Tennis sweeps second straight match in file fashion – The Bradley Scout

Bradley Tennis has moved to the David Markin tennis courts outdoors. Photo courtesy Bradley Athletics.

Junior Sandra Maletin and Senior Natalia Barbery hold a handful of records at Bradley, but this is the first to hold them together.

On Tuesday, they broke the school record for most wins as a doubles team in a 7-0 win over western Illinois on the David Markin Tennis Courts. Her 43 wins exceeded the previous record from 1994.

Maletin wasn’t surprised when she heard the news.

“I’ve played with Natalia for the past four years,” said Maletin. “I was excited, of course, but also … wasn’t surprised because we clicked together from day one.”

Head coach Matt Tyler loves that the tandem is high on the record books.

“I’m super excited for her,” said Tyler. “We are always super happy when records fall and [we’re] very proud of everything they have done together over the past four years. “

Sophomores Bozana Lojpur and Nikki Perlwitz also won the double that was necessary to get the point in 3rd place 6-2. The Braves have won four of the last five colons, including three in a row. Getting back to the competition was key to her recent success in that category, according to Tyler.

“A lot of it makes it easy to get back to playing doubles and getting back into competitive mode,” said Tyler. “When you take a year off, it takes time to get back on track and remember how you work together as a team. I think we have finally got to that point and hopefully it will continue. “

Success carried over to singles as the entire lineup won their matches to complete the Leathernecks sweep. This is the first time since February 21, 2015, when BU competitions were played against Western and Green Bay, that the Braves have played consecutive games.

“I always tell the team that there is no such thing as a bad Division I tennis team,” said Tyler. “Make sure we have that game face every time we go out and play [is important]. We’ve done well in the last couple of games and hope we can continue this trend for the rest of the season. “

With her victory, Maletin has now won 12 sets in a row in first place. She said she knew that the moment she got on campus, she was going to break records.

“[Breaking records] has been my goal from day one, ”said Maletin. “I worked a lot to get here and I think it’s paying off now.”

The Braves will try to continue their hot phase against eastern Illinois at 3pm this afternoon