This Apple Watch Charger Melds Type With Energy

Anyone who has owned an Apple Watch knows that checking the time is just one of many things they use it for. Apple Watches now serve as personal health centers as they monitor blood pressure, heart rate, steps, and many additional health-related data points that are used to draw a growing health picture. All of this information is welcome, but an Apple Watch is only as good as its battery life.

Prevent unwanted power outages from your Apple Watch with the Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain. For a limited time, it’s available for just $ 19.99. That’s a 59% savings over the MSRP ($ 49).

More than 75 verified buyers rate this device with 4 stars. “It works exactly as advertised and is very easy to use. A great battery to use when you need to charge your watch, “writes verified 5-star reviewer Jeffrey R.

Don’t let the small profile of this device fool you. It pretty much offers the power punch. It has a built-in 950 mAh battery that can power any range of batteries Apple watch. It’s ultraportable and fits a slim profile as it can be attached to any keychain. You won’t even notice it until you have to use it. It is encased in a matte black case that is both stylish and durable and allows wireless charging via a magnetic center ring and four LED lights that allow the user to monitor the charging status.

There is a built-in safety mechanism that protects against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit. Pressing the button for three seconds switches this device on and pressing it again for three seconds switches it off. Whenever you need to charge this device, it can be easily done with a micro USB 5V-350mA charger.

When you’ve had enough of dealing with an Apple Watch that regularly runs out of power, look no further. This small but powerful device is all you need to get back to business. Got it on sale today for $ 19.99.

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Apple, Vipshop, Coinbase and others

Before the doorbell rings, check out the companies that are making the headlines:

Apple (AAPL) – The company is again approaching $ 3 trillion in market value and must hit $ 182.86 per share to hit this milestone. Regardless, Apple is closing its 12 New York stores due to the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 for indoor traffic. Apple gained 0.3% in the run-up to the market launch.

VIPshop stocks (VIPS) – The China-based e-commerce firm’s shares fell 2.4% early after lowering its revenue forecast for the current quarter. Vipshop cited its “latest view on market and operating conditions” without being specific, but a Jefferies report said warmer weather and a surge in Covid-19 cases likely drove consumer demand down.

RR Donnelley (RRD) – RR Donnelley lost 1.6% in premarket trading after the business communication and marketing services company announced an intervention in its technical systems. Donnelley said it is being investigated and is unaware that customer data has been compromised.

Coinbase (COIN) – The cryptocurrency exchange operator’s shares fell 2.2% in the premarket as Bitcoin price fell, putting the stock at risk of breaking a four-day earnings streak that rose 17.7% over that period .

Extreme networks (EXTR) – The cloud computing company’s stock rose 3.6% ahead of its launch after Needham raised its price target from $ 16 to $ 18.50 per share. The stock closed at $ 16.03 on Monday.

Howard Hughes (HHC) – The real estate firm has reportedly agreed to sell a controlling stake in Chicago’s Bank of America Tower for more than $ 1 billion to the private equity firm Oak Hill Advisors, according to a report by Dow Jones, with citing sources familiar to the business.

Nvidia (NVDA) – The graphics chipmaker’s shares rose 1.2% in the premarket after rising for the past 4 days in a row, helping the iShares Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) to a record high in Monday trading. modern micro devices (AMD) – also a key factor in propelling the SOXX higher – added 1% in pre-trading. Chip inventories have increased due to supply shortages and strong demand, which has resulted in higher prices for chips.

Cathie Wooden says Apple ought to’ve purchased Tesla, however ‘we’re completely happy they did not’

The closely watched finance manager Cathie Wood told CNBC on Wednesday that Apple could have owned the driverless vehicle market by buying it Tesla if they get the chance during the problematic start-up of the electric vehicle manufacturer Model 3.

“We’ve been watching Apple very closely for years. Because what is an autonomous vehicle? It’s the ultimate mobile device,” she said in a broader sense “Squawk Box” Interview in which she also talked about them Ark Invest strategies, the She expects returns long term and Purchase of Zoom after its recent decline.

