Spider-Man Fan Makes Superior Film-Fashion Poster for Recreation

A seasoned Marvel’s Spider-Man fan shows off a handsome poster for the 2018 game, and its design wouldn’t look out of place in a movie theater.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been on the road for over two years, though fans are still showing their love for the first entry on Insomniac’s series. A Redditor named theusher88 took their appreciation to a new level by showing off a brilliant poster depicting the events of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Plot.

The art is designed in the style of a movie poster, in the middle of which Spider-Man is depicted and all of the supporting characters in the story are positioned around him. As a result, the picture resembles what one would see a Spider-Man movieThis makes it a neat homage to the character and the game as a whole. So far, the contribution has received 2,600 positive votes, with 35 commentators expressing praise.

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The poster looks Peter’s archenemy Doctor Octopus Takes up the entire top left corner, which makes sense given its importance to the plot of the game. In addition to a picture of Doc Ock’s face, viewers can see two smaller pictures of the last battle below. The first shows Peter grabbing his tentacles, while the second sees a web on his chest while Spider-Man hits a punch. In both action shots, Spidey can be seen in the game’s finale in the anti-ock suit, a sight that should bring fans back to that original encounter.

The rest of the poster shows the Sinister Six getting some love. Under the Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus settings, the game’s concept art shows people chasing after a fleeing web slinger. Downtown, Mr. Negative can be seen Approach Spider-Man as in the game’s turn sequence. On the right side of the poster, Peter can be seen beating vultures with a matching green filter placed over the shot in the game. Above the pair is Scorpion, while in the upper right corner of the artwork Electro charges its electricity.

Kingpin also appears on the poster, a legitimate inclusion due to his role in the game’s intro sequence. The lower part of the picture contains a shot of one of the activities on the chase. In the left corner, Spidey hangs on a wall and looks back at a group of inner demons. The final inclusion in the poster is a nod to the Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC, with Insomniac’s version of Black Cat looking over her shoulder.

Given this solid love letter to Marvel’s Spider-Man, it would be great to see theusher88 make some of these Spider-Man: Miles Morales Art also. With a continuation along the way, there could be even more options for spectacular posters like this one.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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