Trevor Zegras provides ‘Michigan’-style lacrosse aim to spotlight reel

In the most famous goal Trevor Zegras was involved (so far) he set up Sonny Milan for an alley-oop goal, essentially reshuffling the goal “Michigan” or lacrosse style. But, hey, you gotta keep the defense honest by making sure they know* you can pull off the actual move, right?* During Thursday’s game against the Canadiens, the Ducks’ rising star Trevor Zegras actually added a lacrosse-style goal from “Michigan” added to his already growing highlight role.

Trevor Zegras of the Ducks scores a Michigan lacrosse-style goal

Choose how you really want to watch Trevor Zegras take off on Michigan. Just make sure you watch it.

If you like, check out the video above the title of this post. If you prefer to go the GIF/Twitter embed route, go here:

.@tzegras11 DO THIS MICHIGAN!!

– NHL GIFs (@NHLGIFs) January 28, 2022

That raises some burning questions.

  • Which goal is better, Zegras scoring that “Michigan” goal or Zegras fielding Sonny Milano with his own version of the lacrosse style setup?

  • What tricks will Zegras have up its sleeve? for the upcoming Breakaway Challenge during NHL All-Star Weekend 2022?
  • Will we see another spate of lacrosse-style goals? Nice way to shake things up as we are in the dog days of the NHL season.

As of this writing, Zegras scored twice against the Canadians, which put him on 12 goals and 32 points in 40 games – assuming he doesn’t add more on Thursday.

While the habs get beat up Jake Evans added a big goal of their own, so enjoy this as a bonus:

* – At this rate, defenses are likely assuming that Zegras can work wonders. They just don’t know how to stop him.

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Democrat local weather plan provides tax breaks for EVs that price as much as $80,000

Cavan Pictures | Getty Images

Democratic MPs on Wednesday reveals a revised Social Spending and Climate Protection, which expands an electric vehicle tax credit of up to $ 12,500 for more expensive cars and suggests a lower income limit for buyers who are eligible for the credit.

The House Democrats update makes vans, sport utility vehicles, and trucks eligible for full tax credit at a cost of up to $ 80,000. The previous bill capped loans for vans priced at $ 64,000, SUVs priced at $ 69,000, and trucks priced at $ 74,000.

The proposal also limits the full tax credit for individual taxpayers reporting a modified adjusted gross income of $ 250,000 or $ 500,000 on joint tax returns. The previous plan had caps of $ 400,000 for individual submissions and $ 800,000 for joint submissions.

The transportation sector is one of the largest emitters of US greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for around a third of its emissions annually. The transition from gas vehicles to electric cars and trucks will be critical to tackling climate change.

The Democratic proposal includes a $ 4,500 tax incentive on purchases of an electric vehicle made in a unionized factory. Above all, car manufacturers would benefit from the regulation, such as General Motors and fordwhose workers in production are represented by the United Auto Workers union.

Read more about electric vehicles from CNBC Pro

Republicans have spoken out against tax incentives for buying electric vehicles that are union-made.

The optimized legislation that is part of President. is Joe BidenThe $ 1.75 trillion social and climate spending package would give the electric vehicle market a significant boost. According to industry forecasts, EV sales this year are expected to represent less than 4% of US sales.

Democrats want to finalize negotiations on the president’s Build Back Better plan this week. The House could vote in the next few days on the invoice.

‘Jungle Cruise’ has $34.2 million debut, provides $30 million from Disney+

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt star in Disney’s Jungle Cruise.


Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise sailed to a better than expected $ 34.2 million box office opening, despite growing concerns that a surge in coronavirus cases could keep families home.

With an additional $ 27.6 million in international ticket sales, the film secured $ 61.8 million worldwide during the first three days of cinema.

In pre-pandemic times, the movie’s box office opening would be viewed as a choppy start. After all, Jungle Cruise had a budget of $ 200 million. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, this debut is on par with previous blockbuster releases.

Around 85% of North American cinemas were open to the public over the weekend, according to Comscore – most since March 2020. Globally, some markets continue to have capacity limits, and rising Covid cases have kept many away from overcrowded theaters.

