Labor unions push White Home so as to add employee protections to Biden vaccine mandate

President Joe Biden watches as AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler speaks during an event honoring the unions in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on September 8, 2021.

Oliver Contraras | AP

Some of the largest unions in the country are urging the Biden government to expand its vaccine mandate to private companies to include additional protection for workers, including masking requirements and other safety measures to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

The AFL-CIO and about two dozen other major unions representing teachers, service workers, meat processors, auto and steel workers, spoke with the Biden government on an October 18 conference call with White House officials from the Office of Administration and Budget.

“We emphasized the importance of mitigation measures,” Rebecca Reindel, who represented the AFL-CIO on the call, told CNBC. “We really need to be one step ahead of the transmission part of the virus. It takes a while to get vaccinated – we need protection in the meantime, ”said Reindel.

Three of the largest unions, notably the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, told CNBC that they had asked the administration to expand worker protection and urged employers to stop ventilation improve and enforce the mask and social regulations distance. Reindel said companies should also be required to conduct a risk assessment in consultation with workers to determine what combination of mitigation measures are needed to best protect their employees in the workplace.

president Joe Biden ordered the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Department to draft a rule requiring private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that they are all vaccinated or tested weekly Covid-19.

OMB and Labor Department officials have held dozens of calls and meetings with industry lobbyists over the past two weeks while OMB is reviewing the mandate, OMB records show. The vaccine and weekly testing requirements will go into effect shortly after the OMB review is complete.

The AFL-CIO has called for comprehensive measures to protect workers from Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. However, OSHA, which oversees workplace safety, has not yet enacted broad-based Covid safety rules.

Instead, OSHA enacted Restrictions in summer limited to healthcare workers. Most healthcare providers have had to develop plans to mitigate the risk of Covid, ensure employees wear masks indoors that keep people 6 feet apart indoors, install barriers in workplaces when employees are less than 6 feet apart , and ensure adequate ventilation – including a number of other requirements.

The AFL-CIO and United Food and Commercial Workers sued the Biden government, arguing that the OSHA standard “does not protect employees outside the healthcare industry who are at a similarly grave risk from occupational exposure to COVID-19” . The unions specially quoted meat packaging, groceries, transportation and corrections as industries where workers need the Department of Labor to issue an enforceable safety standard for Covid.

The unions and the Ministry of Labor tabled a joint application in September pause the case until the vaccination and weekly test mandate is granted to the Biden administration. The court will ask the parties to submit a joint status report on Monday.

“The harsh reality is that current COVID safety guidelines just aren’t enough and have left millions of key workers to their own devices,” said Marc Perrone, President of United Food and Commercial Workers. said in August after OSHA issued voluntary guidelines recommending masks for vaccinated employees working in areas with high transmission. “What we need now is a clearly enforceable COVID safety standard in the workplace that will protect America’s vital workers who are still at the forefront of this deadly pandemic.”

Perrone said his union is now waiting to see if mitigation measures are included in the vaccine and testing mandate. “If we still have concerns, we will move on,” he said, referring to the trial. The group represents 1.3 million employees in the food, retail, meat packaging, food processing, cannabis, chemical and distillery sectors, including employees from Tysons Food, Kroger, Macy’s, Cargill and Pfizer. People in these industries are largely viewed as key frontline workers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The UFCW warned in a letter to the Department of Labor in August that vaccinations – even if important – cannot remove the danger posed by Covid to workers as the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads the effectiveness of vaccines over time subsides and new mutations of the virus emerge.

The AFL-CIO, in a May report, found 1,833 Covid outbreaks, nearly 90,000 infections and 378 deaths in the meat packaging, food processing and agriculture industries from the start of the pandemic in April 2020 to April 2020. A report by the House Select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis found infections among meat packing workers almost three times as high as previously reported.

“There will be certain people who won’t take [the vaccine] and get tested, and if you don’t have mitigation measures like masks then you’re defeating your purpose, “Perrone told CNBC.

The Service Employees International Union asked the von Biden government in September to add additional protective measures to the vaccination mandate. The union represents 2 million workers in basic services such as janitorial, health and other professions.

“Layered mitigation measures, including but not limited to masking and distancing, as well as quarantine after exposure or positive testing, are still necessary to protect against outbreaks,” wrote Leslie Frane, the union’s executive vice-president, in a letter to the union in September OSHA chief James Frederick.

