Shmee150’s Toyota GR Yaris Get Depraved Rally-Fashion Rear Wing With Matching Aero Elements

The five month transformation of Shmee’s Toyota was wild.

The Toyota GR Yaris is on a roll. It has received a lot of praise and is considered the next rally legend. In fact, it’s good enough to join Tim Burtons (aka Shmee150). Fleet of exotic cars called Shmeemobiles. It’s been five months since Toyota GR Yaris was delivered to Shmee150 and has seen a wild transformation since then.

A GR Yaris Shmeemobile project

Immediately after delivery, Shmee150 announced that the GR Yaris would be its new project Shmeemobile, just in time when it parted ways with its Ford Focus RS Red Edition project. The GR Yaris comes with the Circuit Pack specification, which means it is set up for the track.

Wrapped in pearlescent white, the Shmee18 GR Yaris is highly specialized as it is equipped with 18-inch BBS wheels, Brembo brakes, Torsen LSD and much more. It’s powered by a 1.6-liter, turbocharged, in-line 3 grinder – the most powerful 3-pot in the world – that delivers 257 horsepower with an old-school turbo lag kick. The power is transferred to a variable 4WD system via a manual transmission.

A styling kit that brings performance and paintwork together

The first improvements to the Shmee150 came in the form of a tribute rally livery to the legendary Toyota WRC vehicles of the nineties (in green and red design). He decided to borrow the paint design of the Celica GT-four in the SEGA Rally video game. A few weeks ago Shmee150 installed the GR Yaris with Milltek Sport’s 3 “Non-Resonated OPF Back System.

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To further enhance the GR Yaris’ strong performance, Shmee150 installed a styling kit designed to add more presence and wow factor to the GR Yaris. Shmee150 selected Giacuzzo Vehicle Design for this job because the company offers a custom styling kit for the GR Yaris. The styling kit for Shmee150’s front lip spoiler, lower aprons and side skirts, and a rally-style rear wing. The entire kit is done in black with a red pinstripe detail that matches the factory calipers.

Hotter than a hot rally hatch

Ever since Shmee150 got involved in the installation process, he looked really pleased and satisfied with the new look of his GR Yaris. The hot rally hatch looks hotter than before and impresses with its green and red paintwork.

Source: Shmee150 on YouTube

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