26-year-old CEO completes SPAC deal and brings his autonomous trucking start-up Embark public

25 year old Embark CEO and co-founder Alex Rodrigues

According to Alex Rodrigues, CEO of Embark Trucks, the congestion in US ports, the shortage of trucks and the rise in e-commerce have created a unique opportunity for autonomous trucking has completed its SPAC merger and is trading on Thursday under the ticker EMBK on the Nasdaq.

“What we’ve heard from investors is that people really understand the need here and there’s a lot of excitement about the potential to revolutionize the way logistics work,” Rodrigues told CNBC. “We’re really at a tipping point now where it really starts to affect everyday people and when people don’t get their Christmas presents the need for a solution becomes much more urgent.”

Embark was founded in 2016 by 20-year-old Rodrigues and Brandon Moak and focuses on software and assistive technology for autonomous trucking. Embark can convert existing truck fleets into autonomous fleets and works with hauliers and truck manufacturers instead of developing their own vehicles. According to the Embark website, The company’s autonomous technology can improve fuel efficiency by 10%, reduce delivery time by 40%, and increase sales per truck by 300%.

In June, Embark announced that it would be using Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II, a special purpose acquisition company, in a $ 5.2 billion deal.

As of Thursday, Embark expects to generate gross cash proceeds of approximately $ 614 million, including a private investment of $ 200 million from Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, the largest trucker in the country, along with venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global. Rodrigues also becomes one of the youngest CEOs of a US public company at the age of 26.

Embark is the latest in a wave of autonomous freight forwarders to go public in 2021. TuSimple‘s IPO was in April, and it works with now UPS on railways for autonomous parcel delivery. Aurora innovation went public this month in a SPAC merger.

Wedbush predicts that approximately $ 750 billion will be spent on autonomous commercial vehicles over the next five years. Embark is partnered with AB InBev, Budweiser brewer, Werner company, a trucker for large retail stores, Ryder and DHL, and others, as all industries are looking to reduce supply chain spending.

“I think we are really excited that the industry recognizes that we are here as a quality partner and that we have been able to partner with some of the best in the business,” said Rodrigues.

Walmart announced this week it is with fully autonomous trucking to move online food orders through a partnership with the start-up Gatik.

Rodrigues believes it is another tailwind for his company and its autonomous logistics. “Large established players understand the urgency and necessity of this technology. We see that as a big plus. “

Correction: Plus and Hennessy Capital Investment Corp V have terminated their merger agreement. In a previous version, the status of the deal was incorrectly stated.

Elite Magnificence brings majorette-style dances to Japanese – The Every day Japanese Information

If you search for “Majorette Dancing” online, you will find mentions of baton rolling, dancing, and even knife juggling. However, this does not apply to Eastern’s new majorette dance club.

Iyanna Stanton, a sophomore journalism major and former club president, said the majorette dance troupe that their troupe calls “Elite Elegance” is more dance than death-defying juggling.

Stanton would describe her dances as “majorette style” or “southern style”.

“If you’ve ever heard of the ‘Bring It’ show, it’s like that kind of dancing, so we don’t use batons, it’s like jerks and routines and stuff,” Stanton said.

According to Asianna Martin, a junior public relations major who is the DJ and treasurer of Elite Elegance, the dance club has up to 18 members, but they are not an officially registered student organization.

The club’s dream is to get RSO status, which could be approved during the student government meeting on Wednesday, and doesn’t stop there.

“The current goal is to become an RSO,” said Martin. “But the main goal is to become part of athletics.”

Although there may be competitions for the Elite Elegance Southern dance style, Martin told me that for the group it is all about having fun.

Elite Elegance attended Eastern’s homecoming parade and they hope to become the first majorette dance club on campus.

So why did the group feel that Eastern needed this type of dance group?

“We feel like bringing the EIU to the table would be different just because, like I said, it’s a different style of dance and not a lot of people know about it,” said Stanton.

The club is only a few months old but they got together in the name of dancing. Both Stanton and Martin agree that for them it’s all about fellowship and camaraderie.

