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Tamar Braxton is “committed” to being the best mother to a son who tries to kill him.

A 44-year-old star with ex-husband Vincent Herbert and 8-year-old Logan was hospitalized in July after being unresponsive at home.

But a year later, Tamar “moves forward” and focuses on raising his son to have a positive attitude towards mental health.

She says to PEOPLE, “I strive to be the best mother and the best person. I’m moving forward. “

The Braxton Family Value star admitted that her career on reality television contributed to her overdose because she didn’t like the way she was portrayed when the show was cut.

She explained, “After the scene, I looked back at it and it would be completely different from how it went. They started splicing words and sentences together. I thought it wasn’t necessary. just.”

Tamar, a member of the Braxtons quintet group including his sister Toni Braxton, was embarrassed by his son and thought he could have a better life without him.

She continued. “I didn’t want to be disappointed in him any further. If you see this every day, how can his friend’s parents respect me? What was shown on TV. My disease. So if I could get rid of the embarrassment in his life, I thought he had a chance at living the best life. “

But she now knows that her death would have “destroyed” her son and uses the case to help her raise Logan.

Tamar said, “I know now that it probably destroyed him. The best life I can create for him is to be a role model, get advice and show him how to communicate. There are. “

Tamar Braxton: I am committed to bringing up my son | Entertainment news

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