Soltura Growth breaks floor on cottage-style residences

Soltura Development breaks ground at Odyssey by Soltura, a country-style apartment complex in Fort Myers. Photo by SWFL Inc.

The Soltura Development Group recently broke ground for Odyssey by Soltura, a country-style apartment complex that houses 129 residences. The property will consist of 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments, all of which live like single-family houses but are rented out like an apartment.

“Soltura Development is excited to bring the first cottage-style apartments to Southwest Florida,” said Danville Leadbetter, co-founder of Soltura Development. “With our community’s ever-increasing housing needs, we believe this is a great time to bring this new alternative to market and we are proud to begin our journey here in southwest Florida with such great partners.”

Each Odyssey by Soltura condominium is a separate freestanding building that includes both front and back patios, impact windows and doors, and a small private garden. This gives each tenant the space and opportunity for their own single-family home experience in an apartment environment.

Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson attended the groundbreaking ceremony and showed his support for the new project. Also in attendance were Danville Leadbetter, Arron Simon and Larry Covitz from Soltura Development and Tiffany Esposito, President and CEO of SWFL Inc. Soltura’s project partners also attended the groundbreaking ceremony and are as follows:

  • Steve Iannaccone (Halstatt Partners) – Equity Partner

  • Norm Gentry (BUILD) – general contractor

  • Chris Farr (BUILD) – general contractor

  • Chris Joiner (carpenter architecture) – architect

  • Ed Buckley (Avenue5) – Property Management

  • David Ohlrich (Avenue5) – Property Management

Odyssey by Soltura is located at 2655 Forum Boulevard in Fort Myers. More information is available at

This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Soltura Development breaks the cornerstone for country-style apartments

Democrat local weather plan provides tax breaks for EVs that price as much as $80,000

Cavan Pictures | Getty Images

Democratic MPs on Wednesday reveals a revised Social Spending and Climate Protection, which expands an electric vehicle tax credit of up to $ 12,500 for more expensive cars and suggests a lower income limit for buyers who are eligible for the credit.

The House Democrats update makes vans, sport utility vehicles, and trucks eligible for full tax credit at a cost of up to $ 80,000. The previous bill capped loans for vans priced at $ 64,000, SUVs priced at $ 69,000, and trucks priced at $ 74,000.

The proposal also limits the full tax credit for individual taxpayers reporting a modified adjusted gross income of $ 250,000 or $ 500,000 on joint tax returns. The previous plan had caps of $ 400,000 for individual submissions and $ 800,000 for joint submissions.

The transportation sector is one of the largest emitters of US greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around a third of its emissions annually. The transition from gas vehicles to electric cars and trucks will be critical to tackling climate change.

The Democratic proposal includes a $ 4,500 tax incentive on purchases of an electric vehicle made in a unionized factory. Above all, car manufacturers would benefit from the regulation, such as General Motors and fordwhose workers in production are represented by the United Auto Workers union.

Read more about electric vehicles from CNBC Pro

Republicans have spoken out against tax incentives for buying electric vehicles that are union-made.

The optimized legislation that is part of President. is Joe BidenThe $ 1.75 trillion social and climate spending package would give the electric vehicle market a significant boost. According to industry forecasts, EV sales this year are expected to represent less than 4% of US sales.

Democrats want to finalize negotiations on the president’s Build Back Better plan this week. The House could vote in the next few days on the invoice.

Keep away from The Tax Breaks That Price You Cash


People often tell me that they took at least some of the financial measures “because they would save some tax money”. Too often, a careful analysis of the situation shows that the action leaves them with less after-tax money.

A classic case is the mortgage interest deduction. People often believe that owning a home with a mortgage will face a lower tax burden than paying off their mortgage or not owning a home because of the deduction for mortgage interest.

A few years ago that was true in most cases. Many people were in an income tax bracket of 50% or higher. After tax, for every dollar paid, interest was only fifty cents or less. In fact, the government paid at least as much of the interest as they did.