Martin’s favorite part is not only Eastern’s first majorette dance club founded by blacks, but “seeing people come together and just dance.”

Martin said she likes to dance, but there’s a reason she’s the group’s DJ: she doesn’t dance.

Once the group is officially designated “RSO,” they plan to perform on campus, but as yet cannot dance for an audience on campus, Martin said.

Stanton found majorette dancing in high school after looking for a group that had something consistent with their penchant for rhythmic movements.

According to Martin, Kylira Beary, a junior marketing major and the group’s president, went to high school with Martin and also found Majorette dancing in high school.

There is a lot of preparation going on behind the scenes during majorette dancing before the group can go out and show off their stuff.

“The vice president, secretary, and president are taking the steps from scratch,” said Martin.

You could start creating a dance to the music, or, the founder said, sometimes they just use an 8-count or 16-count to sync the Elite Elegance dance to a rhythm.

Stanton said that some dances take a few hours while others take longer. As for teaching the dances to other members of the group, Stanton said it can sometimes take up to a week, but it all depends.

Although Martin and Stanton told me everyone is welcome, you may need to improve your dance game if you plan to perform with the group, as Stanton said there will be trial training to ensure that only the very best represent Elite Elegance on stage.

This week Elite Elegance will find out where their RSO status is.

“When you dance you have to have an attitude,” said Stanton. “Like the dance moves, everything has to be cheeky and classy.”

Will Simmons can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]

Nicole Kidman Brings Again Her Iconic ’90s Model With Her Newest Look – E! On-line

Both her outfit and hair were reminiscent of her 90s fashion.

Take, for example, her fabulous style moment at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, when she sizzled in a body-hugging velvet dress that she paired with matching gloves and pumps. Back then, she also wore red lipstick and her natural curls.

Just a year later, the undoing star rocked velvet, black pumps and her signature curls again at the premiere of her in Los Angeles Michael Keaton‘s movie, My Life. In 1994 Nicole also appeared in a black dress with lace sleeves at the People’s Choice Awards.

See for yourself in the pictures below that show the Hollywood star’s 90s style!

Kyle Troup brings his flamboyant type to the north nation

HARRISVILLE, New York (WWNY) – I had the opportunity last week to interview one of the best professional bowlers in the country.

Kyle Troup is his name, winning tournaments is his game.

Troup is an extraordinary bowler who put on a show at Harrisville Lanes & Lounge last week and gave a perfect game.

He follows in the family business.

His bowling style is very different. His is a two-handed shovel style.

Troup has an extravagant style, from his hair, to the clothes he wears, to the way he spices up the crowd.

Financially, Troup is having the best year ever for a bowler on tour. His $ 469,000 broke the mark of legendary bowler Walter Ray Williams.

Kyle Troup, who brings style and loads of attention to the Professional Bowlers Association tour.

Copyright 2021 WWNY. All rights reserved.

All that jazz: Travis McDaniels brings distinctive model to Ketchum | Music

Travis McDaniel

Travis McDaniel will perform at Limelight on Saturday October 16.

For Travis McDaniel, making music is a meditation.

“This is where I charge up,” he said.

This Saturday, McDaniel brings his soul-soaked neo-jazz to the Limelight Hotel. The Boise musician regularly visits the Wood River Valley.

“I seem to fill this niche of classic cocktail parties and weddings,” said McDaniel. “Limelight is fun because I can play more of my funk and soul music.”

He often plays bossa nova in the Duchin Lounge.

“I like the entertainment aspect,” said McDaniel. “But I also like to offer an atmosphere to people who are on site or who may be visiting.”

After living in Philadelphia for about seven years, he returned to Idaho to pursue his love of the outdoors: biking, fly fishing, and skiing. Still, he can’t shake off the east coast’s jazz sound.

McDaniel takes great pride in introducing new songs to people. Although he plays standards like “Fly Me to the Moon” and “You Make Me Feel So Young”, he also plays deep cuts like “My Buddy” and “But Not For Me”.


“I love this community and at every gig I play there is always a familiar face.”

