Black Hills Power offers ideas for saving cash throughout hotter temperatures

During the warmer temperatures, Black Hills Energy offers tips to help you reduce the use of your air conditioning system in order to lower your energy bills.

RAPID CITY, SD – If it heats up outside, your air conditioner is likely to run hard to keep you cool, but there might be a way to stay cool and save some money.

Black Hills Energy is reminding the public of a few ways to save, including covering any sunny window with blinds, preferably a lighter color. They also recommend avoiding high energy consuming devices like a stove during the warm peak times of the day, and remember to set your thermostat to a manageable temperature.

Use your fans to your advantage, and even when your air conditioner isn’t on, fans are a great way to keep the temperature uniform throughout your home.

“If you have the option of running the fan in your house continuously, it helps to circulate the air. Similarly, using a fan to move the air in the winter will help keep your home a more average and even temperature, ”said Mike Pogany, director of operations at Black Hills Energy.

Black Hills Energy says opening the windows at night is also another great way to take advantage of the cooler times of the night so you don’t have to turn on the air conditioning.

Another tip, according to Pogany, is to regularly replace the air filters on your air conditioning systems

Kardashians reveal thriller behind Nori’s Black E book | Leisure

FILE – This file photo dated Nov. 6, 2019 shows TV Kim Kardashian West at the WSJ. Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards in New York. A California government official has been behind a mysterious social media handle that has been making funny posts from a Northwest perspective since Kim’s eldest was born seven years ago. The reveal of Natalie Franklin, 35, of Sacramento appeared in Keeping Up With The Kardashians Thursday night.

Evan Agostini

By LEANNE ITALIE AP Entertainment Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – Kardashian fans were tickled by a major revelation: A California government official has been behind a mysterious social media handle that has been making funny posts from Kim’s point of view since Kim’s eldest was born seven years ago.

She is Natalie Franklin, 34, from Sacramento, and she was thrilled to appear on the Thursday night episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, after Kim and Sister Khloe tracked them down.

“Oh my god, it was so great,” Franklin told The Associated Press after the episode aired. “I’ve never met famous, famous people.”

The sisters were equally excited after banning various family members and friends as creators of @norisblackbook on Twitter and Instagram.

“She is everything and more,” Kim said on the show, meeting Franklin. “She started this account before North even had a personality, so she made that personality up, and luckily, that’s North’s personality.”

Khloe added, “I have a legend right in front of us.”

Fans and family took to Twitter as the reveal played out and flooded Franklin’s secret account as the show continued.

Franklin, who manages websites and internet services for a government agency, said she got the idea from Suris Burn Book, a popular blog that’s still alive on social media and commenting on the world through the eyes of Suri Cruise. Franklin decided to make North a little snarky at a time when Kim and Papa Kanye West often dressed their firstborns in black, not yet revealing their faces, and the Kardashians had a children’s clothing line at Babies R Us.

Sandlot Georgetown Outside Bar Leisure Area Black Cooks Opens DC

Sandlot Georgetown, a large outdoor dining, drinking and entertainment venue showcasing black-owned businesses, opens May 6th. Photo courtesy of Sandlot Georgetown

Sandlot southeastSandlot Georgetown, a huge outdoor culture, entertainment and food and beverage garden owned by black-owned companies, will open a second location in DC Georgetown on May 6th. Weekly live entertainment – recently allowed under DC’s revised Covid regulations – and a rotating line-up of food and drink providers.

Shipping containers act as portable bars and food destinations in Sandlot Southeast. Photo by George Tarrant GT Studios

DC-American co-founder and owner of the event design firm Suite Nation, was a groundbreaking force in the Washington arts and entertainment scene. He is on a mission too Transform empty or unused spaces like the gas station area in Georgetown into lively meeting places that draw on diverse cultural resources. Nearly a decade ago, Callender was behind the redesign of the Friendship Baptist Church in southwest DC. The historic property, which stood empty for over 20 years, was reinvented Blind Whino (now Culture House DC), a gallery and event space.

A previous photo of the demolished gas station site that stood empty until Sandlot Georgetown was built. Photo courtesy of Sandlot Georgetown

In 2018, callender and business partner Kevin Hallums of creative events agency Rock Creek Social Club launched the first sandlot in southwest DC, which was later relocated to Navy Yard to make way for development at Buzzard Point. This current iteration, called Sandlot Southeast, was designed with versatility and mobility in mind. Food and beverage retailers have set up shop in portable shipping containers, a mobile art gallery houses exhibits, and a rotating cast of go-go and other musicians perform. Callender, who is also the commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife & Culture, continues to work with developers to activate empty lots before their projects begin (EastBanc plans to build on the Georgetown site). Future Sandlot locations are also in the works for Anacostia and Tysons.

