Pope to Catholic Motion youth: Tackle the type of Jesus

Pope Francis meets with young people from the Italian Catholic Action and asks them to accept their uniqueness as Jesus embraces theirs.

By Francesca Merlo

Addressing the young people of Italian Catholic Action, Pope Francis welcomed all who accompanied them to this meeting, describing each member as “generously engaged in their religious formation, devoting their time and resources to the Association”.

Catholic action

Catholic Action is an association of Catholics committed to upholding and defending Christian values ​​inspired by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The organization aims to provide clergy and lay people with a network of resources and activities to inspire them to engage actively with others in order to defend these values.


Pope Francis noted that their trip this year is expressed by the slogan “su misura per te”, which means “tailor-made for you” in Italian. “I like this topic,” said the Pope, explaining that it means that each of us is unique. “It is important that each of us wear our ‘outfit’ of originality with joy every day.” He added, “In history there is no one and there will never be someone like you. Each of you is unique and unrepeatable Beauty.”

This is how Jesus sees you

Pope Francis went on to explain that this is exactly “as Jesus sees you”. He “loves you as you are, even if some people ignore you and think you count little”. Jesus came into this world and is still “close to the children of all countries and peoples”, said the Pope. This is God’s style, which the Pope can describe in three words: “closeness, compassion and tenderness”.

Stay close to others

Dear friends, continued the Pope, “in the face of Jesus, who makes himself our neighbor, let us also learn to make ourselves“ next ”; among others: to family members, friends, peers, people in need ”. The Pope stated that we can always do something for others without waiting for others to do something for us. In the same way, the Pope continued, “we can be missionaries of the Gospel anytime, anywhere”. To do this, Pope Francis said that we must “adopt the style of Jesus”. To be his witness, we must be closer to him and not be afraid of it.

Jesus never forgets you

At the end of his speech, Pope Francis said that Jesus never forgets you. “He is always ready to encourage you and never ceases to believe in you,” said the Pope. He always gives you courage and energy and smiles especially at you, “especially when you can be close to those who are alone, without friends, in trouble”. Jesus is counting on you.

Copshop assessment – taut, 70s-style actioner | Motion and journey movies

Alexis Louder holds her own as the heroine (and only woman in) Joe Carnahan’s slim, mean, 70s-inspired action thriller. She plays Valerie Young, a Nevada sheriff and former army medic with neon pink nails. In the cells of the police station opposite are the hit man Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler) and his target, the “mob fraud” Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo). Viddick has a plan, but his mission is stalled by the unexpected arrival of psychopathic serial killer Anthony Lamb (Toby Huss) who storms the station. Young is in the crossfire.

The why is largely irrelevant; Important are Murretto’s man buns and snakeskin boots, Viddick’s one-liners (“Hard charges get hard,” he purrs, a remark he admits sounds cool and doesn’t mean anything) and an impressive scene in which Young repairs someone’s severed windpipe.

Mission Buramato is a brand new Zelda/Genshin Impression-style motion journey platformer

Ozysoft announced a new action-adventure platformer that shares a similar visual style with Genshin Impact and the latest Zelda game, Project Buramato. In addition, the team announced that a prototype demo will appear on PC (via Steam) in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Ozysoft describes Project Buramato as a fast-paced third-person 3D action shooter platformer. The game will feature high fantasy graphics, focus on atmosphere, and minimalist storytelling.

In this game, players fight against mystical creatures in a magic-focused shooter gameplay. Players will also explore the land of the old gentlemen in beautiful semi-open worlds.

It seems interesting, so be sure to check out the trailer!

John is the founder and editor-in-chief of DSOGaming. He is a PC gaming fan and is very supportive of the modding and indie community. Before founding DSOGaming, John worked on numerous gaming websites. Despite being a die-hard PC gamer, his gaming roots can be found in consoles. John loved – and still does – 16-bit consoles and considers SNES to be one of the best consoles out there. Nevertheless, the PC platform convinced him compared to consoles. This was mainly due to 3DFX and its iconic dedicated 3D accelerator graphics card Voodoo 2. John also wrote a thesis on the “evolution of PC graphics cards”. Contact: E-mail

Man shot and killed after approaching officer with 2 butcher-style knives, police say – Motion Information Jax

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting with officials that occurred around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police received a call from a concerned family member that a 39-year-old man was about to commit suicide.

An officer was posted to the man’s home on Diamond Street in Yulee, Florida.

Upon arrival, the officer tried to speak to the man who had been aggressive in the apartment.

When the man opened the door, he approached the officer with two butcher’s knives.