Travis McDaniel

McDaniel has always been “madly obsessed” with Chet Baker’s delivery.

“I think he was very conservative in his trumpet playing and singing,” said McDaniel. “It somehow lets the listener lean forward and collect.”

Years ago he first wrote texts as poetry. Today he lets music take him wherever it wants. While in town, he jams with local jazz classics like Brooks Hartell.

McDaniel recently took guitar lessons again through Zoom. He wants to refine his craft and learn where his melodic guitar fits into a jazz trio without disturbing the bass or piano.

Though he’s eager to record an album in the next year or so, McDaniel is in no rush.

“I’m very happy with my weekly appearances at the Duchin Lounge and my bi-weekly appearances at Limelight and all the little private parties in between,” said McDaniel. “I love this community and at every gig I play there is always a familiar face.”

More coverage

About Travis McDaniel

Where: Lounge in the Limelight Hotel

Date: Oct 16

Time: 17:30

Costs: For free

A brand new coach brings totally different model to Monomoy, and the Sharks are reaping the rewards

The sharks are no longer in doubt.

Monomoy has a 7-1-1 start, and when the first iteration of the MIAA Power Rankings was released last week, the Sharks were # 1 in Division 4. That’s nothing to sneeze at considering the game in which is high profile Cape & Islands this season.

While the players may not have been sure how the season would go, new coach Kathryn Andreoli was confident that the team had the courage to go far.

“I’m really happy to have inherited some great players,” said Andreoli, daughter of longtime St. John’s Shrewsbury football coach John Andreoli.

When Andreoli was hired, she emphasized the conditioning of her players and realized that this was the component that could push her over the top. “I try to improve them in every area of ​​the game,” said Andreoli, who was a three-sport athlete at Worcester Academy and later worked as a rowing team at Clemson University.

“Conditioning comes first.”

“We’re much better conditioned this year,” said DiGiovanni, who has already scored 18 goals. “She urges us to be the best we can be.”

The redesigned team also highlighted the improvement in areas that may not be on a scoresheet.

“I definitely have a more rigorous approach to coaching,” said Andreoli. “I teach personal responsibility and responsibility. First and foremost, we are principled. (The team) has adapted very well to it. “

“We have a team bond that we didn’t have last year,” said Caroline Upson, another senior tri-captain at Monomoy. “I have the feeling that we have a lot of trust in each other. Everyone knows what to do. Nobody says, ‘Oh, this is not my job.’ “

Monomoy got off to a hot start, winning its first three competitions with 6, 5 and 8 goals, including two shutouts. A fiery Falmouth squad presented the toughest challenge of September and resulted in a 3-3 draw. It was a game against Nauset on September 24th that convinced the Haie that things were coming together. With the game goalless, Susannah Brown and DiGiovanni met in the fourth quarter to win Monomoy 2-0.

“We worked so hard during the Nauset game,” said DiGiovanni, two-time C&I Lighthouse MVP. “We didn’t put up with the 0-0 in the late phase.”

It speaks to another lesson Andreoli taught the team: focus on the present rather than looking back or looking too far into the future.

“Sometimes high school students can definitely be overwhelmed,” said Andreoli. “We’re just focusing on today, not next week.”

As Monomoy progresses through the final month of the regular season, which includes Friday’s rematch against Falmouth and games at Nauset and Sandwich, that piece of advice will be crucial. The Cape & Islands League has proven to be one of the toughest in the state.

“The Cape has always been a strong league when I played field hockey,” said Andreoli. “There are so many multisport athletes on these teams, which I think makes better players. These players also take the time to improve their field hockey. We definitely see strong teams here. “

With the extra elements Andreoli added, Sharks are one of those strong teams.

“It was a good experience,” said Upson. “We’re good individually and she’s helped us come together and play as a team.”

Free hits

▪ Brooks School and Phillips Andover are only 6 miles away from each other, and in recent years the two prep school programs have faced stiff competition from their non-league competitor. Last Thursday, the squads faced each other for the first time since 2019 when Andover got away with a 1-0 win. In the long-awaited rematch, Brooks fell 3-1, despite strong play on either side and a 12-saving performance from freshman Kyleigh Matola (Coventry, RI).

