Man Posing As An OBN Agent Allegedly Extorts Cash From Authorized Develop Enterprise In Stephens County

A man posing as a state narcotics agent is now behind bars.

With intimidation, investigators said Matthew Brumley cheated on one pregnant foreigner among thousands at a legal grower in Stephens County.

The electricity company that Brumley was an apprentice to was hired to do some work on the farm.

Unbeknownst to his employer, investigators said Brumley threatened to shut it down.

Days later, according to investigators, Brumley doubled up again after reviewing the required electrical work at this newly established cultivation site and confronted the only English-speaking employee.

“He tells them he was the one who came out today, earlier today, and that he was an apprentice lineman and part-time OBN agent,” said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

The former oil man, self-proclaimed cowboy, and aspiring electrician claimed to be an agent at OBN and flashed up, according to the report.

“He supposedly carried a gun, a gun and looked like an OBN agent. He had a couple of business cards, ”McKinney said.

Records show Brumley told the woman “she was illegal in the state of Oklahoma.” He told the victim that if she paid him $ 4,500 he could “make the operation legal and keep the state off the property.”

“The victim told him I don’t have $ 4,500, I have $ 2,500 if that works. He said I can do it and I’ll take the money, ”McKinney said.

When the victim returned, she found Brumley with two other men waiting and “afraid for their lives”.

He has now been arrested.

“It’s in her front yard, she’s pregnant, he’s armed with a gun and says he can get her to comply so she can make a living,” McKinney said.

The victim did not want to speak on camera but said on News 9 Brumley pretended he had done this before.

According to the sheriff, Brumley is under investigation for posing as an OBN agent after being confronted by a corporate official in another district.

NFL agent Andy Simms strikes on from Younger Cash, will get again to working his personal company

Andy Simms has spent most of his career as an NFL agent running his own agency.

The Hawken High School graduate and resident of Solon is doing just that again after he and four of his colleagues parted ways with Young Money and formed APAA Sports 1 of 1 agency.

Young Money, owned by renowned rapper Lil Wayne, acquired a majority stake in PlayersRep Sports Management in 2017. PlayersRep, which Simms co-founded with Wesley Spencer, had been in the business since 1999. Then Simms’ first client, former NFL defender Chike Okeafor, became about to graduate from Fall Western Reserve University’s law school.

In early 2018, after Simms and five other PlayersRep agents partnered with Young Money, Simms told Crain’s that “the ability to build our clients’ brands” was a primary reason for the move. However, the past few years have encouraged Simms that his group had to be in charge.

“There were things that were great, but there were things that we realized we could do better,” said Simms of his time at Young Money. “Ultimately, I knew that in order to build a company for the next 10 years we were looking ahead, building it our way, doing things the way we needed to, and being in control of all these aspects of our business, really is what we need back to. “

Six agents switched from PlayersRep to Young Money. Five – Simms, Spencer, Ken Sarnoff, Cody Recchion and Dave Lee – will continue to represent the 50 NFL players who move from Young Money to 1 of 1. Nicole Lynn, who was also part of the PlayersRep and Young Money teams, left Wayne’s company shortly before the NFL draft to join Klutch Sports as the agency’s new president of the agency’s football operations.

Marketing and branding the athletes they represent – crucial elements that led to the young money deal – are still important areas that need improvement, Simms said.

“At 1 in 1, we were able to assemble a team with more in-house marketing options, more digital graphics, and more off-field opportunities to help players in so many different ways that we weren’t equipped to do.” do either as PlayersRep or as Young Money, “said Simms.

The great thing about the new agency is that all the athletes have moved with the five agents.

The group includes Jalen Hurts, a sophomore quarterback who could be the Philadelphia Eagles’ future in that position; Lane Johnson, three-time Pro Bowl tackle for the Eagles; the McCourty twins Devin and Jason; Pro Bowl tight end Darren Waller; outstanding wide receiver Tyler Boyd; Kansas City Chiefs Speedster Mecole Hardman; and Chiefs Defensive Lineman Jarran Reed.

“Business was good before Young Money, it was good when we were with Young Money, and now that we’ve moved on from Young Money, it’s getting even better,” said Simms. “The business of what we do as agents – how we look after the players, how we deal with the contracts, how we meet all of the needs of the players off the field – that’s just something we have to keep improving at, we’re coming Ahead.”

Pretend DEA agent tries to steal your cash utilizing reward playing cards in newest cellphone rip-off

Authorities are working to tackle a phone scam where the caller pretends to be a DEA agent and then tries to steal the victim’s money – often by buying gift cards.

Phone fraud in general is on the rise, with the number of reported fraud cases nearly doubling between 2019 and 2020 according to the latest figures from the Federal Trade Commission. In the last year alone, half a million reports were filed, with losses totaling over $ 1 billion.

