Seven-time Tremendous Bowl champion Tom Brady is reportedly retiring after 22 NFL seasons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates with the Vince Lombardi Trophy after beating the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium.

Mark J. Rebilas | USA TODAY Sports | Reuters

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady is retiring from the sport after 22 seasons, ESPN reports Saturday.

Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, has been widely expected to announce a decision for the upcoming season in the coming weeks. It’s not clear when Brady will make his retirement public.

Brady’s decision to retire had been based on several factors, including his family and health, ESPN reported, citing unnamed sources. During a recent episode of his podcast “Let’s Go,” Brady told co-host Jim Gray there is joy in “not playing football” and spending time with his family.

Brady, 44, left the New England Patriots in 2020 and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take them to their first Super Bowl in 18 years. Brady became the oldest starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl ring at age 43.

Buccaneers executives and coaches had been bracing for Brady’s retirement in the past few weeks, ESPN reported. On his podcast, Brady had said there was “no rush” from the Bucs coaching staff and management in deciding whether to return to play.

After leaving the field last week following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams, the sports outlet said Brady likely knew it was his last act in the sport. Brady has been against the idea of ​​a “farewell tour,” however, saying it could be “distracting.”

“I’m proud and satisfied with everything we accomplished this year,” he said about the Bucs season and his own performance. “I know when I give it my all, that’s something to be proud of. And I’ve literally given everything I had, this year, last year and the year before that.”

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Tom Brady launching NFT firm, bringing collectively prime names in sports activities, leisure, vogue and popular culture

tom-brady-buccaneers-mvp.jpgMike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady does more than just win Super Bowls these days. The seven-time champion is also trying to become a winner in the business world. He already owns a range of workout apparel, equipment, supplements and groceries and is moving to another company. Brady is launching a non-fungible token or NFT platform called Autograph, according to a representative from TB12.

The company will bring together some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, fashion and pop culture and work with the creators to create unique digital collectibles. NFTs will also have an autograph with the goat itself.

If eye emoji is seen as confirmation of the news, Brady confirmed the announcement on Twitter Tuesday night.

Co-founder and CEO of Autograph Dillon Rosenblatt spoke to CNN about the company. “Autograph will bring some of the world’s best-known names and brands together with world-class digital artists to develop, create, and market NFTs and breakthrough experiences for a community of fans and collectors,” he said.

NFTs have grown in popularity lately and Brady is joining in. NFTs are digital files with a unique identity based on a blockchain, the authenticity of which can be verified.

This NFL participant earns more cash per Instagram submit than anyone in soccer — and it’s not Tom Brady

Tom Brady may have just finished a record-breaking seventh Super Bowl championship, but he’s not the king of NFL Instagram – neither is younger and talented Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The NFL player who makes the most money per sponsored Instagram post is actually not a quarterback but a broad recipient.

Cleveland Browns star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored post on Facebook
FB, + 2.75%
Platform than any other NFL player. Beckham makes $ 58,699 per post, according to data from Pickswise Instagram Rich List.


Odell Beckham Jr. makes more per sponsored Instagram post than any other player in the NFL.

While Beckham has been plagued by injuries in the NFL for the past couple of years, his popularity is still going strong. He has the Most of any NFL player’s Instagram followers are 14.3 million, followed by Tom Brady at 9.5 million.

Pickswise’s calculations are carried out via the social marketing company Hypeauditor, which uses the API (Application Programming Interface) to determine follower numbers, engagement rate and usage and to analyze previously paid posts, the website said MarketWatch. Where available, information from a player agent was used to further solidify the per-post data.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s salary for the 2021 NFL season is $ 15.7 million, the 44th highest mark in the NFL and the eighth highest for wide receivers Spotrac. That equates to roughly $ 981,200 per game for Beckham – he would have to post 17 sponsored posts on Instagram to match the amount he would make for an NFL game.

Beckham, 28, is a three-time NFL Pro Bowler and former Rookie of the Year. He has exceeded the 1,000-yard mark five times in his career.

Odell Beckham Jr. and his representative did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Overall, NFL players make significantly less money than NBA players per sponsored Instagram post. Lakers Star LeBron James makes $ 300,850 per sponsored Instagram post, followed by Stephen Curry, the guardian of the Golden State Warriors, who makes $ 155,100.

LeBron James dominates NBA revenue on and off the pitch.

James’ merit by post is still a long way off Cristiano Ronaldo who makes $ 975,000 per sponsored post;; He’s the top professional athlete on Instagram.

Tom Brady upstaged by daughter at Tremendous Bowl celebrations | Leisure Information

Tom Brady was staged by his daughter after leading his team to victory at the Super Bowl on Sunday (02/07/21).

The 43-year-old quarterback won his seventh NFL championship when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 at Raymond James Stadium in Florida, and though all eyes should be on him, when he is honored with his fifth career became Super Bowl MVP award after the game, it was eight-year-old Vivian who stole the show during the post-game celebrations.

CBS broadcast footage of the enthusiastic boy jumping up and down the stage during the trophy presentation, taking a handful of confetti, and tossing it to her brothers, 11-year-old Benjamin and 13-year-old Jack.

And after Tom was presented with his trophy, Vivian grabbed it and eventually passed it on to her – which meant she had to receive the Vince Lombardi Award before many of her father’s teammates touched it.

During the presentation, the athlete was asked if he could enjoy the win with his children.

He said, “You started this big thing and are looking at it now. So now I’m trying to stop the little clock, but it will be nice to party with you too.”

Tom’s wife Gisele Bundchen – the mother of his two younger children – shared video footage of all three children celebrating the victory from their suite in the stadium on her Instagram story. Both boys wore replicas of their father’s jerseys.