The SEIU and UFCW have also called for paid vacations for workers to get vaccinated and recover from the shot, paid vacations for workers to quarantine and recover from the virus, and free Covid tests for Workers with testing facilities at the workplace. The Biden government said in September that it would also require companies with more than 100 employees to provide paid time off for vaccination and recovery.

The United Auto Workers declined to expressly comment on whether the vaccine and test mandate should include measures to contain Covid. The big three automakers have already implemented extensive security protocols against Covid. While the union is generally in favor of vaccination, it rejects it under federal or employer mandate. The union will review the vaccine and testing mandate when it is released, UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg told CNBC.

“We’re waiting for the standards because we have over 700 contracts and we need to go through them and see how they affect our contracts,” he said.

Deandra Morrison fulfilling imaginative and prescient so as to add type to eyewear

Deandra Morrison has done a few ventures to make money over the years.

Morrison has sold hair accessories, braided hair, and carnival accessories.

But she sees her newest company, FramesRx Eyewear, as one that can thrive in the eyewear market.

FramesRx offers a wide variety of unique frames for both men and women. The company also sells lens cleaners.

Morrison, who has been wearing glasses since she was 11, has struggled over the years getting their hands on unique, affordable frames.

To this end, she went in search of affordable frames in 2018 and collected 15 pairs in the process. Two years later, she started selling eyeglass frames online.

Morrison has sold over 100 pairs since the company was founded.

Video edited by Richard Baker

Goal so as to add greater than 100 Disney retailers to shops forward of holidays

A child holds a Walt Disney Co. Pixar Cars toy in a Target Corp. store. in Chicago.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

target said Monday that the number of will roughly triple Disney Doing business in its stores, helping to increase foot traffic as the holiday season approaches.

The national retailer with around 1,900 stores in the USA began 2019 with the opening of Disney stores in select locations. With the expansion, more than 160 Target stores will sell Disney merchandise, from toys to costumes, by the end of the year.

In a sense, Target’s partnerships transform its stores into mini-malls where shoppers can conveniently browse a variety of products under one roof. Buyers can get a vaccine or fill out a prescription in a reduced form CVS health. You can have a frappuccino at a. order Starbucks Coffee shop. You can find dedicated displays from Apple Gadgets and Levi Strauss Denim. And with mini. try a lipstick sample or get beauty tips Ulta beauty Shops that started opening in select stores earlier this month.

The retailer’s expansion of Disney stores comes before Christmas time – an important time for toy sales. Macys recently announced that it will also expand its toy range. It Made a deal with Toys R Us To open shops in more than 400 branches of the department store chain and online. A larger selection of Toys R Us merchandise is now available on Macy’s website.

Steve Dennis, a retail strategy analyst, said the Toys R Us shutdown “had market share and many retailers wanted to recapture it.” That has led to increased competition between retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target – and made toys an appealing product category for Macy’s.

He said the Disney stores could help Target stand out and raise the price of its toy department.

“One of the trends I think you are leaning on is ‘how do you create more uniqueness and differentiation for your brand’ and somehow differentiate it from the typical type of merchandising?” he said. “What is that additional reason to go to the store, or website, or maybe buy something else on your trip?”

Toys were a growth category for Target and continued to show momentum in the second quarter that ended July 31, according to Christina Hennington, chief growth officer. She said on the company’s conference call that toy sales were up the low 20% year-over-year over the three-month period.

Target’s mini Disney stores and website can be used by shoppers to find items from popular Disney items, including Star Wars and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Together with Disney, Target announced that it would be working with the well-known toy retailer FAO Schwarz for the second year in a row. There will be an exclusive 70-piece toy collection with FAO Schwarz, including items from Barbie and Paw Patrol. It will also have a pop-up shop inside The FAO Schwarz flagship store in New York City.

Target’s shares are up around 43% this year. The enterprise Last week’s earnings expectations exceededas it saw a strong start to the back-to-school season.

