Jennifer Lopez ended Alex Rodriguez engagement over ‘belief’ points, sources declare | Leisure

Jennifer Lopez reportedly ended their engagement because she couldn’t fully trust Alex Rodriguez.

The former couple recently announced their decision to split, and it has now been claimed that it was Jennifer who ultimately decided to set the time for the romance because “too many problems remained unsolved”.

A source told People magazine, “She insisted. There are too many problems that remain unsolved. She was pretty miserable and didn’t think it was in her best interest to stay with Alex. “

The insider also claimed the “Hustlers” actress could no longer “fully trust” the former baseball player, and a second source said the couple had lost their “special spark.”

They added, “They both enjoyed spending more time together as families, but it was difficult to keep that special sparkle when they saw each other every day.”

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It was first reported that Jennifer and Alex broke up in March, and while they said they had only worked through a few issues at the time, they ultimately confirmed that their romance was over last week.

In a joint statement, they said: “We have recognized that we are better as friends and look forward to continuing to do so. We will continue to work together and support each other in our mutual businesses and projects. We wish each other and everyone that Best.” the children of others. “

Last month, it was revealed that Jennifer and Alex were focusing on their children – Jennifer’s 13-year-old twins Emme and Max and Alex’s daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 12 – as they’ve all grown close together.

And it has also been alleged that while they just “hit one rough spot” in their romance, they never completely broke up.

Adding to the couple’s relationship, the insider added, “They never officially broke up and talked about it, but are still together. They have reached a tough point. But they haven’t broken up … She works in the Dominican Republic and he is in Miami, so it is. ” It’s hard to see each other, especially with quarantine and COVID, but they want to try to stay together. “

Australian actor Alex Dimitriades on retro type, important wardrobe objects, and a Madonna style second

Every week Sunday Life asks a celebrity about their style and the inspiration behind it. Editor Georgie Gordon talks to actor Alex Dimitriades beforehand.

“I don’t follow trends anymore. I basically reconstruct all of my favorite things I grew up with. There’s a little bit of retro going on. “Recognition:Damian Bennett

How would you describe your style?
Mood based. Style is about what makes you happy and what you are, rather than being trend-based. Lots of people try to follow things that don’t suit them. you have to adapt to your personality.

What’s the oldest in your dressing room?
A fantastic Earth, Wind & Fire 1975 tour shirt that I bought from a vintage store in Santa Monica on my first trip to Los Angeles 25 years ago.

And the latest addition?
Black Bally leather pants.

What would you wear …
… on the first date? Black leather pants with a white shirt and black monk strap Bally shoes. It’s the ultimate smart casual look to wear anywhere.
… on an airplane? I dress comfortably, but you want to look good too, so everything is a bit casual – comfortable pants, no jeans. It’s getting cold up there, so I always have a hat and a scarf.
… to the Oscars? A tuxedo but with an edge, something to personalize it. For example, when I won a lodging for The Principal in 2016, I was wearing a vintage white tuxedo and a Le Noeud Papillon bow tie that looked black but was actually purple. I wore it as a tribute to Prince who had just died.


What’s your favorite fashion era?
I recently saw a picture of the Jackson 5 in 1971: Michael was just a kid, they wear striped bell bottoms, large collared shirts, and hats – it’s psychedelic with a ’60s vibe. I feel that.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?
No. Every great designer has his or her moments, they cannot all stay at their peak.

What is your favorite scent?
I tend to layer them by mood. The Tom Ford range is a breeze.