“They have empty locations that can be converted into gallery space or other uses, even if they’re temporary. But that’s often a fear, “says Callender. “You have a space that can be beautified and the neighborhood upgraded, but then you have real estate groups that don’t think in that capacity and it’s just a tough no. Others understand, they are more willing to be creative. “

Grub Rockstar Catering, which serves dishes like wings, mac n ‘cheese and crab cakes, is on-site. Photo by Anela Malik

Programming is still in progress for Sandlot Georgetown. Callender hopes to book outdoor jazz musicians and DJs on weekends, but stresses that they work within the confines of the neighborhood’s noise regulations. One thing is for sure, Callender will expand Sandlot Southeast’s exposure to black-owned companies. Earlier this year, Uber Eats launched a social impact program at its Navy Yard site that gave black chefs and business owners free access to a commercial kitchen and food truck on the premises. According to Callender, they currently work with a pool of 60 black chefs, restaurateurs, and caterers – limited by a huge list of more than 370 applicants spanning from New York to Richmond. Georgetown will also have a special food truck for Black vendors, starting with Grub Rockstar Catering from DC on the opening weekend. Beer, wine, and cold-pressed juice cocktails from black producers are poured in at a bar, and Callender says he sources dog food for the puppy-friendly space from a black company in St. Louis.

Black-owned companies are getting free space for food trucks through a share program sponsored by Uber Eats. Photo by Feed the Malik

In addition to the food truck sponsored by Uber, head chef Spike Mendelsohn appears with his health-conscious fast food concept. Plnt burger, for the month of July (it will be the first location for the burgeoning chain outside of Whole Foods). Sandlot visitors can book reservations with Tock – all groups of up to 10 people must be seated by order of the Mayor, although Callender envisions the seating format will be maintained in the long run. What else does Sandlot bring to Georgetown? It’s because of the neighborhood.

“You try to fit in with the neighborhood and see what is needed. I hear people say that Georgetown is no longer what it used to be since other parts of the city have gone online, but I definitely have a feeling that Georgetown will always have its unique character. ” says Callender. “This is what makes Sandlot unique – we create something new and refreshing. It’s a different way of delivering entertainment and culture. “

Sandlot Georgetown. Photo by Ian Callender

Sandlot Georgetown. 2715 Pennsylvania Avenue, northwest.

Food editor

Anna Spiegel reports on the dining and drinking scene in her hometown DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and the MFA program at Columbia University in New York, and held various cooking and writing positions in NYC and St. John, US Virgin Islands.

How Iconic Black Singers Expressed Themselves By Fashion

Nieddu wanted to dress the actor Andra Day in a way that conveyed Holiday’s glamor, though the persecution she faced for her heroin addiction took its toll. Even a “princess moment” like Day’s unforgettable rendition of Lover Man is conveyed by a look that has to be “masked” behind the stage, says Nieddu. Sometimes temptation is just a false front, but sometimes that’s what the dispossessed can give to themselves when society thinks they deserve nothing. Performance critic Madison Moore told me, “Sometimes the best looks are improvised.”

How “angular black femininity” continues to inspire

Style is a renewable resource for black women, as Kitt affirmed in an aphorism: “The only thing I can sell and still own is my talent.” In her daughter Kitt Shapiro’s memoir, Eartha & Kitt (Pegasus, May 2021 ), we get a picture of someone who has made a sharp distinction between their public attraction and their private life, especially as a mother. This need for a regular retreat from the glamor of the public was felt with particular strength by black women who could not take the respect of white women for granted. Fashion tells this story too, especially in films that try to recreate the vulnerable private moments of our cult characters.

Eartha Kitt with her daughter Kitt Shapiro, February 1965.

Bettmann / Getty Images

In the plethora of stories that make it to the silver screen – and in new books, including Dr. Daphne brooks’ Liner Notes for the Revolution (Harvard University Press, 2021) and Maureen Mahon Black Diamond Queens (Duke University Press, 2020) – We can now meet many of these black women in all their collectively vibrant diversity, no longer always against a white background, but more seen and heard in the affirming circle of black communities to which they continue to belong as role models to find a way out.