Brooks plays a schedule full of NEPSAC Class A opponents, and Trainer Tess O’Brien prides herself on her team’s performance against such talented teams.

“It can always be intimidating to play in bigger schools, but I think our girls really get to play,” said O’Brien. “There’s just a lot of sand.”

O’Brien’s squad took a hard-fought 2-1 win over Groton in the Independent School League on Saturday. Senior captains Brooke Rogers (North Andover) and Kate Coughlin (Reading) scored one goal while newcomer Mary Adams (Andover) provided two assists.

O’Brien said much of her team’s success can be traced back to a culture rooted in respect and inclusivity.

“I can’t say I’ve been part of too many teams that have such a wonderful relationship on and off the field,” said O’Brien. “There’s a lot of support from our senior class members.”

▪ The first MIAA Power Rankings were published on Friday, with the scores being used until September 30th. In Division 1, Winchester is # 1, while traditional Western power Longmeadow was at the head of Division 2. The always dominant Watertown program leads Division 3 and Monomoy. an occupies first place in the 4th division. . As noted, the two Capes – Cod and Ann – always have state contenders, and the new power rankings prove it. Both the Cape Ann League and the Cape and Islands League each have five teams in the top 10 of their various division rankings.

Games of the Week

Thursday, Hingham in Plymouth North, 4pm – Saturday, Patriot League rivals fought hard for a 0-0 draw on Saturday. On Tuesday, the Harbourwomen defeated Plymouth South 3-0, while the Blue Eagles suffered a 2-0 loss to Pembroke.

Friday, Acton-Boxborough in Lincoln-Sudbury, 4 p.m. – These Dual County enemies have only lost one league so far – both to Concord-Carlisle.

Friday, Falmouth at Monomoy, 6pm – Both teams made huge leaps in the power rankings this week. This fight will have a huge impact on the Cape & Islands League rankings.

Saturday, Watertown in Winchester, 10 a.m. – Winchester holds onto its unbeaten record with two draws. An out-of-league tilt against Watertown, an offensive juggernaut, will be a major test.

Monday, Walpole at Franklin, 7pm – This non-league game between two undefeated teams is becoming the showdown of the season. Walpole has yet to admit one goal while the Panthers outdid their opponents by 60-4.

Correspondent Olivia Nolan contributed to this story.

Travis Credit score Union Basis brings Mad Metropolis Cash to Benicia Excessive College – Instances-Herald

Last week, the MadCity Money (MCM) program, hosted by the Travis Credit Union Foundation, gave more than 130 students at Benicia High School a glimpse into the unpredictable world of finance.

The virtual workshop provided students with a realistic example of the economic situation and demonstrated the relationship between their decisions and the economic impact of their decisions.

“The reason we bring Mad City Money a little more realistically to Benicia High School (BHS) is to give older people who are about to begin a life in the real world a taste of the financial challenges they face face them as adults and hope that they will win. Then they realize they need to know the rules of the business games of life! “Joan R. Westerman, an economics teacher at Benicia High, said in a press release. “I hope MCM will sensitize them to the economic realities of adults and motivate them to study economics.”

Mad City Money not only helps young people to manage their money effectively, but also helps them better understand how to prevent and manage financial ups and downs. After visiting all of the virtual traders, the students had the opportunity to review their budget and selections with the mentor from the Mad City Money team.

During the discussion, the students reviewed their purchases, talked about savings, and discussed ways to avoid common financial mistakes in the future.

This free educational event is offered virtually or direct by the Travis Credit Union Foundation to meet student needs and provide flexible presentation opportunities to local high schools and nonprofits.

Contact Steward Pimienta Smith (steward.pimienta@traviscu.org) for more information on how to bring Mad City Money to school.