ABC News has been tracking new scam notifications sent by the FBI, IRS, and DEA in cities across the country including Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Spokane, Washington itself as officials claim the target has been linked to a crime, and then demand that they pay for it or bring charges.

The Drug Enforcement Administration recently warned of a “widespread fraud program” in which the caller pretends to be a DEA agent in order to extort money.

According to DEA Special Agent James Pokryfke, the scam begins with the potential thief informing the target that their name and social security number were used to rent a vehicle that was later found on the southern US-Mexico border Drugs and money laundering.

“The fake DEA agent will convince people to transfer money in a number of ways. One is to avoid prosecution,” Pokryfke said. That option often involves paying a fine, he said.

The other option is to offer the target a way to secure their money using the risk of a frozen bank account.

When Terri Tuson’s phone rang last July, she was told that her Social Security number had been used to rent a car that was found with drugs in the car in Texas along the border. The scammers told her they would freeze her bank accounts unless she withdrew her money and transferred it to gift cards.

“I was scared because I didn’t know if it was actually going to happen or not,” said Tuson, who works as a housekeeper at an Illinois hospital.

At the time, she had $ 2,800 in her one account. She says she pulled everything back by following the scammer’s instructions and went to a drug store and grocery store where she bought eBay and Best Buy gift cards.

“They told me they would open another account that I could put my money into, send a sheriff to my house and give me all this information so I could get my money back. It never happened,” Tuson said.

ABC News spoke to several other victims of the same scam, whose losses ranged from $ 200 to over $ 450,000.

The DEA raised questions about a possible investigation into this specific fraud to the FBI, which refused to comment on the status of an investigation.

In an audio recording provided by the DEA to ABC News, a scammer is heard doing his best to convince a target that he is a legitimate DEA agent – and even texting a photo of a fake federal badge .

The scammer was unaware that his target had hit a real DEA agent, Pokryfke, who reported the scammer that what he was doing was criminal and the subject of an investigation.

“The DEA will never call you and threaten you with arrest unless you make a payment,” Pokryfke told ABC News. “And they will never ask you to give them money to keep it safe.”

The YouTube star “Pierogi”, a pseudonym used to protect his true identity, gained fame through “scamming the fraudsters”. Videos of his conversations with phone scammers show Pierogi – who has a background in cybersecurity and IT – plays a range of characters, from a widowed grandmother to a college student.

“I talk to scammers on the phone every day and I hear victims receiving gift cards in the background and giving these people their money,” Pierogi told ABC News. He said the helpless feeling of being unable to help the victims brought him to tears.

Pierogi, whose videos have been viewed more than 60 million times since his channel launched in 2019, said the scammers aren’t just targeting the elderly.

“It could be 18 to 85 – they don’t care. If they think they can cheat on you, they will,” he said.

Pierogi said scammers use gift cards as their preferred method of payment because of their very fast processing. “The scammers have Facebook groups where people either tie gift cards or use them as currency,” he said.

FTC deputy director Monica Vaca told ABC News that scammers have financial systems in place to monetize the cards.

“Sometimes they sell them on a secondary market or use them for themselves,” said Vaca. “Once you read these numbers on the gift card [to the scammer]You will be able to access these resources, “she said.

Gift cards were the number one payment method for those who said they had been a victim of DEA scams in the past year, with an average loss of $ 850 per victim, according to the FTC. The FTC said the most popular gift cards requested by scammers are eBay, Google Play, and iTunes cards.

FTC officials said they worked with retailers to post visible signage on gift card sections of stores as part of a public awareness campaign entitled “Hang Up on Gift Card Scams,” warning gift card buyers of possible phone scams should be.

“We hear from consumers that in many cases it is these sellers who step in and prevent them from sending money,” said Vaca when the targets of the fraud are to buy the cards.

Among those taking part in the awareness campaign is Walmart, the world’s largest retailer.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that warning signs had been posted in Walmart stores in the United States. The company also confirmed that the store’s staff had received training on how to best identify red flags related to potential fraud cases.

ABC News’ Dylan Goetz and Katie Conway contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2021 ABC News Internet Ventures.

Berthoud Actual Property Agent Bret Lamperes Charged With Cash Laundering – CBS Denver

WELD COUNTY, Colorado (CBS4) A 51-year-old real estate agent accused of challenging clients with more than $ 850,000 is due to appear in Weld County court Friday morning to be formally informed of the charges brought against him. Bret Lamperes faces five crimes related to theft, money laundering and tax evasion.

Lamperes, a resident of Berthoud, turned himself in to the authorities on Tuesday and was detained.