Meanwhile, Jack’s mother Bridget Moynahan raved about how “proud” she is of her former partner.

In response to the result, the 49-year-old actress shared a photo of Tom during the game and wrote, “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one from #patriotsnation who @buccaneers #superbowl #greatgame #strong #soproud # 55 celebrates (sic) “

Tom Brady internet price: How a lot cash did Buccaneers QB make in 2020?

Patrick Mahomes may have the most lucrative contract in American sports history, but he still has a few more years to wait before he tries to catch up with Tom Brady’s accumulated wealth.

The Bucs quarterback has made hundreds of millions of dollars, a sum that was no less impressive in his first of two seasons in Tampa Bay: he stands by it Earn $ 50 million in just two seasons. And while that doesn’t match Mahomes’ final annual average of $ 45 million, there is still nothing to complain about.

Arguably the greatest player of all time in football will do that for you. For as much money as Brady made, New England – and Tampa Bay – probably thinks him worth every penny.

Here is a breakdown of Brady’s net worth, including money made in 2020 and throughout his NFL career, endorsements and business relationships:

MORE: The 25 highest-paid players in the NFL in 2020

How much does Tom Brady earn?

Brady earned $ 25 million in 2020 on base salary ($ 15 million) and roster bonus ($ 10 million). But that’s not all the money he’s made this season.

He also earned $ 1.125 million in incentives in the regular season and $ 1.75 million in the postseason ($ 500,000 total for the playoffs, $ 750,000 total for promotion to the divisional round, total $ 1.25 million for advancing to the NFC championship game and $ 1.75 million for participating in the Super Bowl). He’ll make another half a million if he leads the Bucs to a Super Bowl 55 win, provided he plays in at least 75 percent of the offensive snaps.

Brady currently has made $ 27.875 million and could make $ 28.375 million on his seventh Super Bowl. Here’s how the earlier mark would collapse this season:

  • Per game: $ 1,493,421.05
  • Per win: $ 2,026,785.71
  • Per round: $ 39,464.53
  • Per completion: $ 61,550.98
  • Pro touchdown: $ 603,723.40
  • Per snapshot: $ 22,994.38

Tom Brady Contract 2020

Brady’s second year Two-year contract with a $ 50 million guarantee is built the same way as it was in 2020: he will earn a base salary of $ 15 million and a roster bonus of $ 10 million, and can earn millions in additional incentives based on individual success and playoffs. The breakdown is as follows:

Individual Incentives (total of $ 2.8125 million per year)

Brady, per CBS Sportscan earn $ 562,500 for each of the following regular season milestones:

* Brady must complete a minimum of 224 passes to qualify
** Incentives Brady met in 2020

  • Top 5 touchdowns (or 25 touchdowns) **
  • Top 5 in passing yards **
  • Top 5 in the passerby rating
  • Top 5 in degree of completion
  • Top five in yards per pass attempt

Playoff Incentives ($ 2.25 million total per year)

Brady can also create incentives of up to $ 2.25 million depending on whether Tampa makes the playoffs and how well they play there:

* Brady must play 75 percent of the team’s offensive snaps and 75 percent of each playoff game during the regular season to qualify for each incentive
** Incentives Brady met in the 2021 playoffs

  • $ 500,000 for playoffs **
  • $ 750,000 for the Division Round **
  • $ 1.25 million for the NFC Championship **
  • $ 1.75 million for making Super Bowl 55 **
  • $ 2.25 million for winning Super Bowl 55

If Brady fulfilled every remaining incentive on his contract, he’d make $ 58.4125 million over two years with the Bucs – good job if you can get it.

Tom Brady career income

Per SpotracBrady made roughly $ 235 million in 20 seasons with the Patriots, averaging $ 11.758 million a year. Add in the money he made in 2020 and he has made around $ 263 million ($ 12.525 million per year) over 21 seasons.

Here is the breakdown for each of his contracts, courtesy of Spotrac::

  • 2000: 3-year contract for $ 865,000
  • 2002: 4 year extension of $ 29.625 million
  • 2005: 4-year contract for $ 42.8 million
  • 2010: 4 year extension of $ 72 million
  • 2013: 3 year restructured extension of $ 27 million
  • 2016: 2 year extension for $ 41 million
  • 2018: Restructured 2 year contract for $ 30 million
  • 2019: 1 year contract renewal for $ 23 million
  • 2020: 2-year contract for $ 50 million

Tom Brady net worth

Per Forbes, Brady 64th place among all celebrities – and 21st among the athletes – at $ 45 million in calendar year 2020. That includes $ 33 million for “Salary / Profits” ($ 33 ​​million) and endorsements ($ 12 million). It is uncertain how Forbes tabulates these numbers – especially the $ 33 million – considering that there is a nearly $ 5.15 million difference in 2020 listed revenue between Forbes and Spotrac’s listed revenue.

Per Celebrity fortuneBrady has a net worth of $ 200 million. The website estimates Brady made $ 100 million endorsements between 2000 and 19 years and expects to make $ 140 million endorsements by the end of his two-year contract with the Bucs.

As impressive as Brady’s net worth is, it’s dwarfed by the reported net worth of supermodel woman Gisele Bundchen. Per Celebrity fortuneIt is valued at approximately $ 400 million, which translates to a net worth to the couple of approximately $ 600 million.

How much is TB12 worth?

It’s uncertain how much TB12 is worth, but the lifestyle brand is reportedly making up to $ 20.3 million a year which, according to the website’s mission statement, “indexes and forecasts the world’s fastest growing companies in 2021 in terms of number of employees, estimated sales, etc.”.

Brady in March 2020 too started 199 productions – a nod to the choice he was made in the 2000 NFL Draft. Per Brady, it is a “global cross-platform content company that develops original, premium content such as documentaries, films and television shows.”