Younger brothers increase cash at lemonade stand to lease meals truck for Brooklyn first responders

BROOKLYN, Ohio – A few little brothers in Brooklyn make a huge impact on their community.

Gideon and Josiah Trank, ages eight and seven, have raised hundreds of dollars for first responders with their lemonade stand in the front yard.

On Friday they used their earnings to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the Brooklyn Police and Fire Department. The truck parked in front of the police station between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. serving bagel sandwiches and other goodies while the brothers took orders behind the counter.

“We love our heroes,” said Gideon. “We’re doing this because they’re probably hungry.”

This love for first responders was instilled in them by their parents Machelle and Avery Trank.

“My wife and I really convey to them that they support our first responders because whether you like them or not, they are the first to come and they are there for our community to help us for whatever reason always you’re dealing with, ”said Avery Trank, the boys’ father.

The boys have proven this love over the years with their lemonade stand. Last year the boys raised more than $ 700 for the families of fallen Cleveland Police Detective James Skernivitz and Officer Nick Sabo.

“You want to help raise money for families and contribute as much as possible,” said Trank.

A few weeks ago they had the idea of ​​renting a food truck for their local first responders in Brooklyn.

So the Potions called Natalie Bata, the co-owner of Cocky’s Bagels in North Olmsted, and asked how much they would have to raise to make this happen.

“So obviously my heart was overflowing with joy and I’m like absolute,” said Bata. “Collect $ 300 and we’ll do the rest.”

Bata said the Cocky’s food truck usually costs between $ 800 and $ 1,000 to rent for events, but she was touched by Gideon and Josiah’s selflessness and kindness, so she wanted to help too.

“So that young children understand the beauty of the ministry and give something back to the community, and then understand what these cops and firefighters do every day, and that risks their lives and gives something back to their community,” said Bata. “So the fact that they understand the importance of this form of service is only – for an eight-year-old who feels and feels like this is giving back to the community and actually wanting to work on it.” Is pretty great . “

The boys raised $ 340 and on Friday night they helped the Cocky team serve the people who always serve the community.

Courtesy: Machelle Potion

“It makes you feel really good,” said Sergeant Paul Stein of the Brooklyn Police Department. “Machelle and Avery were very supportive and taught them what it is like to respect adults and cops and what is important in life, and to see that it is just amazing with a young person.”

Trank said it was humiliating to see his sons come up with fundraising ideas for first responders.

“We have to support our local first responders because they go through a lot, they really do it and we don’t see what’s behind the curtain,” said Trank. “So I urge everyone out there to support them, just wave them, say hello and ask them how their day is.”

Bata said the spots to rent the Cocky’s Bagels food truck for the summer are filling up quickly. If you are interested, you should email or call 440-454-0675.

Gideon and Josiah plan to reopen their lemonade stand sometime this summer.

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Nicola Peltz will get tattoo of fiance Brooklyn Beckham’s title | Leisure

Nicola Peltz has a tattoo of Brooklyn Beckham’s name.

The 26-year-old actress is engaged to the 22-year-old aspiring photographer and announced on Thursday (April 8th, 21) that she had a new tattoo in honor of her future husband.

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Get Brooklyn- and Detroit-style Pizza at This New Pizzeria in Honolulu

Matthew Resich is more than a pizza lover. He’s like a pizza scientist.

The owner of Brick Fire Tavern, Hawaii’s only Vera Pizza Napoletana-certified pizzeria in Kaimukī, Oʻahu, has spent a lot of time making his cakes, from determining the perfect fermentation for the dough (96 hours) to importing fresh curd cheese used to make homemade curd mozzarella. All with the aim of creating the perfect pizza – and one that would still be good if you couldn’t eat it right away. (Thank you, COVID.)

“Good pizza starts with good ingredients,” he says.

Papa Mamo quietly opened in December 2020 and serves Detroit and Brooklyn-style pizzas in Chinatown on Oʻahu.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

Together with partners and restaurant colleagues Danny Kaaialii and Jonny Vasquez, Resich has launched a new pizza concept called Pizza Mamo. It opened quietly in December 2020 but has gained a loyal following looking for authentic, handcrafted pizzas that cannot be found anywhere else.