The film, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, also debuted on Disney’s streaming service Disney + for a fee of $ 30 and had worldwide sales of $ 30 million over the weekend. “Jungle Cruise” is expected to be the last of Disney’s slate to be released using this method.

Disney’s decision to use this strategy to release films like “Cruella”, “Black Widow” and “Jungle Cruise” came at a time of uncertainty. The studio long held back from releasing big titles, but as coronavirus restrictions eased, vaccination rates rose, and the industry recovered, Disney decided to launch new blockbusters simultaneously in theaters and via Disney + for $ 30 . That way, viewers who happily returned to the cinema could do so, while those who didn’t could watch from their living rooms.

With that, Disney earned the wrath of the National Association of Theater Owners, which the studio owed two weeks ago lackluster ticket sales in the second week from “Black Widow” as well as one of its biggest stars, Scarlett Johansson, the sued the studio for lost wages.

While “Black Widow” had the largest opening of any movie released during the pandemic, it’s clear that its streaming release has been eating up the box office profits. Because audiences can watch “Black Widow” again on Disney +, the movie isn’t getting a boost from people returning to theaters to watch the movie again.

Since “Black Widow” has already been released in theaters on the domestic market, pirates have access to a high-quality version of the film. This has increased the number of illegal viewings of the film and is partly responsible for the steady decline in box office performance.

“Jungle Cruise” is likely to have a similar fate.

Google Meet provides Duo-style filters, AR masks, and results

Google Meet receives new video filters, effects and augmented reality masks for personal calls on iOS and Android. announced the search giant. They are available during a call via the glitter icon in the lower right of your video feed, which displays a carousel of various effects, including color filters and animated AR face effects. Most of the options are only available for personal Gmail accounts, while Workspace users need to be more professional with a limited range of blur and virtual background options.

The new video effects are the latest example of Meet’s shift from targeting corporate and business users to a more general consumer targeting after Google released Meet free for private Google accounts last year. The filters are very similar to those was already available for the consumer-focused duo video chat service from Google and 9to5Google previously reported that the company plans to replace Duo with Meet at some point.

When trying to understand all of Google’s messaging products, don’t worry. you’re not alone. Fortunately, we may soon have one less Google service to keep an eye on.

Fertitta Leisure Provides Property to SPAC Deal

From Dave Sebastian

Fertitta Entertainment Inc., a holding company for Golden Nugget Casinos and Landry’s Restaurants, is adding additional assets to the deal with the special acquisition company that will bring Fertitta public, the companies said.

Fertitta said she agreed to bring in the Mastro brand, the Aquariums, the Pleasure Pier, Vic and Anthony’s, and a handful of others, adding a total of 42 goodwill that was not originally included in the transaction announced in February. It also said it will acquire Catch restaurants, including Catch Steak, the restaurant group of which is 50% owned by Fertitta owner Tilman Fertitta.

The company will bring in the operational business without additional debt, it said. Mr. Fertitta will receive additional equity in the combined company and his total equity interest upon completion of the transaction with Fast Acquisition Corp. increase to about 72%.

The amended transaction results in a company valuation for Golden Nugget / Landry’s of approximately $ 8.6 billion, the companies said. Fertitta expects to use the proceeds from the transaction to accelerate its growth initiatives, fund its operations and reduce its existing debt.

“The contribution of the new business assets significantly improves the company’s operating cash flow, provides better assets for organic growth, and makes the company much less of a debt as the company does not incur any additional debt as part of the revised transaction,” said Fertitta.

Fertitta said sales for the three months ended June 30, including additional assets and business units, are expected to be $ 917 million to $ 920 million. It provides for adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of $ 270 million to $ 275 million for the quarter or more than $ 800 million for the full year with the contribution or acquisition of all operations on Jan. 1 was completed. 2021.

The companies expect the deal to close in the fourth quarter.

