Somerville Board of Well being Votes In opposition to COVID Vaccine Passport-Fashion System – CBS Boston

SOMERVILLE (CBS) — The city of Somerville will not adopt a COVID vaccine passport-style system used in Boston and other communities.

On Thursday evening, the city’s health department rejected the proposal by a score of two to one.

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In a statement, Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyn said that while she disagreed with the committee’s decision, she respected the considerations that went into it.

“The key takeaway from last night’s hearing is that the board and the city agree that vaccination is critical to getting this virus under control.

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The question for us is which tools we use to drive this goal forward. Of course, we had hoped that the Board would support the proposed requirement, but I respect their decision and their thoughtful consideration, so today we move on to the next effort. My focus remains fully on applying all the strategies at our disposal to deal with the pandemic.

Since day one in office, I’ve had staff doubling down to increase access to testing, masks, vaccines, information, and financial and health support. This decision will not slow us down, it will only give additional impetus to our efforts to fight the virus on all fronts.”

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Bostons vaccination order started last Saturday. Anyone entering a Boston restaurant, bar or venue must show at least one first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Hopkinton ship Grabmeier out in type with a Div. 2 state volleyball title – Boston Herald

TEWKSBURY – It took four sets, but Hopkinton’s perfect season for coach Margie Grabmeier ended at Tewksbury High on Saturday.

The third-seeded Hopkinton won the last three sets, 1-0 down, to prevail 3-1 against No. 1 Westborough and take his first state title in Division 2 since 2016.

“It didn’t catch on,” said Grabmeier about the unbeaten experience in her last season coaching after 20 seasons and 307 victories. “We didn’t play like that. We never thought we were unbeaten. We just said, ‘Let’s go out there and win the next one.’ It just worked like that. ”

With the teams tied 1-1 and none of the teams losing a third set all season, Hopkinton (25-0) bounced back from five setpoints, including a triple setpoint, and won the third set 28:26 at one of 11 Kills for Junior Annabelle Senseney.

The junior was one of three players to score double-digit kills for the Hillers. Senior Captain Kate Powers led the team at 14 and Senior Captain Melanie Gildea added 11.

“That is the special thing about this team, it is well rounded,” said Grabmeier. “You can look at the statistics and we get input from all of our offensives. It makes it a little harder to defend when everyone can put the ball down. ”

Gildea had five of them in the fourth set, including four over the last eight points as Hopkinton won the last set 26-24 on a block for senior Mikayla Grady.

“I did it for Margie and I did it for my teammates,” said Gildea of ​​the promotion in the fourth set. “I see them giving everything, so I want to give 110 percent for them. Everything I do is for my team and my coach. I think the mentality is that we play for each other and we fight for each other and I think we did that in this game. ”

Westboro (21-1) won the first set 25:19 after advancing early.

The Hillers followed the loss of the first set with an inspiring second set win as they rose 9-3 early and held on with a 25:23 second set win with a 1-1 draw.

PepsiCo and Boston Beer to create alcoholic Mountain Dew drink

The Boston Beer Company and PepsiCo today announced plans to form a business partnership to manufacture the alcoholic beverage HARD MTN DEW.

Source: Boston Beer Company

PepsiCo and Sam Adams Brewer Boston beer work together to create an alcoholic version of Mountain Dew.

Boston Beer will develop and produce the drink called Hard Mtn Dew, while Pepsi has created a new unit for the sale, delivery and marketing of the product. The drink is slated to hit shelves in early 2022.

Hard Mtn Dew will belong to the flavored malt beverage category and contain 5% alcohol by volume. Early pictures of the products also show that they contain no sugar.

The first hint that Pepsi might move into the alcohol category came in October when Pepsi CEO Ramon Laguarta told analysts that the company would be considering the move. An announcement from the rival followed coke that Topo Chico Hard Seltzer would make it, its first alcoholic beverage for US consumers in decades, through a partnership with Molson Coors drinks. Pepsi also filed a trademark application in June to sell Rockstar branded beer and hard seltzer.

