Nationwide Restaurant Affiliation asks Congress for assist amid omicron

On March 18, 2021, people in New York City dine at an outdoor dining patio set up at a restaurant.

Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images

The National Restaurant Association is asking Congress to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund as the Omicron variant hits operators’ businesses.

Last year, lawmakers set up the $28.6 billion fund to help bars and restaurants struggling in the wake of the crisis pandemic. The grants were intended to cover a restaurant’s total pandemic losses of up to $5 million for a single location or $10 million for a business with fewer than 20 locations. Public companies were not eligible, but their franchisees could still apply.

With the fund depleted, restaurants pressed for Congress to refill it. Several lawmakers have introduced legislation to do so, but the bills haven’t gained traction and the Biden administration didn’t seem interested in backing the measure.

but the recent spike in Covid-19 cases and its impact on restaurants could change minds.

The latest National Restaurant Association survey of operators found that 88% of restaurants saw a drop in demand for indoor dining due to the Omicron variant. More than three-quarters of those polled told the trade group that business conditions are worse now than they were three months ago. And the majority of operators said their restaurant is less profitable today than it was before the pandemic.

“Alarmingly, the industry has still not recovered the more than 650,000 jobs lost at the start of the pandemic, a loss 45% more than the closest industry,” trade group top lobbyist Sean Kennedy wrote in a letter to the Congress leadership for both parties .

Kennedy also noted the benefits of the first round of RRF grants. The trade group estimates the first round of funding saved more than 900,000 restaurant jobs, and 96% of recipients said the grant made it more likely they could stay in business. A full replenishment of the fund would save more than 1.6 million jobs, the trade group estimates.

Is “Assault In Talibani Type” BJP MLA’s Phrases, Supreme Courtroom Asks Tripura

Violence in Tripura: A BJP MLA allegedly urged party workers to attack Trinamool leaders. (File)

New Delhi:

The law-and-order situation in Tripura is worsening in the run-up to the citizen polls despite the orders of the Supreme Court, according to the Trinamool Congress today in court in a petition for alleged disregard of the state government. Citing violence against its political leaders and workers before the elections, the party called on the court to take action against state officials. The court today called on the Tripura government to clarify a speech by a BJP MLA allegedly calling for “Taliani-style” violence against Trinamool leaders.

“Did the MLA make that speech? If so, have measures been taken against him? ”The bench asked DY Chandrachud and Vikram Nath.

On August 18, Tripura BJP MLA Arun Chandra Bhowmik allegedly urged party workers to attack “Talibani-style” Trinamool leaders. The petitioners had brought the question of this speech to court today.

Senior attorney Mahesh Jethmalani stood up for the government and said the MLA had been called for questioning. “I don’t think the speech incited violence. The petitioners make mountains out of molehills, ”he added.

Senior attorney Jaideep Gupta, who represents Trinamool Congress, called the situation “very serious” and said the police were there, “but do nothing”.

“A journalist was beaten up. A first informational report was made against party leader-actor Sayoni Ghosh for using slogans … even though she is a victim – she is charged with attempted murder,” said Mr Gupta, producing some photos for the Court.

“The security situation is so bad that the CPM has even withdrawn its candidacy,” he added.

“We don’t want to get into an argument now. We just want to increase the police presence, “said Judge DY Chandrachud, calling on the state government to consider deploying additional battalions of the central paramilitary force for protection.

Pfizer asks FDA to authorize Covid vaccine for teenagers ages 5 to 11

Jamie Blank (L) holds her son Ari Blank’s hand when he was born on Jan.

Jeff Kowalsky | AFP | Getty Images

Pfizer said Thursday it had asked the Food and Drug Administration to co-approve its Covid-19 vaccine BioNTech for children from 5 to 11 years.

The news couldn’t come sooner for parents anxious to get their children vaccinated as the kids start the new school year and the Delta variant spills across America. The stress has led to an increase in hospital admissions in the United States, including among young children that currently cannot be vaccinated.

