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Celebrity weddings were truly glamorous affairs in the 1950s and 1960s, and the public ate ​​every detail. Fans passed out at pictures of stunning brides and handsome grooms as they exchanged kisses and cut lavishly decorated wedding cakes.

Wedding dresses like those of Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Bouvier have been copied endlessly, as has the selection of pearl necklaces, veils and flowers in the bouquets of countless others. The glamor carried us off into a glittering world of large diamond rings, limousines, yachts and exotic honeymoons.

Of course, everything wasn’t so brilliant behind the scenes.

Some of the most haunted romances have been scandalous, riddled with adulterous affairs, abandoned spouses, and illegitimate children. Many marriages of the era were short-lived. Some broke apart within a few months and collapsed under the weight of alcoholism or professional jealousy. Others ended up on charges of cruelty, violence and ugly custody battles.

Even so, there was sometimes romance. Some of the love stories lasted until death parted them.

Forklift took a look at celebrity weddings in the 1950s and 1960s, drawing on news reports, biographies, fan pages, photo archives, and historical reports.

Take a look at a glamorous journey through time.

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A Northern Michigan Chalet with ’60s Fashion –

The chalet was built in the glamorous years of skiing in the 1960s – the decade of Jean-Claude Killy, fiberglass, K2, detachable ties, great sweaters and creeping stretch pants. Along with all of this, a multitude of small alpine-style chalets appeared in the country’s skiing region. Generally A-framed (so snow slides off the roof), with open plan living areas often connected to kitchens in the galley by a breakfast bar, they were tailored for easy ski weekends.

The vintage look goes perfectly with Meghan’s sense of style. She saw the possibilities in this hipped roof variant of the typical ski chalet. “It had great bones,” she says. While Meghan had always used it as a vacation home, she wanted to live in the chalet all year round. After all, it has three bedrooms, a finished basement (home of this leather bar), and the incredible deck that doubles as additional living space for nearly three seasons a year – not to mention easy access to everything she loves about Northern Michigan. From ski slopes to bike paths and beaches.