In The Type proclaims progress at Christmas

Manchester-based fast fashion retailer In The Style reported strong growth during the Christmas trading period, the eight weeks ended December 31, 2021.

Gross order value (GOV), a pre-returns metric that reflects underlying customer demand, rose 41.4% over last year’s output to £15.2m.

In the Style has also announced that CFO & COO Paul Masters is to step down in March 2022 “to focus on his health” and that he will be succeeded by Richard Monaghan this month.

Total net sales increased by 21.5% to £11.2m or a total of 225.9% on a two-year basis.

Growth continues to be driven by a very strong performance across the group’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel, which includes the In The Style website and proprietary app. DTC net sales, or sales after customer returns, rose 34.5% year-on-year to £9.1m, up 204.7% on a two-year basis.

Revenue from the In The Style app grew 72.3% year over year and accounted for 67.1% of total revenue for the period.

According to In The Style, this positive momentum has been underpinned by the continued expansion of its differentiated influencer model, including a number of well-received launches of new influencer partnerships and highly successful collection launches with existing influencer partners.

The Group also saw very strong consumer demand in its partywear and seasonal products categories, particularly in its very popular holiday family pajama ranges and charity Christmas jumper collection.

The group’s wholesale channel, which includes both digital and retail partnerships including Asos, Lipsy and Asda, has continued to perform well and is in line with management’s expectations.

In The Style said that following positive sales performance over the holiday period, the group expects to deliver strong sales growth in the range of £55m-57m for the financial year ended 31 March 2022 (FY22), in line with market expectations .

It also noted that global supply chain constraints continue to add cost pressures as well as increased transit times. Unpredictable delivery times have sporadically impacted the Group’s launch schedule, resulting in shorter selling times for some ranges.

This has resulted in increased discount levels to clear some ranges ahead of later launches and the Group currently expects some launches planned for Q4 to fall in FY23, resulting in a lower volume of full price launches will lead in the fourth quarter.

Due to these supply chain constraints, the board now expects to report an adjusted EBITDA margin for FY22 in the range of 1% to 2%.

Sam Perkins, CEO of In The Style commented, “The group has continued its excellent growth and delivered strong revenue performance during an important golden quarter. This result came despite the well-documented uncertainties faced by both consumers and retailers during the period and is a testament to the appeal of the In The Style brand, the continued positive momentum across several key customer metrics and the success of our recent influencers -Cooperations.”

Anheiser-Busch Publicizes Willy Wonka Model Giveaway – Information/Discuss KRMS 1150 AM, 97.5 FM & 103.three FM

The ghost of Willy Wonka is now invading Anheiser-Busch in St. Louis.

The company is running a campaign similar to the “Golden Ticket” to win a $1 million prize.

Instead of the admission ticket, Budweiser places 10,000 golden cans in specially marked beer crates across the country.

To enter, you must post a picture of the gold can on social media and tag @budweiserusa with the hashtags #LiveLikeAKing and #Sweepstakes, or download a gold can wrapper from Budweiser’s website, which can then be used as a replacement for the wrapper around one normal can.

The prize will be awarded as a check after the random drawing on February 21st.

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U.S. broadcasts diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics over human rights abuses

The US announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on Monday, a move that had received non-partisan support from critics of China’s human rights record.

While US athletes will continue to compete, President Joe Biden’s administration will not send an official representation to the Games in China amid “the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang and other human rights abuses”, White House press secretary Jen said Psaki, told reporters.

Psaki was referring to China’s reported treatment of Uighur Muslims in this northwest area, known as genocide from both Biden and former President Donald Trump’s administration.

CNBC policy

Read more about CNBC’s political coverage:

“The Team USA athletes have our full support. We will be 100 percent behind them if we cheer them on from home. We will not be contributing to the fanfare of the Games,” said Psaki.

“The US diplomatic or official mission would be faced with these games [People’s Republic of China’s] egregious human rights violations and atrocities in Xinjiang, and we just can’t do that, “she said.

“We will continue to take action to advance human rights in China and beyond,” she said.

The expected move was preventively criticized on Monday by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian. “It is a travesty of the Olympic spirit, it is a political provocation and an insult to the 1.4 billion Chinese,” he said, according to a translation of his remarks.

“If the US insists on going the wrong way, China will take necessary and decisive countermeasures,” said Zhao.

The Chinese government under President Xi Jinping has been condemned by dozens of countries for its actions in Xinjiang and its crackdown on pro-democratic protesters in Hong Kong in 2019 and 2020.