Last month, Pfizer new data published This showed that a two-dose regimen of 10 micrograms – one third of the dose used for adolescents and adults – is safe and elicits a “robust” immune response in a clinical study in young children. The syringes are well tolerated and have caused an immune response and side effects that are comparable to those observed in a study with 16 to 25 year olds.

Common side effects in teenagers and adults include fatigue, headache, muscle aches, chills, fever, and nausea, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The company’s request on Thursday could mean the footage won’t be available until November, when the FDA spends as much time reviewing the data for this age group as it does for 12-15 year olds. Pfizer and BioNTech filed for expanded use of their adolescent syringe on April 9 and received FDA approval on May 10.

A key FDA vaccine advisory group is scheduled to meet on October 26th to discuss Pfizer’s data. The shots could be approved shortly after that meeting, depending on how fast the FDA and CDC move.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who sits on Pfizer’s board of directors and served as FDA commissioner in the Trump administration for two years, said CNBC last week that the recordings for young children could come by Halloween.

The FDA has a lot of experience with the Pfizer vaccine, noted Gottlieb, adding that the Covid vaccination is for young children the same two-dose regimen like adults, but given in smaller amounts. The agency has already approved the recordings for Americans aged 12 and over.

“I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that this could come out in October,” he said.

Expensive Abby: Each time buddy calls from jail, he asks for cash

LOVE ABBY: I have a former high school classmate who I’ve gotten pretty close over the years. He was there for me when I was deepest, and I was there for him too. He lives several hours away, but we talked almost every day, in addition to social media.

I stopped hearing from him a few months ago and his social media profile went dark. I had a bad feeling so I googled him and was shocked to see he was arrested! Even though it wasn’t a violent crime, it was still terrible. He called me several times from prison and protested his innocence – always asking for money. Abby, I live from paycheck to paycheck. Even if I had extra money, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving it to him.

I feel hurt and used. Part of me says I have to end the friendship; the other part says he needs friends now and it is not my place to judge him. I refused to take his recent calls because I really don’t know what to do. Your thoughts are appreciated. – BLINDED IN PENNSYLVANIA

LOVE BLINDSIDE: This person hasn’t used you before. The next time he holds out his hand, answer the call. In doing this, you make it clear that you can offer moral support, but you cannot give him money because you are living from paycheck to paycheck. After that you are not allowed to hear from him anymore. But if he continues to ask, take a big step back and realize that that friendship has ended.

LOVE ABBY: My husband and I have been together for three years. He recently returned for a two-day trip to his home state, 1,000 miles away, to retrieve some items from his late mother’s estate. He’s been out of work for most of last year due to the pandemic so I’m a little at odds with something he said to me when I called to ask when he’ll be home. He said he found a job and decided to stay there and work for a few months in order to save enough money to pay off most of our debts.

He didn’t consult me ​​before making that decision. He told me that he had worked out a COVID-safe shelter with his sister and aunt. The kind of work he’s going to do there, he could be doing here where our home is. I don’t want to discourage him, but I am amazed that he would take a job 1,000 miles away. What if something happened to me or our animals? When I told him I didn’t agree with his decision, he told me to be glad he was no longer unemployed. How should I handle it? – FAR AWAY IN MISSOURI

LOVE MORE: Your husband shouldn’t have taken a job 1,000 miles away without first talking to you. That is, what is done is done and you have to let this play. Nothing stands in the way of your visit. Fortunately, you and the animals are fine. If circumstances change, he can quit the job and come back at any time.

When the time comes, say hello to your debt-free husband. There will be plenty of time for both of you PERSONAL to figure out what made him such a disruptive decision if there were similar jobs in your own community.

Dear Abby was written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and founded by her mother Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at or PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

For what teenagers need to know about sex, drugs, AIDS, and how to interact with their peers and parents, see What Every Teen Should Know. Submit your name and mailing address and a check or money order for $ 8 (US money) to: Dear Abby, Teen Booklet, PO Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Shipping and handling are included in the price.)

