Andy Slavitt on omicron Covid variant, vaccines

The new omicron Covid variant poses a greater risk for those who have not been vaccinated and there is reason to believe that the current vaccines will be “quite effective,” a former White House adviser said Monday.

“What we know for sure is that it is a dangerous variant for people who have not been vaccinated,” Andy Slavitt told CNBC.Squawk Box Asia. “

“What we need to learn is whether or not Omicron – how it spreads in an environment where the delta is strong,” he said.

Slavitt previously served as a senior advisor on president Joe Bidens Coronavirus response team and headed the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services under the Obama administration.

Anecdotal reports suggest that Omicron may cause milder disease compared to other variants, but that could be due to “pre-existing immune responses,” said Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute.

He told CNBC’s Street Signs Asia on Monday that a “significant part” of the world had been vaccinated or infected with Covid-19 before Omicron even appeared.

“Having a vaccine or previous infection … will mitigate any disease that occurs,” he said, adding that not many people are exposed to Omicron who have not yet been vaccinated or infected.

“We really can’t say if it’s actually more severe in a natural setting or if it’s less severe now because of pre-existing immune responses,” said Kim.

What we know about omicron

The Omicron strain was first identified by South African scientists and has been proven in several countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

Health professionals are concerned on the transferability of the Omicron variant in view of its unusual constellation of mutations and profiles that differ from earlier, worrying variants. Scientists are also trying to find out how effective the current vaccines are in protecting people from serious illnesses due to the new strain.

“I think we have good reason to believe that the vaccines will be effective, if not as effective, and that they will be quite effective with a booster,” Slavitt told CNBC. “But Pharma is also going back to the drawing board.”

Covid vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, BioNTech, Modern, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca called they examine and test the omicron variant.

Slavitt said it was possible for updated vaccines to become available if needed in the next few months before the Omicron variant begins to meaningfully spread.

However, the main problem the world is facing right now is vaccine inequality. Information compiled by Our World In Data showed that only around 44% of the world’s population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19. But only a small percentage of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.

WHO has set a goal of vaccinating 70% of people in all countries by mid-2022. Kim of the International Vaccine Institute said there are also inequalities in Covid testing and sequencing, but that such differences would “hopefully” be resolved over time. He also said it was important to focus on developing vaccines that can prevent transmission.

Slavitt stated that it was too early to say how Omicron will fare compared to the deadly Delta Tribe.

“We get to a point where we have a variant to replace Delta that is not severe or easily medicated, then it will be a whole new day for this pandemic. We can knock on wood what happens now if so. ” not with omicron, it might be next, “he said, adding that such a scenario could potentially make Covid more like a cold.

NFL agent Andy Simms strikes on from Younger Cash, will get again to working his personal company

Andy Simms has spent most of his career as an NFL agent running his own agency.

The Hawken High School graduate and resident of Solon is doing just that again after he and four of his colleagues parted ways with Young Money and formed APAA Sports 1 of 1 agency.

Young Money, owned by renowned rapper Lil Wayne, acquired a majority stake in PlayersRep Sports Management in 2017. PlayersRep, which Simms co-founded with Wesley Spencer, had been in the business since 1999. Then Simms’ first client, former NFL defender Chike Okeafor, became about to graduate from Fall Western Reserve University’s law school.

In early 2018, after Simms and five other PlayersRep agents partnered with Young Money, Simms told Crain’s that “the ability to build our clients’ brands” was a primary reason for the move. However, the past few years have encouraged Simms that his group had to be in charge.

“There were things that were great, but there were things that we realized we could do better,” said Simms of his time at Young Money. “Ultimately, I knew that in order to build a company for the next 10 years we were looking ahead, building it our way, doing things the way we needed to, and being in control of all these aspects of our business, really is what we need back to. “

Six agents switched from PlayersRep to Young Money. Five – Simms, Spencer, Ken Sarnoff, Cody Recchion and Dave Lee – will continue to represent the 50 NFL players who move from Young Money to 1 of 1. Nicole Lynn, who was also part of the PlayersRep and Young Money teams, left Wayne’s company shortly before the NFL draft to join Klutch Sports as the agency’s new president of the agency’s football operations.