‘Placing their cash the place their mouth is’: This is what three analysts should say about Coinbase’s choice so as to add $500 million of crypto to its stability sheet | Foreign money Information | Monetary and Enterprise Information

Coinbase Co-Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong

Coin base announced on Thursday that it was Add $ 500 million in cryptocurrency to its balance sheet while at the same time 10% of its quarterly net income is allocated to a portfolio of crypto assets. Insider gathered insights from three Coinbase analysts to help understand the move.

“I like that they put their money where their lips are,” said Mizuho analyst Dan Dolev.

He told Insiders that Coinbase is still heavily fiat money for a company with crypto headquarters for its business. This move changes that, although Dolev would like the exchange to go a step further and charge customer transaction fees in crypto rather than dollars.

“That would signal even more commitment to the cryptocurrency,” said Dolev.

Coinbase CFO Alesia Haas admitted that the majority of Coinbase’s financial transactions – like paying sellers and employees or investing company money – on a Friday are “heavily weighted” in fiat blog entry. But she said Coinbase wants to lead by example by enabling the adoption and use of crypto, and that investment is a step towards that goal.

“We believe that more and more companies will keep crypto assets on their balance sheets in the future,” said Haas. “We hope that by incorporating more crypto assets into our own corporate financial practices, we can take another step towards a more open crypto economy.”

Chris Kuiper, a CFRA stock research analyst, reiterated Dolev’s comment that the announcement shows Coinbase’s commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. Kupier maintained his “Buy” rating on Coinbase after it was announced that he was broadly positive on the stock.

However, adding crypto to Coinbase’s balance sheet adds an additional layer of risk as the company’s share price is already tied to the price and trading activity of Bitcoin, Chris Brendler, senior research analyst at DA Davidson, told Insider. The Coinbase share often moves in parallel with the Bitcoin price.

“That won’t necessarily make or destroy the company,” Brendler told Insider. “But it’s certainly a little scary when you put money into one of those commodities that you’re already pretty closely connected with.”

Part of this risk is offset by a cash balance of $ 4 billion that Coinbase is building in anticipation of a “crypto winter” and possible regulatory action, said Kupier.

Brendler added that since Coinbase is so tied to crypto, Coinbase will need to have more cash than other high-growth non-crypto companies in case there is a “crypto winter” or a prolonged period of low crypto prices and activity.

DoubleTree Resort goals so as to add leisure to eating | Berks Regional Information

Many companies are still struggling to find workers, even after most of the COVID restrictions have been lifted.

So the DoubleTree in Reading is getting really creative to keep attracting high quality employees.

Little did guests of the DoubleTree Hotel have a truly unique experience in store for them when they encounter students at Albright College.

“I thought it was fantastic. I’ve never been serenaded by a man before but found it quite funny including the young lady’s lovely voice and would I do it again? Absolutely! ”Said Chris Mitchell, a guest from Houston.

DoubleTree Hotel in Reading

“It’s a lot of fun and it’s very unexpected that people say, ‘Oh wow, there’s a piano over there, do you know who’s going to play it?’ And I say ‘I can’ and they say ‘nooo’ and I say ‘Yes, I can’ and it knocks them out a bit! ”Said the youngest Albright graduate Veronica Jakubowski.

They are part of a special program where students entertain guests and gain experience in the hospitality industry.

“That you can be paid not only to serve the hotel and serve the guests in it, but to be paid to share your craft, your artistic craft, this gift with others, and I think that’s what makes it unique. That’s what makes it so special, “said the Artistic Director of the DoubleTree, Nate Rothermel.

“To be honest, it was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” said Adrian Jacob with a laugh.

“It’s pretty great to shape the experience because we’re on the ground floor, so to speak. So, really to create an experience with the management and the guests. ”Albright Sr. Logan Wintersteen said.

Only Albright students are currently participating in the pilot, but the hotel hopes to expand it to other colleges and even high school kids in the future. If you would like more information on applying for the internship, send an email to Nate Rothermel at

Add some model to your health club routine with this menswear exercise clothes information

When it comes to workout clothes, it can be difficult to find clothes that have a good balance between substance and style. Some sportswear forego fashion in the name of functionality, while other fitness equipment is all aesthetic without the comfort. But it is possible to have the best of both worlds!

In this episode of In The Know’s The Guide, host Jovel Roystan talks to stylist and model Kadeem Johnson (@kjohn_lasoul) on how to keep your workout style on point in this men’s fitness apparel guide.