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Turkey provides crypto companies to cash laundering, terror financing guidelines

A Bitcoin logo can be seen next to the Turkish flag in a cryptocurrency exchange store in Istanbul, Turkey, on April 27, 2021. The photo was taken on April 27, 2021. REUTERS / Murad Sezer

Turkey has added cryptocurrency trading platforms to the list of companies covered by anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations, according to a presidential decree released on Saturday.

The Official Gazette said the country’s recent expansion of rules on cryptocurrency transactions would take effect immediately, covering “crypto asset service providers” who would be subject to the existing regulations.

Last month, Turkey’s central bank banned the use of crypto assets for payments because such transactions were risky. In the days that followed, two Turkey-based cryptocurrency trading platforms were shut down as part of separate investigations.

The investigation into one of them, Thodex, led to the detention on Thursday of six suspects, including the siblings of its chief executive Faruk Fatih Ozer, whom the Turkish authorities are looking for after his trip to Albania. Continue reading

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This Valheim mod provides Skyrim-style magic, and it is a blast • Eurogamer.internet

Ok, you beat Eitkthyr and some of the other bosses – and you might be wondering if it makes sense to visit them again. There’s little reason to do so in the Vanilla game as you won’t get any new rewards. But as always … there is a mod for that.

Skyheim is a magical mod for Valheim that introduces a number of new spells and abilities to spice up the fight, all of which are seamlessly tied into the game’s progression system. Each boss drops items that can be used to create rune spells. Hence, you will have to repeat boss fights to collect enough resources to craft them all. Here is a video showing some of the spells and what the making process looks like:

Try Skyheim – a Valheim Magic Mod

The spell style available in the mod pretty much reminded me of the basic spells in Skyrim, and I’m assuming the “sky” in the mod name is likely a nod to the Elder Scrolls game. While I imagine most people will be reaching for the fireball spell right away, it’s worth noting that this mod adds a lot of helpful spells that aren’t directly related to combat. With the spell “Light” you can summon a glowing ball to light the way. “Travel” increases your movement speed and there is a healing spell to help both you and your friends. There’s even a recall spell calling the Valkyries to teleport the player back to spawning – the equivalent of Gandalf calling the eagles, I suppose.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave all spells to the shamans, would it?

I experimented a bit with the mod myself and while some of the audio effects are a bit funky, the mod adds a fun new dimension to Valheim’s fight without making things too easy. To keep the spells from being overwhelmed, the mod introduces a “mana” bar, and the more powerful spells have a fairly long cooldown. As with any skill in Valheim, you will also need to practice the spells to improve your knowledge of this type of magic. I think it’s time to toast all the poor animals in the meadows. If only a fireball were used on wild boars, ready-cooked meat would be dropped.

The mod already has a fair number of spells available, but it seems that the mod writer Makzimus isn’t quite finished: a chain lightning spell has just been added, and Makzimus is considering ways for players to increase their mana pool. The author’s response to a request for a resurrection spell is currently “maybe,” but it would certainly reduce the demand for it Valheim’s Body Recovery Squad.

If all of this seems magical to you, the mod is available for download on Nexus mods and As with most Valheim mods, you need to install BepInEx first and then the Skyheim DLL in the BepInEx plugin folder. You can find the download page for this here over here.

Jamie Mathis: Revisiting ‘The Shining’ provides to appreciation | Options/Leisure

It’s difficult to revisit Stephen King’s “The Shining” without raising Jack Nicholson’s ominously raised eyebrows and the famous ad-libbed line “Here’s Johnny!” Imagine. In Stanley Kubrick’s film, but after a third reading, I realized how cleverly King King used horror as a metaphor for addiction and its consequences, especially for families.

A struggling writer and alcoholic with a history of abuse, a description that reflects King’s own life, loses his job at a highly regarded New England prep school for boys. Jack Torrance is recommended by a former drinking buddy (also headmaster at this school) as caretaker of the Overlook Hotel in the off-season. The off-season is an excruciating six months of extreme winter weather in the Colorado Rockies. With the cautious but hopeful Mrs. Wendy – a stark contrast to Shelley Duvall’s mouse-soft portrayal at the abusive request of Kubrick – and the clairvoyant son Danny, the Torrance family soon found themselves in the large hotel lobby at the turn of the century.