Pepsi has been trying for several years to use the weight of the Mountain Dew name to bring the lemonade into new categories like energy drinks. The enterprise launched Mtn Dew Rise Energy earlier this year. According to Euromonitor, Mountain Dew holds around 7% market share in carbonated soft drinks, which puts it in fifth place.

For Boston Beer, the partnership with Pepsi comes because the company’s own products are struggling. In the last quarter the company did rosy projections for his truly tough Seltzer were hit by a reality check, causing the stock to plummet 26% in one day and the brewer lowering its guidance for the full year.

Meanwhile, the beer category as a whole is struggling. Last year, total beer volume fell 2.8%, although total alcohol consumption rose by the highest level in nearly two decades, according to industry tracker IWSR. Boston Beer too recently announced a partnership with Beam Suntory to bring its iconic brands into new categories.

Boston Beer shares were down more than 2% on Tuesday. The stock is down more than 32% since January and has a market value of $ 8.2 billion.

Pepsi shares rose slightly in trading on Tuesday. The stock is up 4% year-to-date and is valued at $ 213.3 billion.

Tennessee Isn’t Giving Individuals Cash to Get a COVID Shot, However It Does Pay to Vaccinate Cows – NBC Boston

Tennessee has sent nearly half a million dollars to farmers who have vaccinated their cattle against respiratory and other diseases in the past two years.

But Republican Governor Bill Lee, who grew up on his family’s ranch and describes himself as a rancher on his Twitter profile, was far less enthusiastic about herd immunity incentives in humans.

Despite having some of the lowest vaccination rates in Tennessee, Lee has refused to follow the example of other states in enticing people to receive the potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccine.

Lee wasn’t always against vaccinations.

Tennessee’s herd health program began in 2019 under Lee, whose family business Triple L Ranch raises Polled Hereford cattle. The state is currently reimbursing participating farmers up to $ 1,500 for vaccinating their herds and has distributed $ 492,561 over the past two fiscal years, according to Tennessee Department of Agriculture documents.

Lee, who has so far avoided pulling a serious major Republican challenge on his 2022 re-election bid, has been accused of complacency in the face of the deadly pandemic. Tennessee’s vaccination rates for COVID-19 are 39% of the total population, up from over 49% nationwide for the fully vaccinated. The state’s COVID hospital admissions have more than tripled in the past three weeks and infections have more than quintupled.

At the Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association annual conference on Friday, Lee said he doesn’t think incentives are very effective, WBIR-TV reported. “I don’t think that’s the government’s role,” he added. “The government’s role is to make them available and then encourage people to get a vaccine.”

In an email response to a question about the contrast to incentive vaccination for cattle, spokesman Casey Black wrote, “Tennesseans have every incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine – it’s free and available in every corner of the state with virtually no waiting. While a veterinarian can weigh up safely raising cattle for consumption, the state will continue to provide information and access to COVID-19 vaccines to the people of Tennessee.

After Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine announced the state’s Vax-a-Million Lottery on May 12, with prizes that included $ 1 million and full college scholarships, many other states across the country followed suit their own incentives. These include custom trucks in West Virginia, annual passes to state parks in New Jersey, and gift certificates for hunting and fishing licenses in Arkansas. Last week, President Joe Biden joined the call for incentives, encouraging state and local governments to use federal funds to pay people $ 100 for vaccination.

But Lee has avoided using any of these tactics and has maintained throughout the pandemic that the decision to vaccinate against COVID-19 is a personal choice.

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients said Monday 3 million Americans received their first COVID vaccine in the seven days.

“We encourage people from Tennessee to speak to their doctor, their clergy, their family members, the trusted voices in their lives, so that they can make a personal decision about whether or not to receive the vaccine,” he recently told Reporters, “but we encourage this because it is the tool we can use to most effectively fight this virus.”

Lee was vaccinated against COVID-19 but did not publish it as he did when he got his flu shot.

More recently, Lee’s government has come under fire after the state vaccination chief was fired to appease GOP lawmakers outraged about the spread of COVID-19 vaccinations among minors. At a June hearing, a Republican lawmaker called an ad promoting youth vaccination “objectionable” and some went so far as to suggest withdrawing health department funding.

