Argentina beats Italy 37-16 to finish winless run in fashion

TREVISO, Italy (AP) – Argentina defeated Italy 37-16 and emphatically finished their winless run on Saturday as …

TREVISO, Italy (dpa) – Argentina defeated Italy 37-16 and emphatically ended their winless run on Saturday, while the Azzurri streak continued.

Marcos Kremer, Juan Martin Gonzalez, Matías Moroni, Santiago Cordero and Facundo Bosch have tried to help Argentina end a streak of seven straight defeats, including a winless rugby championship.

Paolo Garbisi kept Italy in the game with solid kicks and Stephen Varney got his first international attempt, but the Azzurri’s miserable streak extended to 16 with a faulty performance.

Both teams longed for an overdue win. Argentina got close last weekend when they scared France in Paris before losing 29:20.

The Pumas scored in the ninth minute, seconds after Emiliano Boffelli sent a penalty off the post. Boffelli atoned for his missed shot by serving Kremer, who raced forward and jumped over the line near the post.

Boffelli had the simplest transformation.

Italy struggled and showed little of the serenity they showed against New Zealand last weekend as the Azzurri managed to keep the score at 21-9 before the All Blacks ran away in the final quarter and won 47-9.

The hosts missed another offside penalty and this time Boffelli did not miss from a central position.

Argentina were better at every area of ​​the pitch and Italy struggled to put every offensive together as they were beaten in every tackle.

Italy gave Argentina their second try in the 28th minute when Gonzalez stepped past the Azzurri defense and ran onto the ball to jump over it. Boffelli converted again and the Pumas led 17-0.

Italy finally scored points on the board eight minutes before half-time thanks to a Garbisi penalty.

Garbisi managed to score another penalty – which went off the post – with the final shot of half-time to help Italy reduce the gap to 11 points.

But Italy’s good job was undone right at the start of the second half when the ball hit an unmarked Moroni who went into the corner after a pathetic defense. Boffelli added the extras.

Italy eventually managed to get close to the Argentine line and got their first attempt at the fall internationals when Varney got the ball practically on the line from the back of a scrum, pretending to cheat before forcing it.

Garbisi converted and added another penalty after Azzurri prop master Marco Riccioni was carried away on a stretcher.

However, there was another attempt at Italy’s best phase of the game as a poorer defense let the ball get to Cordero, who sped to the right and flipped. This time, Boffelli missed.

Nicolas Sanchez also added a penalty for Argentina and his substitute colleague Bosch scored the Pumas’ fifth attempt seconds after losing control of the ball.


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Hurling fashion objective for Argentina within the Tokyo2020 Olympics

When 24-year-old Nicholas Keenan scored a hurling-style goal for Argentina against Japan in men’s hockey at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is remembered that Keenan has a grandfather from Cork, Ireland, the home of hurling.

What could have been! Keenan’s grandfather was a Cork man before moving to South America (although he may have been good at such skills @OfficialCorkGAA Slingshot)@ Munster_Hockey

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It was a goal the great Jimmy Barry Murphy would have been proud of when Keenan picked up the ball, flicked it up, and over his shoulder with a twist of his wrists and shoulders doubled the ball in the air, toward the back of the host’s net.

Irish Argentines

Many may not know that Argentina is home to the fifth largest Irish community in the world, the largest in a non-English speaking nation, and the largest in Latin America.

Irish Argentines are Argentine citizens who are wholly or partly of Irish descent.
Irish emigrants from the Midlands, Wexford and the Southeast, and even from many of Ireland’s counties, came to Argentina mainly from 1830 to 1930, with the largest wave occurring between 1850 and 1870. The modern Irish-Argentine community of some Irish descendants is estimated at 500,000 to 1,000,000.

Hurling in Argentina

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The earliest reference to hurling in Argentina comes from the late 1880s in the ranch town of Mercedes in Buenos Aires, a major center of the Irish-Argentine community. However, the game was not actively promoted until 1900 when writer and newspaper man William Bulfin became aware of it. The Argentine Hurling Club was founded on July 15, 1900 under Bulfin’s patronage.

On August 17, 1900, Bulfin printed the rules and a diagram of a hurling pitch in The Southern Cross, the official newspaper of the Argentine Irish community. The enthusiasm quickly spread and teams were quickly formed in both the Buenos Aires neighborhoods and the surrounding farming communities. The Order of the Passionists and Pallotines played an important role in promoting the game.

The future of hurling is certain in Argentina, well done Santi O Reilly

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