Marketing and branding the athletes they represent – crucial elements that led to the young money deal – are still important areas that need improvement, Simms said.

“At 1 in 1, we were able to assemble a team with more in-house marketing options, more digital graphics, and more off-field opportunities to help players in so many different ways that we weren’t equipped to do.” do either as PlayersRep or as Young Money, “said Simms.

The great thing about the new agency is that all the athletes have moved with the five agents.

The group includes Jalen Hurts, a sophomore quarterback who could be the Philadelphia Eagles’ future in that position; Lane Johnson, three-time Pro Bowl tackle for the Eagles; the McCourty twins Devin and Jason; Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller; outstanding wide receiver Tyler Boyd; Kansas City Chiefs Speedster Mecole Hardman; and Chiefs Defensive Lineman Jarran Reed.

“Business was good before Young Money, it was good when we were with Young Money, and now that we’ve moved on from Young Money, it’s getting even better,” said Simms. “The business of what we do as agents – how we look after the players, how we deal with the contracts, how we meet all of the needs of the players off the field – that’s just something we have to keep improving at, we’re coming Ahead.”

Andy Dick arrested after reported chair assault in Hollywood | Arts & Leisure

Andy Dick was arrested Saturday after reportedly attacking another man with a chair, according to prison records.

Comedian’s girlfriend Elisa Jordana said Dick hit a man named Lucas with a metal chair. Dick has an adult son named Lucas, but it is unclear whether he was the victim.

“It was bad. It wasn’t good. He could have killed him,” Jordana said on her YouTube show.

Los Angeles County Prison records confirm that Dick, 55, was arrested in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon and released on bail early Tuesday morning. Jordana said the deposit was $ 50,000 but added that she was not interested in paying it.

On her show, Jordana described Dick as recently struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. She said he was evicted from his apartment and at one point asked her for $ 87 to pay for lunch.

Dick has faced multiple sexual assault charges in the past and was fired from the film “Raising Buchanan” in 2017 after several allegations were publicized.

In response, he said, “My middle name is ‘misconduct’. They know what they signed up for. ”But later in the same interview he said,“ I wasn’t groping anyone. ”

According to online records, he will be on trial again on October 25 for the alleged stool attack.

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Andy Serkis on Carnage’s humour in Venom 2 | Leisure

Andy Serkis wanted to highlight Cletus Kasady’s “sense of humor” in Carnage.

The director of ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ opened the upcoming sequel and explained his approach to the symbiote and how he’s influenced by his human alter ego played by Woody Harrelson.

He told IGN: “With all symbiots, they reflect the person who is their host. So the darkness of the carnage, the playfulness, the wit, the strangeness.

“Cletus has real intelligence and … a real sense of humor, and we wanted to reflect that in the symbiote that is associated with him.”

The trailer released this week shows some changes to Cletus after first appearing on the post-credits scene on YEAR’s ‘Venom’ when interviewed by Eddie Brock (Tom Hard).

The wig that Harrelson’s serial killer character wore in that initial appearance was discarded, and Serkis noted that there was a creative reason for the change.

He said, “We wanted to give a sense that he has been there for a while and that he has gone through various changes … so that we can really do it.” [see] What’s wrong with the darkness of the character? “

Another change in the trailer is the drawing on the walls of Cletus’ cell, which was not present in the post-credit scene.

However, they were highlighted in the trailer, and Serkis stressed the importance of using them to demonstrate the character’s childish creativity.

He added, “His cell is completely covered in these really bizarre markings and expressions. It’s like his anger and frustration and sadness and despair and loneliness.”

The film, slated to finally hit the big screen on September 24th, will also feature the debut of Spider-Man villain Shriek and her alter ego, Frances Louise Barrison (Naomie Harris).