No want for Chilcot-style inquiry into Afghanistan marketing campaign, says Armed Forces chief

The UK does not need to conduct a full Chilcot-style public inquiry his Afghanistan mission because the campaign was a just war, said the chief of the Bundeswehr.

General Sir Nick Carter said the two-decade intervention did not face the same controversy as the Iraq war and did not require the same type of lengthy and costly public investigation.

The chief of defense also said that while the Taliban won the propaganda war after the US and NATO withdrew, the insurgents did overwhelmed by their recent gains. He predicted that if the Afghan government remained united, it could hold the country’s major cities against the militants.

Sir Nick’s comments came after calls for a public inquiry into the campaign, which cost billions of pounds and killed 457 British soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Sir John Chilcots seven year investigation heard from 150 witnesses and looked at thousands of documents to investigate Tony Blair’s decision to wage war in Iraq, whether troops were prepared and how the aftermath was dealt with.

His twelve-volume report tore into the planning, preparation and budgeting of the military campaign, which killed 179 soldiers, and stated that it ended “very far from success”.

Earlier this month, Lord Dannatt, a former chief of staff, said that British troops are now troops Left Afghanistan “The real test must begin and a public inquiry along the lines of Chilcot’s Iraq must be launched.”

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Commons Defense Committee, also called for a “Chilcot-style investigation so that we can learn the lessons of what went wrong”.

But Sir Nick told The Telegraph, “You have to remember why we had a Chilcot investigation. As far as I remember, it was because some big questions were raised about the justice of the war in Iraq. I don’t think so. that anyone is questioning the true justice of the war in Afghanistan. “

He said the military campaign was backed by a UN Security Council resolution and that NATO members invoked the alliance’s mutual defense pact after the 9/11 attacks.

“It was very clear why the international community went to Afghanistan to do what it did and no one questioned that,” he said. “I think we need to put the reason we could conduct a public inquiry into perspective, and I don’t think anyone would criticize the decision to engage people in Afghanistan.”

Sir Nick added that while there are “many good lessons that can be learned from the way the campaign is carried out … I am not sure if this is necessarily to be done as a public and likely very costly investigation. Rather, I think it should be “a reasonable, transparent exercise within the government”.

The Taliban have swept the Afghan government out of dozen of rural districts in the two months since Joe Biden announced the final of his troop withdrawal. Sir Nick, who had served in the country for nearly three years in total, said the militants had overwhelmed themselves and the Afghan armed forces had consolidated.

He added: “If Kabul stand united and they manage to supply and support the Afghan army so that it can keep the main provincial capitals, then I don’t think the rally that is Taliban uprising will be likely can develop its effect. “

Arrest Made After Armed Theft at Grownup Leisure Retailer in Evansville

A Princeton, Indiana man faces multiple charges following a weekend robbery in Evansville.

The robbery occurred on Sunday at Lovers Playground, an adult entertainment store on Main Street.

Dispatch received a call from an employee at Lovers Playground at around 4:00 p.m. Sunday saying the store had just been robbed at gunpoint.

The company said it had withdrawn $ 244.50 from the cash register in addition to other items from the store.

After receiving a description of the suspect and a possible getaway vehicle, an officer saw a suitable vehicle drive down East Virginia Street. Police say the driver of this vehicle was stopped and told the officer that Princeton-born Jessy Shane Barnett, 29, used her vehicle earlier in the day.

According to the EPD, the officers then went to the driver’s address, where Barnett left the back door of the house.

According to police, Barnett was seen throwing a bag in the grass when officers arrived at the house. In the bag were the items from the Lovers Playground and a black pistol, EPD said.

According to the EPD, Barnett admitted to having committed the robbery after being questioned.

Barnett was booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail without bail. He is charged with robbery with a lethal weapon in connection with the incident on Sunday.

Armed suspect calls for cash from group of children at Murphys park

MURPHYS, Calif. (KTXL) – A man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of robbing a group of children in a park in Murphys.

At around 4:15 p.m., a group of children between the ages of 10 and 12 were approached by 22-year-old Steven Mathew Pitsford at Murphys Community Park, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s office said.

Armed with a knife, Pitsford is said to have told the children to give him their money.

According to the sheriff’s office, the children told the 22-year-old they had no money and walked away from him.

A parent of one of the children called 911 and proxies found Pitsford still in the park.

The sheriff’s office said he was detained in the Calaveras County Jail on suspicion of attempted robbery, willful cruelty to a child and showing of a deadly weapon. He also had an arrest warrant from Calaveras County on charges of wrongdoing.

His bail was set at $ 75,000.

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Chester Man Shocked by Armed Intruders in His Driveway Demanding Cash: PD – NBC Connecticut

An investigation is underway after police said a Chester man was surprised in his driveway by armed intruders demanding money early Sunday morning.

Police said the two armed intruders were demanding money and possibly trying to steal a vehicle from a resident of a house on Goose Hill Road.

According to officers, shots were fired by the intruders as they fled the scene. No injuries were reported, but authorities said the homeowner was understandably shaken.

Investigators have been called in and the Connecticut State Police Department of Serious Crimes has taken control. Evidence was gathered at the scene and the incident is being “aggressively investigated,” police said.

Similar incidents were also reported this morning in Tylerville and Westbrook, which authorities say may involve the same criminals.