Tavia Nyong’o writes, teaches and curates Black Performance and is most recently the author of Afro-Fabulations: The Strange Drama of Black Life (New York University Press, 2018). He is working on a series of essays on the dark art of rejection in recent art and criticism

Leisure Complicated brewers Cisco Black Whale proprietor hiring individuals

NEW BEDFORD – As Cisco New Bedford nears its “most anticipated” opening on Memorial Day, the owner says the company is pulling out all the stops to hire 164 team members.

“We probably have about 50% of our needs,” said the owner Stephen Silverstein said. “But it was a 24/7 fight to get people. It was difficult to fill our rosters anywhere. “

Silverstein, founder of Not Your Average Joes Restaurants and owner of The black whalecalls his new company “An entertainment complex” and the “largest venue in the south coast”.

The building is located at 1480 Rodney French Boulevard in the former Davy’s Locker / The Edge and has been under construction since April 2019.

Repelled:The opening date of Cisco New Bedford has been postponed due to a pandemic

Partnership with Jay Harman from Cisco Brewers In Nantucket, the three-acre entertainment center will have a brewery, distillery, winery, 300-seat restaurant, outdoor grill, raw food bar, clam shack, outdoor kids’ area, fire pit, five harbor bars, moorings and a dock for arriving customers bid by boat and an open-air stage with live music daily from 3pm to 10pm

In May 2020, the opening was delayed due to COVID-19.

“There was no loss of enthusiasm or excitement,” Silverstein said in one 2020 interview with the Standard Times. “This has always been a long-term project anyway, it is not the end of the world that it will take another year.” Silverstein confirms it’s on its way to the opening of Memorial Day.

A massive job hunt

Last week Cisco New Bedford posted vacancies for chefs, managers, park attendants and restaurant professionals. On Saturday, April 17th, an interview process called the “job fair” took place. Silverstein said there will be another on May 1st.

“The American workforce, and certainly the restaurant industry, are trying to recruit new employees. But there just aren’t enough workers out there. “

Silverstein says that while he knows what the government had to do to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes this has now become “counterproductive” in getting people back to work . He never had to advertise for job vacancies.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

“In the past we were able to find people we need. In this case, however, we had to look up and down with the help of advertising and employment agencies, ”said Silverstein.

New look:Davy’s locker site for new life thanks to Not Your Average Joe’s founder and Cisco Brewer

Separately, Silverstein said that even if they fail to meet the hiring goal, it won’t delay the scheduled opening. “This could affect the number of hours we are initially open. For example, we could be open from Wednesday to Sunday, ”he said. “We’ll get around it.”

On Thursday, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced plans to “phase out business restrictions and other mandates” by Memorial Day weekend. Silverstein is optimistic that Massachusetts will soon follow suit.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

However, aside from Cisco New Bedford’s 6,000-square-foot restaurant, the venue is entirely off the beaten track. Guests are still required to wear masks and social distancing within six feet, but he expects them to be at full capacity.

Nomination for Newsmaker of the Year:Stephen Silverstein has big plans for New Bedford

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Silverstein. “At 61, it’s kind of the high point of my life in the restaurant business and I just hope it comes out half as cool as I think it will.”

Individuals interested in applying for a job with Cisco New Bedford can contact or visit their official Facebook site.

Globes group ousts member over his Black Lives Matter e-mail | Leisure

FILE – Philip Berk speaks during the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual installation lunch on July 20, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California. Berk was removed from the HFPA board of directors after he emailed Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate movement”. The HFPA board announced in an email on Tuesday April 20, 2021 that Berk is no longer a member of the organization.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – A former president of the organization that hosts the Golden Globes was struck off the group’s board of directors after sending an email titled Black Lives Matter, a “hate movement.”

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s board of directors announced in an email on Tuesday that Phil Berk is no longer a member of the organization. The decision comes hours after NBC – which airs the Globes – condemned Berk’s actions and called for his “immediate expulsion.”

The show’s producer, Dick Clark Productions, also called for Berk’s removal.

Berk, an eight-year-old president of the association, came under scrutiny after sending an email on Sunday criticizing Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter. South African-born Berk shared an article calling Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement” and describing Cullors as a “self-proclaimed trained Marxist” Report from the Los Angeles Times.

The email was sent to HFPA members, staff, and the group’s General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer.

Berk had been a member of the organization for more than 40 years.

Mo Amer joins Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam solid | Leisure

Mo Amer has joined the cast of ‘Black Adam’.

