Outdated City in Albuquerque to have property guidelines to maintain type

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – It’s one of the few parts of Albuquerque that the city wants to cling to the past. Albuquerque is reviewing a new list of rules to ensure that Old Town property owners and renters keep the area the same.

Old Town is a unique place for both locals and visitors to Albuquerque. “So much culture and so much new Mexican style,” Anna said while visiting from New York.

“Walking around alone is really a completely different environment,” said Jeff, who was also visiting from New York.

The city wants to keep it that way. “It is a showpiece of the city. It shows our culture and we want it to keep the charm of the old part of town, ”said Leslie Naji, the city’s monument preservation planner.

As a result, the city is considering new Old Town guidelines for property and business owners.

“We always have a problem with people being so good, I didn’t know I had to do anything, and it’s really hard to get people to change things after they’ve done them,” Naji said .

While there are now rules for things like stucco and the discretion of security cameras, the new 22-page rules are much more detailed than ever. Naji said some of the biggest changes are the ban on shade sails and the requirement for shadow structures to match the old city’s time.

It also requires paints to be of a specific color palette and prohibits murals like two new ones near the newly remodeled Plaza Don Luis. “There are some historical murals that have been around for many years and these will not be affected, but some new things have emerged that would contradict the requirements of painting,” said Naji.

The city said it is ready to work with any property or business owners in the old town who want to make changes.

“Our intent is to create a coherent and cohesive old town experience and we want people to come in and feel, yes, they are looking at what our community was like 100 years ago,” said Naji. “We want to work with applicants. If they come to us first, we can help them find what they want in a way that builds on the characters and qualities of the neighborhood. “

The city’s Landmark Commission will vote on the new rules on Wednesday. If approved and without objection, the rules would take effect after 15 days.

The place is the cash for the NM United stadium going to come back from? – KRQE NEWS 13 – Breaking Information, Albuquerque Information, New Mexico Information, Climate, and Movies

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Albuquerque Leisure Has Reopened in A Manner That’s Out of This World

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, June 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Great times are back Albuquerque! New Mexicans can immerse themselves in a world of colorful interaction that combines gaming, art and technology in an amazing way. Electric playhouse, Albuquerques a very own national fun destination, opened its doors again on 2th of June with a full calendar of events, activities, restaurants, and new games.

As people begin to venture out of their homes in greater numbers to leave the shutdown behind, the search for exciting and inspiring entertainment for the whole family now begins – Electric Playhouse is that place. With a brand new menu with unique immersive and interactive experiences that are guaranteed to captivate and entertain young and old alike.

The new calendar includes Immersive space cruise Dinner, all new space scouting games, ‘Fight against bots‘Leagues for adults and families, unique Programming and bot building camps for kids, electric yoga, NM United viewing parties, pop-up events and much more.

“My daughters missed going out and being kids and I missed being able to eat inside. Electric Playhouse exceeded all of our expectations. It was a really great time.” Melissa, mother of 3 children, was one of the first visitors to the Electric Playhouse after it reopened.

“We are humbled by the widespread love and excitement we have received from our community. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made us a top ten attraction in the United States Today poll. “- Brandon Garrett, Co-founder of the electric playhouse.

Definitely visit ElectricPlayhouse.com to learn more about what everyone is so excited about.

Electric playhouse is a Albuquerque-based company that uses artist-driven interactive projections to turn empty spaces into immersive play and dining experiences. They are now hiring for all positions. So if you’re interested in joining their team, please see for more information electricplayhouse.com/jobs

Book your seat on the Immersive Space Cruise HERE

Url: ElectricPlayhouse.com
I G: @playelectric


Press release distributed by PRLog

SOURCE electric playhouse

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Leisure heart to honor 12 who’ve ‘earned the appropriate to have some enjoyable’ » Albuquerque Journal

Main Event Entertainment is holding a competition to honor people who have done everything for their community. Roberto E. Rosales / Albuquerque Journal)

Main Event Entertainment wants to recognize people who have helped the community during the pandemic.

The Albuquerque entertainment complex is temporarily closed, but the company recognizes Above and Beyonders. The public can identify families and individuals who have improved the life of the community over the past year. Nominations for the campaign “Every reason to celebrate: Above and Beyond” can be made under mainevent.com/everyreasontocelebrate. The competition runs until May 16, according to a press release from the main event.

“At the Main Event, we believe we are more than just the best place for families to celebrate,” said Chris Morris, CEO of Main Event Entertainment, in the press release. “We are the place where the family is celebrated.”

Twelve winners from the Main Event markets will be selected to win a year of free fun in the entertainment center. Winners will enjoy free activities, games, and food at the main event. The winners will be announced in mid-June.

The Main Event Entertainment also offers a full menu of food and drinks. (Roberto E. Rosales / Albuquerque Journal)

“Doing good things for each other and sharing moments makes a family family,” said Sarah Beddoe, chief brand officer of Main Event Entertainment, in the press release. “As a brand rooted in creating moments to connect, we have an obligation to celebrate the families that have kept us all going over the last year, and we can’t wait to do it through this incredible program to do.”