Client commerce group asks Biden for readability on vaccination mandate

U.S. President Joe Biden will hold a

Brendan Smialowski | AFP | Getty Images

Consumer businesses have questions for President Joe Biden about his plan to increase vaccination rates.

On Thursday, Biden outlined a six-part plan to increase vaccination rates. His government will require federal employees to get vaccinated without the option of weekly Covid-19 tests. Biden also said he would ask the Department of Labor to enact a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees to prescribe vaccines or require weekly tests.

New US Covid cases hit a seven-day moving average of 124,622 on Sunday, which is about 19% less than a week earlier, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Still, case numbers are near January levels, before Covid vaccines were available to most of the population.

The consumer brands association wrote a letter to Biden on Monday this included a “small sample” of the questions their members asked of the organization as they prepare for a vaccination mandate for their staff. The trading group represents consumer goods companies, including industry giants such as Coke, Procter & Gamble and General mills, as well as retailers Amazon, Albertsons and target.

The trade group’s questions to Biden cover a number of concerns: Does an employee need to be fully vaccinated to work? Do the requirements only apply to vaccines that are fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration? What are the consequences of falsifying the vaccination or test status and is the responsibility with the individual or the employer? Are waivers permitted if the absence or fluctuation of key employees leads to significant disruptions in the CPG supply chain?

“The Consumer Brands Association and our member companies stand ready to work with you to get Americans vaccinated,” the group’s CEO Geoff Freeman wrote in the letter. “Strong, consistent collaboration between the private and public sectors on implementation will accelerate progress towards our common goal.”

The proposed mandate comes at a difficult time for these employers, who are experiencing sluggish hiring trends. In August, the consumer goods industry only created 6,000 jobs, well below need to keep pace with demand. Many companies have held back from implementing internal vaccination regulations for their workforce in order to avoid leaving unvaccinated workers.

U.S. Soccer asks USMNT, USWNT to divide FIFA World Cup prize cash equally

The president of the US soccer association Cindy Parlow Cone called on the unions of the women’s and men’s national teams in an open letter on Friday to agree on an equalization of the World Cup prize money.

She called on the men’s national team to allow the USSF to allocate part of the FIFA World Cup payments to the women’s team federation. Parlow Cone said the USSF would offer the same contract to both unions.

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The World Cup prize money was one of the many sticking points between the USSF and the players, as the association insists that FIFA controls the prize pool and it is not their control to divide it evenly.

The USWNT players argue that there are many games like World Cup qualifying that FIFA doesn’t control the money for.

Players led by Alex Morgan sued the USSF in March 2019. US Football President Cindy Parlow Cone said Friday that the US women’s and men’s teams are joining forces to “negotiate a solution that will cut the World Cup prize money between the USMNT and USWNT compensates “. . “

“As a former player, I would like to make it clear once again that, like all US football, I am committed to 100% for equal pay for our national team,” said Parlow Cone in the letter. “We focus on this commitment through action to demonstrate. As an association, we would much rather negotiate a single collective agreement with both the men’s and women’s teams, but since no team has agreed on this approach, we proceed separately “with each players association.

“The massive prize mismatch in the FIFA World Cup ™ is by far the toughest issue we continue to face in our parallel negotiations with the men’s and women’s national teams. While FIFA has made some significant investments in women’s football, the discrepancy in the prize money remains blatant.

“FIFA alone controls these funds, and US Soccer is required by law to distribute these funds based on our currently negotiated collective agreements with the men’s and women’s teams.

“We see this challenge as an opportunity to bring about change. To take advantage of this opportunity, our men’s and women’s national teams need to come together and rethink how we’ve done things in the past. To this end, we invited the players and both player associations to work with US Soccer to negotiate a solution that would balance the prize money of the World Cup between USMNT and USWNT. “

Both the USWNT Players Association and the players who sued the USSF have denied a number of the allegations made in the latest letter.