After a warning, the officer shot the man and he was pronounced dead. The officer was unharmed and was given leave for a few days.

The police were sent to the same address several times. The man, whose name the police did not reveal, was arrested prior to the incident for resisting an officer and domestic violence.

This is an evolving story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Goal CEO Brian Cornell says George Floyd’s homicide pushed him to take motion

Brian Cornell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Target Corporation.

Anjali Sundaram | CNBC

When George Floyd was killed a year ago aim CEO Brian Cornell said he was rocked by the murder. He was concerned that it had happened so close to the company’s headquarters in his hometown.

“It could have been one of my Target team members,” he said, sharing his thoughts as he watched the video of Floyd taking his final breaths.

Cornell drew the curtain back on Tuesday on the Minneapolis-based retailer’s response to the murder and how it was led to step up its own corporate diversity and equity efforts. He spoke to in an extensive interview Ulta Beauty CEO Mary Dillon, which was hosted by the Economic Club of Chicago. The event, which was originally scheduled for last Tuesday, was postponed before the verdict in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on the same day. Chauvin was found guilty in all three cases in the Floyd assassination.

As a young boy, Cornell grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Queens, New York and was raised by a single mother. As an adult, he and his family lived in Asia and Europe. These personal experiences inspired his respect for women as leaders and the importance of cultural diversity, he said.

Still, he said Floyd’s murder stood apart and forced him to do more.

“I realize that it is time to take it to another level and that we as CEOs need to be the leaders of the diversity and inclusion company,” he said. “We have to be the role models driving change and our voice is important. And we have to make sure that we represent our company principles, our values ​​and our corporate purpose in the topics that are important to our teams.”

In May of last year, in the days that followed, Cornell said Target had put together a special committee to review what steps the company could take to make its workforce, C-suite and business practices better reflect the diversity of the country. He said Target has considered how it can support and promote black workers, play a role in communities, and “use our voice at the national level in influencing citizen debates and policies.”

The goal is one of many companies that have committed to do more to promote racial justice After Floyd’s murder, protests erupted in major cities and around the world. Among its commitments, the big box retailer said it would increase the representation of black employees over the workforce by 20% in the next year. The company has developed a new program that allows black entrepreneurs to develop, test, and scale products to sell at mass retailers like Target. And it promised Spend more than $ 2 billion on black-owned businesses by 2025, from construction companies building or remodeling stores to advertising companies promoting their brand.

Cornell noted the diversity of Target’s 350,000+ employees, including the board of directors and the executive team. More than half of its 1,900 or so businesses are run by female directors and over a third by black people, Cornell said.

He said he wanted the retailer to be a leader and was particularly aware during the trial last week that “the eyes of America and the eyes of the world were on Minneapolis”.

“For so many of us, this judgment was a sign of progress, a sign of accountability, but also an acknowledgment that the work is just beginning,” he said.

EU prepares authorized motion towards AstraZeneca over vaccine supply shortages

President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen

Thierry Monasse | Getty Images News | Getty Images

LONDON – The European Union is preparing legal action AstraZeneca about delivery bottlenecks of his Coronavirus Vaccine, according to four people familiar with the matter.

The EU and the pharmaceutical company were at odds on different occasions this year. Anglo-Swedish company AstraZeneca said it couldn’t deliver as many vaccines as the block expects in both the first and second quarters. This has delayed the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in the 27 EU countries.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, told the 27 European ambassadors at a meeting on Wednesday that they were considering legal action against AstraZeneca over these delivery issues, four EU officials who said they refused to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue CNBC Thursday. Politico first reported on the Commission’s plan late Wednesday.

“The commission wants to act quickly. It’s a matter of days,” one of the officials told CNBC over the phone, adding that the ambassadors had given “great support” to the legal process.

The same official stated that “few legal issues” were considered before the trial proceeded.

A second official said the Commission is taking this step to ensure that upcoming deliveries are as expected.

When a European Commission spokesman was contacted by CNBC on Thursday, he said: “It is critical that we ensure the delivery of a sufficient number of cans in line with the company’s previous commitments.”

“Together with the member states, we are examining all possibilities to achieve this,” said the same spokesman, without confirming or denying that legal action has been considered.

In March, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, expressed her disappointment with AstraZeneca during a press conference and said: “Unfortunately, AstraZeneca has produced too little and delivered too little. And of course this has painfully slowed the vaccination campaign. “

At the time, von der Leyen said the block was expecting 70 million cans from the company in the second quarter, compared to an originally expected 180 million.

Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca, told EU lawmakers in February that low yields in EU production facilities were causing the delays.

