‘The Neighborhood’ Finale: Max Greenfield Teases a Season 3-Ending Twist | Leisure

After Calvin received an unexpected gift from his mother – his late father’s ashes – his neighbor Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield) brings him fishing, which Calvin used to do with his father. Greenfield fills us in and teases a twist towards the end of season three.

It sounds like we might need tissues for this finale.

Max Greenfield: Yes totally. The two make this trip, Calvin remembers his father and the boys wonder where they are in their relationship. I always wanted to stay away from making them too tight. You want this [sentiment] wrap around at the end [of each episode]. There’s still a distance, but they’re getting closer.

Recently the boys were trapped in a tipping tree house. Now You fish. How does that happen on a sound stage?

[The tree house] was probably the funnest set we’ve ever had. It was on hydraulics. Every time they write something crazy you say, “How do we do this?” Our crew make it seem like we are actually fishing and pulling the other end of the rod and we say, “Ah!”

(Photo credit: Monty Brinton / CBS)

What can you say about the surprise in the closing moments of? this episode?

Somebody finds out some pretty big news and it goes, “How are we going to tell the boys?” It definitely affects the characters going into the next season.

The neighborhood, Season 3 Finale, Monday May 17th, 8 / 7c, CBS