Jessica Biel’s eldest son Silas conscious of his well-known dad and mom | Leisure

Jessica Biel’s eldest son realizes that he has famous parents.

The 39-year-old star shares sons Silas (six) and Phineas (eleven months) with husband Justin Timberlake and explains that Silas is aware of his father’s music and acting, but cannot persuade him to watch the children’s show ‚ÄúPete the Cat ‘to see’.

She revealed that because of his language role as Branch in the film series ‘Trolls’, Silas knows of his father’s celebrity and can recognize his melodies.

When asked if their kids understood what their parents were doing, Jessica told The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: “Silas is definitely doing it with Justin because of Branch.

“And his music too – whenever he hears dad’s song, he says, ‘Oh yeah, that’s dad. No big deal, whatever.'”

Jessica confessed how much Silas loves her for making imitations of ‘Pete the Cat’ even though he doesn’t even watch the series.

She said, “But the funny thing about ‘Pete the Cat’ is that I tried to get him to see the show, he won’t see it. And yet he says, ‘Hey mom, hey mom, do one of these Voices from the show and I say, “But you’ve never seen the show that you don’t even know.”

“He’s like ‘just do it mom’ ‘so I’ll do one of the voices and he’ll say’ cool, mom, cool ‘.”

Justin previously likened the process of looking at both Silas and Phineas to adopting NFL tactics.

The ‘Mirrors’ hitmaker said, “It’s a lot of fun, but I think the saying goes,’ Go from zone defense to man-to-man very quickly.

“‘You get this, I’ll get this.’ But it’s great and Silas is super excited. He’s really into it right now, but Phin can’t go or chase him just yet, so, I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. “