Journey + Leisure debuts on-line reserving and subscription memberships

Travel + Leisure Club is a new subscription travel booking and concierge service.

Travel + Leisure Group / Travel + Leisure Co.

From private jet clubs to theme park memberships, subscription services are increasingly the right choice when it comes to vacation and other leisure travel.

For example, Tripadvisor and Scott’s Cheap Flights – both free for users in their basic versions – each launched premium membership plans this year, giving those willing to pay an annual fee additional perks and access to special rates.

Now, Travel + Leisure Co., which owns around 20 resort, travel club and lifestyle travel brands, is underpinning its claim to the space with its new online Travel + Leisure Club, which is linked to editorial content in its characteristic Travel + Leisure magazine.

While all readers can now book trips to destinations presented in the publication via the new, free Travel + Leisure GO platform, club members receive premium perks such as exclusive travel routes and preferential prices and benefits, according to Noah., President of Travel + Leisure Group Brodski.

“When we acquired the Travel + Leisure brand in January, we heard many times from editors, subscribers and advertisers that with all this incredible content, it’s crazy that there isn’t a ‘book now’ button – we’ve done,” said he, referring to the acquisition of the brand by the former Wyndham Destinations, now Travel + Leisure Co., from Meredith Corp. as part of a $ 100 million deal.

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“And we created a subscription travel club that gives you access to incredible travel and leisure content, exclusive itineraries and editor-inspired trips along with really good bargain prices and benefits,” added Brodsky.

Subscription services are a trend across all industries thanks to the content and value the model brings to consumers, he said.

“This is what we are banking on here: That Travel + Leisure is a brand that can be the strongest player in the travel subscription sector,” said Brodsky.

Membership costs USD 9.95 per month after a free 30-day trial period at a special introductory price. That fee will eventually climb to $ 19.95, but at press time there was no timeframe for a price increase, according to a spokesman.

Subscribers get an average of 25% off retail rates at hotels and resorts, as well as member-only rates for car rentals, activities, and more, the company said. The inventory includes more than 600,000 properties, over 345,000 activity options, and products and services from all major car rental companies and dozens of major airlines.

Members also get a subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine and Concierge Services, which offer help with home renovations inspired by the publication’s photo series, to securing show tickets and restaurant reservations. The restaurant network includes more than 1,500 restaurants in 30 countries and 120 cities, where members receive perks such as free glasses of wine or additional courses.

Travel + Leisure GO, meanwhile, is “an open online travel website that combines inspiring travel stories, travel guides and curated travel routes with planning and booking tools, be it for everyday adventures or a one-off getaway,” the company said.

In recognition of Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards 2021, Travel + Leisure GO club members and visitors can book curated itineraries with top destinations, hotels and activities from this year’s winners. The customizable travel experiences start at $ 1,650 for a four-day stay with accommodations, activities, and ground transportation for two travelers.

Awards and agent loyalty

Charleston, South Carolina was named the # 1 US Destination for 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Traveler1116 | E + | Getty Images

For example, an impressive getaway to Charleston, South Carolina, which was voted the No. 1 city in the United States this year, includes overnight stays at the boutique Vendue hotel, a cruise in the harbor, and a tour of the city’s alleys and hidden passageways. A stay at the Viceroy Chicago, recognized as the top city hotel in the continental US, includes an “exclusive VIP” tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and a “private early access experience” at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Further afield, Travel + Leisure also offers itineraries in Mexico’s top resort, the Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, and in Florence, Italy, which is considered one of the top 10 cities in the world. Hopefully, when the pandemic subsides, more overseas routes will be added, Brodsky said.

“We’ll be adding more global destinations in the coming months, but we’ve added more within the US because we know that consumers are more comfortable traveling within the country,” he said.

“These new curated itineraries are a tangible way to have the ‘World’s Best’ experience as they connect us to the world and nurture our fundamental human desire to bring authentic and extraordinary travel experiences to everyone,” said Jacqui Gifford, Editor-in-Chief von Reisen + Freizeit, in a statement.

This is really about expanding our mission of taking the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel.

Noah Brodsky

President of the Travel + Leisure Group

Brodsky agreed.

“Travel + Leisure has done so well for 50 years at writing such an incredibly inspiring wealth of content, and even a family outing can be inspiring,” he said. “There is something amazing to do with every type of trip, anywhere you want to go, and we’ve got it all listed in one place – and club members are getting really incredible savings and additional concierge services. “

Both the Club and GO are currently available online – at and, respectively – but mobile apps are in the works, Brodsky said. Club members can also book itineraries by calling the concierge service.

It is also planned to be involved in the advisory board of the “A-List” travel agencies of Travel + Leisure, said Brodsky, while the company itself is getting into the field of travel planning and booking. (The purpose of the publication is to compile an annual list of travel agents who specialize in various destinations and activities around the world.)