Apple stocks All-time highs reached last Friday and then again on Monday – market value rose solidly above 2.5 trillion US dollars – afterwards Last week’s Bloomberg report about the tech giant accelerating efforts to introduce a self-driving vehicle. Apple was not immediately available to respond to CNBC’s request for comment on its autonomous ambitions. Tesla was also not immediately available to comment on Wood’s comments.

“It’s very hard work – and with all the turnover in management, we’d be surprised if they could do it that quickly,” Wood said, referring to Bloomberg report in June on the departures from Apple’s autonomous unit of three top managers. In 2018, Apple lured Doug Field, then Tesla’s senior vice president of engineering, back to the company he had previously worked for. Apple has also hired countless other former Tesla employees.

Wood – a longtime Tesla Uber bull and shareholder and supporter of the CEO Elon Musk – CNBC said, “This should have been Apple’s market. Apple should have bought Tesla when they were given the opportunity. We’re glad they didn’t. “

Musk revealed, in a December 2020 tweet for reaching out to Apple’s CEO Tim cook “During the darkest days for the Model 3 program” on the possibility of selling Tesla “(for 1/10 of our current value).” Musk said Cook refused to attend the meeting.

The first Model 3s, a lower-priced EV sedan for mass-market car buyers, shipped in 2017 after increasing production to meet demand was problematic. In 2018, Musk tweeted that the auto business was “Hell” and it was him Sleep in the factory to try to solve the problems.

Today, Tesla joined the $ 1 trillion market cap club, and Musk, the EV company’s largest shareholder, has sold billions of its stock holdings.

Wood told CNBC that she saw “nothing wrong” with Musk selling stocks, taking profits and paying billions of dollars in tax bills related to stock option subsidies.

Applications for admission Late Tuesday, Musk revealed he was exercising options to buy 2.15 million Tesla shares and selling 934,091 shares valued at just over $ 1 billion. Since his Twitter poll on November 6thWhen asked if he should sell shares, Musk dumped 9.2 million shares valued at $ 9.9 billion.

– Reuters contributed to this report.

Will Apple Arcade’s large additions broaden gaming providers’ enchantment? [analysis] | Leisure

Apple Arcade has significantly expanded its offering. The evolving service added more than 30 games in early April, and the offerings feature strong gamers that will be sure to grab core gamers’ attention.

It’s a remarkable mix of mobile classics like Monument Valley and established blockbusters like NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition. The company even added titles based on timeless pastimes like chess and crossword puzzles. The diverse portfolio caters to a wide audience and makes the subscription service a tempting offer for $ 4.99 per month. It also begs the question: if Apple builds it, will players come?

A wide range

The new additions are a sign that Apple is providing a wider network for the service. An older generation may like the idea of ​​the Timeless Classics category. Think of it as the service version of Nintendo’s surprisingly great Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. Virtual versions of backgammon, crossword puzzles and solitaire are created.

The versions of these games are made by third-party developers, but some offerings have some twists on the classics. For example, Zach Gage’s Really Bad Chess turns the concept of towers, knights and queens on its head by creating an imbalance.

“People are fascinated by chess, but the impeccable fairness turns people off,” said Gage. “It’s the idea of ​​fairness. We want the rules of the game to be fair. “

But what makes the drama of the game is injustice. He mentioned the idea of ​​outsiders and David and Goliath.

“We like it better when there is injustice,” said Gage.

To create more interesting scenarios in Really Bad Chess, Gage creates boards on which you have four queens and four knights and your opponent has a number of pawns. He mixes up the pieces. At first, players have an overpowering hand, but as players improve in the game, it becomes more difficult when the board leans against them.

“It’s sacrilegious but feels like playing it,” he said.

Old favorites are returning

A second group of people the service applies to may have grown up watching mobile games or becoming gaming fans since the App Store opened in 2008. These are people who love “Angry Birds” or “Crossy Road”. For this audience, Apple Arcade created another category called App Store Greats.

The offers here have a distinct feeling. These are games designed for cell phones that take advantage of iPhone and iPad touch screens. That means they’re easy to learn and play, while they’re great for bite-sized fun. Players don’t have to block an afternoon to play them. The levels are short and the experience is good enough to make your way home on the train quick.

