Cash raised for Ben Dixon Celebration of Life

Amy and Dave Dixon planned to celebrate their son’s life after losing him to cancer. They knew what food they were going to serve, but what happened next was unexpected.

FORT COLLINS, Colorado – The saying goes, food brings people together.

In the case of Amy and Dave Dixon, the food is used to honor such a loved one, their son Ben.

Ben, 11 years old, recently died after fighting for two years Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of cancer.

“He was really loved,” said Amy Dixon. “Especially when he started his battle with cancer, his story was connected to a lot of people and a lot of people wanted to know him afterwards.”

By the time Amy and Dave were planning Ben’s Celebration of Life event at the end of the month, they knew exactly what kind of food to serve; Sandwiches from his favorite place.

The cancer treatments prevented Ben from eating his favorite sandwiches Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches and Brews in Fort Collins.

“He loved it and he always wanted to go, but we couldn’t let him go,” Amy said.

Co-owner Lauren and Shawn Storeby were once neighbors to Amy and Dave.

“I wrote to Lauren asking how much it would cost 300 sandwiches, asked if they could do that. And she said we could absolutely do it, “said Amy.

She was blown away by the reaction of the locally run shop.

“I said we will, but I won’t make you an offer. We will take care of it and the community will fund it for you because that is exactly what we do. Said Lauren Storeby.

The Storeby’s have gone one step further start a GoFundMe with a goal of $ 1,500 to raise money for the sandwiches, but the store is also accepting donations at the checkout and online.

By Sunday afternoon, the store had raised more than $ 3,000 in total.

“We had to do something,” said Shawn Storeby. “That was our goal to make them known and to show them that there are other people out there and that they are not alone.”

Amy and Dave said they were naturally grateful for the generosity of the community.

“The Fort Collins-Loveland community has always been just great for us,” said Amy. “It’s too much for a family. So – I mean anything we get beyond the sandwiches, which we will absolutely do well. “Use in the community.”


Texas will get concerned in Israel’s struggle with Ben & Jerry’s over West Financial institution boycott

A view of the entrance to the ice cream parlor in the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Be’er Tuvia in southern Israel on July 21, 2021.

Emmanuel Dunand | AFP | Getty Images

The struggle between Israel and Palestinians spills over to 30 US states whose laws prevent pension funds from investing in companies that refuse to do business with the Jewish state.

The most recent example concerns the socially conscious ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, the West Bank and Texas.

Earlier this week, Ben & Jerry’s board of directors said it would no longer allow sales in areas it believes Israel should not control. The company issued a statement stating, “We believe it is inconsistent with our values ​​for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

The company, now owned by global consumer giant Unilever, has been selling its brand in Israel through a local Israeli distributor for decades. Unilever said it would seek a new deal to sell ice cream in Israel, but not in territories claimed by Palestinians for their own state.

In Israel, companies are prevented from treating customers and subsidiaries differently in what Israel calls “disputed territory” from what much of the world recognizes as Israeli territory. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett promised this week that “act aggressively” against the ice cream parlor, founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield who are Jewish and progressive.

The American flag and the Texas State Flag flutter over the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Brian Snyder | Reuters

Now Texas is getting involved.

A spokesman for Republican Governor Greg Abbott told CNBC on Tuesday evening: “Ben and Jerry’s decision to boycott parts of Israel is a shame and an insult to America’s closest allies in the Middle East.” The statement went on to say, “Unilever, the parent company of Ben and Jerry, must reverse this ill-conceived decision.”

Abbott signed a bill four years ago that would force Texas pension funds to part ways with companies boycotting Israel.

State auditor Glenn Hegar, who controls billions of dollars in assets for Texas public pension funds, has already urged his office to take action. In a statement to CNBC, he said, “I have directed my employees to determine if certain actions by Ben & Jerry’s or Unilever would trigger listing under Chapter 808 of the Texas Government Code,” the law passed in 2017.

It is also possible that sales in states with anti-boycott laws could be affected. If Ben & Jerry’s or Unilever bid for a contract with a public agency, they could be disqualified if the boycott becomes a reality.

Florida State CFO Jimmy Patronis, who controls the public pension funds, told CNBC that his office began discussing the issue Tuesday morning. “I find what is happening very worrying,” he said in a text. But he wasn’t ready to say what action could be taken.

Airbnb was the last company involved in a similar problem. In 2018, the rental site said it bans the listing of Israeli property in the West Bank, territory that the Palestinians claim they should be part of their state.

An Airbnb listing in Israel


But the company turned around a few months later and was now looking at listings on a “case-by-case” basis, according to a statement on its website.

Ben & Jerry’s board of directors, who have a unique agreement with parent company Unilever that allows for an oversized role in decision-making on social issues, initiated the withdrawal from Israel this week.

Following the Ben & Jerry statement, Unilever released its own on Monday saying, “We remain fully committed to our presence in Israel, where we have invested in our people, brands and business for several decades.” In addition, the company’s CEO spoke to Bennett this week. Following the interview, Israel’s new Prime Minister said: “This is an action with grave consequences, including legal consequences, and it (Israel) will take vigorous action against any boycott directed against its citizens.”

Ben & Jerry chairman Anuradha Mittal has not responded to CNBC about the implications of the decision and the possibility of divesting Unilever’s state pension funds. In a telephone interview on Thursday, Ben & Jerry’s spokesman Sean Greenwood said, “The company has nothing to add beyond the original statement,” which was released Monday.