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Investigators from Weld County, the FBI and the Colorado Department of Treasury believe Lamperes signed 29 condominium sales contracts but only built eight of them, the DA office said in a press release Thursday.

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In total, investigators believe the defendant stole $ 852,510 from 15 victims who invested money in the project.

Bret Lamperes (credit: Weld County District Attorney’s Office)

According to the investigators Lamperes In February 2015, the company was formed through a company called Investments of Windsor, LLC. An online database of Colorado companies currently describes the status of the company as “criminal”.

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Investigators are looking for additional victims and information.

Common Electronics Inc. Introduces UEI Digital Agent for Leisure and Sensible Residence Units

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz .– () –Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC), the world’s leading provider of universal control and sensor technologies for the smart home, is introducing UEI Virtual Agent to provide an AI-powered integrated support framework for entertainment and smart home devices that enables self-help functions.

UEI Virtual Agent is designed to address common onboarding, feature discovery, and troubleshooting challenges for entertainment and smart home devices. UEI Virtual Agent is based on UEI’s white label digital assistant and a comprehensive global device knowledge diagram that covers over a million devices.

In addition to solving user issues related to connected devices, UEI Virtual Agent lowers the cost of managing and supporting an installed base of connected devices for manufacturers and service providers, and integrates easily with the connected device itself, as well as with websites and mobile Apps that offer help when needed.

For connected TV and audio devices, the UEI Virtual Agent can be accessed directly on any screen, including TV, phone, computer and tablet, to guide users through installation and onboarding, setup and troubleshooting. UEI Virtual Agent is also available as a native Android TV application optimized for the TV screen as an additional service with UEI’s industry-leading Android TV voice remote offerings.

For smart home devices, the UEI Virtual Agent is pre-built into QuickSet Widget, a new offering from UEI that OEMs can use to update products to connect to the cloud and be compatible with other devices in the home.

As a stand-alone offering, UEI Virtual Agent can be rapidly deployed on a variety of connected products to enable a full digital transformation of the support experience. In combination with products from UEI QuickSet® 5.0, UEI Virtual Agent provides an enhanced experience of knowing existing home equipment to improve real-time troubleshooting and interoperability.

Launched for UEI-branded devices and support websites in Q3 2020, UEI Virtual Agent will be available to OEMs worldwide for consumer entertainment, air conditioning, and home appliances in Q2 2021. It will initially be available in English. More languages ​​will be available later in 2021.

“UEI Virtual Agent is designed to simplify ongoing on-device and off-device support and enhance the user experience by addressing the toughest aspects of supporting connected devices in an evolving smart home,” said Arsham Hatambeiki, senior vice president for Products and technology at UEI. “Connected products are an ongoing promise brands make to their users, and a framework to support learning is how to ensure that.”

About Universal Electronics Inc.

Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC) was founded in 1986 and is the world’s leading provider of universal control and sensor technologies for the smart home. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and ships over 500 innovative products used by the world’s leading brands in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast, security, home automation, hospitality, and air conditioning markets. For more information, please visit

QuickSet is a trademark of Universal Electronics Inc.

All other trademarks listed are the property of their respective owners.

‘In Paris, we’re afraid of vulgarity’: classes in French type from Name My Agent! | Style

In France, the hit Netflix series Call My Agent! is called Dix Pour Cent in relation to the fee charged by French cinema agents. For those in the know, the name says it all. For others, like me, the reference was opaque at first, but it sent the message that – unlike others who have a clichéd view of French life like Emily in Paris – this is a show that claims to be inside Positioned view of the capital and its film business.

The many cameos of A-List actors playing themselves – with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sigourney Weaver slated to appear in season four; Weaver called the series “a love letter to the business” – similarly underlines the closeness of the show to the authentic professional world, which is also subtly reflected in her clothing.

Epitome of the Parisian … Andrea (Camille Cottin) in the fourth season. Photo: Christophe Brachet

Instead of berets and Breton tops, the show’s costume designer, Anne Schotte, took inspiration from agents she knew and whose style she describes as “professional yet well known”. Based on the Parisian chic and the unmistakable office clothes of the city, she began to put together outfits according to an eternal rule in the city: from Dior to Zara, Zadig & Voltaire to vintage, she mixed “high” and “low”. modern and retro.

She then built characters after a range of fashion personalities who are well entrenched in French – and especially Parisian – culture. The epitome of Parisian Andrea Martel (played by Camille Cottin) embodies a sense of chic that is synonymous with “effortlessness as well as do-it-yourself style,” said Schotte. “She’s stylish enough to represent actors, but her clothes never speak louder than her.” Her wardrobe consists of muted but elegant, timeless pieces and items inspired by men’s fashion: turtlenecks, suit jackets and shirts, streamlined wool coats, ankle boots and subtle jewelry with their wavy curls.