The App Store sizes include “Threes!” The original number slider game is addicting and the type of puzzle game that players can master for hours. Meanwhile, Fruit Ninja Classic was one of the games that demonstrated the potential of the touchscreen interface of the iPhone and made a game easy to learn by slicing melons with your finger like a ninja.

Although these games were hits, Monument Valley is the instantly recognizable title and one of the defining projects on the platform. It’s been downloaded 73 million times and comes with all the bells and whistles on Apple Arcade.

This is one of the advantages of subscription services. There are no ads or additional charges. What the players get is a complete experience with no other conditions. For Monument Valley, this means that it has content that can be downloaded from Apple Arcade, such as Ida’s Dream and Forgotten Shores.

This approach to gaming is almost a throwback to the old console days. Before titles could be patched if something was wrong with them, they were released in full on disc and tapes. Players didn’t have to worry about purchasing expansion packs to play with their friends or continue the story. The game came in a box, it worked, and players enjoyed a finished experience.

Shoutout to the core games

This type of approach will appeal to core and long-term gamers that Apple Arcade is touting with its Apple Originals. It’s not a new category in the service per se, but it does reload with a number of titles that will appeal to that crowd.

Platinum Games, the makers of hits like “Bayonetta” and “NieR: Automata”, released “World of Demons”. It looks like the cult favorite “Okami” and that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the game’s director Hideki Kamiya was a co-founder of the studio. “Demons” has a console feel with its fast twitch button-mashing sword fight, but has mobile elements like the bite-sized confrontations and levels. Best of all, it works with a controller to make the console feel to be on mobile devices.

For older players, “The Oregon Trail” can be a good afternoon break. The graphics and some game mechanics have been redesigned, but it’s essentially the same game fans played on the Apple II computer. Gamers will appreciate the beautiful graphics that are light years ahead of the green and black images they saw in childhood.

Final Fantasy fans should check out Mistwalker’s Fantasian. It’s an RPG that reunites series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and composer Nobuo Uematsu. The special thing about this role-playing game is that the scenery is created using real dioramas over which the characters are placed. It’s an unusual mix of practical and computer-generated effects that together tell a fascinating story with combat mechanics.

While all of these games will spark the interest of core gamers, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition is the game that may find the largest audience. Either way, this is a full version of the core game. It has all the NBA teams, multiplayer and MyCareer. It works with a controller or touchscreen controls.

Parts of the game like MyCareer are a bit reduced. It still has the feel of a basketball RPG, but the story is told through voice narration instead of cutscenes.

It is noteworthy that as an Apple Arcade game, there are no microtransactions. That’s something that the console versions are packed with. This makes the Apple Arcade game feel like a purer version of the experience. Players simply tap the game’s icon and play without worrying about extra cash. VC is still in the game, but it is awarded like normal points that help improve a character. Players no longer pay money to power up their avatar. Instead, it does this through normal campaign play.

Regarding the online modes, Tyler Nation, Vice President and Head of Mobile at 2K, said Visual Concepts tried to make matchmaking fair by playing players on controllers versus players on controllers and players on Macs versus players on Macs. Online play is a major attraction of the franchise.

All of these additions provide Apple Arcade with a list of 180+ games. It’s a catalog that is more attractive than before and is part of a bigger trend. Gaming companies like Microsoft are investing in their own subscription services, buying studios and making offers for this content. It’s part of a process that will make the gaming scene look more like Netflix in five years.

Apple Books-High-10 | Leisure |

Rank, book title by author name, ISBN, publisher

1. Bridgerton Collection Volume 1 by Julia Quinn – 9780063045118 – (Avon)

2. Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn – 9780062424105 – (Avon)

3. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn – 9780062424037 – (Avon)

4. The Scorpion’s Tail by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child – 9781538747292 – (Grand Central Publishing)

5. The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn – 9780062424075 – (Avon)

6. To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn – 9780062424112 – (Avon)

7. An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn – 9780062424082 – (Avon)

8. When he got mad at Julia Quinn – 9780062424136 – (Avon)

9. Daylight by David Baldacci – 9781538761687 – (Grand Central Publishing)

10. The False Family of Tarryn Fisher – 9781488076749 – (Graydon House Books)

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