Dr. Michelle Fiscus was vocal about the political motives for her firing and shared her positive performance reviews with the press. Fiscus also called on the Ministry of Health to stop using all vaccinations for children, not just COVID-19. The department has since resumed contact, but says it is aimed at parents only.

Lee initially remained silent on the controversy. Then, at a recent press conference, Lee said he supported Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey and her decisions, although he said he had no direct say in them.

Dr. Jason Martin, who has been treating COVID-19 patients in Sumner County since the beginning of the pandemic, is so disappointed with the state’s response that he is considering running for governor himself. The Democrat wishes Lee were “excited about motivating Tennessee people to take a safe, effective, and life-saving vaccine,” he said. “It would help us defeat COVID, keep our businesses open and successful, and get our children back to school safely. ”

Black, Lee’s spokesman, wouldn’t answer a question about whether the governor’s family farm received money from the herd health program, but Department of Agriculture records show no one surnamed Lee as a recipient.

Dr. Uché Blackstock, MSNBC medical assistant, says vaccine hesitation could go away if the FDA grants the vaccine full approval instead of its current emergency status. After taking this step, Blackstock is suggesting governments and employers make it less convenient for people to stay unvaccinated – an approach that is already having an impact on hospital workers.

NBC10 Boston Responds Helps Household Get Cash Again After Journey Canceled – NBC Boston

The Amodeos family from Southbridge, Massachusetts planned to spend a week in Hawaii last May.

“We were looking forward to lots of beach time,” said Lee Amodeo. “But the pandemic has arrived and it was pretty obvious that this thing wasn’t going to happen.”

Amodeo says his wife booked the trip through the Hopper travel app.

After Hawaii’s governor announced a 14-day quarantine restriction, he said they received an email from Hopper in April informing them that Hawaiian Airlines had canceled their flights. They requested a refund and Hopper said they are working with the airline and hope to be back in touch within 90 business days.

Amodeo says they never got an update and tried for months to get a refund.

“It would be an email waiting for a reply and an email waiting for a reply and then finally, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you,'” he said. “I don’t know if they were just overwhelmed, but we hadn’t heard anything for a long time.”

Amodeo says it was at this point that his wife decided to contact NBC10 Boston Responds.

“She said, ‘You know, I’ll call NBC, I’ll contact Leslie Gaydos and involve her investigation team,” Amodeo recalled.

NBC10 Boston contacted Hopper and heard from them the next day. The company said it was in contact with the Amodeos and offered them a total refund of $ 1,115.60.

In addition to the airfare, the company tells us: “Hopper made a refund for the additional services purchased at the time of booking, including insurance, refundable ticket, missed connection plans and Hopper tip. However, these fees were originally non-refundable as Hopper has refunded the full amount out of courtesy. “

“I barely checked the bank account and the money was in the account,” said Amodeo. “The experience with NBC was absolutely wonderful, I was happy to have it over with, absolutely. I wouldn’t want to go through this again.”

It is advisable to compare prices and read the fine print carefully before booking through a third-party travel website. If you need to change your reservation, the fee can be cheaper if you booked directly with the hotel or the airline. And if the airline cancels your flight, you will likely get a refund faster if you booked directly.

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Boston Beer CEO acknowledges Q2 arduous seltzer gross sales miss – ‘we don’t look very good’

Boston beer CEO David Burwick said Friday the company was surprised by the Truly Hard Seltzer sales disappointing in the second quartersaid CNBC in an interview that management doesn’t “look very smart” according to its previous forecast.

“The trade-off between buying grocery and liquor stores and consuming it at home in bars during this time, especially since the summer hit really hit us,” Burwick said “Closing bell.” “And to be honest, it hit us hard and fast. … We don’t look very smart if we miss these instructions. “

Boston Beer shares plunged Friday to close 26% at $ 701 apiece as Wall Street reacted negatively to the company’s worse-than-expected quarterly results Thursday night. Boston Beer reported earnings per share of $ 4.75 on sales of $ 603 million, while analysts surveyed by Refinitiv reported earnings per share of $ 6.69 and sales of $ 658 million. Dollars were looking for. The lower than expected demand for Truly was a major reason for the loss of profits.