Travis Credit Union Foundation brings Mad City money to Benicia High School – Times-Herald Source link Travis Credit Union Foundation brings Mad City money to Benicia High School – Times-Herald

Closing Edge 95 construct for the Dev channel brings Home windows 11-style visuals and extra

Windows 11 style visuals in Edge Canary

Microsoft today released the final Edge 95 build for the Dev Channel which is making version 95.0.1020.0 available to users. The reason this is the final build for version 95 for the dev channel is because Edge is now following a shortened release schedule, with major version releases now happening every four weeks. This is the build that is now expected to transition to beta channel users as the company prepares to move to the next major release.

As for today’s build, there are a couple of major improvements. First of all, Edge now Windows 11-style design by default, with rounded corners and other updated design elements. In Windows 11, the browser also supports translucent items in the title bar and context menus. So far, these functions have been hidden under an experimental flag. It must be noted, however, that the new design is still in the works, so there may be rough edges and inconsistencies.

The second big improvement is in support for View recovery of PDFs on Edge. With this feature, users can pick up PDFs where they left them, which means that Edge now remembers the page number, zoom status and layout of the document, easily reads long PDF files and presents the reader in the browser as a useful alternative to others Apps. For those who need it, there is an option to disable the feature. The feature is shipped to all Edge 95 users.

Other enhancements made with today’s build include the ability to use a pen to annotate screenshots taken using the built-in web capture tool, support for opening local files in the iOS version of the browser, and adding some new administrative policies.

Here is the full list of new features:

  • Functions activated by default:
  • Administrative guidelines (note that documentation and administrative templates may not have been updated yet):
    • A policy has been added to control whether intranet file links are enabled, which controls whether File: URLs on intranet pages open File Explorer.
    • Support for Chromium Policy Enabled to control whether Cross Origin Web Assembly Module Sharing is enabled.
    • Chromium Policy Support Enabled to control whether the display capture permission policy is enabled.
  • Improved support for opening local files in the browser on iOS.

As usual, there are a number of bug fixes that make it into the browser. Here are the changes that will improve the reliability of the browser:

  • A crash when using the password generator has been fixed.
  • A crash when using the web widget has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash when navigating an IE mode tab.
  • Fixed a crash when using tab groups.
  • A crash when interacting with info bars has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash when closing an autofill popup.
  • Cell phone, mobile phone:
    • Fixed a crash on startup.
    • Fixed a crash when changing the device orientation.
    • A crash when logging into the browser has been fixed.
    • A crash on older iOS versions has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where checking for updates in Settings would sometimes crash Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where certain applications installed on the device would cause all tabs to crash as soon as they were opened.
  • A hang when opening Internet Explorer has been fixed.
  • Fixed getting stuck when closing the browser.

And here are the fixes aimed at addressing the changed behavior:

  • Fixed an issue with certain Linux flavors where the browser would not open.
  • Fixed another issue where users would be logged out of the browser after refreshing the browser.
  • Fixed a problem where the video volume was sometimes set to max.
  • Fixed an issue where favorites could sometimes not be clicked.
  • Fixed an issue where importing certain data from other browsers would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where Travel Finder wasn’t showing when it should.
  • Fixed an issue where travel recommendations would not appear in places they should.
  • Fixed an issue where the Define card would sometimes not go away when it should.
  • Fixed an issue where certain banner UI could not interact or be closed.
  • Fixed an issue where the link to test the HTTP version of a webpage on the error page that appears when the HTTPS version of the page is not available does not actually attempt to navigate to the HTTP version of the website.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF titles were garbled as shown in the browser tab.
  • Fixed an issue where pinned websites would sometimes be resolved after refreshing the browser.
  • Fixed an issue with older versions of Windows where browser installation would fail.
  • Fixed an issue where free text annotations in PDFs would not work at the edges of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where download notifications would sometimes not appear in pop-up windows.
  • Fixed an issue where Jump List Actions are missing from PWAs or websites installed as apps on Windows 11.
  • Cell phone, mobile phone:
    • Fixed an issue where InPrivate sometimes couldn’t be used.
    • Fixed an issue where the login screen would get stuck while logging in to the browser.
    • Fixed an issue on Android where menus would sometimes not work when sharing another app with the browser.
    • Fixed an issue where passwords cannot be edited or deleted because nothing works on the Password Settings page.
    • Fixed an issue where rewards would not work.
    • Fixed an issue where the button to go to the Immersive Reader would sometimes not be visible when it should.
  • Developer:
    • Fixed an issue in WebView2 applications where certain resources were left out when the application was published (Issue 730, Edition 1061).
    • Fixed an issue creating WebView2 apps that contain XAML islands (Edition 1716).
  • The administrative policy to control whether Internet Explorer integration tests are allowed has been deprecated.