“The first thing to think about is being fit,” says Roystan. “Some guys like it a little oversized and loose,” he explains when he is one ASOS long sleeve t-shirt. “Others may like very minimal stuff,” he says, holding you ASOS stringer vest.

Roystan also notes that it is important to think of fabric when choosing exercise equipment. “You want items with a little stretch that will hold you comfortably and that will be breathable throughout your workout,” he explains.

Beyond the fabric, Roystan insists on indulging in colors and prints. He shows a green Lululemon short sleeve t-shirt and printed ASOS training shorts.

Not sure what to combine with the all-over print shorts? Roystan thinks so ASOS Oil Wash T-Shirt will do it!

Johnson is also a huge fan of the mix-and-match approach. “I don’t usually do a set,” explains the stylist. “I wear a gray shirt with black shorts. It still makes sense, but I mix the colors. “

It’s also important to think about layering in workout clothes, especially if you’re planning on leaving the gym right away. Roystan throws that on it ASOS training jacket for muscle training as a transition from the gym to a restaurant.

Now for what to stash for all of your fitness equipment. When it comes to sports equipment like duffel bags, towels and water bottles, “One easy way to make things look good is with a cohesive palette of colors,” explains Roystan.

Roystan tends to Nike Brasilia duffel bag in black but suggests “doing your thing” when it comes to your color preference.

The story goes on

Of course, sneakers are perhaps the most important part of any fitness fitness program. “You have to have the right style for what you want to do because it can mean the difference between effective training and potential injury,” explains Roystan.

For example, if you are a runner you would want a shoe with more cushioning. Roystan goes with you Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit for his favorite couple.

Regardless of your style, the most important thing about exercise clothing is that you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

If you liked this story, you might like it too The new mesh underwear from Parade will keep you comfortable all day.

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Vintage furnishings can add distinctive model when adorning a home

When decorating a room, it’s fun to include something out of the ordinary.

Perhaps you can find an unusual lamp or a modern painting or piece of furniture in a unique style. Try something new and go to an auction to see what sells.

Various types of antique furniture were sold at the recent Neal Auction Company auction, including a Campeche chair. It looked a lot like some modern chairs, but it had a single piece of leather that was bent to make the back and seat on a simple wooden frame. The back was tilted just enough to take a perfect nap. The legs were upside-down capital letters C, one on each side with a center stretcher. It was a perfect conversation piece.

The name “Campeche” comes from its use in the city of Campeche, Mexico, where it was popular in the late 18th century. Historians thought the name came from Campeche wood, but most were made from mahogany. Looking up the history of the chair takes talent as it is also known as the “Spanish chair” or “Butac” (a short form in other words, “Butaca” or “Boutaque” used for the chair). Some call it the “planter’s chair”. Thomas Jefferson had one of these chairs, which he called “Campeachy”.

The chairs, similar to earlier X-frame chairs, were popular in Louisiana and were shipped to New Orleans. They were used in Philadelphia in the 1830s and in London around 1845. Some modern artists, including the silversmith William Spratling, created similar pieces in the 1950s. The chairs are still made and sold in the United States today.

23. May:Current prices

Question: I have some “Lucy” Barbies that were never taken out of the package. I know they are collectibles. Are they worth anything?

Reply: “I Love Lucy” was a popular TV show starring Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz, who also played Lucy’s TV husband Ricky Ricardo. It ran on CBS from 1951 to 1957. Mattel made “I Love Lucy Dolls” in costumes depicting episodes of the show from 1997 to 2011. Lucy, Ricky, and Ethel dolls were made. “I Love Lucy” Kelly dolls, representing Lucy and her friend Ethel and smaller, were made in 2008 and 2009. The dolls in their original boxes sell for $ 10 to $ 50. A few in mint condition cost over $ 100.

Q: I have a Carter fountain pen that belonged to my father. It is marbled black with gold-colored ribbons on the cap, a 14 carat gold nib, and is 5 1/2 inches long. Does it have any other value than sentimental value?

A: William Carter, a stationery retailer, founded the William Carter Company in Boston in 1858 and began making ink. It became the Carter’s Ink Company in 1888. Carter’s started making fountain pens in 1924.