The stand-up comedian is the latest star to sign up for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s upcoming comic blockbuster, which starred the former WWE wrestler in the title role alongside Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noa Centineo and Quintessa Swindell is.

As reported by Deadline, Amer has joined the cast, but details of his role are being kept under wraps.

Known for his Netflix comedy special ‘Mo Amer: The Vagabond’ and the sitcom ‘Ramy’, the comedian is also part of the comedy troupe Allah Made Me Funny.

Last month, Johnson took over New York’s Times Square to announce the US release date for the highly anticipated film over the weekend.

The 48-year-old actor and Warner Bros. Pictures confirmed the release date for the film on July 29, 2022.

Alongside a picture from the movie’s billboard in NYC, he teased on Instagram: “A disruptive and unstoppable global force of a message from the Man in Black himself, BLACK ADAM, is coming on July 29, 2022.

“The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe will change. (Sic)”

Filming is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

Dwayne previously announced: “We’re about three weeks away from filming Black Adam and I can’t believe we’re on target with this one.”

“And what a trip it was. Actually, I can believe it, considering how hard we’ve worked over the years.”

The Hollywood star first signed up for Black Adam in 2014 after the release of ‘Man of Steel’ and plans to create a DC Extended Universe of Films.

Filming was supposed to start last year but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The release date came after it was revealed that Brosnan was Dr. Set to play Fate, the son of an archaeologist and one of DC’s oldest characters.

You’ll be joined on the set by Hodge, who plays Hawkman, Centineo as Atom Smasher, and Swindell as Cyclone.

Little is known about the plot, although it is expected to share part of the genesis of Black Adam.

Native eighth graders increase cash for group attempting to curb shootings in Charlottesville’s Black group

A group of eighth graders from Burley Middle School in Albemarle County raised $ 500 this year for an organization working to reduce the number of gunfights in Charlottesville.

The students are part of a new club founded by consultant Andrew Davis called the Social Justice Club.

The idea behind the club was initially to give interested students a space to talk about race and other social issues. But after several months of meetings, the children decided to do more than just talk.

“We talked about different issues of race, about stereotypes, about institutional racism and its presence in schools,” said Ingrid Flaherty, one of the four main members of the group. “And finally we started to think about what happens if we stop talking and start doing something. So we talked about what we can do to help the people in the church. That’s how we started our fundraising campaign. “

Before they could get started, the group had to decide where to donate the money they raised.

They wanted to find an organization that would make a difference in a disadvantaged community. They threw around a few ideas, then Davis came across one Article in Charlottesville tomorrow about a new group working to reduce the shootings in the city’s black community.

The article contained the story of a Burley student, Claude Booker Jr., who witnessed an ambush shooting right outside his front door.

“When I saw that you had recorded excerpts from Claud, it seemed perfect,” Davis said to Charlottesville tomorrow.

The group called BUCK Squad, Brothers United, to stop the killing began in January in response to an alarming increase in shootings and murders in the local black community. It is made up of native blacks, mostly men, many of whom were once violent themselves.

These life-changed men are now acting as mediators, working to interrupt conflict in their community before it turns violent.

“One of the things I wanted to highlight with this fundraiser was why it was so valuable because we turned the people in a community into experts in their community as opposed to outside people who went into a community trying to fix something, “said Davis.

The students agreed. They designed posters saying “Everyone is welcome” and offered them for sale to teachers and other people in their school.

They sold quickly.

“When we got the first responses to the Google form, I screamed,” said club member Charlotte Sargent. “I jumped up and down. It was so exciting that we had worked on it for months and could finally do something with it. “

After receiving the students’ donation, the leaders of the BUCK team met with them through Zoom to discuss their group and their work.

“I found it really fascinating that they were literally risking their lives,” said Leen Nouri, who was the club’s first member and who came up with his name. “It’s a charitable cause, they only did this to protect the community. That really got me motivated, you know? “

“Yeah, it was really inspiring,” continued Flaherty. “They said they were the people who had guns in their hands earlier in their lives and that they had returned to the community to try to stop the violence that was happening.”

After the money has been collected and the donation made, all students are now determined to collect donations for a good cause again.

However, whether they do this through the Social Justice Club or some other group is unclear. With the fundraiser closed and the year almost over, the future of the Social Justice Club is in the air. The four senior high school students who regularly attend will all be going to high school next year.

Members are working to recruit younger students to continue their work for the next year. They are also looking at ways to expand the club to other schools in the district.

