously EVP of Production for Bravo, where she oversaw shows like Project Runway and Top Chef.

The majority of the exits take place within the content team with some additional exits in the areas of planning, acquisition and marketing.