For Scots – and Vogue, and much of the internet too – Martel is generally the chicest. “She makes everything look feminine and noble and can wear a wide variety of items, from Saint Laurent blazers to casual XXL sweaters.” At home with her friend and her baby she – shock! – Slip into a pair of soft sweatpants, albeit with a cashmere sweater. In this fiction of an increasingly distant pre-Covid world where one can still enjoy a maskless social life, Martel takes dressing seriously. At parties, she wears short silver body-con dresses or a glittery waistcoat and bow tie (which, surprisingly, doesn’t look cheesy) that easily juggles between couture and homewear. “Your physique and your posture make everything a statement,” says Schotte.

Ultimate ‘Bobo’ … Gabriel (Grégory Montel) in the fourth season. Photo: Shanna Besson

Andrea wasn’t the only character whose style is defined for a T. Agent Gabriel Sarda (played by Grégory Montel) embodies the ultimate “bobo” (bourgeois bohemian, the country’s intellectual answer to boho fashion) with stubble and blazers with zip-up hoodies, suede blousons, a combination of casual classics and formal work clothes; a contact point for Generation Y and Z in offices.

His style was structured in stark contrast to the company’s top agent, Mathias Barneville (Thibault de Montalembert), whose clothing reveals a multitude of signifiers of the upper class: tailored suits, matching waistcoats and ties, long-cut coats, not to mention one recurring selection of courtesy scarves.

Significants of the upper class… Mathias Barneville (Thibault de Montalembert).

Significants of the upper class… Mathias Barneville (Thibault de Montalembert). Photo: Netflix

Amid this new old-school dialectic, the assistant – and friend of Barneville – Noémie Leclerc (Laure Calamy) could be viewed as subtly codified as such. Her wardrobe contrasted radically with Andrea’s and revolved around a sexualized, almost pin-up chic, with figure-hugging high-waisted skirts, bright shirts with plunging necklines and floral dresses à la 50s.

During these looks, a bourgeois rule of thumb seems to run like a golden thread, reflecting a deeply ingrained French fear in offices as well as in real life. “We are afraid of vulgarity here, which leads to little experimentation. The general idea is to build a wardrobe based on proven fundamentals: a trench coat, a simple black sweater, a masculine coat and a simple white t-shirt, ”says Schotte.

Noémie (Laure Calamy) and Hervé (Nicolas Maury) in the second season.

Noémie (Laure Calamy) and Hervé (Nicolas Maury) in the second season. Photo: Netflix

She applied several styling tricks to this series of classics. “In Paris, it is important to show a discreet but impeccable combination of colors that matches your jacket with your shoes and scarves, for example. The general rule I follow is no more than three shades including the background. “Should you be craving the Parisian work clothes – when, hopefully, office life is restored in some way – she recommends limiting each outfit to a single fashion statement. “If you go for skinny jeans, they can usually be paired with a blazer and Louboutin heels – both of which are foolproof items.” In the world of Parisian style, “the statement is you – not the garment”. In the meantime, the pre-covid world of Call My Agent! presents a very Parisian – and for the time being decidedly fleeting – takeover of the office, which can make viewers want to wear something bold and clever for Zoom, even if it is decidedly unpaired with Martel pajama bottoms for the moment.

Christian Barmore Indicators With Younger Cash – SPORTS AGENT BLOG

Young Money has signed Christian Barmore’s red shirt from the University of Alabama, where he is represented by Nicole Lynn. Barmore will join teammate Deonte Brown, who has also signed with Young Money and Nicole Lynn.

The 6’5 ”, 315-pound defense attorney from Philadelphia, PA attended Neumann Goretti High School. During his high school career, he was one of the top national defense lawyers. had ranked Barmore as the # 10 player in the eastern region of the country and the number 2 player in the state. After his redshirting as a true newcomer to Alabama, he was appointed to the freshman All-SEC team by the league coaches. He added depth along the Alabama frontline and worked in 12 games from one start. He had a total of 26 tackles, including six losses, two sacks, five quarterback pressures and two pass separations.

Barmore has been a disruptive force along the Crimson Tide defensive front last season. He crowned his Crimson Tide career with an award-winning campaign including being named the CBS Sports First All-American Team, Pro Football Focus All-America Winning Team, and USA Today All-American Team selected. American by the Associated Press and received the All-SEC first-team award from both AP and league coaches. Barmore recorded 32 tackles, including a team with seven sacks. Barmore was the 2021 CFP National Championship Defensive MVP after scoring a total of five tackles, two tackles against the loss, and a sack against the Ohio State Buckeyes.