But things have changed.

Tax rates are much lower for most Americans. When you’re in the 22% tax bracket, every dollar of interest paid saves only 22 cents in tax. You have 78 cents out of your pocket. If you are in an even lower tax bracket, which many people are, you are paying even more interest yourself.

It is even worse under the Tax Act 2017. The standard deduction has been doubled. You will only deduct itemized expenses, including mortgage interest, if your total itemized expenses exceed the standard deduction. Because of this, only a minority or Americans can deduct individual expenses. You receive little or no tax advantage from the mortgage interest deduction, as the total expense is only slightly above the standard deduction.

Of course, there can be good reasons for a mortgage loan. But saving taxes is usually not an essential factor.

The same analysis applies to some other tax deductions. Too many people believe that an expense is free or nominal if it is deductible. The deduction can mean your out-of-pocket expenses are less than a dollar for every dollar spent, but you still bear most of the cost at today’s tax rates.

Tax deferral is another strategy that can now cost more money than it saves.

Most people still believe in the traditional rule of not paying tax until you have to and deferring tax as long as possible. This is a major reason why many people are choosing traditional IRAs or 401 (k) s over their Roth counterparts and choosing not to convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs.

But a tax deferral is usually not a good idea if you are in a higher tax bracket in the future than you are today. Many younger people would benefit greatly from Roth accounts as they are in the lowest tax bracket today. If they distribute the contributions and the accumulated investment income in the future, they will likely be in a much higher tax bracket.

Also, many people overlook the fact that distributions from a traditional IRA or 401 (k) are taxed as normal income, even if the distributions are investment income that was tax-privileged capital gains or qualified dividends. By depositing money into a traditional IRA or 401 (k) in lieu of a Roth account or a taxable account, you convert tax-deferred investment income into ordinary income. That could mean you have to pay more taxes in the long run.

Tax-exempt income, such as interest on government and municipal bonds, is another area where tax breaks can cost money.

The interest on these bonds is exempt from federal income tax. But the interest rate is also lower than the interest rate on taxable bonds. Unless you are in the highest tax bracket, tax-exempt bonds often give you less after-tax money than taxable bonds.

It is good practice to look for tax savings, but it is important to analyze all the effects of potential tax strategies. Make sure they leave you with more after-tax wealth than other strategies. Some strategies will lower taxes but will not result in more after-tax wealth.

France begin in model as Ronaldo breaks scoring report

France underlined their favorites at Euro 2020 with a 1-0 win over Germany in Munich, while defending champions Portugal opened their Group F season with a 3-0 win over Hungary in Budapest.

In the so-called “death group” of the tournament, the two former world champions met on Tuesday evening.

An own goal by Mats Hummels in the first half was enough for the hard-fought victory in France. Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema were excluded from the Allianz Arena for offside.

Defending champions Portugal, meanwhile, prevailed against Hungary after a late Cristiano Ronaldo double helped silence the majority of home fans in a packed Puskas Arena.

Daily social

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen gave a positive update on his health and thanked everyone for their kind support.

Budapest’s crowd puller

The return of the crowds created an electrifying atmosphere in the Puskas Arena in Budapest (Bernadett Szabo / Pool via AP)

The Puskas Arena in Budapest has so far hosted the tournament with almost 61,000 spectators when Hungary – where there was a huge rollout of Covid-19 vaccination – opened its Group F campaign with a loss to dampen the party atmosphere.

quote of the Day

Eriksen with words that everyone wanted to hear.

Go to the blues

France's Kylian Mbappe (right) on when Germany's Mats Hummels scores an own goal

An own goal by Mats Hummels sank Germany in Munich when France started with a victory in the “Gruppe des Todes” (Franck Fife / Pool via AP)

Stat. attack

Portugal striker Ronaldo became the first player to appear in five European Championship finals when he led the team against Hungary – all-time top scorer with 11 goals after making his debut in 2004 against Greece.