A medical worker holds a vial containing the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination center in Ronquieres, Belgium, on April 6, 2021.

Yves Herman | Reuters

Jodie Turner-Smith would not make one other motion film whereas pregnant | Leisure

Jodie Turner-Smith wouldn’t make another action film while pregnant.

The 34-year-old actress, who has an 11-month-old daughter Janie with husband Joshua Jackson, plays Navy Seal Karen Greer on “Without Remorse,” and although she did her best to take care of herself during the film, she doesn’t do that. “I don’t think she would do anything as strenuous again if she had another baby.

She said, “I had to take care of myself. Afterwards, would I do an action movie while I was pregnant again? No way.”

“It is so often taken for granted when women have children that you just have to assert yourself and carry on and cannot slow down when in reality you have to give yourself as much time and space as possible.

“I’m glad I did, it was an experience, but my body needed a lot more rest and relaxation than I gave it.”

And Jodie wasn’t able to “suspend” many of the action scenes

She told Total Film, “I haven’t had the opportunity to miss a lot of action scenes!

“Stefano (Sollima, director) captures as much as possible with the actors. So when it came to explosions and the like, we were really there.

“There’s an intense scene with the plane. When we were filming this, there were certain things with hydraulics and tremors that I wouldn’t do because of my baby, but when it came to getting blown up and being in an exchange of fire I did it. I also had a knife fight. “

And Jodie found it particularly “tough” because there were so few women on set.

She said, “There was another woman in the cast. And I did it when I was pregnant! It was tough. Everyone obviously supported us, but men don’t have the same priorities as women and don’t understand what the body is a woman goes through.

“So you try to fill the gap with as much communication as possible.”

Corwin Legislation Agency Recordsdata Class Motion Lawsuit towards Occasion Leisure Group, Metropolis of Miami over COVID Cancellation of the 2020 Extremely Music Pageant

MIAMI, April 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Corwin Law, a consumer rights law firm based in Boca Ratonhas filed a class action lawsuit against Event Entertainment Group and the City of Miami on behalf of Florida Residents who bought tickets for the 2020 Ultra Music Festival that was supposed to take place March, 20th – 22, 2020 at Bayfront Park in Miami Beach.

Lawyer Marcus W. Corwin stated that the 2020 festival cancellation was disguised as a postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the promise of an expanded package of benefits for the 2021 festival for ticket buyers in lieu of refunds. After the 2021 event was canceled, the event organizers reached out to ticket holders again to make further promises but still no refund.

“It is completely irresponsible for the organizers to withhold refunds for more than two years, and for the City of Miami with no guarantee that this event can take place in 2022 or 2023, “Corwin said.

“This is an abuse of fairness and accepted and proper trading practice,” Corwin continued. “Nobody argues that the festival should have continued, but if it didn’t, the organizers should have refunded the money. If ticket holders want to attend the festival, they can choose and pay on their own terms.” “

After the class action lawsuit with eight counts filed in the Eleventh Judicial District in Miami-Dade County, “Ultra engages in intangible, unfair, and / or misleading trading practices by promoting, offering, and promoting the festival, taking the money from individuals to attend the advertised festival, canceling the festival, and then not allowing ticket buyers to receive it a refund, effectively shifting all of the risks and costs of Ultra’s decision to cancel the event to consumers. “

Gabriella PetrokaThe class representative stated, “As a longtime loyal participant, I am grateful to Ultra for making many amazing memories possible, and I hope Ultra will last for many years to come. However, I also hope Ultra will do the same.” Please consumers by giving us the choice of getting refunds and our own choice of how to use that money and whether or not to attend future events as I believe that, given the indescribable duration, that is the only thing fair result is this ‘shift’. “

Corwin, who has been practicing since 1986, has successfully fought Madonna, Live Nation, AT&T, Comcast, HBO and others, validating the offer to replace old tickets with new tickets for dates that were not confirmed as “totally unacceptable” .

The Corwin lawsuit is filing # 124094995 with the Miami-Dade County, Florida Circuit Civil Division.

This is not a solicitation of an invitation to members of the class to join the litigation. NO CLASS HAS BEEN CERTIFIED IN THE ABOVE PROMOTION. Until a class is certified, you will not be represented by an attorney unless you keep one. YOU MAY ALSO REMAIN AN ABSENT CLASS MEMBER AND DO NOTHING AT THIS POINT.

For further information please contact CORWIN LAW AT [email protected]

Marcus Corwin
Corwin Law
[email protected]

This version was published via WebWire®. For more information, visit https://www.webwire.com.

