Chrissy Teigen deal dropped by Bloomingdales following bullying scandal | Leisure

Bloomingdales pulled out of a deal with Chrissy Teigen after her cyberbullying scandal.

Chrissy was recently accused by Courtney Stodden of telling them to kill themselves in private Twitter messages broadcast when they were 16, and the “Lip Sync Battle” star has since publicly apologized for their actions.

In response to the Tuesday (05/18/21) scandal, the luxury department store chain Bloomingdales abandoned signing a deal with Chrissy to host a promotional event for the store.

A source said on page 6, “They pretty much got it together … but had to cancel.”

In her original claims, Courtney, 26, said Chrissy – as well as Joy Behar and Courtney Love – sent them hateful messages on social media both publicly and privately as teenagers after becoming famous for marrying her now ex Husband Doug Hutchison.

They said: “[Chrissy] Not only would I tweet publicly about taking a nap, I would privately tell DM and myself to kill myself. Things like “I can’t wait for you to die”.

“And not only she, but Joy Behar too had a great day calling me a ‘s ***.” Courtney Love told me I was a “w ****”. People came out of the woodworks to beat up a child because she was in a situation she shouldn’t have been in. There were lots of celebrities who acted like playground bullies. The worst treatment I’ve got was from women, and we’re going to get nowhere if we hold back each other. “

And Chrissy, 35, did not deny the allegations, instead saying she felt “lucky” to be “held accountable” for her past actions.

She wrote in a series of tweets: “Not many people are fortunate enough to be held accountable in front of the world for all of their past cops. I am ashamed and sad about who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention-grabbing troll. I am ashamed and totally ashamed of my behavior, but this …

“Nothing compared to how I made Courtney feel. I’ve worked so hard to bring you joy and to be loved, and the feeling of being abandoned is really almost unbearable. These weren’t my only mistakes and certainly won’t be my last as hard as I try, but God I’ll try !!

“I tried to get in touch with Courtney privately, but since I’ve been fueling all of this publicly, I’d also like to apologize publicly. I’m so sorry, Courtney. Hope you can heal now knowing how sorry I am.

“And I’m so sorry for failing you. I will work forever to be better than 10 years ago, 1 year ago, 6 months ago. (sic) ”