June 16

Finland – Russia (Group B, St. Petersburg, 1400)
Turkey v Wales (Group A, Baku, 1700)
Italy vs. Switzerland (Group A, Rome, 2000)

BLD Group Breaks Floor on Two Backyard-Model Condo Communities Totaling 528-Models in Panama Metropolis Seaside and Fort Myers, Florida

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – The BLD Group broke ground for Sunnyside Apartments and V2 Apartments, two garden-style apartment communities in Panama City Beach and Fort Myers, Florida, respectively.

The Sunnyside Apartments comprise 220 apartment buildings on the Panama City Beach Highway. The community will include one, two and three-room apartments.

The project’s amenities include a resort-inspired swimming pool, clubhouse, BBQ area, game room, local market, dog park, and private work booths. The community will also include a club-quality gym with a yoga / pilates studio.

The apartment interiors include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, wood vinyl floors throughout the living area, tile backsplashes, full size washers and dryers, walk-in closets, tile shower stalls, and linen closets.

The community also has easy access to Pier Park in downtown Panama City and is about a 5-minute walk to the beach.

The project is expected to welcome the first move-ins in autumn 2022.

The V2 Apartments comprise 308 apartment buildings on Winkler Avenue. The community will include one, two and three-room apartments.

The project’s amenities include a resort-inspired swimming pool, clubhouse, BBQ area, game room, local market, dog park, and private work booths. The community will also include a club-quality gym with a yoga / pilates studio.

The apartment interiors include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, wood vinyl floors throughout the living area, tile backsplashes, full size washers and dryers, walk-in closets, tile shower stalls, and linen closets.

The community will have easy access to downtown Fort Myers and I-75. The project is expected to welcome the first move-ins in winter 2022.

Hearth breaks out at London tower block with Grenfell-style panels | London

Before 9 a.m. on Friday, a fire broke out in a 19-story apartment building in the east London partially clad with flammable panels similar to those of the Grenfell Tower.

The London Fire Brigade said 125 firefighters were working to start the fire using parts of the eighth, ninth and tenth floors in the New Providence Wharf development in the Poplar areas of Tower Hamlets.

Smoke appeared to have penetrated six floors and one apartment was visible in flames when firefighters put out the flames from a retractable platform, according to videos of neighboring houses.

The London Ambulance Service said it sent resources, including rescue workers who “have treated a number of people and stay in place where they work with other emergency services”.

The block complex, originally developed by Ballymore in 2005, is partially clad in aluminum composite panels, which were also used at Grenfell, where a fire killed 72 people nearly four years ago.

The New Providence Wharf tenants have pushed for ACM cladding on their homes be replacedbut it stays in place. In 2019 they have requested The council who claimed the property’s developer and owner failed to make it safe. It is unclear whether the panel is involved in the fire, which residents alerted emergency services at 8:55 a.m.

In 2019 Ballymore allegedly offered Pay only part of the cost of replacing the fairing. It is one of thousands of blocks that have been found to have fire safety deficiencies.

The LFB sent 20 fire engines to the block on Fairmont Avenue.

Firemen at the scene of the crime. Photo: Graeme Robertson / The Guardian

The LFB said in a statement: “The brigade’s 999 control officers have received 13 calls about the fire. The brigade was called at 0855. Firefighters from Poplar, Millwall, Shadwell, Plaistow, Whitechapel and the surrounding fire stations are on site. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. “

The End Our Cladding Scandal Campaign Group said in a tweet: “We hope all victims of the New Providence Wharf fire are well. Grenfell was almost 4 years ago. How acceptable is it that work on some of the UK’s most dangerous buildings has not even started? It is only a matter of time before this happens again. “

James McAvoy Breaks #1 Males’s Fashion Rule With Black Tie Blooper

James McAvoy is perhaps best known for playing a clairvoyant on the X-Men series, but if he could read our minds right now, he’d probably be embarrassed.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was tapped to present the Rising Star Award at the 74th British Academy Film Awards (better known as BAFTAs) over the weekend. He was spotted on the red carpet in a slim black suit prior to the event. Patent leather Chelsea boots and sunglasses from David Beckham’s new brand of glasses – so far, so normal.