“I think it suggests people are taking all kinds of trips,” he said, noting that vacation planning can range from simple DIY web searches for the best prices to putting together an expensive trip of a lifetime. “Where you want, need or can afford spectacular advice from one of the best travel consultants in the world.”

“This is where the A-list comes in,” added Brodsky, noting that club concierges will offer referrals to specialist agents. “We absolutely see this as a continuum that will support the Travel + Leisure brand.”

What is not preferred is Travel + Leisure Co.’s own portfolio of traditional Wyndham Destinations vacation properties. “The Travel + Leisure Group operates completely independently of these and works with the editorial content of Travel + Leisure,” said Brodsky.

While his team plans itinerary bookings in line with the magazine’s editorial calendar, “we have no control over where they write about, hotels, cruises, or experiences,” noted Brodsky. “There is no crossover within the site.

“We are already the top player in the areas of the leisure travel industry that we have been to,” he added. “This is really about expanding our mission to take the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel.”

What’s journey stacking and why are vacationers reserving a number of journeys?

When planning a trip, a trip to a specific location is usually booked at the same time.

Now more and more people are booking two or even three trips in the same travel period in case Covid-related issues ruin their preferred plans.

The trend is known as “trip stacking” and involves booking a more aggressive trip – such as overseas or a cruise – backed by a trip that is less likely to be canceled.

By planning multiple trips to different geographic areas, travelers can also choose the trip that suits their level of comfort closer to the time of departure.

When it started

Trip stacking is “a pretty new trend,” says Misty Belles, executive director of the luxury travel network Virtuoso. She estimates it started between May and June after the US got vaccinations and Europe started reopening.

The trend took off in the summer when new variants of Covid-19 began to disrupt travel plans around the globe, said Joshua Bush, CEO of the Pennsylvania-based travel company Avenue Two journeys.

On the whole, the cancellation policy has remained very flexible so that the traveler has this choice. But as travel gets bigger and bigger, you can find that this changes a little.

Misty Belles

Managing Director, Virtuoso

He told CNBC that sometimes its customers would wait six to nine months to travel only to ruin their plans just before their departure date.

By early August, more than 50% of Americans had canceled or changed their travel plans due to the delta variant, according to a survey by finance website FinanceBuzz.

Plan A and B goals

One of Bush’s clients booked a Silverseas cruise from Athens to Rome in October and a 10-day trip to Hawaii over the same period, he told CNBC.

“The thing is … actually that Hawaii could be a bit more of a challenge than actually going to Greece, “he said, referring to the announcement made last week by Hawaii Governor David Ige that travelers should stay away from the state.

Joshua Bush, CEO of Avenue Two Travel, said his company booked many travelers to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this year.

Danny Lehman | The image database | Getty Images

Mexico and the Caribbean islands also serve as a safety net for Americans because they’re easy to get to, Bush said.

Belles told CNBC about a traveler who booked a trip to Portugal before the reopening, with Florida as a backup plan. Portugal opened on time and the traveler could start the European trip. She put off the Florida trip until the end of the year.

“By and large, the cancellation policy has remained very flexible, giving the traveler that choice,” said Belles. “But as travel gets bigger, you can find that that changes a little.”

More travel, more money

Trip stacking works for some in the industry: travelers are more likely to get their vacation, and travel agents can make more money from it. The Australian agency magazine “Travel Talk” published an article on the trend this month entitled “What is trip stacking? and how can you make money with it?

But the hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators on the receiving end of the cancellations may not have that much to gain.

Bush said to protect his company’s relationship with its supplies, concurrent trips are only booked for a “small group of our very best customers.” Many travelers postpone their trips instead of canceling their trips, he said, and in other cases, cancellations are filled in by other travelers booking at the last minute.

“Thirty percent our bookings are made within five days of departure, which is absolutely unheard of, “he said.” Even in-house at our own company, we can replenish many of them. ” [canceled] Reservations. “

Bush said he had trained his agency’s 115 advisors across the country on “how to do this ethically”. He added that, in his opinion, the negative impact will not be big enough to cause hotels to change the flexible cancellation policy that made the trend flourish in the first place.

“Part of the game”

Jason Friedman, the executive director of the hotel consulting firm JM Friedman & Co., said that while trip stacking can be annoying for hotels, it’s “part of the game”.

“If a hotel wants to extend a 24-hour toll-free cancellation policy, a guest booking and subsequent cancellation within the policy is fine,” he said.

But the guests also have to obey the rules, Friedman said. He called it “a one-way street” and said guests would also have to accept cancellation fees and non-refundable deposit policies.

Trip stacking will cause airline and hotel prices to rise for everyone.