Goldman Sachs said in a message to his customers Thursday that the decline in the second quarter raised questions about the company’s long-term growth plans and its ability to correctly predict its results, although the hard-seltzer category was expected to follow theirs glowing growth in recent years. Analyst Bonnie Herzog downgraded the stock from Buy to neutral.

Boston Beer owns brands like Samuel Adams, Twisted Tea, Truly Hard Seltzer, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, and other local craft beer brands.

Burwick said the company felt “very confident” in the tough seltzer category through mid-May and Memorial Day, with the unexpected slump not becoming apparent until later and in June when further Covid-related restrictions were eased.

“One of the things that is going on here, different from the March-April period, is that the country opens in May and people go to bars and restaurants. Hard Seltzer is not that well developed in these channels.” yet, “said Burwick, adding,” It will be and it will arrive. “

However, the company made no advance notice to alert investors and analysts to worrying sales developments that the executive said could be a point “for us to learn in the future.”

Despite the poor numbers for the second quarter, Burwick believes hard seltzer is a category that will continue to grow – even if the category has certainly slowed from its old triple-digit growth rate.

He believes the fall of the Hard Selters is actually a “positive sign of reopening” as people move from grocery stores to bars, preferring draft beer to Selters.

“We’re going to win a stake. The question is where the category goes. And you know, if someone out there can give a better feel for it, we’re all ears but we can’t control it,” said Burwick, who has been since 2018 President and CEO of the company and on the Board of Directors since 2005.

Boston Beer’s Truly Hard Selters and Twisted Tea brands remain the two fastest growing brands in the hard seltzer category, Burwick said. He also said the company expects the category to consolidate in the future after many new brands have entered, which would help Truly.

Overall, the company’s revenue increased 33% year over year in the second quarter.

“I don’t think there is another listed beverage manufacturer [alcoholic] or not alc, that’s close to that kind of top-line growth, “said Burwick.” We’re running the business long term and it’s obviously not a good day for investors, but we’ll be back, “he added.” In fact, we’re nowhere going with the same Gone company that we were two days ago. We are just as confident about our future. “

Arcades, indoor leisure busy after COVID restrictions lifted – Boston 25 Information

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – That rainy weekend was actually a plus for indoor entertainment centers like arcades, which opened at full capacity for the first time since the pandemic began.

Fun and Games at Framingham could be at full capacity this weekend for the first time in over a year.

“This weekend was a big difference, lots of people came in, lots of people came in that we haven’t seen in a while,” said Michael Tolson, one of the managers.

Tolson said they followed CDC guidelines last year by slowly increasing their capacity limits since they reopened last fall. After Massachusetts lifts all COVID-19 restrictions, arcades and entertainment centers are finally seeing a much-needed boost to business.

“It’s great to have a lot more normality, the plexiglass has come off both counters, the games aren’t spread out like it’s back to normal,” said Collin Whitney, one of the managers.

The managers say you don’t have to wear a mask if you have been vaccinated, but you can still if you are more comfortable.

“Just walking around without a mask and knowing that most people are vaccinated is wonderful,” said Kelly Drummy, who took her daughter to Fun and Games on Sunday.

Many families breathed a sigh of relief and ventured into indoor activities for the first time in over a year on this rainy weekend.

“We are very happy to be out with a small child,” said Drummy.

As business returns to normal, some logs remain, such as: B. the provision of hand disinfection stations in the entire arcade, and the employees are still constantly disinfecting the machines.

“The pandemic has many benefits, makes us more cautious, allows us to make the games more hygienic and all,” said Whitney.

The managers say the best part about the changes this weekend is getting back to reconnecting with customers in person.

“You can actually see their smiles and that was one of the best things for us to see familiar faces smile and happy to be here,” said Tolson.

