Grant cash will broaden well being entry in Indianapolis’ Burmese neighborhood – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – New grant funds will help improve the health outcomes of the growing Burmese population in Indianapolis.

Franciscan Health says it has worked with the community for more than 10 years. The new funding will enable better individual support.

Around 25,000 Burmese refugees live in the Indianapolis area. According to Franciscan Health, Burmese have some of the highest poverty rates and lowest rates in English proficiency at the national level, and both are often incorporated into medical access. Removing these barriers, the organizers hope, will result in longer and healthier lives.

Burmese refugees made their way to Indianapolis in large numbers about 10 years ago. Many chose to live on the south side of Indianapolis. But coming from Burma, health care was often not a priority or easily accessible.

“Back in Burma there was no health care. In general, medical care was not available. So there is no annual or just general screening, ”said Burmese health advocate Nancy Sui.

Sui is from Burma. She said that access to health care can be difficult for everyone, but especially the elderly.

“Of course there is definitely a language barrier in the community because many older generations don’t speak.”

At the start of the new year, Franciscan Health received nearly $ 185,000 to improve health care. The money will provide culturally appropriate personal support by helping patients gain access to health and human services. Support will also come from Burmese health workers and other agencies, including the Burmese American Community Institute and the Indiana Chin Community.

“Like many Catholic hospitals, Franciscan Health is truly committed to the health of the most vulnerable in all of our communities,” said Kate Hill-Johnson, administrative director for community health improvement at Franciscan Health.

Representatives said the hospital has served the Burmese community since the arrival of the largest groups of refugees about 10 years ago, and needs have changed over time.

“Now let’s look at these traditional chronic diseases that occur in old age,” said Hill-Johnson.

With the list of asylum seekers, the Burmese population should continue to grow. Lawyers said the time has come to strengthen health systems.

Mental health, like some other communities, remains a taboo subject. In addition to the grants, Burmese advocates will increase mental health support.

Block Island to Jamestown: Man plans 19-mile swim to lift cash for Clear Ocean Entry

JAMESTOWN, RI (WPRI) – An endurance swimmer will soon attempt to be the first person to swim 30 miles non-stop from Block Island to Jamestown.

Ben Tuff has been training Saturday swimming every day for a year to raise funds and awareness for the nonprofit environment Access to the clean ocean.

In August 2019, he raised more than $ 54,000 for the cause while swimming 23 miles non-stop around Conanicut Island.

“It gives something back to the environment and everything that has given me,” said Tuff.

Similarly, local Olympian Elizabeth Beisel plans to swim to Block Island to raise money for cancer research

Tuff said he swim because he saw firsthand the beauty and fragility of the ocean he loves.

“All my summers growing up in Jamestown has been this beautiful setting, this water and the clarity of the water and the cleanliness of the water,” he recalls. “When I heard about Clean Ocean Access, I said, ‘I have to do something for this group’ and at the same time I said, ‘I have to do something crazy and something that others haven’t done.'”

He hopes this swim will inspire people to donate to help keep Rhode Island’s waters clean and accessible.

“Aside from the things you can’t control like weather, waves, sharks, jellyfish, you can control up to a point, and through training and spending time, you can accomplish any goal,” added Tuff.

Tuff’s dedication to marine conservation and his passion for incredible achievement caught the attention of Australian tech company Ocean Guardian, maker of the world’s only proven shark deterrent that he will wear throughout his swim.

“It makes muscle spasms and they don’t like it,” Tuff explained.

Atlantic Shark Institute executive director Jon Dodd said nine acoustic receivers placed around Block Island detected four great white sharks at the start of this year’s research, but only 5% of the great white sharks were tagged.

4 great white sharks spotted around Block Island

Tuff said he will be stung by schools of jellyfish based on previous endurance swimming.

However, he will not swim in the sea alone. His friend will paddle the route next to him with support ships nearby.

Tuff plans to start swimming early Saturday morning and hopefully finish by the afternoon. There are access points where anyone can stop to celebrate their progress before meeting them at the finish line.

  • Point Judith: First observation point
    • Ben won’t be seen until 10am at the earliest, but plan to be there around 9am
  • Newton Avenue: Second observation point
    • Ben won’t be seen until noon at the earliest
  • Pier: Third lookout point
    • Ben can be seen at 12:30 p.m. at the earliest
  • Beaver tail: target point
    • Ben won’t be ready to swim until 1:45 p.m. at the earliest
  • Finish Line Party: Memorial Square

Newport hopes 3M cash pays for Mississippi entry – Twin Cities

Newport wants a closer relationship with the Mississippi and turns to 3M for help.

