Annex Gaming making strides to downtown leisure

CHEYENNE, Wyo (Wyoming News Now) – Annex Gaming was welcomed to downtown Cheyenne less than three weeks ago. As an extension of the Geek Garage, Annex Gaming is bringing an innovative gaming option to Capitol City for the first time.

Annex Gaming offers 35 pre-installed games and homemade PCs for beginners or experienced gamers to take away.

“We got really good feedback from the community and from people who are really interested in something like this in Cheyenne. We’re the only one within nearly a hundred miles; There’s nothing like it in Fort Collins, nothing in Laramie, nothing like it in Western Nebraska, so we’re the first to do this in this market, ”said Hayden Hassinger, manager / graphic design director, Annex Gaming.

The Annex is a hub for gamers, regardless of whether they take part in a tournament or just hang out with like-minded friends. There are drinks and various game price options available for purchase. You can buy by the hour or buy a pass.

“We’ve got a really good response from the community and stuff, so we’re really excited. With that location it’s a little secluded and a little small, but I think a lot of people are flashy enough to say, ‘Oh hey, what’s that?’ And we want to continue to do that, ”said Hassinger.

The community supported the new store with over 50 people who attended the opening a few weeks ago. The Annex team is pleased that Cheyenne now offers a new socket and a comfortable space for all PC players.

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