Middleton writer Kathleen Ernst discusses publication of her 40th guide | Leisure

Q: I know you started another mystery series. Does this mean an end to Chloe Ellefson’s stories?

A: Absolutely not! I love the Chloe series and the project is very personal to me. I am passionate about the places and topics that I explore in the stories. Although Chloe and I are two different people, we have a lot in common. Each book is set in a new location and features a new museum or historical site. That keeps the series fresh.

Q: I saw on your website that you have a new publisher that will reprint your books – why the change? Will there be new covers?

A: The publisher I worked with on the first 10 Chloe Ellefson books closed its doors. Fortunately, I was able to find a new home at HenschelHAUS in Milwaukee. If the backlist is reprinted, they keep their original covers … and the cover for the latest book fits in seamlessly.

Q: You said that your collection of poetry, Balance: Poems of the Female Immigrant Experience in the Upper Midwest, 1830-1930, was inspired by reading diaries, memoirs, and letters written by Wisconsin’s early Yankees and European women for 40 years were written. You have written poetry before, but is this your first book?

A: I have published individual poems in different places, but this is my first collection. People often ask why I focus on immigrant stories so often. One reason for this is that I find immigrant stories infinitely inspiring. It was (and is) such a … daunting experience. Not every story has a happy ending, but all in all, people bowed their heads and did what they had to do. In the middle of the pandemic, I needed … a special, positive project that could inspire others too. I’ve been working on the collection for about 20 years so it just took some fine-tuning. The book came together pretty quickly.

Enjoyable Fest returning for 40th anniversary | Arts & Leisure

KINGSPORT – The Kingsport Chamber of Commerce plans to hold a Fun Fest this year like any regular year, and announced on Wednesday that the week-long community celebration will take place July 16-24.

The Fun Fest, which is taking place for the 40th time, did not take place in the traditional sense last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit Kingsport hosted some virtual events, The Taste was carried out by take-out, and “Un Fest” shirts were sold in place of the traditional Fun Fest shirts.

This year the chamber is planning Fun Fest at normal capacity, said Emily Thompson, director of Fun Fest and special events for Visit Kingsport.

“Some events can take a year off, and we’re still in the process of collecting events. We don’t have a final plan, ”said Thompson. “Key pieces are still in motion, we will have our iconic events and we have new events in the works.”

Registration for the Crazy 8 street race is open, the Chamber is accepting registrations for the Hot Air Balloon Race and The Taste, and concert announcements will follow shortly. Thompson said the chamber is still accepting ideas for events and as we get closer to the Fun Fest and changes need to be made due to COVID-19, they will be made as needed.

Expect some solid Fun Fest announcements in mid-May.

“We believe the community is ready for Fun Fest and we plan to give the community the best possible 40th anniversary,” said Thompson.