Lakewood’s Birdtown getting an leisure bar, espresso store, hair salon and workplace area

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – Construction of a project in Lakewood’s Birdtown neighborhood could begin in April to convert the former BiRite grocery store into a three-story building with an area of ​​20,000 square feet. The project is estimated to total $ 4 to 5 million.

Kevin Barry

The third floor of the nest becomes a parlor and offers a view of Lakewood that few other buildings can match.

There will be a cafe on the ground floor with a new entrance cut into the building on Robin Street and Madison Avenue. The building originally had an open entrance on this corner before it was later closed to become part of the building. There will also be an entertainment venue / bar on the ground floor, with a quasi-sporting activity yet to be completed. The owner, Jim Miketo, says it feels similar to Forest City Shuffleboard in Ohio City, which he also owns.

“It will be similar to Forest City, it won’t be a shuffleboard, but it will be great for events, parties, leagues, gatherings, gatherings.”

Kevin Barry

The second floor used to be a banquet hall where neighbors say they remember friends and family weddings.

The second floor used to be a banquet hall and is being converted into office space with a tattoo artist already interested in the space.

“There were people who got married on the dance floor over use and people who worked at the BiRite Grocery Store,” said Brian Curran, associate at Miketo’s Neighborhood Drummer.

1960 circa CLE Memory Madison 12501 Av Foodtown Grocery Store_20811b.jpg

Cleveland Memory Project

Miketo says this open corner entrance that existed on this 1960s show will be restored and will be an entrance to a coffee shop.

The third floor becomes a hair salon operated by Heyday collectivewho also shares the space in the same building as Miketo Forest City Shuffleboard. The salon gives stylists the opportunity to rent space and run their own business without the massive hassle of renting a full salon.

A living room behind the building is being renovated and will be rented as the only apartment in the building. Originally, according to Miketo, the plan was to convert many more buildings into residential units. According to Miketo, the design of the building is more suitable for this commercial space, which is why the plans changed.


Kevin Barry

Miketo says the restoration will open windows that have been boarded up over time.

Work is slated to begin in April, according to Miketo, with part of the building opening being completed in the course of 2021.

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