“It is simply wrong that the federation of the women’s national team offered the ‘exactly the same contract’ in previous negotiations. If the USSF were serious about equal pay, they would not participate in publicity gags that do not address our problems”, said Becca Roux, executive director of the USWNT Players Association.

“We are keen to negotiate in good faith to get a fair deal for our players and we will not let them use our fight for equality to create a gap between women and men. We remain determined to to work with all parties for a fair deal that “nullifies all players.”

A spokesman for the players involved in the case said it needed more words than action.

“USSF has finally recognized that they pay female players less than male players,” said USWNT player spokeswoman Molly Levinson.

“USSF needs to correct this persistent inequality by entering into an equal pay collective agreement and resolving the ongoing litigation. Letters to fans are not a substitute. It is time to back up many words with a few deeds. “

The USMNT backed the USWNT’s lawsuit for equal pay and filed an amicus briefing signed by representatives of the men’s players’ union in July.

They backed the USWNT’s appeal after a judge dismissed their lawsuit.

They said the USSF has “spent more than three decades marginalizing women, discriminating against them through poor wages and working conditions, and forcing women to fight for the same pay and fair treatment they deserve”.

This pattern, the letter continues, “sends women and girls a destructive public message that even at the highest levels, no matter how hard they work or how much they succeed, they can and are degraded and undervalued by their employers is equally daunting how illegal. “

The union of the women’s team reached an agreement with various benefits such as health care, payment of the players in the National Women’s Soccer League, and maternity and pregnancy leave and pay. The women’s contract also includes injury benefits, 401 (k) plans, and severance pay.

In their 2019 lawsuit, the women sought more than $ 64 million in damages plus $ 3 million in interest under the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

US District Judge R. Gary Klausner in Los Angeles dismissed the salary claim in May 2020, ruling that the women rejected a pay-to-play structure similar to that in the men’s contract and accepted higher base salaries and benefits than the men.

He allowed the charge of discriminatory working conditions to be brought to justice. The women asked the 9th district to overturn the verdict of the legal process and to restart their wage claims.

A three-person jury is likely to hear oral arguments late this year or early 2022.

FIFA has donated $ 400 million in prize money to the 32 teams in the 2018 Men’s World Cup, including $ 38 million for the French champions.

It awarded $ 30 million to the 24 teams at the 2019 Women’s World Cup, including $ 4 million to the US after the Americans won their second straight title.

FIFA has increased the total for the 2022 Men’s World Cup to $ 440 million, and its President Gianni Infantino has proposed that FIFA raise the women’s prize pool to the 2023 Women’s World Cup, where FIFA will increase the number of teams to 32 has increased to double to $ 60 million.

Most associations base their payments to players for World Cups on the FIFA amounts.

The USSF is negotiating a collective agreement with the women’s union to replace the one that expires on December 31st.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Council chairman asks DC mayor to hurry emergency cash to move off evictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a nationwide moratorium on evictions, but the ban has ended and DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson is concerned about the possibility of several hundred evictions in the district in the coming weeks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a nationwide moratorium on evictions, but the ban has ended and DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson is concerned about the possibility of several hundred evictions in the district in the coming weeks.

“We have money available to help tenants with rent; and if the tenant is eligible, they shouldn’t be evicted, ”Mendelson said.

He said the city has approximately $ 200 million in federal emergency funds designed to keep people in their homes, but warned that the bureaucratic hassle in the city’s STAY DC program is preventing the city from that the money will achieve its intended purpose.

“About 70 evictions are planned for next week, most, if not all, of which will be stopped when the rent is paid. And I’ve been told that for most, if not all, of them, STAY DC’s money is an option, but the city isn’t moving fast enough to get those dollars out, ”Mendelson said.

STAY DC provides grants to tenants and housing providers to cover past and future rental payments as well as ancillary costs. Last month, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office said the district reached a national milestone for rent relief before a use-it-or-lose-it period on September 30th.

In a letter Wednesday to Bowser, Mendelson said the city’s Department of Human Services, which administers the STAY DC program, has rejected efforts to meet to address the crisis.

