NBA faucets Tencent Music Leisure for audio content material partnership

QQ Music platform to offer official NBA podcasts.

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  • Amateur podcasters are given the opportunity to create NBA content
  • NBA fans get a special QQ Music subscription offer

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has entered into a new content partnership with the Chinese music streaming service provider Tencent Music Entertainment (TME).

Under the new agreement, TME’s QQ Music platform will host a range of official NBA podcasts, as well as host a podcast creation contest for amateur podcasters. There will also be a special subscription for NBA fans that offers the chance to win tickets among other offers.

Musicians are also expected to work with the NBA and TME to promote league events.

QQ Music, a freemium music streaming service, is a joint venture between TME and audio streaming giant Spotify. The Swedish company has a stake in TME together with the majority owner of the Chinese technology group Tencent. Along with KuGou and Kuwo, QQ is one of the most popular streaming apps in China.

The deal continues the NBA’s lucrative sponsorship operation. In June, a study by the IEG found that the league and its 30 teams generated a record $ 1.46 billion in sponsorship revenue in the 2020/21 season. This corresponds to an increase of six percent compared to 2019/20.

IEG added that league-level partnerships were the main driver behind the increase in sales, with the NBA signing 13 new contracts. It added that league-level sponsorship spending has increased nearly 50 percent since the 2017/18 campaign.

Sonos CEO expects to capitalize on the ‘golden age of audio’ to promote extra house leisure gear

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said on CNBC Thursday that the company is tracking three worldly trends that he expects to maintain growth momentum after the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first is the golden age of audio. We’re in,” he said in a “Bad money“Interview with Jim Cramer.

Streaming music has become the norm thanks to services offered by the likes of Spotify and Apple. Their platforms have made music and podcast content easily accessible with a tap of a finger.

Spence also anticipates the rise of social audio such as Clubhouse and Twitter Rooms to upgrade Sonos’ speakers and home sound systems.

Sonos also plans to take advantage of the growing amount of video content being sent direct to the consumer, such as: B. Movies and TV shows broadcast by Netflix and other streaming companies. A number of films, such as “The Trial of the Chicago 7” and “Mulan,” bypassed theatrical releases last year when Covid-19 was banned.

“We expect it to stay that way,” said Spence. “More films are released right at home, more people are enjoying it at home.”

Meanwhile, Sonos sees opportunities in a real estate market that has grown hot during the move to remote working. Spence is counting on the “big reshuffle” to get more consumers to buy home entertainment systems.

“A lot of people who now have new flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, and that’s why they’re moving, building a new home, and that’s perfect for Sonos,” he said.

The comments come a day after Sonos reported its fiscal second quarter results. The Santa Barbara, Calif. Based company saw total sales increase 90% year over year, primarily due to speakers.

The stock rose 7% on Thursday to close at $ 33.83 per share.

Instagram’s engaged on Clubhouse-style audio rooms, too

(Pocket-Lint) – The craze for clubhouse-style audio rooms seems to be nowhere. Instagram is the latest major social media app that is apparently starting to prepare a competing feature.

The ability to send your voice to followers and friends without worrying about live streaming video has caught the crowd’s attention, and new images suggest that Instagram will be vying for a goal.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has posted pictures of novelties in the Instagram app showing how users can select a microphone icon to start a broadcast, just like an Instagram Live.

#Instagram works on audio rooms

– Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a) March 6, 2021

It wouldn’t be the most complicated addition as you can imagine, and these pictures suggest that Instagram is at a fairly advanced stage of development, so Clubhouse may have a new competitor sooner rather than later.

In slightly less lively news, but equally encouraging to some users, Instagram is also working on end-to-end encryption for its chat functionality, according to the same source, Paluzzi.

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March 10, 2021

This would be a welcome improvement, especially given the apparent and growing involvement of Instagram with the broader Facebook system and some people’s suspicions about this network’s data usage.

Letter from Max Freeman-Mills.

Tencent Music Leisure Group Proclaims Acquisition of Lazy Audio | Information

Shenzhen, China, January 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Tencent Music entertainment group (“Tencent Music, “” TME “or” Company “) (NYSE: TME), the leading innovative online music entertainment platform in Chinaannounced today that there is a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Shenzhen Lanren Online Technology Co, Ltd. (“Lazy Audio”, “Lanren Tingshu”), an established audio platform in Chinafor an overall view of 2.7 billion RMBThis will be paid primarily in cash, plus certain post-purchase equity settled rewards to Lazy Audio’s management team. Existing Lazy Audio shareholders include China Literature Limited (“China Literature” stock code: 00772.HK), the Lazy Audio management team, and other financial investors. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2021 under customary closing conditions.

Established in 2012, Lazy Audio is a comprehensive audio platform that provides entertainment to customers in the form of audiobooks, Chinese comedy, podcasts, and other radio broadcasts. Monetization is done through a variety of channels including pay per title, subscription pay for content, and advertising. Lazy Audio has grown into a thriving community with strong user interactions and engagement, providing superior content and services to audio users in all areas China. Lazy Audio has a highly scalable user base, making it one of the leading audio platforms in China.

“We are very excited to welcome the talented Lazy Audio team to the TME family and expect this strategic acquisition to significantly enhance our presence in Germany’s fast-growing long-form audio industry China“said Mr. Cussion Pang, CEO of Tencent Music. “As a leading provider of audio entertainment, Lazy Audio can be seamlessly integrated into our existing long-form audio strategy, further monetizing the extensive library of high quality literature IPs that we can access through strategic partnerships with China Literature and China Literature others can. “

“The Lazy Audio catalog will expand our audio content library and its recording capacity will greatly increase our audiobook production. We believe this partnership will help us address the increasingly diverse needs of our customers and build our brand awareness in this segment. Generate You will benefit from significant operational synergies and accelerate our path to becoming a leading audio entertainment platform in China“Added Mr. Pang.

Mr. Bin Song, founder and chief executive officer of Lazy Audio, said, “We share the same vision with TME as this one China The audio industry is a less permeated area with great potential. By merging with TME we can strengthen our competitiveness and create a stronger connection with TME Tencent Portfolio and take lazy audio to the next level. “

Lazy Audio continues to operate independently while being an integral part of TME’s overall long-form audio strategy. Upon completion of the acquisition, TME will consolidate its investment in Lazy Audio and allow Lazy Audio full access to TME’s expertise, leading technology and strong advertising capabilities.

over Tencent Music entertainment

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) is the leading online music entertainment platform in Chinaand operates the country’s popular and innovative music apps: QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing. Tencent Music’s mission is to use technology to empower music in people’s lives by allowing them to create, enjoy, share and interact with music. Tencent The music platform includes online music, online karaoke and music-oriented live streaming services that music fans can use to discover, hear, sing, watch, perform and socialize music. For more information, please visit

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