Type 124’s Brooke Sensible adopted only one profession path

Brooke Wise was focused from a young age. She knew what she wanted and she does it.

“I loved everything to do with beauty and fashion,” said Wise. “I’ve always wanted to be in the beauty industry, be it fashion design or hair or whatever. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve never wanted to do anything else. “

Wise is the hairstylist at Style 124.

“My focus is on making people look and feel more beautiful,” she noted.

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Brooke (Malone) Wise grew up in Marion and graduated from Marion Harding High School and the Tri-Rivers Career Center.

“I started as an intern in a salon by making an appointment,” she recalls. “From then on, I worked in a walk-in salon to build my clientele. Although I’ve enjoyed the places I’ve worked, I enjoy being my own boss at Style 124. I can create my own atmosphere without the headache of having my own salon. “

She has worked side by side with stylist Boston Winslow for years.

“Brooke is the perfect example of a seasoned, versatile stylist,” said Winslow. “She has every tool in hand to be the best of the best. She’s on time, great execution, and so incredibly nice. I am lucky enough to stand next to her every day and watch her grow and succeed in her business. ”

“I absolutely love that people look and feel good in my chair,” Wise replied. “Hair is a big part of how you look and it’s always been an absolute joy to make someone feel good about who they look.”

Luke Henry agreed so much that he bought the business. He founded Style 124 with Alex Sheridan (as well as The Brickyard on Main) as part of Main Street Reimagined.

“Brooke is both fun and professional,” said Henry, “the perfect combination to be one of the founding stylists on Style 124. She believed the project and us from the start and she is such a passionate supporter of everything. ”The other style girls, downtown and local businesses in the community! The world needs more people like Brooke. ”

“I feel like my purpose in life was helping someone,” said Wise. “It may not be like helping someone physically, but helping someone feel good and look good was just as enjoyable.”

“I enjoy all of my customers,” she added. “I’ve been in the industry for 16 years now. I’ve been there for new beginnings and terrible endings. I’ve been there for births, weddings, and graduation ceremonies. But I was also there because of illness, sadness and death. My customers have become like family over the years. I have become friends with all of them and I value them more than they will know. I really enjoy what I do. “

Style 124 is located at 124 South Main Street in Marion. Log in for more information style124salon.com.

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Ally Brooke: I am a believer in having an incredible scent | Leisure

Ally Brooke doesn’t leave the house without splashing into an “amazing scent”.

The former Fifth Harmony star revealed some of the beauty items she carries with her every day.

When talking about the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau de Toilette, she said to E !: “I believe in an amazing fragrance. Right now I love this perfume because of its fragrant floral scent. It’s perfect for spring.”

Another product that the 27-year-old singer cannot do without is her Spice Lip Liner from MAC.

She explained, “I use this lip liner almost every day! I’m in love with it. It goes with almost every lipstick I’ve tried.”

Ally also uses La Mer Crème de la Mer moisturizer to make her skin glow and the Samel Foundation Chanel Ultra Le Teint to create a “silk” look.

She said, “One of my favorite products I use. It’s like heaven for your skin. I swear by it. This moisturizer will make your skin glow and glow.”

Ally added, “My favorite foundation! I adore Chanel. This foundation makes my face look like silk.”

Meanwhile, the “Worth It” hitmaker spoke of the importance of being “kind to yourself.”

On what advice she would give someone to be the best they can be, she replied, “Don’t be hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself. Value your heart, your work ethic, your mind, your talents. It is important to be present to stay You are made terrible and wonderfully! “

Meanwhile, Ally said she felt like she was in “paradise” when she was working on new solo music.

She teased, “I was in the studio in paradise. New music is coming in the next few weeks, my fans are going crazy. It’s amazing. Hold on.”

Ally Brooke engaged on solo album | Leisure

Ally Brooke was secretly working on her first solo album.

The Fifth Harmony singer has been busy recording tracks for her upcoming LP and has sworn to her fans that the new record will be a “big piece of her heart”.

She said, “So I’m working on my very first solo album, which is amazing to me. It’s pretty special and I’ve worked in Miami. I’ve only been there. And in Puerto Rico.