More recently, Beijing has come under fire after having disappeared for weeks Tennis star Peng Shuaiwho disappeared after publicly accusing a former Chinese Communist Party senior official of sexual assault.

The women’s tennis association announced last week it will suspend tournaments in China immediately due to concerns about the treatment and safety of Peng and other players.

Disclosure: CNBC parent NBCUniversal owns NBC Sports and NBC Olympics. NBC Olympics holds the U.S. broadcast rights to all Summer and Winter Games through 2032.

Austria declares nationwide lockdown as Covid circumstances surge

Police officers monitor compliance with the lockdown for unvaccinated persons on November 15, 2021 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Jan Hetfleisch | Getty Images

Austria will initiate a fourth national lockdown on Monday as Covid-19 cases continue to rise and become the first country in Western Europe to impose strict measures this fall.

The country’s unvaccinated are already prevented from leaving home for non-essential purposes.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced on Friday at a press conference that these blocking measures will be extended to the entire country from Monday. The lockdown would last a maximum of 20 days, said Schallenberg, but initially for 10 days.

He also announced that the Covid vaccination will be mandatory in Austria from February 1st.

On Thursday, Austria recorded 15,145 new cases of Covid-19, setting a new record high for daily positive tests. Hospital stays, deaths and the number of Covid patients in the intensive care unit are also increasing sharply in Austria.

Around 65% of the Austrian population are fully vaccinated against the virus, which Schallenberg previously described as “shamefully low”. After Liechtenstein, the country has the second lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe.

The Austrian Press Agency reported that the government ministers were negotiating until the early hours of Friday morning to work out measures that could help contain Austria’s escalating Covid crisis.

The implementation of a nationwide lockdown means a significant U-turn for Austria’s Chancellor, the told reporters just last week that the two-thirds of the population who had accepted the vaccination would not be forced to show “solidarity” with the unvaccinated.

The government’s original plan was to put unvaccinated people under lockdown once coronavirus patients occupied 30% of intensive care beds in hospitals – a move that came into effect on Monday.

However, the move has been criticized for being difficult to enforce as unvaccinated people were still given some freedoms to go to work, do their grocery shopping, and meet certain people outdoors.

Austrian police officers were carry out random checks this week to people over the age of 12 – who are currently blocked if they have not been vaccinated – to confirm their vaccination status.

While Schallenberg had previously refused to lock down all Austrians, some were members of the country’s coalition government call for stricter restrictions on those who have been vaccinated as hospitals and intensive care units were increasingly stressed.

The third largest party in the country, the right-wing FPÖ, pushed back the government, which said on Friday: “Austria is a dictatorship from today”.

The party was openly skeptical of Covid vaccines and had planned a demonstration against the lockdown measures for unvaccinated people in Vienna over the weekend.

Debt-Busting Tech Startup Brilliant Cash Pronounces Public Launch, With $31 Million in Funding

SAN FRANCISCO – () –Light money, an artificial intelligence (AI) financial platform based on its unique MoneyScience ™ algorithm, has secured $ 31 million in funding from Sequoia Capital India, Falcon Edge Capital and Hummingbird Ventures, along with investments from prominent angel investors like Ram Shriram (Alphabet board member and founder of Sherpalo Ventures).

Bright Money is helping Americans take control of their debts and start building real wealth through bespoke AI-powered financial planning. With its algorithm, Bright Money does all of the data processing math and financial planning for each user. Bright Money uses thousands of data points from a user’s financial life to build the best possible path to financial well-being while fitting into the user’s daily money activities. It works to outsmart banks and lending companies so that any Bright Money user can always get the best bang for their buck.

The Bright Money platform is designed for real financial needs that matter most to Americans, helping them move forward and make their dreams come true. It focuses on getting people out of debt, improving their credit scores, and increasing savings to build real wealth. On average, users pay more than $ 2,200 in credit card debt each year by using the platform, saving $ 750 in fees and interest fees, and adding 30-100 points to their creditworthiness.

The platform primarily helps hard-working, middle-income Americans – those between the ages of 25 and 40 who make $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 a year. These Americans have traditionally been underserved by banks and even by the youngest “neo banks”. Unlike existing services and products, Bright Money doesn’t just offer users more credit or a unified product. Bright Money offers highly customized planning that reacts to and adapts to each user’s changing finances while enabling intelligent automated payments that reduce debt and build wealth faster than most Americans can alone.