In conversation with NBC News Mittal took action against Unilever earlier this week for making its own statement on the subject, calling it “deception”. She added, “I can’t stop thinking this is what happens when you have a board with all the women and people of color pushing to do the right thing.”

Unilever did not respond to CNBC calls or emails asking for a response to the possibility of a sale by state pension funds.

Leisure Information Roundup: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pictured kissing as ‘Bennifer’ returns; Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pictured kissing as ‘Bennifer’ returns and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck pictured kissing when ‘Bennifer’ returns

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were pictured exchanging passionate kisses, apparently confirming weeks of feverish rumors that they revived a romance that dominated celebrity media nearly 20 years ago. Paparazzi photos printed in New York Post on Monday showed the two actors kissing while they were with members of Lopez’s family at Malibu’s posh Nobu sushi restaurant west of. eat The angel On Sunday.

Artists from all over the world who have overcome adversity have come together for a re-recording of the 90s song “You Gotta Be”. Deaf British dancer Chris Fonseca and Brazilian Musician Johnathan Bastos, who partially shaped arms, is among the 13 contributors to the track released on Monday.

actor Ned Beatty died at the age of 83 – media

Hollywood actor Ned Beatty, known for roles in films liberation, Superman and Network died at the age of 83, media reports said on Sunday. The Oscar-nominated actor died of natural causes in his The angel at home, his daughter Blossom Beatty told the Hollywood Reporter. His agency Shelter Entertainment Group later confirmed the news to other media outlets.

Spotify closes exclusive deal with podcast “Call Her Daddy”

Spotify Technology SA on Tuesday announced a multi-year contract to stream the popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast, hosted by Alex Cooper on its audio streaming platform, in its latest exclusive connection to keep listeners hooked. The Swedish The company will exclusively stream ‘Call Her Daddy’ starting July 21, including all full-length back catalog episodes, future episodes and additional exclusive new projects in development, Spotify said in a statement, without revealing any financial details of the deal.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed.)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Significantly Romantic Reconciliation | Leisure Information

According to a new report, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already talking about “reassurance”.

The ex-couple recently rekindled the romance after their first date in 2002. They got engaged after a two month date and separated 18 months later. “Fast engagement” was on the menu.

The insider said: Despite the years of distance, her emotions quickly returned. Everything feels very natural.

“After her grief over the past few months, Jen admitted that Ben really helped her to heal and love.

“You have already spoken about the future and are regaining your composure, and it is full of joy and excitement. Friends won’t be surprised at how quickly they get engaged, or even the wedding they once planned. . “

The 51-year-old singer and actress split up with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, split with Bond girl Ana de Armas, and after they crossed paths again this year, she and 48-year-old Ben said, “This is correct . Armas should be convinced that it makes sense.

A source added: It really is like a movie plot and she invests in her fairy tales.

“They spend a lot of time repeating the mistakes they made the first time and consciously preventing outside influences from affecting their relationships again. They don’t talk about each other in interviews. I agree that I usually make it less noticeable than it was in the beginning. “

And the two, who are still “chemistry”, want to “start the life that they always planned together”.

The insider told Closer magazine: The two hope that years later, after reunification, they will be able to look forward to the life they have always planned again. “

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Seriously Romantic Reconciliation | Entertainment news

Source link Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Seriously Romantic Reconciliation | Entertainment news

Ben Affleck feels so fortunate to co-parent with Jennifer Garner | Leisure

Ben Affleck feels “so lucky” to have children with ex Jennifer Garner.

The former couple decided to part ways in 2018 after over a decade of marriage, but proved that there wasn’t bad blood between the two when he shared one with the actress he has Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12 Paying homage to Mother’s Day and Samuel, nine.

On Instagram, he shared a carousel with photos of them and the children and wrote: “So happy to share these children with you. Happiest parents in the world. Thank you for all the good you do. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, their dad ( sic) “

Meanwhile, Jennifer admitted that the hardest part of her divorce from Ben was “having her child eyes on her”.

She said, “It’s not difficult to go over it in public, it’s hard A and B, my children’s eyes are on me … We lived on a street that was full of actors, much more successful and famous and more decorated than me including ben and they would all drive past one by one no problem and then i would do a school run and there would be 15 cars with me i never had a day without paparazzi and when i did when i in it managed a park by hiding on the bottom of the pool man’s truck or something, then a nanny would see me there and call a number and they’d rave about it. “

And Jennifer has asked her children to “speak” to one of their parents in case they ever see anything “shocking” written about them online.

She added, “When they were younger and there were things that shocked them, my plea to them was always, ‘Let Dad and I talk you through whatever it is.’ I would tell them, “If you see a picture on the front of a magazine, I’ll look at it with you and deal with any scary feelings that come together.”

How Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Actually Make Their Cash

Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald are probably the most popular Count on Occupation. The couple make money from multiple sources and have high net worth for people in their twenties. According to Hollywood gossipJessa and Ben’s finances are on solid foundations as the couple’s net worth is $ 400,000.

We don’t exactly know how much Jessa and Ben are making for Counting On, but reality TV producer Terence Michael said so IS! news“If TLC budgets about $ 250,000 to $ 400,000 per episode … that would mean $ 25,000 to $ 40,000 in the Duggars’ pockets for four or five business days, which is roughly the time it takes to film a typical episode . “

Like the other adult Duggar siblings, Jessa and Ben make a decent amount of money from the TLC Reality series. Jessa is likely to make significant money as a social media influencer. she has 2.2 million Instagram followers and over 140,000 subscribers to her Jessa Seewald YouTube channel. Ben is out of school and can work as an ordained pastor, which adds another source of income to the Seewald family’s bank account.