“You are not ready to meet with me; they are not ready to tackle this problem; and they are not ready to block these evictions next week as far as I can tell, ”Mendelson said.

Mendelson asked Bowser to explain to the council by the end of the week how she would provide the money to avert the evictions.

The mayor’s office was asked to comment on Mendelson’s letter, but there was no immediate response.

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Choose asks why DOJ is not searching for extra money from US Capitol rioters

“Where we have that Congress donate all of this money directly to the events on Jan. to pay the bill for nearly half a billion dollars, a bit of a surprise, “said Chief Judge Beryl Howell.

“I’m used to the government being pretty aggressive,” Howell added.

The defendant, who pleaded guilty during Monday’s hearing, Glenn Wes Lee Croy, agreed to pay $ 500 in damages, which has become typical of defendants pleading for offense. The few rioters who pleaded guilty to the criminal charge have agreed to pay $ 2,000 in compensation each.

DC's chief federal judge questions criminal offense treaties for US Capitol riotersAs the Justice Department intensifies its efforts to investigate the more than 560 federal cases related to the Sept. Howell has repeatedly questioned whether prosecutors are doing enough to deter similar attacks in the future and whether the offense plea offers adequately take into account the severity of the damage caused that day.

So far, 34 people who resulted from the uprising have pleaded guilty.

According to federal prosecutors, Croy bragged to a social media agent that “I was there on January 6th,” and shared photos of himself at the Capitol. He faces a potential prison sentence of up to six months, although if convicted he may face a much shorter or no prison sentence.

Prosecutors said they would explain why they capped the $ 1.5 million refund before Croy is convicted in October.

Blessing Nook Ministries asks for neighborhood’s assist to lift cash to stay at Union Avenue location

Posted: 7/30/2021 / 10:00 PM PDT
Updated: 7/30/2021 / 10:00 PM PDT

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Blessing Corner Ministries is a staple of compassion in Bakersfield and they seek help from the community before they are forced to sell their property over the next few weeks.

The organization is known for its generous giveaways, clothing promotions, and food distributions.

Pastors John and Bonnie Turner have served the most vulnerable in Bakersfield on Union Avenue and 1st Street since 2005.

Bonnie Turner says the church raised $ 46,000 of its $ 75,000 goal through its barbecue fundraisers and donations. She says they have until the end of August to raise the remaining $ 29,000 and asks the community for help to continue their work there.

Anyone who can support Blessing Corner Ministries can Donate through the Church’s website.

Kelly Clarkson asks to be declared legally single | Leisure

Kelly Clarkson has asked a judge to declare her legally unmarried after her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

The ‘Piece By Piece’ hitmaker split last year after seven years of marriage with Brandon – whom she has children, River, 6, and Remington, 4 – and while their divorce proceedings are ongoing, Kelly has asked a judge to approve them declare both single in the eyes of the law.

According to TMZ, Kelly’s attorney Laura Wasser filed on Friday (7/2/21) documents that would lawfully divorce Kelly and Brandon but allow legal issues like custody and finances to be settled at a later date.

Meanwhile, Kelly recently said that she “can’t even imagine” remarrying because the pain of their current breakup is too fresh.

Speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow – who is now married to Brad Falchuk after previously tying the knot with Chris Martin – she said, “They have been married for two years.

“I come from someone who is literally in the middle of a divorce and I can’t even imagine doing it again. So it’s amazing that you’ve found love and found the space and vulnerability – this level, to say yes and do it all over again, hard for you? “

The ‘Breakaway’ singer currently enjoys being single and having the time and space to get to know herself anew.

She replied, “I’m actually in a place where a lot of people I’ve heard are getting divorced, it’s almost like going out with yourself again, like actually making time for yourself again, and I love going out with myself. I’m not really looking for it. “

And while she currently cannot imagine wanting to remarry, Kelly admitted that Gwyneth’s own personal life gave her hope.

She said, “It’s also a nice thing for a lot of people like me who are getting divorced and want this in the future, to know that it can and probably will happen to you.”