Bright Money was co-founded by Avi Patchava, an Oxford University graduate data science expert with a decade of experience using algorithms to solve consumer problems. and Petko Plachkov, a financial services veteran and serial entrepreneur who has successfully developed and scaled financial products for millennials for the past decade.

“When we started building Bright in 2019, we wanted to bring a unique system based on data science to help Americans organize their finances and fight their debts,” says Patchava. “The Series A funding we have secured will allow us to take our platform to the next level by giving users a transformative journey with their money to truly improve their financial future. We exist to deliver real results to people – not just another financial product. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to harnessing the power of data science to fuel personal finances. ”

Bright Money has assembled a team of more than 100 money scientists: seasoned data scientists and AI engineers from leading research centers around the world with experience in finance, consumer technology and adtech. They spent two years building the MoneyScienceTM platform (a system of 34 different AI algorithms) from the ground up to provide unique financial planning and insights to consumers. Bright Money’s technology enables hyper-personalized and bespoke financial plans normally only offered to the wealthy through dedicated financial advisors.

“We designed Bright to meet the financial planning needs of middle-class Americans with no hidden costs or fees,” said Plachkov. “Bright is only $ 15 a month – affordable for everyone. How to get Bright’s algorithm for your finances for less than the price of Netflix. Most Americans make a decent living, but they’re poorly served by traditional financial firms and fintechs that offer one-size-fits-all solutions. With more than 30,000 people getting results with the Bright platform in beta, we know we are building a platform for the future of people’s money. ”

“Bright has invested in building a unique technology-enabled solution that will help consumers manage their money and reduce debt,” says Shriram. “The consumer debt and savings business is ripe for innovation to bring real value and simplicity to users looking to improve their financial lives.”

For $ 15 a month, users have access to all of the great Bright Money platform tools, educational resources – The School of MoneyScience ™ – and 24/7 access to customer support via phone, email and chat. Based in San Francisco with offices in London and Bangalore, Bright Money currently has 150 members on the data science and customer service team and is compatible with 14,000 banks in the US. For more information on Bright Money, see

About light money

Light money is an artificial intelligence (AI) financial platform powered by its unique MoneyScience ™ algorithm designed to help Americans take control of their debt and start building real wealth. Bright Money’s technology enables all users to access highly customized financial plans – usually only available from financial planners charging thousands of dollars – to help settle credit card debt, build their creditworthiness, and start saving. Bright Money delivers results to its users, with the average customer shedding $ 440 in debt and saving $ 750 a year in interest in the first three months. Bright Money’s patented platform has helped over 30,000 Americans to date and managed hundreds of millions of debts. Bright Money was founded in 2019 by Avi Patchava, a leader in the AI ​​industry. and Petko Plachkov, a serial financial services entrepreneur; and has teams in San Francisco, London and India.

MoneyScienceTM, Bright Money’s patented AI platform, uses thousands of data points on each consumer’s financial life and 34 algorithms to create highly customized financial plans for users. The MoneyScienceTM system was developed from the ground up over two years by leading AI and machine learning experts, combining basic AI technologies from other industries (adtech, entertainment, robotics and industrial automation) with best practices in personal finance. The result is simple, understandable, and impactful plans that are uniquely tailored to each individual – hyper-personalized for each user. Currently, such detailed planning is only available from professional financial planners, who charge thousands of dollars for such a service.

e-Cash Broadcasts Integration with the Algorand Blockchain to Speed up the Circulation of European Stablecoins

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – e-Money today announced the integration with Algorand to support a range of fully secured European stablecoins across the Algorand ecosystem, including eEUR, eCHF, eNOK, eSEK and eDKK. Stablecoins – digital currencies designed to maintain stable value by pegging them to a fiat currency or other exchange-traded commodity – have grown in popularity significantly due to the demand for stable-priced assets in the fast-growing crypto capital markets.

This integration will enable faster time to market for applications that are based on Algorand and want to offer native currency options to users everywhere Europe and promote the adoption of Algorand-based applications among European users as they are familiar with the currency. These Algorand-compliant European stablecoin offers are not only available directly via e-money, but will also be listed on several decentralized exchanges in the coming days, which further increases the supply in circulation.

European stablecoins are fully secured with e-money and secured with actual bank deposits and government bonds at commercial banks. What is unique is that e-money’s currency-backed stablecoins each use a dynamic link that tracks the underlying interest rate, meaning stablecoin holders can benefit from accrued interest on their assets, even if they are just sitting in a user’s wallet. In addition, e-Money’s services operate in full compliance with AML / CTF legislation, and the platform is transparent and audited quarterly by Ernst & Young.