The city is considering a package of river-friendly proposals – buying an island, removing a dam, adding boat docks, and building two riverside parks.

But Newport will need part of the $ 850 million settlement from a 3M lawsuit, according to city manager Deb Hill.

“We couldn’t do this alone,” said Hill.

The city council discussed the proposals in a workshop on Thursday. Hill said the proposals are preliminary and there are no cost estimates or timetables for the work yet.

The proposal involves the purchase of an undeveloped 22-acre island west of Cedar Lane, which a nonprofit called Peacebunny Island bought for $ 35,000 in 2018. The proposal contained no potential improvements for the island.

A new park would be built across Cedar Lane across from the island.

To do this, a dike built in 1965 would have to be breached so that the floodwater can flow into an area of ​​around one block.

The city would buy and demolish the last home on the flood plain – a two-story home at 1651 Cedar Lane. The city is seeking help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in purchasing this home, which has an estimated market value of $ 341,000.

The park would have a canoe and kayak launch and parking for up to 10 vehicles.

South of that park, near Ninth Street, another park would be built on a lot called Mill Pond.

This park would have a deck for fishing and parking for 10 cars. The new park would include the historic Mississippi survey on 10th Street, which would be expanded and improved.

3M paid $ 850 million in 2018 to resolve an environmental damage lawsuit. The attorney general accused 3M chemicals of harming the environment when they spilled from landfills to groundwater and river water in the area.

Of the $ 850 million, $ 20 million was earmarked for improving “outdoor recreation.” City Administrator Hill said the Newport projects may qualify.

Two advisory groups have met regularly since 2018 to make recommendations on how to use the 3M settlement money, of which $ 700 million remains after legal costs.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources will have final authority over the distribution of the money. The dispute settlement provides for projects to be selected that will protect the quality of drinking water and improve the area’s natural resources.

FDA must OK rule giving seniors entry to FDA-approved medical gadgets underneath Medicare

Mina De La O | Digital vision | Getty Images

Dr. Anand Shah is an oncologist and former FDA Assistant Commissioner and former Chief Medical Officer of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. He is also an advisor to Morgan Stanley.

Navigating public and commercial health insurance to cover innovative medical products can be a never-ending cycle of bureaucracy.

Medical technologies classified as “safe and effective” by the Food and Drug Administration – the global gold standard for regulating drugs and devices – are not always covered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, adding the added hurdle for companies Proof of their requirements must be met Product is “reasonable and necessary”.

Unlike medications, which are typically covered by CMS immediately after FDA approval, seniors can only access many FDA cleared or approved medical diagnoses and devices if they can participate in a CMS approved clinical trial. These studies can take years – additional data and a lengthy regulatory process to determine coverage criteria – and in the meantime sustain potentially life-saving medical interventions from Medicare beneficiaries.

A new policy, due to go into effect in mid-March, would have allowed seniors and their doctors to decide whether or not they needed these devices. However, it was postponed along with other pending regulations when the Biden Administration took office. The proposed Medicare Innovative Technologies Coverage Policy, postponed until May 15 for regulatory review, leverages existing FDA legal expertise under the Breakthrough Devices program to identify a limited number of promising medical technologies, and offers these products a short Medicare warranty. granted on the day of FDA approval.

The proposed policy would be a critical step forward for Medicare beneficiaries to make informed decisions about their care.

Currently, the FDA has approved, authorized, or cleared at least 26 breakthrough diagnoses and devices. These medical products include in vitro diagnostic and imaging platforms for implants and wearable devices that cover a range of diseases, including Ebola, traumatic brain injury, severe emphysema, and heart disease.

As an oncologist who helped develop this medical device policy at CMS, I have looked after many patients who have not had access to state-of-the-art tests such as next-generation DNA sequencing as part of a cancer screening because Medicare does not allow them. The same product can often be obtained by the patient through a commercial insurance policy, which many do not get under the Medicare program after aging. As a last resort, the patient has no choice but to pay out of pocket.

Seniors deserve access to FDA-named breakthrough medical devices – narrowly defined by Congress to include the most promising new technologies, such as those that can treat life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating conditions – once the FDA deems them safe and effective.

It is important that the proposed rule maintain the same high standards required by both the FDA and the CMS. In addition, the existing FDA requirements for post-market surveillance will be maintained. This policy bridges the void for patients who would otherwise not have access to the latest FDA authorized technology while waiting for CMS coverage. Still, it encourages researchers to continue collecting real-world evidence of health outcomes that are specific to Medicare beneficiaries.