The Carter Pen, the first fountain pen to be named Carter, was introduced in 1926. It was made of hard rubber and was advertised with the slogan “You know the ink”. Celluloid pencils were manufactured from 1927. The Pearltex Pen, made from a new iridescent material that combined mother-of-pearl and plastic, was introduced in 1929. Cheaper pens were made from celluloid and hard rubber. Streamlined style pens began to be produced in 1930.

Carter stopped making pens in 1932, but continued to make ink. The company was sold to the Dennison Manufacturing Company in 1975. Carter pens were only made for a few years and are collectibles. Condition, material, style and rarity determine the price. They sell for $ 15 to $ 450.

Q: I recently found an old June 1921 issue of Motor Travel Magazine, priced at 35 cents. I also found an August 1921 issue of People’s Home Journal priced at 15 cents. Both are in very good condition. Do they have any value? Where can i sell them?

A: The People’s Home Journal was published from 1885 to 1929. It included household tips, recipes, stories, and other articles appealing to housewives. It could sell for $ 2 in an antique bookstore. Motor Travel was one of many automobiles and motoring journals published in the 1920s after owning a car became common. Old magazines don’t sell much, but some old ads are decorative. They can be cut out from the magazine and framed. If you want to sell the magazines, contact a seller who manages used books.

Q: My grandmother had a full set of Blue Willow china. Can you give me the approximate value? It is marked “Flair, Japan” in a rectangle. Underneath it says “Blue Willow, 603.”

A: Blue Willow dishes were first made in England in 1780. The pattern, which depicts a Chinese landscape with willow trees, a bridge, and birds, has been copied by many companies. Flair, a company in Japan, likely made Blue Willow dishes in the 1950s or 1960s. Plates sell online for $ 6-10 each. You didn’t say how many pieces you had, but large dinnerware sets are hard to sell.

TIP: Old or New Iron Garden Furniture: Old iron furniture usually weighs more and the iron is smoother than new iron. Also, look out for rust and faded paint. But remember, this can also be faked.

Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer the reader’s questions sent to the column. Send a letter with a question describing the size, material (glass, ceramic) and your knowledge of the item. Just add two pictures, the object and a close-up of any marks or damage. Make sure your name and return address are included. By submitting a question, you are giving full permission to use it in any Kovel product. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We do not guarantee that photos will be returned, but if a prepaid envelope is included we will try. Answered questions will appear in Kovels Publications. Write to Kovels (name of this newspaper), King Features Syndicate, 628 Virginia Dr., Orlando, FL 32803, or email

Rickie Fowler aiming so as to add long-awaited main substance to his fashion

KIAWAH ISLAND, SC – Adam Scott is a former Masters Champion and Tyrell Hatton is number 8 in the official golf rankings. On Thursday, they spent 18 holes of a major championship listening to fans cheer on the 128th player in the world.

Lots of people love Rickie Fowler, which is why many people don’t. Almost anyone in golf will say that Fowler is as nice a person as he is at the game, who is prone to small, friendly actions and who is constantly aware that other people have feelings too. Yet it is rumored that he is a marketing creation – a player with only five PGA Tour wins and what appears to be ten times as many referrals. Regular viewers of the PGA Tour are used to Fowler being in a “featured group” for television whether they want to see him or not, and commercial breaks just bring another onslaught from Fowler. It’s annoying that he became a star by wearing light colored clothes, had a pretty face, and (these days) sporting a mustache that looks like it has grown just to show that it could make him look good .

Rickie Fowler steps onto the second green during a practice round for the 2021 PGA Championship on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Resort.

That’s right, but it also shows how well Fowler played. He won the Players Championship and fought in all major subjects. He came here this week in a terrible break-in, so bad that he smiled when asked if he had any problems in the past few months and said, “Well, it’s definitely been more than a couple of months.”

It has. Fowler wasn’t invited to the Masters and needed a special invitation to this week’s PGA Championship. He relied on some famous friends while he passed out; He saw part of the Masters with Tiger Woods and played a lot of golf with Michael Jordan at Jordan’s new course, The Grove XXIII. Fowler said playing with Jordan is a great way to prepare as he has to give Jordan 10 punches which Jordan is too good to make, money is always at stake and challenging, good with MJ to play chirping in your ear.

“He’s not silent,” said Fowler.