That said, you won’t find a Hawaiian pizza here.

What can you get at Pizza Mamo? The shop specializes in Detroit and Brooklyn-style pizzas topped with quality ingredients, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the islands. Like ripe California tomatoes grown on a small family farm in Napa, picked and canned within a six-hour window. Or artisanal cheese made in Wisconsin and shipped straight to Oahu so it’s really farm fresh.

The pesto and sausage pizza Detroit style from Pizza Mamo.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

A word about pizza style.

Detroit-style pizza is characterized by its thick, cheesy, chewy crust that extends to the edge of the rectangular pan in which it is baked. This focaccia-like crust is fluffy and chewy on the inside with crispy, almost burnt cheese edges. Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit is said to have invented this style of pizza in 1946. Founder Gus Guerra used industrial metal bowls originally used by local auto workers to store spare parts to bake the cakes. (By the way, this type of pizza has seen a surge in popularity in the US during the pandemic. Total Comfort Food!)

Pizza Brooklyn

The Brooklyn-style potato pizza from Papa Mamo.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

The Brooklyn-style pizza is a 16-inch mix of New York and Napolitano cakes – thin crust, cooked to perfection in a stone oven, and topped to the brim.

Let’s talk about these toppings.

Resich firmly believes in high quality rubbers. He uses natural ezzo peppers, local pono pork sausage, Big Island lamb sausage, ripe California tomatoes, homemade pesto, Wisconsin cream cheese, homemade mozzarella, wild oregano from Sicily, rust-red potatoes, rosemary, cremini mushrooms and natural California olives. Even the flour is hand-milled.

“We wanted to give people something that is actually good and healthy,” says Resich.

The store, which will soon begin delivery in the neighborhood, has eight different Brooklyn pizzas and three types of Detroit. The cakes cost between $ 21 and $ 28. Individual Brooklyn-style slices start at $ 5.50 per slice.

Are you wondering what the name is?

The name Pizza Mamo was inspired by the swift mamo bird, which represents how well the pizzeria pizza moves while maintaining its integrity and deliciousness. The mamo honey herb endemic to the islands – now extinct – was once the most respected bird in ancient Hawaii. The yellow feathers have been carefully plucked and woven together to create capes and hats for Hawaiian kings, including the famous cloak of King Kamehameha the Great.

16 N. Hotel St., Chinatown,

Brooklyn Household Struggling To Elevate Sufficient Cash For Hire After Shedding All the pieces In Hearth – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There is more heartbreak for one Brooklyn Family that has already lost everything in one Fire.

As Christina Fan of CBS2 reported Friday, they are concerned about keeping up with new housing costs while keeping their one-year-old safe and healthy.

For the past few days, Carolina Chan, 26, and her son have slept on the floor of an apartment wearing only the clothes they escaped in after a massive fire burned their home Bensonhurst.

“It makes me very sad to see that my child cannot eat. I see that he wants to go to bed, ”Chan said through an interpreter.

MORE: Fireman sustains serious injuries fighting Brooklyn Blaze

Chan, her husband, son, and six other relatives lived on the second floor of a house on 85th Street.

The fire caught on Monday morning when most of her family was at work. Chan was sleeping with her baby inside when her brother-in-law began desperately to knock on her door.

“I saw the smoke. I don’t even know how I managed to get out with my baby. I was wearing my pajamas, ”said Chan.

The Guatemalan family lost everything and found temporary refuge in a nearby apartment. To stay, the family will have to pay USD 7,500 rent through next week. While the family has received some clothing donations, they are desperate to replace other necessities for the baby.

“A chair for my baby so that he can start eating because he has stopped eating for the time being. He doesn’t eat anymore. He only drinks milk and doesn’t want to eat, ”said Chan.

Chan said her family is back at work and trying to find the money. She says other Guatemalan immigrants, who also lost everything in the fire, have raised significant help through online fundraisers, which gave her hope that people could find it in their hearts to help her too.

The family hopes to raise funds to buy a walker for the baby, as well as diapers and furniture.

Christina Fan from CBS2 contributed to this report.