SOURCE Corwin Law

There Is No Gentle’s Demo Supplies Bloodborne-Fashion Motion

Journey into the dark world of There Is No Light, a terrifying action-adventure in which a hero must face unspeakable horrors to save his only child.

With Dark souls and Blood borne Developer FromSoftware stays up to date on their next tough action game. Elden ringMany fans turn to Indie games the level of brutal action that the Soulslike genre delivers so skillfully. One game that fans of Dark Souls should definitely watch out for is the upcoming action-adventure game from developer Zelart, There Is No Light.

There Is No Light is a brutal top-down action game set in a dark world where players must fight furiously to survive. Players must learn to be quick and efficient in combat, master the difficult challenge of the game and survive battles against hideous monsters and bosses lurking in the shadows.

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The tone and setting of There Is No Light will be familiar to Dark Souls players as it takes place in a world haunted by a mysterious disaster. The last remnants of mankind, forced underground, turned to the Church of the Great Hand and became zealots who had come to terms with the underground ruins of the ancient world.

The people of this underground society blindly follow their new God, the Great Hand. Every few years they sacrifice selected newborns to bring them behind the gates of the sanctuary, a terrible world of horror full of monsters. When his child is selected as a victim, a man reaches for the arms to save his child and ventures into the hostile world to try to open the gates and save his baby.

There Is No Light is designed around this somber aesthetic, and the world the player must explore is a crumbling maze full of unspeakable horrors waiting to be hit. The game features a beautiful pixel art style that effectively blends otherworldly horror with Gothic architecture. The hero must explore a shattered world where once grand promenades and exquisite courtyards have now fallen into disrepair and ruined. The hallways are full of horrific biomass growths filled with eyeballs, and thrones now carry the skeletons of unnamed creatures. The art style and look of the game are effective and set a melancholy tone, similar to the Dark Souls games.

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There Is No Light’s gameplay is challenging and fast-paced. The unique gimmick this title brings to the table allows players to instantly switch between a handful of weapons to create fluid angry combos. Players need to move carefully and quickly Combat is designed to be a “deadly dance where one mistake can be the last”. It relies on positioning and quick reflexes, much like the acclaimed Bloodborne style.

Players have to be aggressive to quickly dodge and dispatch a variety of terrifying monsters. These include scythe-wielding humanoids that go up in flames, dog-like winged beasts that leap forward with grinding sharp teeth and disgusting puddles of guts sliding across the ground. There Is No Light offers players four different types of weapons that can be combined with a variety of special abilities, such as: B. a quick stab attack or a wide arched slash that creates some air to breathe. The combination of speed and versatile attacks makes fighting the game an enjoyable pleasure.

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There Is No Light is also designed to provide players with a non-linear experience that allows them to face off against bosses in any order. This is similar to the equally grim indie Metroidvania Blasphemouswho did the same with her side scrolling action adventure.

In addition to this freedom, players must navigate both the levels and the karma system. This can affect the difficulty in different ways, depending on the player’s interaction with different NPCs. The gameplay in There Is No Light can get a lot easier or more difficult due to the actions of the player.

The combination of non-linear, grim action and karma makes There Is No Light an action-adventure title worth visiting by fans of a gritty, horror-style aesthetic. For players demanding a terrible challenge, There Is No Light is currently offering a demo on Steam with two locations and a huge boss. The game has no specific release date, but is slated to hit PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles later this year.

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Gnosia: How Each Role Works (and How To Best Use It)

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NatWest faces legal motion over cash laundering offences

FILE PHOTO: People maintain social distance as they line up outside a Natwest bank at Wimbledon in London, Britain on May 1, 2020. REUTERS / Hannah McKay

LONDON (Reuters) – The UK’s financial regulator announced on Tuesday that it had taken criminal action against a unit of NatWest for money laundering offenses.

The Financial Conduct Authority stated in a statement that the National Westminster Bank Plc’s systems and controls were unable to adequately monitor and review the activity on a UK client’s account between October 2011 and 2016.

The FCA said around £ 365 million ($ 504.72 million) had been deposited into the undisclosed customer’s accounts, of which around £ 264 million was in cash. No person has been charged, it added.

The watchdog said his action was the first under a UK Money Laundering Act of 2007 and the first such prosecution against a bank under the same rules.

NatWest said in a statement that it was working with the investigation.

“NatWest Group takes its responsibility to prevent third party money laundering extremely seriously and has made significant multi-year investments in its financial crime systems and controls,” she said.

NatWest will appear in a Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London next month, the FCA added.

($ 1 = 0.7232 pounds)

Reporting by Tom Wilson; Adaptation by Rachel Armstrong and Louise Heavens