Criteria for nominations include local service and friendliness that have had an impact – for example, a father who works as a first responder and has no days off, or a creative mother with a brilliant idea or a student who starts a neighborhood clothing campaign has to donate to a local charity, according to the press release.

………………………………………….. …………..

“We know that there are so many inspiring people in all of our communities who have either worked countless days on the front lines protecting their communities during the pandemic, started a small business that gave back to the most vulnerable, or even made it has to maintain the family unit together through home schooling and multiple jobs, “says Morris in the press release. “These Above and Beyonders definitely deserve their right to have fun, and we’re excited to offer them this opportunity.”

Main Event Entertainment offers state-of-the-art bowling. (Roberto E. Rosales / Albuquerque Journal)

The main event features state-of-the-art bowling, billiards, arcade games, shuffleboard, gravity ropes, virtual reality, a full-service menu and drinks menu, and much more.

The Dallas-based entertainment company was founded in 1998. It operates 44 centers in 16 states and serves more than 20 million guests annually, according to a press release.

Main Event is the main sponsor of Special Olympics International. It supports the cause through fundraising and serves as a venue for Special Olympics events across the country. It is also a proud partner of the Dallas Cowboys. For more information on entertainment, see mainevent.com

Discuss, expertise can supply youngsters cash classes » Albuquerque Journal

We all try to raise children to become hardworking, happy, and financially responsible adults.

It’s a big job!

First, we need to recognize that every child has their own personality and we cannot fully shape or control the way our children end up. However, there are many ways we can teach our children money skills that will serve them well as adults. These tips apply to grandparents too – children often prefer to listen to their grandparents rather than their own parents.


Any tip for teaching kids money depends on communication. Money is an issue that has been swept under the rug for generations. That has to stop. Talking about money with your kids or grandchildren is one of the best things you can do. Here are some conversation starters:

………………………………………….. …………..

In the course of your life have you found it easy or difficult to manage money? Why?

What mistakes have you made in your life related to money?

What successes have you had in terms of money?

Artwork by Michael Osbun

What did your parents or grandparents teach you about money? We call these “money messages” that we received as children. An example could be: “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “We never had enough money to make it to the end of the month” or “Except for a rainy day” or “Our parents lived through the Great Depression and they told us stories about it … “

It’s important to start the conversation even if it feels a bit like preaching. When it comes to money, opinion-based comments are warranted; For example, telling a child or grandchild that they should never buy something they cannot afford, or that it is a dangerous habit to have credit card debt month to month, or that many people who live in expensive homes, Striving to pay their bills each month because they are living beyond their means are all key. Share positive and negative money stories with them because they need to know that everyone makes mistakes. You also need to understand that many people are far less fortunate and generous in helping others.

Experiences to teach children about money

As well as talking about money, you can gain experience to give your children and grandchildren real-life examples.

When you go to a restaurant, let your child or grandchildren pay the bill (with your money). Use cash instead of a credit card. Help them count the money and calculate the tip – without a cell phone calculator. Calculate how much your family would have saved on this meal if you hadn’t ordered sodas or other beverages and drank water instead. Calculate how the savings can add up over a year.

When the pandemic is over, take your child or grandchild to a bank. Once they are a teen they can have a checking account, and many banks offer special services for teenagers and students. Show them how to write a check and fill out a check registration. You can also choose an online service like Quicken or Mint to manage your finances.

Games like Scrabble. This will teach your child or grandchildren spelling and vocabulary, but will also help them count their scores.

If interested, explain the definition of a stock and a bond, a mutual fund, a CD (certificate of deposit), a mortgage, and a credit score. If you know what these are, use your own definition. If you need help, you can find more information on the Internet. When you do research with your child or grandchild, you learn together.

Strategies based on age

Consider these strategies based on the age of your child or grandchild.

Age 3-9: Children can begin to understand the concept of money at a young age. Give them an allowance of $ 3 per week (or whatever amount you choose). Set up three mason jars, one labeled “Saving,” one labeled “Spend,” and one labeled Charity. Have your child split the $ 3 by putting $ 1 in each jar. They can explain that the savings jar should be saved for a specific item in the future, the money in the spending jar should be used for any time they want, and the money should be given to charity to someone in need. Starting an allowance of $ 3 per week for a child aged 3 or 4 is appropriate. As they get older, increase them to $ 5, $ 10, or more at will.

Age 10-17: This is the age when kids start to feel peer pressure to have nice clothes or the latest technology gadget. Talk to your children about values. Teach them that family and friends are far more important than money. If they need new jeans or sneakers, help them find discounts. When the pandemic is over, take them to a vintage clothing store and find some treasure. They establish their identity at this age, but that doesn’t have to include designer clothes. Let them make mistakes. When they buy expensive sneakers, you let them see that they would still have money if they opted for a high-quality, but less expensive, brand. Talk to them about the costs of government and non-government universities, as well as public and private universities. Discuss what your family can afford. Explore college loans with them.