Finally, there are a number of known issues that users should be aware of that the company will always list on these release notes. Here is the full list:

  • YouTube users may experience playback errors with certain ad blocking extensions. As a workaround, temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to continue. See this help article for more details.
  • Some users still experience an issue where all tabs and extensions immediately crash with a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error. The most common cause of this error is out of date security or antivirus software from a vendor such as Symantec. In these cases this will be resolved by updating this software.
  • Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have installed the associated extension may sometimes find that websites such as Gmail cannot be loaded. This error is due to the fact that the main Kaspersky software is out of date, so it is resolved by making sure that the latest version is installed.
  • Some users still see favorites being duplicated. This issue should be reduced now that automatic deduplication has been introduced in Insider channels, but we’re still running it in stable. We have also seen duplication occur when the manual deduplicator is run on multiple computers before one of the computers has a chance to fully sync its changes.
  • Some users see “jiggling” behavior when scrolling with trackpad gestures or touchscreens, with scrolling in one dimension also causing the page to scroll subtly back and forth in the other. Note that this only affects certain websites and appears to be worse on certain devices. This is most likely related to our ongoing work to bring scrolling back to Edge Legacy behavior. So, if this behavior is undesirable, you can turn it off temporarily by turning off the edge: // flags / # edge-experimental-scrolling flag.

As always with these builds, they will be released in stages. While not all users will see the update, it should be rolled out to all development channel users sooner rather than later. Additionally, with today’s build released, both the Dev and Canary versions are now on the same version.

Leon Bridges brings soul and magnificence to ‘Austin Metropolis Limits’ taping

Leon Bridges may be a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist – but he also knows a thing or two about fashion.

Towards the end of Tuesday’s recording of Austin City Limits on ACL Live, the Fort Worth soulful sensation recalled its first appearance on the program five years ago. He had bought a smart blue blazer for the occasion, combine it with light brown trousers and a red and gold tie for an ensemble that he obviously regretted in retrospect. “I hope I did better this time,” he said to the crowd with a smile.

Good yes. In a flawless black leather suit with pants that flared wide at the ankles, Bridges exuded more style than about 99 percent of the performers who have appeared on the program in five decades.

Bridges may have grabbed the world’s attention with a butter-and-silk voice applied to heartfelt original songs, but his attention to sartorial eloquence is clearly part of the appeal. Namely: After Bridges played in front of a full house at Stubb’s on Sunday, flew to New York for the famous Met Gala, the opened the “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday. And then flew back here for the “Austin City Limits” recording on Tuesday.

All of this is an integral part of the artistic presentation and identity of Bridges, who released his third album in six years this summer. “Gold-Diggers Sound”, recorded in the hotel / bar studio of the same name in Los Angeles, delves deeper into the R&B and soul territory that he advanced with “Good Thing” from 2018 after his debut “ Coming Home “started in 2015 with a comparatively more popular aesthetic.

TIED TOGETHER:Review of Leon Bridges’ 2016 Austin City Limits recording

He played the entire “Coming Home” on his first “ACL” tape in 2016, so he understandably reduced the material from this record to just the title track and his signature song “River” at the end of an 80-minute set . The focus this time was clearly on the new album. Bridges played everything from “Gold-Diggers Sound”, supported by a great seven-person crew consisting of guitarists Brandon Thomas and Kenny Wayne Hollingsworth, bassist Josh Crumbly, drummer Brandon Combs, keyboardist / saxophonist Josh Johnson and backing singers Brittni Jessie and Brandon Marcel .