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He is again in Boston! Gronk returns to donate cash for playground renovation

He’s back in Boston! Gronk returns to donate money to renovate the playground

Updated: 2:54 p.m. EDT May 7, 2021

Hide transcript Show transcript

All right, thank you brother. First off, thank you all for being here today for supporting this great governor’s baker in the playground. That was the hospital I was in when I broke my forearm and it got infected. I just don’t know how it got infected. I was in Vegas and hit my brother on a broken forearm when I was 22. I do not know what happened. I was, I was in the hospital for a week and I kept looking down, all the way down to them, and seeing those baseball fields the whole time. Now that’s something very special, not being in the playground. That’s right next to the hospital. I was out for a week but it was an exciting year for me to finally see the playground project start up. No matter where I go or where I live, I will always have a special connection with New England and the people who have lived here over the years. The Grant Nation Youth Foundation has given many equipment grants to schools and programs across New England by always imagining doing something bigger and worse. I came up with this idea about a year and a half ago and brought it to the attention of Susan Hurley, who helps me run the Grant Nation Youth Foundation. Together, with the help of Susan and Michael Nichols from the Esplanade, we’re exploring some places in the Massachusetts Association. We found this place right here where we get up Susan, and I even went on a playground tour with Sandy from DCR. I am so grateful to be standing here on property today that I realized that there is something special about everyone in Boston and everyone who comes to visit. It’s the perfect place because this is where the duck boats come in and out of the Charles River and you know I love duck boats. Who knows? Maybe we also have a duck boat in the playground. I don’t understand why not. Yes. Oh, there is one. Three. I know these duck boats. I fell out almost 10 times. I’ve been hanging out, hey, it’s your fault for throwing those parades. Yes. The concept of this playground is to motivate children to be outdoors, get fit and have fun. I hope this playground inspires the next generation of athletes on behalf of my family and the foundation. There are many people we would like to thank Governor Baker. Many Thanks. Secretary of the Energy and Environment Agency Katie. Theo hurts. Thanks Katie. You know, I’ve been working on my English skills. Yes. DCR Commissioner Jim Montgomery and staff members Jenny Norwood and Sandy Libby. Senator Celle, Di Domenico. Hey, I’m on fire right now. And Representative J Livingstone Espionage Association Boarding Staff. Especially Michael Nichols and Alison McCray, thank you guys without them. I met him about 20 months ago, I don’t know, and they were so on board with Michael and the entire espionage group and they just couldn’t be better working with. So for real esplanade association. Many thanks for everything. A wonderful job. Job. Well done. The name of John Hancock for her years. Grunt Nation Youth Foundation support from the Boston Marathon, Rob Friedman Tom Cohen and Ashley Wheeler. I would also like to thank all of my runners who have run the Boston Marathon and all other races. They helped raise most of that money for this playground. That just goes to show how great the Boston Marathon itself is. And very personal. Thanks to my team, which also includes my family, my brother protects here. Uh, thanks. Guard All of my other brothers will be released immediately. They are not here. So thank you Gord. I have Bobby Goons, Bobby Goons in the house. He pays the 10-year support fee for cleaning the playground. Thank you for this post, Camille who didn’t make it here today, Amanda who helps a lot. We’re going to get the playground out of social media and the Susan charity teams who helped put this all together with the espionage association. I would also like to thank the new English patriots, especially Mr. Kraft and my coaches and teammates. The patriots taught me the importance of giving back on the first day. Um, I joined this organization. So a big thank you to Mr. Kraft and the patriots for building that into me and showing me how important it is to give something back. And they still do a great job to this day. Yes. And most of all, I’d like to thank the amazing New England fans. I am humble and honored to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing community and in this way to give back for generations to come. Thank you all for being here and this playground will be amazing when all is said and done in another year. Thank you for your support and for everyone to be here. Thank you guys. What’s this? I’ll be in the playground. That’s true. Oh, I have to thank Ralphie. Yeah, Ralph, he’s a cute guy. He’ll be safe in the playground. And I’ll be in the playground too. I’ll go down the slide for a year, so Rob has to do a short presentation. We printed two copies so that at least one could go home with the Commonwealth. I’m not going to decide who gets it, but that’s what I’m talking about. $ 1.2 million, baby, Happy Gilmore type tests. Mmm. Mmm.