Ages 18-29: Help your child or grandchild create a budget. Parents or grandparents can learn new financial skills at any age. If you haven’t set up the save to do it automatically for you, set it up now (via a taxable account or Roth IRA with a brokerage firm or bank account). Also, help your child or grandchild set up automatic savings accounts.

Discuss the storage examples in the box. These exercises teach the concept of compounding, which is a powerful financial tool. Play with the calculators at www.calculator.net for education loans, mortgages, and auto loans.

When your child goes to college, work with them on a monthly budget for their pocket money. Talk to them about credit cards, filing taxes, and maintaining a high credit score.

Discuss finances with your child or grandchildren. It will enrich your relationship and your child will benefit from your wisdom about money.

Donna Skeels Cygan, CFP, MBA, is the author of The Joy of Financial Security. She has been a paid financial planner in Albuquerque for over 20 years and is a branch manager for the Mercer Advisors New Mexico office. Contact her at dscygan@sagefuture.com.

Nightlife, leisure making a return in Albuquerque

While bars in Bernalillo County can open, they can only be opened outdoors to a capacity of 25%.

Entertainment venues such as family fun centers, arcades and bowling alleys in Bernalillo are allowed to offer 25% capacity

Holmes Pizza and Arcade previously only offered pizza, but the arcade is now open.

“I’m really excited that people are finally coming to play,” said Daniel Reinhard, co-owner of Holmes Pizza and Arcade.

Cliffs amusement park is also planning to open. It is planned to welcome customers again on weekends starting May 8th. The days of the week are added in June.

The park will honor passes purchased for the previous season.

Movie Workplace: three productions accomplished in Albuquerque | Leisure

SANTA FE, NM (AP) – According to official figures from New Mexico, three feature films have completed production in the state in the past few months.

According to the state film bureau, the films included “Vengeance” by Blumhouse, “Cop Shop” by Warren Goz and Eric Gold, and “Intrusion,” a Netflix feature.

The film bureau said all three productions were shot at least partially in Albuquerque.

The story of “Vengeance” was said to be under wraps, “Cop Shop” was about a Criminal Syndicate criminal who went to jail on purpose, and “Intrusion” was a drama that included a home invasion and shooting.

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Spend cash on individuals, not low-yield nukes » Albuquerque Journal

I respectfully disagree with your editorial on December 29th. Her headline read, “Two NM Labs Working on Low Yield Nukes Means a Safer World.” I want to say exactly the opposite. More nuclear weapons mean danger in many ways.

To name a few: First, the contamination of both miners and the land in which they mine.

Didn’t we learn of this danger to our people from the fact that after 50 years Navajos are still suffering from radiation poisoning and their land is still contaminated with hundreds of abandoned radioactive mine sites? Look at Laguna Pueblo: for a while it was the largest uranium mine in the world; Now 2 square miles of radioactive land is no longer suitable for humans or animals.

Second, mine debris contaminates the area where it is stored and is very expensive to move or bury.

………………………………………….. …………..

Third, no one wants to store used radioactive material. Remember what the military did when they used depleted uranium for bullets in Iraq, which resulted in radioactive poisoning not only among Iraqis but also American soldiers.

They mention that low-yield nuclear weapons are as small as a 0.3 kiloton bomb. This is 50 times smaller than the 15 kiloton nuclear weapon that devastated Hiroshima. But remember what you say: The 15 kiloton atomic bomb in Hiroshima killed 80,000 people directly and killed 60,000 more by the end of the year. If a 0.3 kiloton bomb were killed at the same rate as the 15 kiloton bomb, it would still mean 1,600 people would be wiped out immediately – 1,200 more would be killed by the end of the year.

The Vatican News recently reported on Pope Francis: “The use of atomic energy for war purposes is now more than ever a crime not only against human dignity, but against any future of our common home. Using atomic energy for war purposes is immoral, just as possessing nuclear weapons is immoral. “

“We are judged by it,” he added.

Our spending on even more money for such weapons continues to fuel the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. In addition, we already have a supply of large non-nuclear bombs.

If the government has considered spending $ 1 trillion on modifying and “upgrading” our nuclear weapons over 10 years, I think that money will be wasted on unusable, immoral weapons.

It’s almost like burying the money.

Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories scientists have many other areas of research and development. Tax money should be spent on more productive use in the country.

Don’t we know so many places where this money should be spent?

For example: replacing old and wasteful municipal water systems; replace aging bridges; Adding or upgrading public health facilities; Building halfway houses to care for the mentally ill who are now being thrown into jails and county jails; Retraining and recruiting of people whose jobs have been replaced by robotic systems or shipped overseas. After all, as this pandemic progresses, we must help those whose incomes have fallen or gone.

Spending money on low-income nuclear weapons instead of projects that help people does not promote a safer world.