But McAvoy undone all of his good work by following a simple but unforgivable male rule: wear a tie with the top button undone. It’s easy, guys – either pull up your top button or drop your tie. Otherwise you just look unprofessional.

Image: Jeff Spicer / Getty

However, not everyone was offended by their fashion sin. His fans loved her online praise, and one of his Instagram followers even commented that he “looks kind of like Tony Stark” (another Marvel character played by) Robert Downey Jr, Naturally).

McAvoy’s Blooper was sharply contrasted because there were only so many well-dressed men attending the event. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tom Hiddleston, and Richard E. Grant kept things classic in black ties; Daniel Kaluuya looked amazing in an all-white look, and Nick Jonas wore a double-breasted jacket so elegant it was worth an award.

It is fitting that McAvoy presented the Rising Star Award this year as he was the first recipient of the award in 2006. That year, another Brit won the award: 19-year-old actress Bukky Bakray, best known for her leading role in the coming 2019-of-age Film Rocks. Other previous winners include Tom Hardy, Eva Green, John Boyega and Shia LaBeouf.

CONNECTED: Shia LaBeouf discovers she committed the ultimate activewear crime for men

McAvoy will next star in the upcoming mystery drama film My Son, alongside Crown actress Claire Foy. But the real question is: will he hit his top button?

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Stimulus cash and tax breaks: All the additional money mother and father and the aged may get

Under the current stimulus proposal, families with children and older adults can get tax breaks that could bring in thousands of dollars more.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill is now law and that means Your family could see more money than The last two relief calculations were offered in stimulus checks. While American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a third stimulus check for up to $ 1,400 per person – here is when your stimulus check might come and how to track it – the legislation too extends child tax credit and provides funding for affordable early childhood care, aging and services for the disabled. It also increases the maximum tax credit for adults, including older workers.

If you’re a parent or carer and haven’t received your check yet, we’ll explain how the new plan will benefit parents, children, and children older adultsand how your family could see thousands of dollars in tax breaks this year.

Here’s a quick update on the status of the stimulus check: The IRS and Treasury Department have reported 90 million accounts received their third stimulus check come with more soon through the post. Some lawmakers are already pushing for one fourth stimulus check. (We’ve broken down all of your family’s paths could get more stimulus check money this time too and here is how to calculate your stimulus money.)

I am a parent. How much additional money could my family get this round – without the third stimulus check?

The American bailout plan contains several provisions aimed at this Reducing child poverty in the US, which would bring some families an extra infusion of cash this year. These include:

Stimulus checks for addicts. Under the current bill, Relatives of all ages (including children, young adults or older adult relatives) will be Eligible for up to $ 1,400 each for stimulus payments. This money will not come in the form of your “own” checkhowever, is added to the total budget instead. Calculate your estimated share Here.

Extension of the tax credit for children. Parents can typically claim a CTC of up to $ 2,000 on their taxes for each child under the age of 17 American rescue plan states that families with children under the age of 17 would receive $ 3,000 in credit, while families with children under 6 would receive $ 3,600 in credit. Plus, the loan is fully refundable, which removes both the dollar cap and income limit that currently prevent many low-income families and children from receiving the full loan Center for budget and political priorities. ((For more information on changes to the child tax credit, please click here.) Details like regular instead of monthly payoutsare still in the air.

Extended childcare tax credits. To make childcare more affordable for families, the plan includes a childcare tax credit for children under the age of 13 – a total of up to $ 4,000 for one child or $ 8,000 for two or more children. Funds are refundable and available to families earning less than $ 125,000 per year. Those making between $ 125,000 and $ 400,000 would receive a partial credit (find out What’s your Adjusted Gross Income here). The plan also calls on Congress to allocate funds to keep daycare facilities open and improve wages and benefits for childcare providers.