Just before and during the trip from New England to Colorado, Danny saw visions in the form of warnings from an older and trusted imaginary friend, Tony. What could possibly go wrong?

The Torrance family is viewed upon arrival by Dick Hallorann, Overlook’s head chef, who is on his way to a Floridian resort. Dick has skills similar to Danny – “shiny,” as Dick’s grandmother calls it – that give Danny some wisdom about the creepiness of the Overlook.

After a few weeks of supernatural events and impending winter weather, Jack’s delusions and paranoia (if he could just have a drink) are felt, and Wendy and Danny become increasingly vulnerable to Jack’s outbursts. The literal and metaphorical “demons” Jack, Wendy and Danny are manifestations of the many guests of the Overlook, who – like the previous caretaker and his family – have often experienced disruptive fates and give the Torrances and the reader the impression that one cannot easily do check out the Overlook Hotel.

I urge anyone who happens to be fans of Kubrick’s version, or the psychological horror genre in general, to read King’s novel to gain a better understanding of the source material and perhaps learn something that goes beyond the limits of horror. Both King and Kubrick’s The Shining can be checked out in the Briggs Lawrence Co. public library. Be sure to search the library catalog or call your branch for more information.

Jamie Mathis is a librarian at the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library.

Plus cash: Autonomous know-how startup provides $220M to current capital elevate

The self-driving startup Plus für Truck-Technologie Plus recently added $ 220 million to a capital increase, pushing ahead with the marketing of its Level 4 system in China this summer.

The previously announced $ 200 million Raised in February was led by CPE and Guotai Junan International.

The new money comes mainly from Chinese and Asian investors. Chinese funds FountainVest Partners and ClearVue Partners jointly led the increase.

Participants included Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. as well as existing investors SAIC Capital, the venture arm of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and China’s Google company Full Truck Alliance freight adjustment platform. Millennium Technology Value Partners and Sequoia also contributed.

‘Important turning point’

“With the mass production of its autonomous driving system this year, Plus has reached an important turning point for the company,” said Alex Zhang, FountainVue partner and head of the industrial group at FountainVest, in a press release.

Plus will use the additional funds to expand its global operational and commercial deployment plans for its PlusDrive autonomous driving solution. The company is in the final stages of PlusDrive’s certification for commercial operations in China, where it has 5,000 non-binding pre-orders.

The automated truck powered by PlusDrive was developed together with First Auto Works (FAW), China’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. Pilot programs are currently underway with major commercial freight companies, including SF Express, one of China’s largest delivery fleets.

“Plus is the only autonomous freight forwarding company that has started mass production Production of its autonomous driving system this year ” said David Liu, Plus CEO and Co-Founder. “And this investment will support fuel plans to bring our automated trucks to market.”

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Recording Registry provides albums by Janet Jackson, Nas | Leisure

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Janet Jackson’s socially conscious album “Rhythm Nation 1814,” Louis Armstrong’s jazzy “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and Nas’ debut “Illmatic” are among 25 recordings made on the National Recording Registry.

The Library of Congress announced on Wednesday that Labelle’s song “Lady Marmalade” and Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” are some of the titles selected for preservation this year. The National Library selected several other memorable titles, including Kermit the Frog’s “The Rainbow Connection”.

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden said she has received about 900 public nominations this year for recordings to be added to the registry.

“The National Recording Registry will preserve our history through these vivid recordings of music and voices that reflect our humanity and have shaped our culture for the past 143 years,” Hayden said in a statement.

The library selects titles to preserve because of their cultural and historical significance to the American soundscape. The titles must be at least 10 years old.

The register adds the Christmas Eve 1941 radio program broadcast by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Others that made the list included the soap opera theme song “The Guiding Light,” Connie Smith’s single “Once a Day,” and Albert King’s album, “Born Under a Bad Sign.”

Phil Rizzuto’s radio play-by-play by Roger Maris ’61. 1961 home run – which beat Babe Ruth’s previous record. – has been added to the registry.

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