The best way for Fowler to get critics on his side would be to enlist majors. But the next best thing, bizarrely, might be to do what he did: play like a PGA Tour fringe player for a while. It erases the perception that he’s only heading for third place. Golf fans generally appreciate it when players struggle and succeed. If Fowler regains his form, he could go from over-the-top to the charming underdog.

He appeared to be on his way back on Thursday, finishing 1-0 on a brutal ocean course. But even Fowler understands this was just one lap.

His fall was confusing. “When I started being outside the top 50 in the world, it didn’t start being in Augusta,” he said. “I had to deal with it for a few months.” In his words, he only recently started playing golf instead of playing “golf swing” – developing strategies and taking shots instead of thinking about the mechanics.

He’s been as bad off as in years. That’s confusing too, but it’s pretty normal too. Players who work so hard to fix their swing tend to lose their sharpness on the greens. It happened to Jordan Spieth in the last few years. Fowler said he spent “three or four hours” on the practice greens this week, apart from preparing for the course, to get his putting feeling back.

Once Fowler regains his game, he can resume the challenge that preceded his demise: finishing a major. It is possible that, as critics say, he was consumed too much by car chases. But it’s just as likely that his sensitivity and tendency to empathize with others makes it harder to develop a Jordanian mentality.

Maybe he doesn’t need that mentality. He came here determined to take advantage of his special invitation – not just by playing well, but by appreciating it.

“In a way, it’s just a perspective and an understanding that I can do this for a living,” he said. “And that’s great. I’ve had a great run out here so far. I definitely want more. But at the end of the day we can play an awesome game to make a living … we damn good out here and we’re having fun. Go play golf. “

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When You Add Extra Police To A Metropolis, What Occurs? : Planet Cash : NPR

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from the Planet Money newsletter. You can Login here.

Police cars

After George Floyd’s death opened a national policing debate, Morgan Williams and colleagues turned to the tools of business to try to provide evidence for the conversation. He recently published research that supports the case for police reform while reminding us why the police are important to public safety.

Williams is an economist at NYU’s Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. He researches crime economics and incarceration policies with a particular focus on racial inequality. Williams grew up in the South Bronx and still lives and works not far from where he was born.

Whether you’re an activist yelling “Defund the Police” on the street or a conservative hoisting a “thin blue line” flag in front of your house, if you’re looking for someone to piss you off with a megaphone, Williams is not your type. In these hyperpolarized times, Williams excels at speaking the jargon of a wonk with the cool emotions of a data cruncher. “We want to be as scientifically objective as possible,” he says of the work of him and his colleagues.

Morgan C. Williams Jr. Valjean E. Guerra II / Morgan Williams hide caption

Toggle labeling

Valjean E. Guerra II / Morgan Williams

Morgan C. Williams Jr.

Valjean E. Guerra II / Morgan Williams

Williams and colleagues Aaron Chalfin, Benjamin Hansen, and Emily Weisburst were motivated to answer questions such as: What is the measurable value of adding a new police officer to patrol a city? Are Additional Officers Preventing Murders? How many people are these officers arresting and for what? And how do larger police forces affect black communities?

They collected data from the FBI and other public data sources for 242 cities between 1981 and 2018. They received statistics on police operations, murder rates, reported crimes, arrests, and more. And they used tech-savvy statistical techniques to gauge the impact of expanding the police force on things like preventing murders and increasing arrests (read) their working paper for more depth and also spend a couple of hours reading about “instrumental variable” regression which is pretty darn awesome).

The aftermath of another officer

Williams and colleagues find that adding a new cop to a city prevents murders between 0.06 and 0.1, which means the average city would have to hire between 10 and 17 new cops to save a life a year . They estimate that it costs taxpayers between $ 1.3 million and $ 2.2 million annually. The federal government imposes the value of a statistical life around $ 10 million ((Planet money did an entire episode about how that number was dialed). From that perspective, Williams says, investing in more cops to save lives is pretty good bang for the buck. When they add more police, they also reduce other serious crimes such as robbery, rape, and aggravated assault.

In addition, Williams and his co-authors note that in the average city, larger police forces result in black lives being saved roughly twice as quickly as white lives (based on their percentage of the population). Considering that African Americans are much more likely to live in dense, poverty-stricken areas with high homicide rates – resulting in more opportunities for police officers to potentially prevent victimization – this could help explain this finding.