Look at that:

Stimulus Check 3: How Much Money You Get


I am over 65 years old. What payments or tax breaks on the invoice could I qualify for this year?

The American rescue plan provides for the funding of programs to help older adults financially. These include:

Stimulus checks on older adultsincluding relatives. According to the current bill, older adults (including recipients of SSI or SSDI Services) would be eligible for a third stimulus check from up to $ 1,400when they meet Admission requirements. This includes older adults who are listed as dependents on someone else’s taxes, although his share of the stimulus money would be added to the total amount of the household. (Find out All the rules for stimulus checks for older adults.)

Expansion of the earned income tax credit. This tax credit is designed to help people on lower incomes. It can lower your taxable income and wages. The relief plan increases this childless adult loan from approximately $ 530 to $ 1,500 and the income limit for the loan from $ 16,000 to $ 21,000. It also expands the eligible age range and removes the age limit for older workers. And if your income falls in 2021 due to the pandemic, your credit will not be reduced. (Learn more about How To Apply For Earned Income Tax Credit This Year.)

More funding for aging and disability services. The US bailout plan includes additional funding for elderly and disability programs, but does not go into detail about where exactly that money would go.

More information can be found here How a Third Check Could Bring More Money to Your Family, and if the IRS could check out the third stimulus.

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Met Opera’s income drops, breaks even with presents, borrowing | Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – Metropolitan Opera’s operating income declined $ 25 million to $ 120 million for the fiscal year ended July 31. This season has been shortened due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, the company avoided operating losses through fundraising and borrowing.

The Met announced Thursday that it had a $ 130 million loss from operations – after a loss of $ 154 million in the fiscal year that ended July 31, 2019.

Contributions and rebates, including assets released from restrictions net of fundraising costs, totaled $ 130 million to break even. Post-spend fundraising fell from $ 153 million the previous season when the Met ended with an operating loss of $ 1.1 million.

“Our cash position was about $ 10 million less than it was at the beginning of the fiscal year. We moved from a $ 46 million line of credit to a $ 57 million line of credit. This is important to us, ”said Peter Gelb, General Manager of Met, on Thursday. “The good news is we managed to maintain the best relationship with our donors and audiences through our nightly streams of our pay-per-view concerts for nearly a year with no performances.”

Yellow said there have been 33,000 new donors since the pandemic began.

The pandemic caused the Met to halt its 2019-20 season on March 12, forcing the cancellation of the last 58 of 217 originally scheduled performances as well as its entire 2020-21 season, wiping out 218 performances of 23 operas, bringing the total the rejections rose to 276. The orchestra’s international tour for June 2021 has also been canceled.

The Met cut some administrative staff and stopped paying its union employees during the pandemic, despite continuing to have health benefits for the orchestra and choir.

It has used non-union musicians for its streamed concerts from Europe and angered the association of its orchestra, the local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians. The Met locked out its stage workers in Local One of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees last month because it was unable to negotiate wage cuts during the pandemic. Yellow said the Met is looking into using outside labor to begin building sets for next season’s new productions.

Yellow also wants to resume contracts with Local 802 and conclude contracts with the American Guild of Musical Artists, which represents their singers and their choir, which will expire in summer 2022.

“This is an expression of the understandable frustration, fear and anger our musicians have because they haven’t been paid for so many months, but I don’t think that’s justified,” said Gelb. “When you read this kind of criticism from people, you think that we get the wrong impression that we have hired a substitute or choir orchestra, which it certainly isn’t. We hired a few musicians for these pay-per-view events in Europe to make it easier for the audience to experience vocal evenings that are not orchestral concerts. From a practical point of view and under other union points of view, there was no way we could have used Met musicians. “

The Met is hoping for federal aid. Yellow said the money would be used to fund bridge payments to union workers until benefits resume. He does not intend to cut back on future repertoire, saying the breath of offerings is necessary to boost attendance and income.

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