He’s back in Boston! Gronk returns to donate money to renovate the playground

Updated: 2:54 p.m. EDT May 7, 2021

Rob Gronkowski returned to New England on Friday for a special reason. The former New England Patriots star made a $ 1.2 million donation to the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation for a complete renovation of Charlesbank Playground on the Charles River Reservation Esplanade. The generous donation was printed on an equally large check, which he jokingly referred to as the “Happy Gilmore Check”. “No matter where I go or where I live, I will always have a special connection with New England and the people who live here.” “said Gronk, who said he had been planning the donation for more than 18 months. Charlesbank Playground is the oldest of the three along the Esplanade. The Department of Conservation and Recreation said the money will be used to modernize the playground.” and bring more accessible equipment. “It’s the perfect place because this is where the duck boats get on and off the Charles River and you know I love duck boats. “Gronk joked. Gronk said his concept for the playground was to motivate kids to get outside, get fit and have fun.” I hope this playground inspires the next generation of athletes, “he said. Gronk thanked them a long list of government officials, foundation employees and others who contributed to the donation also took a moment to thank his former crew. “I would also like to thank the New England Patriots, especially Mr. (Robert) Kraft and my coaches and teammates. The Patriots taught me the importance of giving back the first day I joined this organization, “he said.” So a big thank you to Mr. Kraft and the Patriots for making that inside me have built in. ”

Rob Gronkowski returned to New England on Friday for a special reason.

The former New England Patriots star made a $ 1.2 million donation to the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation for a complete renovation of Charlesbank Playground on the Charles River Reservation Esplanade.

The generous donation was printed on an equally large check, which he jokingly referred to as the “Happy Gilmore Check”.

“No matter where I go or where I live, I will always have a special connection with New England and the people who live here,” said Gronk, who said he had been planning the donation for more than 18 months.

The Charlesbank playground is the oldest of the three along the esplanade. The Ministry of Conservation and Recreation said the money will be used to upgrade the playground and bring more accessible equipment.

“It’s the perfect place because this is where the duck boats get on and off the Charles River and you know I love duck boats,” joked Gronk.

Gronk said his concept for the playground is to motivate kids to get outside, get fit, and have fun.

“I hope this playground inspires the next generation of athletes,” he said.

Gronk thanked a long list of state officials, foundation staff, and others who contributed to the donation, but also took a moment to thank his former team.

“I would also like to thank the New England Patriots, especially Mr. (Robert) Kraft and my coaches and teammates. The Patriots taught me the importance of the first day I joined this organization, to give something back, “he said. “So, a big thank you to Mr. Kraft and the Patriots for building that into me.”

July four Fireworks Returning to NH, However No Leisure, Distributors – NBC Boston

Fireworks celebrations are returning for Independence Day in New Hampshire parishes, but with a few changes.

In Portsmouth City Council voted to hold the celebration on July 3rd with a rainy date on July 5th. Last year’s event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Reports City caretaker Karen Conard said earlier this year there will be no entertainment, no food and no vendors “to discourage collecting.”

The July 4th fireworks display in Dover has been relocated to an area that gives spectators a 360-degree view, organizers said.

“We typically see between 8,000 and 10,000 people in downtown Dover on a typical July 4th,” said Gary Bannon, the city’s director of recreation. “We needed a place where people could spread out. This place allows many people to see it from their neighborhood as well, so they can hang out with their neighbors and safely have more smaller group settings outdoors. “

Logical transfer: Boston pays tribute to actor Leonard Nimoy | Leisure

BOSTON (AP) – In an absolutely logical step, Boston pays tribute to the actor who played Mr. Spock on the TV show and films “Star Trek”.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced Leonard Nimoy Day in town on Friday March 26th, his daughter Julie. shared on them Twitter Account.

Nimoy, who died in 2015, was born on March 26, 1931 in Boston.

Nimoy furthered his acting talent as a teenager at Elizabeth Peabody House and the West End Boys Club, and as a teenager, according to the proclamation, received a summer scholarship to teach acting at Boston College.

He “brought honor to his hometown with his achievements as an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, photographer and philanthropist,” states the proclamation.

He also contributed to cancer research, as well as scholarship programs for arts and space research, and through the fictional half-human, half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock gave the immigrant, the refugee and the oppressed a hero, according to the city.

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