“We are excited to bring e-money stablecoins into the Algorand protocol. We are already seeing a number of exciting projects being built on Algorand and expect this development to continue at an accelerated pace. E-money will establish itself as an ecosystem. ” partner on Algorand projects that interact with real economies, expanding our user base and strengthening our position as the leading issuer of trusted European stablecoins. “- Martin Dyring-Andersen, E-money founder and CEO.

“Interest in stablecoins is booming and it’s great to add e-money offerings to the fiat-backed assets already floating around on Algorand such as QCAD backed by Canadian fiat and BRZ backed by Brazilian real,” said David Markley, Director of Business Solutions at Algorand. “Integration with e-money will expand general access to the Algorand ecosystem and help accelerate European market growth for many of the innovative and useful protocols on the network, from DeFi solutions to NFT marketplaces and beyond.”

About e-money
The e-money protocol is designed to issue a number of interest-bearing, currency-covered stablecoins that reflect various world currencies. Each token is backed by a reserve of assets denominated in the underlying currency. E-money currently supports the euro (EUR), Swiss franc (CHF), Swedish krona (SEK), Norwegian kroner (NOK) and Danish kroner (DKK) with a variety of additional currencies to be released year-round. The project is dedicated to total transparency with quarterly reserve checks of serious.

Unlike most existing stablecoins, which aim to maintain a static 1: 1 association with their underlying assets, the value of e-money’s currency-backed tokens continually shifts according to the interest accrued on currency reserves. This means that the owners can take advantage of the interest accrued on their assets while they are safe in your wallet. The e-money blockchain supports large-scale instant payments and includes a DEX for easy conversion between currencies. e-Money has already integrated with Ethereum and is expected to be integrated with Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos Hub, Avalanche, Polygon and Elrond in 2021.

About Algorand, Inc.
Algorand builds the technology for the future of finance (FutureFi), the convergence of traditional and decentralized models into a uniform, integrative, smooth and secure system. Founded by a Turing Award-winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand has developed a blockchain infrastructure that provides the interoperability and capacity to handle the transaction volume required by Defi, financial institutions and governments for a smooth transition to FutureFi. As the technology of choice for more than 700 global companies, Algorand enables the easy creation of next generation financial products, protocols and value sharing. For more information, visit

Media contact:
Shalini wood, CMO e-money
[email protected]

Algorand, Inc.
[email protected]


UAE publicizes 50 tasks to spice up economic system, companies await particulars

Commuters drive along Sheikh Zayed Road past commercial and residential properties in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Christopher Pike | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The United Arab Emirates has launched a number of economic stimulus and diversification programs to attract around $ 150 billion in new foreign investment over the next decade.

Fifty new projects and initiatives will be announced in the coming weeks, Emirates officials said on the country’s 50th anniversary, including new visas to attract residents and skilled workers.

“The UAE’s ambition for the next 50 years is to become a global player in various industries,” said Sarah Al Amiri, the United Arab Emirates’ first Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, to CNBC’s Dan Murphy on Sunday. “The region is what we have set our sights on for the past five decades; now we are going further to ensure that many of our sectors are competitive on a global scale.”

The country wants to invest more in advanced industrial sectors and technological education. Newly introduced changes include visa programs such as the Green Visa, which aims to expand self-employment status for qualified individuals and investors, and the Freelancer Visa, which allows the self-employed to sponsor themselves. The country has already introduced the 10-year golden visa, which is selectively awarded to highly qualified and selected residents and investors.

Visas are a mainstay of the UAE’s economy with nearly 90% of its 10 million residents living abroad. Traditionally, an expat resident without a job loses his visa; This was one reason nearly 10% of the country’s population left the country in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

The oil-rich desert sheikdom has worked to attract new capital and residents to help its economy recover from the blows inflicted on it by the pandemic that caused its economy to drop by 6 in 2020 1% shrank. Late last year it launched the Teleworker Visa, which allows individuals to live in the UAE for a year even if their employment is overseas, as long as they meet a certain income limit.

However, like many major announcements in the United Arab Emirates, the news of the 50 initiatives gave little detail without specifying when each of these programs would begin and what exactly they would entail.

Waiting for details

Employment law experts speaking to CNBC described the plans as a “significant and positive” move for the region’s economy.

“In the past, visa and work permit restrictions have made it difficult for companies to enter into more flexible, atypical work arrangements outside of the traditional employment model,” Kiersten Lucas, partner at Dubai-based Stephenson Harwood, told CNBC.