“I feel like my whole job here is to raise their voices,” said Davis. “So if that’s something you want to do, I’ll work hard to make it happen.”

James McAvoy Breaks #1 Males’s Fashion Rule With Black Tie Blooper

James McAvoy is perhaps best known for playing a clairvoyant on the X-Men series, but if he could read our minds right now, he’d probably be embarrassed.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was tapped to present the Rising Star Award at the 74th British Academy Film Awards (better known as BAFTAs) over the weekend. He was spotted on the red carpet in a slim black suit prior to the event. Patent leather Chelsea boots and sunglasses from David Beckham’s new brand of glasses – so far, so normal.

But McAvoy undone all of his good work by following a simple but unforgivable male rule: wear a tie with the top button undone. It’s easy, guys – either pull up your top button or drop your tie. Otherwise you just look unprofessional.

Image: Jeff Spicer / Getty

However, not everyone was offended by their fashion sin. His fans loved her online praise, and one of his Instagram followers even commented that he “looks kind of like Tony Stark” (another Marvel character played by) Robert Downey Jr, Naturally).

McAvoy’s Blooper was sharply contrasted because there were only so many well-dressed men attending the event. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tom Hiddleston, and Richard E. Grant kept things classic in black ties; Daniel Kaluuya looked amazing in an all-white look, and Nick Jonas wore a double-breasted jacket so elegant it was worth an award.

It is fitting that McAvoy presented the Rising Star Award this year as he was the first recipient of the award in 2006. That year, another Brit won the award: 19-year-old actress Bukky Bakray, best known for her leading role in the coming 2019-of-age Film Rocks. Other previous winners include Tom Hardy, Eva Green, John Boyega and Shia LaBeouf.

CONNECTED: Shia LaBeouf discovers she committed the ultimate activewear crime for men

McAvoy will next star in the upcoming mystery drama film My Son, alongside Crown actress Claire Foy. But the real question is: will he hit his top button?

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Ma Rainey’s Black Backside enjoys BAFTA success | Leisure

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ won two gongs on Saturday night (04.10.21) on the opening night of the BAFTA Film Awards.

The acclaimed drama film starring the late Chadwick Boseman won prizes for costume design, makeup and hair ahead of the main event at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday night.

This year’s ceremony will be split over two days for the first time. The other winners on the opening evening included the thriller “Tenet”, staged by Christopher Nolan, which claimed the gong “Special Visual Effects”.

Elsewhere, ‘Sound of Metal’ – in which Riz Ahmed appears as a drummer who loses his hearing – won the Sound Award, while ‘Mank’ – the biographical drama film about screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his development of ‘Citizen Kane ‘- claimed the Production Design Award.

The first night of the annual awards ceremony, hosted by Clara Amfo, was mostly focused on technical awards, but Noel Clarke – the Kidulthood and Doctor Who actor – was also awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Cinema award. excellent.

45-year-old Noel, who received the BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2009, sent a strong message with his acceptance speech.

He said, “My trip in this business has been a struggle at times. As I stand here now, I know a lot of the work I’ve done isn’t BAFTA worthy, but I think it’s about the trip. It’s about the times maybe it was worthy and not recognized.

“I stand on the shoulders of giants, I’m not here without the people in front of me, hopefully people will see that I’ve tried to ban changes in the industry.

“This is for the underrepresented who sit at home believing that they can accomplish more. This is especially true for my young black boys and girls out there who never believe this could happen to them.

“I’m so, so grateful for that. Years ago I ended up saying ‘yes we can’ and we still can, it’s just tough so I wanted to end this a little differently. Sometimes you’ll feel like you do it would be unachievable – sometimes you don’t feel good enough – and sometimes you feel that you don’t deserve it – you do. “

During the ceremony, Clara also paid tribute to Prince Philip, who passed away on Friday morning (April 9th, 21st).

The host said: “The Duke was the very first President of BAFTA over 60 years ago and was the first in a series of royal patrons up to the current President of BAFTA, his grandson, the Duke of Cambridge.

“It was the support of Prince Philip and Her Majesty the Queen over these years that in many ways enabled BAFTA, a premier arts charity, to move on through troubled times and to be here today in 2021 for another stellar year to celebrate the film’s performance. “

BAFTA winners:



Costume design:

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Butt’

Make-up and hair:

‘Ma Rainey’s Black Butt’

Product design:



“Sound of Metal”

Special visual effects:


British short film:

‘The gift’

British short animation:

“The Owl and the Pussycat”