Purposes set to open for grant cash for coastal houses to arrange for hurricanes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – South Carolina Home Mitigation Grant Program applications will open in a few weeks, and South Carolina Department of Insurance officials are encouraging you to prepare for the application now as the money is being distributed quickly.

According to Ray Farmer, director of the SCDOI, the grant funding from this program will help homeowners along the coast retrofit their homes to prepare them for hurricanes and severe wind damage.

Farmer said the grant can be used for things like secondary water barriers, hurricane shutters, stiffening gable ends, and more.

“The most popular attempt is to build a fortified roof to make it stronger,” said Farmer. “Either the $ 5,000 or $ 4,000 grants, they won’t build a bunker for you, but it will go a long way in helping our consumers prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.”

According to the SCDOI, the amount of funds depends on the applicant’s income.

“If you hit certain low income levels, you can get a $ 5,000 grant,” Farmer said. “If you fail to meet these thresholds, you will still be eligible for a corresponding grant of up to $ 4,000.”

Farmer said they give away between $ 2 million and $ 2.3 million every year. This money will be split over two application periods, one from July 1st and one from December 1st. He encourages everyone to apply in July and again in December if they don’t get the money in the first round of applications.

According to the SCDOI, retrofitted or reinforced houses reduce the likelihood and intensity of storm damage, which ultimately leads to fewer and fewer insurance claims and ultimately lowers insurance premiums for citizens.

“For every dollar we spend on containment upfront, it will save six dollars after a storm,” Farmer said. “It certainly makes sense to make our houses more resilient, also against flooding.”

More information on applying for the grant Visit the SCDOI website.

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Leisure venue grant program web site to reopen for functions

The federal government will try again on Monday to accept applications for COVID-19 aid grants from independent cinemas, museums, concert halls and other live performance rooms after the application portal crashed two weeks ago.

The US Small Business Administration announced on Friday that the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program was reopening 26th of April at noon and hopefully accept his first applications.

Due to “technical problems”, SBA had to close the SVOG application portal hours after it opened on April 8th. However, on Friday the agency announced it had “completed rigorous testing” to ensure the portal’s reliability, including “security mechanisms” and the addition of a virtual waiting room “to ensure a proper application process”.

SBA also said that venue owners can get an upfront account by going sba.gov/svogrant. To do this, they should have a smartphone with a multi-factor authentication app, the agency said.

Due to technical problems, SBA had to close the application portal hours after it opened on April 9th. Photo credit: Newsday / Steve Pfost

For assistance using the application portal, call 800-659-2955.

“We recognize the urgency and need to get this program up and running,” said Barb Carson, assistant associate administrator of the SBA Office of Disaster Assistance, which oversees SVOG. The agency “will start examining applications on Monday as soon as they are submitted,” she said.

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The SVOG was launched in December by Congress and then-President Donald Trump to provide up to $ 10 million per venue, which governments closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus a year ago. More than $ 16.2 billion is available to help venues recover from their huge loss of revenue in 2020.

SBA has estimated it will receive 15,000 SVOG applications; The average grant is expected to be $ 1 million. Priority will be given to venues that experienced a 90% or more drop in revenue from the pandemic between April and December 2020.

This is the second time in about a year that one of the agency’s application portals for COVID Aid Grants has crashed.

In March 2020, the portal for EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loans) froze repeatedly and crashed under the weight of thousands of users. According to a report by SBA General Inspector Hannibal “Mike” Ware in October, the portal was closed for days after the personal information of more than 7,900 applicants was made available to other applicants who were using the website at the same time.

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Functions for San Francisco Music and Leisure Venues Grants Set to Open – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – City officials announced Monday that the San Francisco Music and Entertainment Venue Recovery Fund will be accepting grant applications starting this week.

The $ 10,000 minimum grants are available to all eligible San Francisco entertainment venues, which in many cases have been closed for a full year due to COVID-19.

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Mayor London Breed announced that the fund will begin accepting applications for grants from Wednesday April 21st. The fund was set up to financially support live music and entertainment venues in San Francisco to keep them from closing permanently due to U.S. pressure pandemic.

According to the press release, the fund supports recommendations by the city’s Economic Recovery Task Force to support the arts, culture, hospitality and entertainment sectors. The fund is also in line with San Francisco’s other entertainment support efforts, including Mayor Breed’s $ 2.5 million entertainment fee and tax break and the arts and culture support proposals under the Framework of the Mayor’s Small Business Recovery Act.

“These music and entertainment venues are part of what makes San Francisco a special place to live and visit,” Mayor Breed said in the press release. “The past year has been devastating for the entertainment sector and this local funding will help these companies stay until they can get back up and running.”

Last month, Mayor and manager Matt Haney agreed to allocate $ 3 million to the fund as part of $ 24.8 million for small business loans and grants in the current year surplus expenditure plan. In the first round of grants, all $ 3 million of the same amount will be spent on each eligible venue. According to official figures, the grants for each venue are at least $ 10,000. However, this amount depends on how many venues are qualified for the program.

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“Our independent music and nightlife venues have been badly hit over the past year and are in dire need of the support this fund will provide,” said Supervisor Matt Haney. “Night life and entertainment are cornerstones of our city’s economy and culture. When we reopen and recover, we need our city’s venues to not only survive but also to grow stronger. “

The fund is managed by the San Francisco Office of Small Business and was developed in consultation with stakeholders from the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the Entertainment Commission, the Small Business Commission, the San Francisco Venue Coalition, and the Independent Venue Alliance.

The fund is also available to receive donations from the public. All private donations received before the first round of scholarships will be distributed during this round. If the city adds additional money to the fund from the city or through donations after the first grant round, this money will be awarded in the following grant rounds.

“Live music venues couldn’t be open for even a single day in any way for over a year. They’re among the hardest hit companies in San Francisco, so they’re hanging by a thread, said Sharky Laguana, president of the San Francisco Small Business Commission. “Many had to close permanently. Music is central to San Francisco’s identity and history, and as a musician, I don’t even want to think of our city without our beloved venues. “

The deadline for applying for grants is May 5th. Venues eligible for funding must have an entertainment commission location approval prior to the start of the pandemic, including a track record of extensive live entertainment programming, including eligibility criteria.

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Venues interested in applying and members of the public interested in donating to the fund can be found at sfosb.org/venuefund