Patient protection is maintained as MCIT uses existing procedures to restrict access to new technology when safety or efficacy concerns arise.

There is no disadvantage in approving this policy change. Seniors will have more treatment options, and medical technology innovators can work with CMS to carefully examine these patients over a four-year period, generating meaningful real-world evidence to prove that a new device is “sensible and necessary.” “Is Medicare coverage decision and potentially offers more permanent security.

This policy also encourages early investors to support innovation for the most pressing medical conditions as it creates a clear and predictable path – from investing to developing medical products to regulatory review and subsequent patient access.

If the federal government wants to incentivize investment in developing transformative medical innovations and expand choices for our seniors while promoting rigorous evidence generation, MCIT offers a clear way forward. Too many lives depend on it.

Free on-line TV service gives entry to 27 channels | Arts & Leisure

Residents of the Tri-Cities market were given a new, free option on Monday to watch local television channels on their phones, tablets, computers, or streaming media devices like Roku.

Locast, America’s only non-profit, free, digital streaming service for local television broadcasts, now delivers more than two dozen local television channels over the Internet to the nearly 700,000 residents of the Tri-Cities.

Locast delivers 27 local channels in the Tri-Cities designated market area (DMA), including WCYB NBC 5, WEMT FOX 39, WJHL ABC / CBS as well as DABL, Antenne, CourtTV, Mystery, MeTV, TrueCrime, CW, Grio, BOUNCE, Quest, LAFF, COMET, ION, GRIT, Charge !, and more.

Locast is available to viewers in 19 counties in the Tri-Cities DMA, including Leslie and Letcher counties, Kentucky. Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington counties in Tennessee; and counties of Bristol City, Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Norton City, Russell, Scott, Smyth, Washington and Wise in Virginia.

The Tri-Cities is the 32nd Locast Store, and the nonprofit is working with Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) to determine the location of the Locast data server. BTES is a municipal electricity company that also provides an advanced fiber optic network that supports its electrical system and provides internet, telephone and cable television services.

“We are excited to support Locast in its nonprofit mission to deliver local television channels over the Internet to those who cannot afford pay TV or receive radio signals due to the topography of northeast Tennessee. Said Mike Browder, CEO of BTES.

BTES serves 33,000 customers in a 280 square mile service area in the city of Bristol and Sullivan County.

“At Locast, we understand the challenges consumers face when trying to watch their local off-air television stations in an area of ​​steep mountains, rolling hills and valleys like the Tri-Cities,” said David Goodfriend, Founder and Chairman of Locast. “We are delighted that BTES is supporting us in our mission by providing the ideal data center for the delivery of dozen of local news, weather, sports and other TV channels over the Internet for phones, tablets, laptops or streaming media. Provide consumer devices. Through its commitment to public service, BTES is helping bring Locast to consumers in Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia across the Tri-Cities market, including people outside of the BTES service space. “

As a nonprofit organization, Locast provides a vital public service by improving access to critical local news, storm coverage, emergency information, COVID health and safety updates, election coverage, sports and entertainment programs on the go, on the web, and on any device.

Locast now has more than 2.6 million registered users nationwide in 32 markets, large and small, serving more than half of the US population. Compared to most fee-charged streaming services, Locast offers free TV.

Locast can be streamed at, App Stores, TiVo, streaming device providers such as Google Play, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon and ROKU as well as DISH Hopper / Wally receivers or selected DIRECTV receivers. Locast also provides Spanish language access to the user interface, login screens and program guide of the Locast app.

Android 12 Leak Reveals iOS 14-Model Clipboard Entry Notification

A new leak from XDA Developer shows that with Android 12, due to be released later in the year, Google plans to introduce a new notification that will be shown to users when an app accesses their clipboard.

With iOS 14, Apple presented a small banner On top of iPhones and iPads that notify users when an app is accessing content from their clipboard. Clipboard access notification was one of several new privacy-conscious features in iOS 14, and now Google is following in Apple’s footsteps.

According to screenshots from XDA Developer, the new feature is unlike iOS and optional iPadOS 14. When Google is turned on, Show Clipboard Access displays a message when apps access text, pictures, or other content you’ve copied. The clipboard access notification is one of the few iOS 14-style features available in the next version of Android. including new notifications when apps access the camera and microphone.