Tim Hentschel

Hotel planner

He differentiates trip stacking from “ghost bookings” – which he described as “bored people in lockdown, having fun” who book trips because there are no penalties for doing so.

“There are people who have no intention of finalizing the booking,” he said. “That’s wrong.”

Tim Hentschel, co-founder and CEO of travel technology company HotelPlanner, said that while trip stacking makes sense, it can also have pitfalls.

“Travelers also need to know that as opposed to three or four dinner reservations and then deciding hours in advance where to go based on appetite or convenience, travel stacking causes airline and hotel prices to rise for everyone,” he said. “In contrast to restaurants, hotels and airlines raise their prices with increasing occupancy.”

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He said he doesn’t expect trip stacking to be popular with hotels.

“Some hotels can now start charging a non-refundable booking fee in advance – as airlines do – and others can simply abolish their cancellation policy altogether to avoid double bookings,” said Hentschel.

To minimize the likelihood of hotels reacting in this way, there is something travelers can do, according to Hentschel.

“Travelers using their trip stack or arbitrage options should remember the customary courtesy of canceling all reservations and bookings as early as possible,” he said. “That’s the socially responsible thing.”

Meanwhile, Bush said he believed trip stacking is a short-term tactic that will end with the pandemic.

“If we do what Dr. Fauci said yesterday and get vaccinated, we’ll be out in the spring,” he said.

Lafayette Hill-based E5 Cell Leisure reserving for events and occasions

E5 Mobile Entertainment books parties and events for the next 12 months. The gaming trucks offer children and adults an exciting birthday or other celebration with a variety of game systems and age-appropriate games as well as other experiences such as virtual reality, laser tag and lawn games. And yes, they have Fortnite, Mario, and Minecraft! The company is owned and operated by a local Lafayette Hill family.

A typical package for a birthday party includes:

  • Game truck
  • 7 TVs with the full game library
  • PS4s, Xbox 1s, Nintendo Switch
  • 15 to 28 players at the same time (based on COVID restrictions)
  • Play coach
  • Custom digital invitations
  • An E5 gamer t-shirt for the celebrant
  • Glow in the dark E5 bracelet for every participant
  • Person who manages the COVID security logs

The gaming truck isn’t just for kids. The gaming trailer is also a huge hit for corporate events, weddings, bachelorette parties, and other adult social gatherings.

Take a look inside and outside the E5 Gaming Truck Experience in the video above.

For more information or to arrange a party, contact E5 Mobile Gaming by emailing, calling (610) 945-1897, or filling out the form Here.

Reserving Holdings CEO backs vaccine passports, says makes journey safer

According to Glenn Fogel, the travel company’s CEO, so-called vaccination records would make traveling safer as more and more people are being vaccinated against the coronavirus Postings.

“I’m not sure why people are still against it to make travel safer for people,” Fogel said in an interview on CNBCs.The exchange. “

The Biden government has announced that it will put in place a system of documenting a person’s vaccination status, which will make it easier to determine who is and who is not protected from the virus. However, it is unclear how this will play out. Several airlines have also spoken out in favor of vaccination documentation.

There are, however Critics of vaccination records for a number of reasonsThis ranges from privacy concerns to scientific reasons to questions of justice.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said People who have been vaccinated are “low risk” for travel.

Fogel said he would like to see vaccinated people travel again.

“The industry has been so devastated, travel has been so hurt by this terrible, tragic crisis, and we need all that can do to make it happen [the travel industry] go and allow people to travel because [the vaccines] are absolutely safe. “

Booking Holdings owns brands such as Kayak, Agoda,,, and OpenTable.

“The idea of ​​a Covid pass that says you are fully vaccinated [means] Being a safe traveler allows you to visit places other people may not be allowed to go, “Fogel said.

The company on Monday offered travelers $ 50 credit after the trip who book a trip by the end of May and travel before the end of the year. The company continues to offer more flexibility to cancel travel plans if necessary. The action aims to get people to book summer trips.

“We see that prices are also rising, which of course is the assumption of demand, which is why I continue to advocate it [people to] Go out, see what you want, get it now, “said Fogel.

Increasing vaccination rates will also help. Since the coronavirus vaccine began distributing in December, over 165 million doses have been given to people, according to the U.S. government CDC.

Right now, Americans might be more comfortable in the US due to various Covid restrictions, he said. According to a survey by, 69% of people said they would prefer to travel closer to their home for the foreseeable future.

“There won’t be a large amount of international travel,” he said. “In terms of people staying close to home, there is certainly still a feeling of insecurity and a desire to be close to home, but I think that will expand and as people do feel safer, they will go on longer trips. “”

Booking Holdings stock closed 1.1% on Monday at $ 2,409.18.