“I kind of kept it a secret … It’s going to be amazing. There are so many different producers and artists [that I’m working with]. It will definitely be a big piece of my heart. I know the fans will just explode. It’s been an amazing journey for me. “

Ally is also working on her own podcast, The Ally Brooke Show, and she finally thinks it’s the right time to focus on the new venture after it failed three years ago because she wasn’t “ready” .

Going on with Mario Lopez, she shared, “It’s funny, I tried starting a podcast three years ago and it just didn’t work out. I wasn’t ready so it was always there.

“But for me it was about the timing and now the timing couldn’t be more perfect. This is while I’m recording in the studio and having my own podcast to share with my fans and get a new audience. It really works to be a good platform only to be vulnerable.

“For the first time, I’ve got my own voice. And hopefully being a positive voice for other Latinas and other people out there. It’ll be shared. I’ll start the first episode solo and then it’s me.” I will exchange ideas with different guests every other week. There will be everyone from artists to comedians to some of my favorite chefs. It’s going to be a great time. “

Brooke Shields would not have a holy grail magnificence product | Leisure

Brooke Shields doesn’t swear by a beauty product.

The 55-year-old actress prefers to have lotions and potions in her skin care routine that keep her skin clean and hydrated rather than just having a Holy Grail product.

When asked what her essential beauty product is, she said to Byrdie, “Cleanliness. As long as I keep my skin clean and hydrated. Honestly, I don’t swear by any particular thing. Really, it’s anything that isn’t chemical.” something that is super moisturizing. But the main thing is to keep myself hydrated. I’ve noticed that the elasticity that comes with hydration is really what I need.

“While I love vitamin C, I’ve found that products with vitamin C really help keep the dullness off of my skin and refresh it. It doesn’t matter to the brand as I don’t have a favorite yet. I only got it recently discovered. “

However, the “Chalet Girl” star admitted she refuses to live without moisturizer after her mother cemented the importance of healthy skin on her from a young age.

She explained, “Honestly, it’s so boring, but it’s all about moisture. It’s a lot easier to apply makeup to a damp, supple face or skin. The drier or dehydrated I am, the older I look and I really need to be careful not to just hydrate from the inside but also the outside. I grew up with my mom and said, ‘Moisture, moisture, moisture.’ “

Brooke, who has Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, with husband Chris Henchy, is more likely to opt for thicker moisturizers, which make her skin feel so creamy that her kids don’t like to touch her face.

She continued, “I like thicker, richer creams because I feel better mentally. I don’t know if that’s true, but I like the feel of my skin. My kids will say they don’t want to kiss me because I feel too much Got stuff on my face. “

Brooke Shields: My fame made college arduous | Leisure

Brooke Shields had to win over her classmates because of her career in Hollywood.

The 55-year-old actress was only 12 when her groundbreaking lead role in “Pretty Baby” hit the big screen in 1978 while she starred in “The Blue Lagoon” just two years later, and her dazzling teenage life meant other kids took some time to warm up.

As she appeared on the Tea With Twiggy podcast, she said, “Ninth grade was tough, just as it was tough being a freshman … I went to high school and had just done Blue Lagoon or something They weren’t afraid to get up at lunch when I sat down in unison to move around en masse … Then they get bored when they’re difficult or caring.

“Then we started studying together, or if I did well on a test, I showed them that I didn’t get any special treatment.”

She revealed how the turning point came when her mother, Tina Shields, threw a “whole class” roller skating party, which was a wake-up call for the other kids.

She explained, “The kids I thought were so cool, but what they saw when we were at this event was how much I had to work.

“So they all dance and I have to take pictures and do soundbites.

“And then I got to dance with them, but I think they saw that I wasn’t stuck. I didn’t think I was better than them.”

“And then I had to do this math test on Monday. It evened out!”

Meanwhile, Shields has also pointed out the difference between her personal life with actress and model mom Tina and her father Francis, who was a businessman.

The couple split when Brooke was only five months old, but she said, “So I had this seemingly fabulous life with my mother, but it was a whole different world with my father.

“My dad never saw my films, he didn’t see anything I did, they didn’t acknowledge that I was an actress or that I was famous or anything.

“It sounds tough, but it actually balanced everything.”