Notification of clipboard access has proven beneficial to users since iOS 14 launched in September. After its debut, many users found that many popular apps, including Tick ​​tock and Reddit secretly accessed user clipboard data. Most apps have since then patched what they called “bugs”.

Oak Cliff Residents Get Entry To A Completely different Type of Banking – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

The people of Oak Cliff get a bank and a lot more in their neighborhood.

On South Polk Street, what looks like a normal Chase Bank branch has a different feel to it.

“A warm welcome and a chance for people to learn more about home ownership,” said JP Rodriguez Chase, director of Community Impact Alice Rodriguez. “Find out more about being an entrepreneur. Learn more about how to manage and save with your daily finances. “

It’s banking, as Rodriguez describes, in a living room with couches.

You can talk to consultants who know the community even if you are not a customer.

“The community trusts people in the community,” said Lawrence Bailey, director of community banking and business development at Chase.

Bailey added, “We are hiring people from the ward to work in the ward. We are hiring people who are home loan specialists from the community. Small business specialist from the community. “

Chase sees this as the perfect time to open the community center’s bank as the pandemic is affecting minority communities.

“Let’s face it, people got hurt,” said Rodriguez. “There has been a tragedy. There have been losses. There were fears as a result of the pandemic and it was a very heavy burden for color communities in particular. “

This is part of JP Morgan Chase’s $ 30 billion pledge to promote racial justice for underserved communities.

The center also offers workshops, free space and WiFi for community groups.

Ernst, Hinson push for more cash for entry to childcare

WASHINGTON, DC (KWWL) – Senator Joni Ernst advocates more federal dollars through bipartisan legislation to improve access to childcare across the country.

Much of the nation and Iowa have long been concerned with deserts for childcare, in areas where demand for licensed childcare programs exceeds availability.

“Those ideas don’t get pushed back much, especially when you have private entities that are publicly involved in helping the community,” Ernst said.

The ACCESS Act, Affordable Childcare Act for Economic Strategy and Success, enables public-private partnerships through grants from the Department of Commerce.

Ernst said they chose the fuding structure because some people are leaving the workforce due to lack of access and employers are also feeling the effects.

“We also hear from employers that they cannot keep their employees on board due to a lack of childcare,” said Ernst.

Representative Ashley Hinson will reintroduce an accompanying bill on Friday. At the previous Congress, the Democratic MP Abby Finkenauer, Hinson’s predecessor, teamed up with Ernst.

“We have to deal with systematic changes in the industry,” said Hinson. “The supplier side is a completely different challenge.”

Hinson plans to collect more data on both childcare access and affordability.

“Why is it so expensive? Here you know the regulations and challenges many of these companies face in conducting affective business and maintaining an overhead that allows affordable access. That is the real question. It is the root of the problem . “Said Hinson.

Senator Ernst also supports a dependent care bill with Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.

“It’s a dependent care program where you can put your own dollars aside and use them for dependent care, whether it’s an older adult or a child. So we’re doubling the amount we can set aside for these kinds of funds, “said Ernst.

In a press release, Ernst’s office said they had support from the Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance, Cedar Valley Growth, the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, the Black Hawk County Child Care Coalition and Exceptional Persons, Inc.

JetBlue scraps ticket-change charges however bans overhead bin entry for the most affordable fares

JetBlue Airways planes are pictured at the departure gates of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Fred Prouser | Reuters

JetBlue Airways Ticket exchange fees will be abolished for most tickets, but travelers buying the cheapest fares should take light bags.

The New York-based airline announced Tuesday that it will guarantee seats on its standard bus fares up to Mint Business Class starting July 20. However, travelers who have booked Blue Basic, the airline’s cheapest option, are not allowed to use the baggage hold United Airlines Introduced when it started selling basic economy tickets in 2017.

If JetBlue fails to deliver on its promise, travelers are given a $ 25 loan. That’s a relatively easy task during the pandemic, when few people are traveling, but finding luggage space has been a “major pain point” for travelers when boarding, the airline said.

Airline executives have stated that these simple options are designed to compete better with discounters Spirit Airlines and Frontier, who derive much of their revenue from bag and seat selection additional fees. However, they also said they want a lot of travelers Avoid these most restrictive tariffs and Pay more for the standard economy.

JetBlue wants to make these cheaper, more restrictive tariffs cheaper.

“Right now, our Blue and Blue Basic offerings are very similar,” said JetBlue President and COO Joanna Geraghty in a message to employees. “We need to better differentiate the two by making blue the gold standard and strategically focusing on lowering the price of Blue Basic.”