But companies are waiting for more details. “Businesses and individuals are eagerly awaiting further clarification from the authorities on how the new visas will work in practice,” said Laura Anderson, an employee of the same company.

She added that many employers want to know how the changes will give them “more flexibility to contract directly with individuals on a more traditional advisory basis” without being aware of the current legal obligations surrounding a company’s relations with its UAE workers to be bound.

Chris Payne, chief economist at Peninsula Real Estate based in the United Arab Emirates, described the move as strategic, although details are currently lacking.

“In the UAE it is recognition that expats are here for the long term, they are here to stay, and when you’ve gone through the economic cycle, when there’s a downturn, people who lose their jobs leave the country” Payne said on CNBC’s “Capital Connection” on Monday. “And that has an immediate effect on other companies, it has an obvious effect on the real estate market, and so this is being addressed gradually.”

“Often you only get the real details afterwards,” he said of the announcements on Sunday. “But the details will come … When we talk about the visa changes, they are all extremely positive, even if we wait for the details.”

Regional competition

This initiative also takes place amid a growing rivalry with neighboring Saudi Arabia for being the region’s commercial and business hub. United Arab Emirates Dubai special has long been considered the economic center of the region, supported by modern transport and logistics infrastructure and conveniently located at the intersection of east and west.

People walk past the official Dubai Expo 2020 sign near the sustainability pavilion in Dubai on January 16, 2021, hoping to strengthen its soft power and revive the economy will now open its doors in October 2021.

KARIM SAHIB | AFP | Getty Images

Last year, Saudi Arabia embarked on liberalizing economic reforms to attract more human capital and investment. And in February, she announced that her government would stop doing business with international companies whose regional headquarters are not based in the UK until 2024.

“Obviously, competition is a good thing in many cases and the UAE is responding by moving to the next level,” Payne said. “That has always been the UAE’s vision that it is not only a GCC hub, but also a hub for South Asia with connections to East Africa and beyond South Asia also in East Asia. So if you look at some of these trade and investment announcements, that says well that we have competition within the GCC, but actually our vision goes beyond the GCC. “

“So it’s absolutely a response to what’s going on in Saudi Arabia, but it’s a positive response; it says, ‘We can rise to the challenge’.”

County-level ARPA cash freed up for native governments, Vermont delegation publicizes

After months of deliberation, the U.S. Treasury Department will allow federal Covid-19 aid funds made available to county governments to go directly to Vermont cities and towns, the state’s congressional delegation said Friday.

That means the Vermont city councils will receive an additional $ 120 million in federal funds.

The American Rescue Plan Act, passed in March, provides separate funding for state, local, and city governments. The parishes of Vermont were US $ 76 million appropriated. The Treasury Department designated counties as a form of local government and withheld county-specific money from Vermont because Vermont county governments have no mechanisms to obtain it.

Vermont counties oversee courthouses and sheriff’s departments, and their budgets are drawn up by elected assistant judges. These budgets are usually quite small. Chittenden County is the only county in Vermont with an annual budget of over $ 1 million.

So the Vermont Congressional Delegation urged federal officials to recognize the uniqueness of Vermont counties and to channel the county’s money to cities and towns that perform government functions that counties often perform in other states.

In a joint statement on Friday, Sens. Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch said, “With this updated Treasury rule, US $ 120 million for the state will finally go to cities across Vermont. and these resources will help meet the needs for Vermonters across the state. “

Leahy, chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, asked Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to change the name during a subcommittee hearing in June.

“I would like to thank our congressional delegation for their advocacy and the Biden administration for their willingness to listen and adapt to Vermont’s unique county structure,” said Governor Phil Scott in a statement Friday. “This revision of the guidelines will allow our communities to take full advantage of the ARPA funding they are entitled to so they can make critical investments to meet their needs and help us better recover from the pandemic.”

It remains unclear how the funds will be distributed to the individual cities at the district level.

“Congress intended that these public financier funds would help local governments fill the gaps created by the pandemic, respond to the ongoing crisis and find a path to long-term recovery,” wrote Ted Brady, Executive Director of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, in an email to VTDigger. “The towns and villages of Vermont appreciate the dedication of our congressional delegation and Governor Scott’s efforts to ensure funding gets through locally.”

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Melco Resorts & Leisure Broadcasts Share Buy and Award Program

MACAU, July 8th, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (Nasdaq: MLCO) (“Melco” or the “Company”) announced today that it has launched a share purchase and incentive program to promote engagement and to honor the commitment of its employees and give eligible employees the opportunity to benefit from the company’s long-term growth.

