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Paul Mescal has officially announced with Phoebe Bridgers.

The “common people” star took his girlfriend from the US for a romantic weekend in East London and confirmed that he is officially off the market.

A source spent a holiday weekend in London with The Sun in an odd column: “Paul and Phoebe were in Shoreditch and they looked very handsome.

Last August, a source claimed Paul was “engaged” to Phoebe.

The insider said:

The alleged couple met in May when a 24-year-old actor took part in Phoebe’s Instagram live podcast. Paul and the 25-year-old singer stayed with Zoom after the live, where they drank together for several hours.

The actor reportedly joined Raya last month, where he also used Phoebe’s song “I Know The End” on his profile.

Sources said at the time, “Paul became so famous for his lockdown that at the time almost any woman he wanted could have. He knew he would soon be recognized on a regular dating app. So I turned to a more exclusive and understated Raya.

“He was invited by one of his new celebrity friends and had to sign up before opening an account, but he has a lot of lovely people.”

Paul Mescal is Phoebe Bridgers | Official Entertainment news

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Phoebe Bridgers smashes expectations with guitar public sale sale | Arts & Leisure

Phoebe Bridgers thought she knew the end of her guitar when she crashed it at the end of her performance on a February episode of “SNL,” but GLAAD had other ideas and they got $ 101,500 richer.

The guitar was sold in an auction sponsored by GLAAD, the non-governmental media surveillance organization, which was set up to protest against defamatory reporting on LGBT people. The sale coincided with her music awards last week, in which Bridgers was nominated for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist.

GLAAD talent boss Anthony Ramos was curious to see if Bridgers’ guitar would be of value to his organization, especially given the 26-year-old singer identified as bisexual.

“I saw the show on Saturday [Feb. 6] and saw twitter explode over that guitar and said, ‘Huh. I wonder what happened to that guitar? ‘”Ramos told Variety Magazine. “I bet people would pay some money for it – it’s worth a try.”

A discussion was held with Bridgers’ publicists, and the semi-intact guitar made its way to Los Angeles, where it would eventually be offered for sale.

Bids stayed low for a few days for most of the auction, but thanks in part to Bridgers’ growing fan base, the price rose rapidly.

“Saturday night when I went to bed it was about $ 18,000 and I said, ‘That’s a great number!'” Ramos said. “I was hoping we would be 25. Then I woke up and it was 40, then 50, then 80 and finally over 100. Obviously we were very pleasantly surprised.”

GLAAD cannot reveal the identity of the winning bidder, but is grateful for the amount of money that will be used to support members of the LGBTQ community.

“Phoebe is such a visible powerhouse in the music industry and we knew the product was special,” Ramos said in a statement. “But we were so pleasantly surprised that so much money was raised that goes directly into our work to support and promote LGBTQ people.”

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