We should note, however, that a broad, average statistic on a measure of policing outcomes does not say anything about other potential policing issues – like excessive use of violence, racial profiling, or other issues that are at the fore as story after story for Black people those killed, beaten or mistreated by the police are circulating in the media. But, Williams says, reducing homicide and other serious crimes is certainly beneficial for everyone.

While finding that serious crimes fall after the average city expands its police force, economists find that arrests for serious crimes fall too. The simultaneous reduction in both serious crime and arrests for serious crime suggests that it is not the arrests that are driving the reduction. Instead, it suggests only having more cops around to drive it. These findings are in line with other research that focusing police forces on “hotspot” crime areas appears to be an effective way of reducing crime.

For Williams, this growing evidence of the power of deterrence is very important to those who are concerned about our bloated criminal justice system, which continues to incarcerate blacks at an amazing rate. It shows that adding more police to a neighborhood could have the benefit of lowering the serious crime rate without the police having to necessarily lock up a group of people.

At the same time, Williams and co-authors note that adding more cops to a city means more people will be arrested for minor, low-level crimes with no victims, such as: B. Disorderly behavior, public drinking, drug possession, and loitering. Black people are disproportionately the target of these low-level arrests, saddling them with crippling court fees and forcing many children – sometimes unnecessarily – into criminal justice.

More police can make some cities worse

The economists also find disturbing evidence that cities with the largest black populations – like many in the South and Midwest – do not see the same policing benefits as the average cities in their study. Adding more police officers in these cities doesn’t seem to lower the homicide rate. Meanwhile, more police officers in these cities seem to be leading to even more arrests of blacks for low-level crimes. The authors believe it supports a narrative that “black communities are over- and under-police at the same time”. Economists have no solid explanation as to why larger police forces in these cities seem to produce worse results, and they plan to further explore these results in future research.

The big picture

The bottom line is that the picture that the economists’ data paints is complicated. On the one hand, black communities generally seem to benefit from larger police departments when it comes to reducing the murder rate and the rate of other serious crimes. However, their data also show that these results do not apply to cities with the largest black populations. And across the country they are finding significant racial disparities in low-level arrests, with many blacks being prosecuted for low-level crimes, resulting in damage to many lives without necessarily improving public safety.

“We get a lot of policing, but it may not always be the type of policing that keeps people safe,” said Williams of these results. And that suggests that we could reform the police force: use fewer workers to arrest people for minor crimes and more workers to tackle and solve serious crimes.

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ONE Leisure to Purchase VNM USA to Add New Period Digital Advertising and marketing Providers

“VNM USA has an uncanny ability to spot new forms of marketing before they take off. I first came across her work last year at CES 2020 when I witnessed her Inevitable / Human campaign Turn Ubers’ back side windows into digital displays and take over the Las Vegas Strip, “said Brent Johnson, CEO & founder of the ONE Entertainment Group. “By acquiring VNM USAWe will be able to better serve our customers’ needs by offering innovative marketing services to a wider range of customers and by extending the offer to existing customers. Ryan and his team have a proven track record of creating campaigns that excite companies like Starbucks, BMW, and Providence St. Joseph Health. I am very excited to bring her on board to expand the company’s capabilities with dynamic employees who relentlessly strive for excellence and innovation in marketing technique and execution.

ONE Entertainment has built a multinational brand that ranges from worldwide distribution to the activation of live events to the coordination of multinational transactions. ONE Entertainment had created activations for people like Floyd Mayweather, worked with The Jim Henson Company on numerous projects for Universal Music Group, Endemol and Warner Elektra Atlantic (WEA) and many more.

VNM USA was founded in 2013 by QuHarrison Terry and Ryan Cowdrey in the Madison, Wisconsin.

“We’re obsessed with finding that one piece of research or research that indicates a trend in our customers’ market. Whether it’s a potential data point in the market or emerging consumer behavior, we focus a lot of our campaigns on Insights that enable our customers to understand the value of emerging customers. ” Trends “said Ryan Cowdrey, Partner at VNM USA. “ONE Entertainment shares many of the same values ​​as VNM USAThat makes me confident of integrating our process into ONE Entertainment’s impressive talent pipeline. “

Ryan Cowdrey
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