The share purchase and rewards program applies to eligible employees who agreed to participate in the company’s voluntary vacation program in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of a number of proactive cost control measures the company has undertaken in the face of the unprecedented Pandemic challenges.

As part of the Share Purchase and Rewards Program, an eligible employee will be invited to use a portion of their base salary to purchase and grant restricted shares during the term of the program, which runs from July 2021 to June 2022, to purchase and grant restricted shares to the Melco Resorts 2011 Share Incentive Plan a total of 200% of the base salary applicable at the time of grant. The maximum amount of blocked shares that can be issued under the share purchase and incentive program is less than 0.50% of the company’s total outstanding shares as of July 8, 2021.

Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said: “The Share Purchase and Award Program shows our recognition of the dedication and dedication our colleagues showed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. As the pandemic gradually subsides, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of our colleagues and ensure that they have a chance to benefit from the company’s long-term growth. Our colleagues are always the most important ingredient for future success. “

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements. These statements are made in accordance with the “safe harbor” provisions of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (the “Company”) may also make forward-looking statements in its periodic reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), in its annual report to shareholders, in press releases and other written materials, and in oral statements their officers, directors or employees to third parties. Statements that are not historical facts, including statements about the company’s beliefs and expectations, are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties and a number of factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, (i) the global pandemic of COVID-19 caused by a novel strain of the coronavirus and the ongoing impact of its effects on our business, industry and the global economy, (ii) growth in the gaming market, and Visitor numbers in Macau, the Philippines and the Republic of Cyprus, (iii) capital and credit market volatility, (iv) local and global economic conditions, (v) our anticipated growth strategies, (vi) gambling authority and other government approvals and regulations, and (vii) our future Business development, operating results and financial position. In some instances, forward-looking statements may include words or expressions such as “may,” “will,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “aim,” “aim,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe” , “Potentially”, “further”, “is / are likely” or other similar expressions. For more information about these and other risks, uncertainties, or factors, see the company’s filings with the SEC. All information in this press release is as of the date of this press release and the company undertakes no obligation to update this information unless required by applicable law.

The story goes on

About Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited

The company, whose American Depositary Shares are listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (Nasdaq: MLCO), is a developer, owner and operator of integrated resort properties in Asia and Europe. The company currently operates Altira Macau (, an integrated resort in Taipa, Macau and City of Dreams (, an integrated resort in Cotai, Macau. The business also includes the Mocha Clubs (, which comprise the largest non-casino based electronic gaming machine operation in Macau. The company also majority-owned and operated Studio City (, an integrated movie-style resort in Cotai, Macau. In the Philippines currently operates and manages a Filipino subsidiary of City of Dreams Manila (, an integrated resort in the Entertainment City complex in Manila. In Europe, the company is currently developing City of Dreams Mediterranean ( in the Republic of Cyprus, which is expected to be the largest and leading integrated resort in Europe. The Company currently operates a Temporary Casino, the first authorized casino in the Republic of Cyprus, and is licensed to operate four satellite casinos (“Cyprus Casinos”). After City of Dreams Mediterranean opens, the company will continue to operate the satellite casinos while the temporary casino ceases to operate. Further information about the company can be found at

The company is heavily backed by its largest single shareholder, Melco International Development Limited, a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and largely owned and run by Mr. Lawrence Ho, the Chairman and Executive Director, and Chief Executive officer of the company.

For the investment community, please contact:
Robin Yuen
Director, Investor Relations
Tel: +852 2598 3619

For media inquiries, please contact:
Chimmy Leung
Managing director, corporate communications
Tel: +852 3151 3765

New theater firm broadcasts inaugural season | Leisure

Moonstone Theater Company has announced its inaugural season, which includes a Neil Simon comedy, a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, and a classic American play.

In a statement, Artistic Director Sharon Hunter said the company’s 2021-2022 season is focused on “mental health and its impact on individuals and their families.”

14.-31. October: “Jake’s Women” is Simon’s serious and comical account of a novelist and the women in his life. Directed by Edward M. Coffield.

February 17th – March 6th: “Proof”, by David Auburn, won a Pulitzer for this drama about a young woman, the daughter of a gifted mathematician. Director: Hunter.

May 19 – June 5: “The House of Blue Leaves”. Annamaria Pileggi directs John Guard’s critically acclaimed comedy about a frustrated songwriter.

Performances take place Thursday through Sunday at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center. Subscriptions and single tickets go on sale on August 14th. Additional Information: