Donald Trump Getting ‘Obscene’ Quantity of Cash for Calling Holyfield Battle

Donald Trump does way more than just name a fight this weekend … he’s bragging about making an outrageous amount of money on the gig, and his deal has an insane advantage.

Several direct-to-know sources tell TMZ that Trump says he makes an “obscene” amount of money by posting “live, alternative comments” on the news Evander Holyfield/Vitor Belfort Struggle. Was said Thriller, the media company behind the event is paying a fortune … millions and millions for its blow-by-blow analysis, although our sources wouldn’t be more specific.

And there is more. Trump says Triller is providing him with a G-5 jet to take him back and forth. What is unclear … Trump lives in West Palm Beach, a stones throw from Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, where the event is taking place. So this is a car ride, not a plane trip. It is possible that Trump could head to New York City earlier in the day to commemorate 9/11.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram media.

We don’t know what Triller pays Don Jr.who will join his Father with comment.

We were told the deal was sealed on Labor Day weekend … a deal Trump just couldn’t refuse.

Our sources say that not everyone involved with the event is delighted, and some are downright angry.

We contacted Triller … not a word back so far.

‘Any sum of money wouldn’t make the group protected’: Alleged shooter of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams denied bail

CHICAGO – One of the suspected shooters, 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams, was denied bail Wednesday after being recently arrested by the FBI.

The judge cited a voluminous youth admitted for the accused shooter Devontay Anderson and concerns that he might leave town to deny bail.

Anderson was arrested by the FBI on Monday in Chicago, according to court records. He is the last murder suspect to be arrested.

Jaslyn Adams, 7

He is accused of using an AK-47 style and firing multiple shots at the vehicle Jaslyn Adams, 7, had with her father Jontae in a McDonald’s driveway on the West Side.

“Money wouldn’t make the community safe. Any amount of money wouldn’t make the community safe, ”the judge said when they refused Anderson’s bail.

The FBI initially listed a $ 10,000 reward for his prisoners and said he had ties to the Miami area. Last month, the reward was increased to $ 25,000.

It took nearly three months to track down Anderson after the first two suspects, Marion Lewis, 18) and Demond Goudy, 21, were arrested days after the shooting.

Goudy was taken into custody and charged with first degree murder charges and attempted murder charges. Prosecutors said Goudy allegedly jumped out the passenger seat and fired a .40-caliber firearm several times at the vehicle in which Adams and her father were located.

Authorities believe Lewis was driving the vehicle that Anderson and Goudy used to fire at Jaslyn and her father. The 18 year old has been charged in her murder. He was arrested on the Eisenhower after allegedly stealing a car, which resulted in his being shot by officers.

Jaslyn’s grandmother, Lawanda McMullen, was concerned that the police would not be able to track down her killers.

“When it first happened I thought she was another case on the shelf. But when they got the first two, I was pretty hopeful that they’d get the third, ”she said.

Anderson is due to appear in court on August 9th.

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Missouri begins new fiscal 12 months with file sum of money – Missouri Legal professionals Media

Missouri’s new budget is off to a roaring start, with more money in the bank than ever before.

The state began its 2022 fiscal year July 1 with a general revenue cash balance of nearly $2.4 billion, the state budget office said Wednesday.

That shattered the old record of nearly $1.5 billion for the fiscal year that started in July 1998, though the old high mark was still slightly larger when viewed as a percentage of state revenue received at the time.

State Budget Director Dan Haug said Missouri’s large intake was due partly to the coronavirus. Because of the pandemic-induced recession, the state delayed last year’s deadline for individual income taxes until July 15, 2020, meaning it received two tax payments during the 2021 fiscal year.

Haug said income and sales taxes collections also fared significantly better than expected. The 6.7% sales tax growth indicates that people were shopping more during the pandemic, he said.

“Revenues were really, really good — much, much better than we did anticipate,” Haug said.

In December, state officials had forecast 14% growth for the 2021 fiscal year that ended June 30, Haug said. Instead, revenues grew by nearly 26%.

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Little one tax credit score calculator: Examine your cost quantity earlier than your cash arrives

Parents could get $3,600 per kid with the expanded credit program, whether in monthly installments or as one big payout. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

The first expanded child tax credit payment is scheduled to arrive on July 15 with the rest of the payments coming throughout the year and into 2022. If you’re eligible (a quick check with the IRS Eligibility Assistant tool will help), you can get $3,000 for each kid between the ages of 6 and 17 — and $3,600 for each child 5 and younger. The amount you get depends on your yearly income and the age of your dependents.

We’ll explain how the math works for determining your payment amount. If you think the IRS doesn’t have the most current information about you or your children, you can now use the child tax credit portals to update your details (and unenroll from the payments). Nonfilers could be eligible, meaning many low-income families will get some extra cash in 2021 if they register their details. 

The IRS has been sending out letters to parents to let them know whether they qualify. Aside from the child tax credit money, you should check to see about claiming up to $16,000 for child care expenses. If you’re curious, we’ve also summarized what’s known about a potential fourth stimulus check. This story was updated recently. 

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Child tax credit: Everything we know


How do I calculate my family’s total child tax credit amount?

Enter your adjusted gross income and number of dependents below to calculate your payment. (Our calculator will not store or use your data.) The results you get are based on our current knowledge of the law and should be treated as broad estimates only; the IRS will determine the final amount. We suggest consulting a financial professional for a more personalized estimate.

Child tax credit calculator for 2021

Use details from your 2020 tax return.

1. Choose your filing status below.

SingleMarriedHead of Household

The child tax credit math is somewhat involved this time around: For parents of eligible children up to age 5, the IRS will pay $3,600, half as six monthly payments and half as a 2021 tax credit. For each child ages 6 through 17, the IRS will pay $3,000. The IRS will make a one-time payment of $500 for dependents age 18 or full-time college students up through age 24.

If your AGI is $75,000 or less as a single filer, $112,500 as a head of household or $150,000 filing jointly, you’ll get the full amount. If your income is higher than the limit for your filing status, your child tax credit payments will begin to phase out by $50 for every $1,000 of income over the threshold.

What does the 2021 child tax credit monthly payment schedule look like?

Here’s how the advance child tax credit payments will arrive, starting July 15 through 2022. The chart shows the maximum payment amount, but you may qualify for less. 

For an 18-year-old dependent, as well as for full-time college students ages 19 to 24, you will not receive monthly payments but rather one payment when you file your tax return in 2022.

Timeline for child tax credit payments

Monthly Maximum payment (newborn to 5) Maximum payment (6 to 17) Maximum payment (18 to 24)
Jul 15, 2021: First payment of the year $300 $250
Aug 13, 2021 $300 $250
Sep 15, 2021 $300 $250
Oct 15, 2021 $300 $250
Nov 15, 2021 $300 $250
Dec 15, 2021: Last payment of the year $300 $250
Apr 2022: Second half of payment $1,800 $1,500 $500

How can I unenroll from monthly payments and collect the total credit amount in 2022?

If you’d rather get your 2021 child tax credit money as one large payment, you’ll can unenroll from the monthly payments now that the IRS has opened its online portal — but you need to do so by June 28. The Child Tax Credit Update Portal will enable anyone who is eligible for advance payments to unenroll from the advance payment program. That means that instead of receiving $300 per month for your 3-year-old (and the remainder of your money in 2022, for example), you’d wait until you filed your taxes in 2022 to claim the full $3,600.

That same portal will allow people to check on the status of their payments and make updates to their information. 

If I don’t typically file taxes, can I still get a child tax credit check? 

The IRS will automatically make the payments for those who filed their 2020 tax return or claimed dependents on their 2019 tax return. If you didn’t submit your tax return, the IRS won’t know to send you a payment (and also won’t know if you’ve gained dependents since the last tax filing).

If you are a nonfiler and didn’t file a tax return this year and don’t plan to, the IRS has come up with an alternative. A new “Non-filer Sign-up tool” allows non-tax filer families to submit an electronic form to let the IRS know how many kids they have and their ages — including babies born in 2020 and 2021 — so they can get the correct payment amount. 

While the tool is intended for low-income families to enroll in the program, it has been criticized for not being entirely user-friendly. For example, it works better on a computer than a mobile device, and requires that users have access to an email address and understand English. 


Babies born this year can be eligible for the full $3,600.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Can my new baby also help me qualify for the credit? 

Children born in 2021 make you eligible for the 2021 tax credit of $3,600 per child. (That’s up to $7,200 for twins.) This is on top of payments for any other qualified child dependents you claim. Here’s our guide for parents of 2021 babies, including what parents of adopted infants should know.

What are the age requirements and other rules dependents have to meet?

There are some specific rules regarding qualifications not just for parents and caregivers, but for the children, too. Here’s what to know about dependent qualifications for the child tax credit. 

As for your chlld aging out of a payment bracket, know that the amount of the credit depends on the age of a child on Dec. 31 this year. So, if you have a 5-year-old turning 6 before the end of 2021, the total payment amount you could get for that child is $3,000. If you have a 17-year-old who turns 18 before the end of 2021, you would receive $500 total for that dependent instead of $3,000. If you have a dependent who is a full-time college student and turns 25 this year, you won’t receive any payment for that dependent.

What should I do if the IRS accidentally sends an overpayment?

Your family’s eligibility is determined in large part by your adjusted gross income. So what happens if you get a new job or start making more money in 2021? What happens if the payments have already gone out and you spent the money?

The IRS has a plan for this: You’ll use the new Child Tax Credit Update Portal to update your information. If you need to make an adjustment, the IRS will lower the payment amounts you’d receive if your new income reaches the phaseout level, according to Garrett Watson, a senior policy analyst at Tax Foundation.

If you wait until 2022 to update your information when you file your taxes and you continue to receive the full amount based on your lower income, you will have to return the excess money on your 2021 tax return next spring, or else accept a smaller 2021 refund or owe more in taxes.

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Kids value greater than any sum of money

Dear Dave,

My husband and I are 29 years old and we have good jobs that allow us to collectively bring home $ 100,000 a year. We recently talked about raising a family. We live on a budget, but we still have about $ 15,000 in credit card debt and student loans that we’re working hard to pay back. Do you think couples should wait until they are out of debt to have children?


Dear Missy,

You and your husband take your debt off, and that is a good thing. It sounds like the two of you are determined to cash out and take control of your finances. You make pretty good money too, so keep it up!

Ok, the truth is that kids can be expensive. From medical expenses and diapers to childcare and beyond, it costs money to raise a family. But here’s the thing: if you leave money alone or determine the perfect financial situation, whether or not you have children, you may never have them. From a financial perspective, would it be easier just to wait for kids to be out of debt and have a huge pile of cash in the bank? Sure it would. But children are worth more than any amount of money. If you love yourself and want to be a parent and are mature adults in any other field, don’t let that guilt stop you.

Having a child is not going to derail your journey to financial peace. If you have children, you can pause for a while on financial matters or slow your pace a little. However, as long as you are both focused and determined to manage your money wisely, things will likely work just fine.

Just don’t make the mistake many parents make – especially first parents. Many of them think they need to buy a new, “safer” car, spend a fortune on a fancy crib, or buy all their babies from an overpriced boutique. Do you understand what I’m saying missy? Why buy a brand new stroller for $ 400 when a friend or relative has a perfectly good, barely-used stroller that they’d love to give you?

It’s easy to get carried away with the expense of having a baby. But children will be fine as long as they have food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly, loving, caring parents. God bless you both!

Dave Ramsey is a seven-time No. 1 national best-selling author, personal financial expert, and host of the Ramsey Show, which is heard by more than 18 million listeners each week. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, Fox Business, and many others. Dave has been helping people regain control of their money, build wealth, and improve their lives since 1992. He is also CEO of Ramsey Solutions.

Fourth stimulus verify quantity: Right here’s how a lot cash you might get

A fourth stimulus check It is still not expected to pass, but if it does it would bring additional economic relief to eligible Americans.

There is no legislation on the table to support a fourth stimulus test, so no specific stimulus test amount is suggested. The most notable financial proposal in the government right now is President Biden’s $ 2.25 trillion infrastructure investment plan, also known as the American Employment Plan.

The American Jobs Plan does not include a fourth stimulus check. Instead, it’s a long-term initiative too save, recover and rebuild the economy in the post-pandemic years.

Shortly after Biden revealed his proposal, a petition calling for $ 2,000 monthly stimulus checks topped 2 million signatures. Although the petition started last year, it is still gaining support.

Fourth stimulus check set

A group of lawmakers sent a letter calling for economic reviews to be included in the next round of relief legislation. The group has specifically requested recurring payments, meaning those eligible would receive more than just a fourth stimulus check.

“We urge you to include recurring direct payments and auto-renewals of unemployment insurance that are tied to economic conditions in your long-term” Build Back Better “economic plan,” wrote the group, composed of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders and others consists.

In the letter, the group did not make it clear how much money recurring stimulus checks could be worth. For reference, the first stimulus check was $ 1,200 while the second stimulus check raised eligible Americans $ 600. The third stimulus check that the IRS is still handing out is worth up to $ 1,400 per person, although the admission requirements are tighter.

A previous proposal to review the stimulus suggested monthly payments of $ 2,000 until the pandemic is over. Representative Ilhan Omar tweeted that she wants to see $ 2,000 a month in late January.

If that amount sounds familiar, it’s because current Vice President Kamala Harris put her support behind $ 2,000 recurring checks during the second stimulus check negotiations last summer.

Recurring stimulus tests are not easy to pass. The White House is already struggling to convince enough lawmakers of the $ 2.25 trillion infrastructure plan.

The general opinion is that a fourth stimulus check is not likely. That said, it’s not too late to see if you are owed money from previous stimulus checks. Take advantage of our Stimulus Check Calculator Guide to Finding Out How Much You May Be Entitled If You Haven’t already done it. It doesn’t hurt to compare your calculator amount to your actual payment amount to see if you received the correct payment.

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Epic Video games Is Dropping An Absurd Quantity Of Cash On Unique Video games

Epic Games seems to understand that given its leadership position and massive current user base, Steam is only suitable for gaming if you have games that you cannot play on Steam – at least for a period of time. Exclusivity deals with third party companies cost money, and it looks like Epic Games is losing a ton of money to make that exclusivity possible. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney doesn’t seem to be concerned about this, however. In fact, he seems pretty proud of it.

As discovered by PC playerDespite paying approximately $ 444 million for “minimum warranties” on third-party games for the Epic Games Store in 2020, sales of all third-party games for the year were approximately $ 265 million. Apple said that Epic Games lost around $ 181 million on the Epic Games Store in 2019, bringing the total losses to over $ 300 million so far if those numbers are correct. Big games like Metro Exodus and Control were first released on EGS before later making their way to Steam. At that time, the respective game companies were criticized for this decision, especially at Metro. It has since become a fairly common practice.

Metro Exodus – Official Launch Trailer

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Apple used these numbers in a statement as part of its lawsuit against Epic Games, stating that the service is unprofitable and lacks security features that are included in Apple’s App Store. It has been suggested that most of Epic Games’ Fourteen days Revenue is also generated on platforms other than iOS, which would apparently mitigate the effect that the game is no longer available there.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the loss of revenue. He confirmed Apple’s estimates on Twitter, noting that it was an investment in the business and “a fantastic achievement in reaching gamers with great games.”

These loss numbers are still relatively small overall compared to Epic Games. The company was valued at more than $ 17 billion last August after securing additional funds. And although Fortnite has not been available on iOS for months, it can continue to be successful on other platforms.

The trial of Epic Games against Apple begins on May 3rd. The result could determine not only whether Fortnite can return to Apple devices, but also whether Apple can retain the monopoly on digital purchases on its platform.