Everyone followed Bridges’ sharp dressing example, especially Jessie, whose combination of crop top, sparkling silver pants and sleek hat could have eclipsed the front man’s clothes. She has been a magnetic presence throughout, suggesting it might only be a matter of time before we see her own career.

Among the highlights of the new album were “Why Don’t You Touch Me,” a deeply touching, heartbreaking ballad; the current single “Motorbike”, driven by highly danceable syncopated rhythms; and “Sweeter”, which he released a year ago after the death of George Floyd (“Why am I scared with skin dark as the night / Can’t feel peace with those judgmental eyes”).

MORE:Austin City Limits sets broadcast dates for the first half of Season 47, including Jon Batiste

Bridges also appeared in six songs on “Good Thing”. The clear highlight was “Beyond”, his most successful radio single to date, and an instantly memorable pop song that most of the crowd sang along with. Surprisingly, he didn’t play the album’s opening track, Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand, which won a Grammy for traditional R&B performance.

The performance was streamed live on the program’s website. It is cut to half an hour for a November 6 TV episode that he shares with Houston’s Khruangbin, who recorded the show Monday night and worked with Bridges on the 2020 EP “Texas Sun”.

TIED TOGETHER:Khruangbin’s audio spells make Austin City Limits debut ahead of the sold-out Stubb run

Leon Bridge’s Austin City Limits setlist:

1. Shy

2. Steam

3. Why don’t you touch me?

4. You don’t know

5. Born again

6. Details

7. Motorcycle

8. Magnolias

9. Blue tables

10. Lions

11. Beyond

12. Sweetheart

13. Don’t worry

14. Sho Nuff

15. Bad bad news

16. Come home

17. River

Younger Sonoma artist brings in new model

Art is hard, but some people can make it look easy. At least that’s what the presentation school student Charlie Wilhelm does. Charlie is now 13 years old and has always loved drawing, and during the time of the accommodation he used the newfound free time to develop his own drawing style.

Using a number, Charlie creates portraits of various people, including his mother Ann. His mother’s favorite number is 22, so for Christmas he drew a portrait of her from the number 22.

“If it’s dark in an area here, I’ll put several layers of the number there,” Charlie said. “If it’s the eye, like the pupil, I make numbers super small, or if it’s a wide or fairly large area that I’m trying to cover to pass the time, I make bigger numbers.”

The process of drawing can be slow, but the end result is wonderful. In addition to his parents, Charlie also draws famous athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

“I think it’s the easiest to do with them. They already have a number and that’s something like what it represents. ”Charlie added.

Two months into the pandemic, he retired to his room for hours and returned with a great creation.

“I think it’s a great escape from other things. I can just do it for a while and I won’t really get bored. I think I hopefully want to keep doing this for a long time, ”said Charlie.

In addition to his numbered drafts, Charlie also spends time with ordinary sketches, the quality of which is anything but ordinary. Charlie, his father an architect and his mother a designer, made sketches for years, and talented ones at that.

“I think he’s always had a passion for it,” said Charlie’s mother Ann Wilhelm. “For birthdays or Christmas we gave him doodle notebooks and pens and charcoal pencils, and he started creating crazy, amazing masterpieces.”

Now that his work is growing, Charlie takes orders to fund a new mountain bike. On his behalf, Ann Wilhelm created an Instagram page for Charlie to show off his artwork. Despite his talent, Charlie was initially shy about his artwork.

“He’s starting to understand his talent; It’s cool, he gets great comments and people are following him on Instagram now and I think he likes that part, ”added Ann Wilhelm.

At the moment, Charlie and Ann Wilhelm see this as a hobby for Charlie, not as the be-all and end-all for him. But just because they don’t want to climb higher doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the view from where they are.

“With people hiring him now, I told Charlie I think you need a signature now,” Anne joked at times. “Everyone says we’re watermarking all of these photos of me, but it’s just a hobby, obviously a talented person with a hobby.”

If you take orders now, you can find Charlie Wilhelm on Instagram at wilhelm_charlie or send an email to Charlesdwilhelm@gmail.com.